JAPAN AND KOREA VLOG my husband's first trip to tokyo, a week in my life in seoul, bookstores

JAPAN AND KOREA VLOG  my husband's first trip to tokyo, a week in my life in seoul, bookstores

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Dear passengers, we have landed  at Tokyo International Airport   the local time in Tokyo is 9:45 pm. Hi there, just back from Pilates and  I'm setting up a movie that I've been meaning   to watch...yes here it is, here it is. Polite  Society. It's on Netflix, I've heard good   things about it so I'm going to watch that.  This Vlog should be pretty fun because in  

the middle of this week we will be heading  to Tokyo. I said it in my last Vlog but I'm not   quite sure how much I'm going to film because  this is 100% a Kurt production - I have made no   plans. This will be my maybe 7th or 8ty  time in Tokyo, it will be Kurt's first so   I've handed him the reigns for this one. But  that's really what's going on. Welcome to   the Vlog and let's just have a cute little  movie night so let's watch Polite Society~ Also my friend just opened a  vintage shop on Instagram so I bought some   things and I'm going to show you what I got. Also  the movie was wacky but I still recommend if you  

like martial arts movies? Here's the label with  her precious puff Mongi - we love him. I think for   this I'm going to put a white T-shirt  under it but it's a little silky yellow fun   little apron looking top. I might take out the  shoulder pads for this one...good morning good   afternoon good evening. Little cats. I might  even bring this to Japan actually. I love the   little sleeves. So that's that - I even got a note  from the CEO. All right now I'll see you tomorrow!

Hey this is where I get to tell you that I  actually didn't speak at all while I vlogged so   this is just going to be a little montage of  our 4 days there, our three days there and   we just had a really wonderful time and it was so  nice to for the first time in my life really just   kind of be the passenger princess on a trip  and just wander around. I really only helped   figure out like transportation and stuff  like that yeah it was just very relaxing   very chill. We're very thankful that  we got to take this trip and I hope you enjoy~ Hi everyone very quick checkin. I know I  haven't spoken but this is our second full   day. Kurt has been calling all the shots,  the weather is perfect, we thought it was  

going to be a lot more crowded than it  was but it doesn't feel much different   considering that it's Lunar New Year  and it's just been fun to kind of explore   with eyes that are not mine. So right now  we're in the middle of the like food and   like kitchen district? I've never been around  here before. Overall it's just been it's been   really fun, so sorry that I haven't checked  in but I'll catch you guys guys later! And hello we are back from   Japan. Thank you guys so much for watching even  though I didn't speak. It felt very nice to   just kind of record without constantly talking  to the camera. Yeah that was Kurt's version of  

a Tokyo trip - had a lot of fun and before I dive  into what we're doing today, I have a Japan haul   for you (mini haul) but first I just want to give a  shout out to the sponsor of this video who made   our trip to Japan possible which is Squarespace - as always Squarespace is a place to host your online presence. I use it for a personal blog, you can use  it for things like a community or a shop because   they have monetization features, a great analytics section, they have ways to connect your social   media accounts as well as adding email lists  and comment sections. They also have a bunch of   free templates that makes making a website very  simple so right now you can go to squarespace.com   and play around with all of those templates and  features for free and then when you are ready to   launch your website you can go to squarespace.com/  caricakes to get 10% off of your first website or   domain. As always mine is linked down below - caricakes. net if you want to see my Squarespace   so thank you as always, that information will be  in the description box. And what did I purchase?

Neither of us are really like shoppers when we  travel. I know that a lot of people when they go   to Japan they have very specific things that they  like to pick up. Normally I would stop in like Uniqlo or GU just because their jeans are always like for people who are my height but we didn't do any of   that. Kurt ended up getting some really beautiful  glass cups because he's very interested in that but for me, I hit a tea shop. Luckily Kurt was there  to like kind of control me because I did have an   empty suitcase so I could have gone ham but I  didn't. I ended up getting two different canisters...  

will it focus, yes here we go - this is like  traditional washi paper around just your classic   tea tin. I have a lot of loose leaf teas and I'm  going - I have this one and then I got it in yellow   as well - and so yeah I have a lot of loose leaf  teas that I just kind of forget about. They're sort   of like my tea cabinet is very disorganized and  kind of chaotic so I'm going to use these to put   the teas that I want to finish, like this season  cuz I have teas that are definitely like more of   a winter flavor versus a spring flavor Etc so I'm  going to put my more wintry teas in here to   try and push myself to finish them. They're  very bright colored, I will put them at the front   of my tea cabinet so I will try to go for these  whenever I'm going for a cup of tea. So that's  

what I got - they had huge ones too, I figured these  were just the right size for the amount of loose   leaf tea that I buy. So I got this and then I got  this apple tea in tea bag form. It's just something   Ringo - that's all I know I can't read the the kanji.  But yeah it's just a black tea with a fresh Apple   flavor so yay that's, this is my haul,  this is what I bought in Japan and I'm very happy   with it. But now I'm actually going to head out and  we're going to do some studying. I want to get more   into my like proper classes again, I know that I mentioned I'm doing like canva and graphic design   stuff on skillshare but right now I'm trying  to do more Humanities classes on coursera so   I have a couple that I'm trying to start and  I'm going to make it like a weekly thing instead   of usually I will get super into studying and  on coursera you can just like breeze through a   class so I will just like spend two or 3 hours  taking a class and then promptly either forget   everything or like I never finish the course so  I'm going to try and come up with a schedule so   that I do a little bit every week instead of like  exhausting myself. So that's what we're doing. I'm   going to start with - I have a Linguistics course  I think I only want to start with one right now   that's that and I'll update you on what teas  go in here but let's head out and thank you as   always for being here. I hope that you enjoyed  that Little Tokyo montage and let's go! Checking in from rainy Seongsu - very quickly, I saw the Holdovers which made me cry. Very  

great Christmas movie, I could see myself  watching that every Christmas. And yeah now   I'm over here stopping in a couple  vintage stores. I wasn't expecting it to   rain / snow as much as it is so we're going  to make this a quick run. I might stop and   read a little bit of my book. Nobody has  umbrellas it's so funny, like everyone is   chaotically running around. Yeah I might  stop and read a book but then I need to go   home, I have an unexpected meeting and I think  I got a package from a friend that I'm excited   to open so it's going to be a little bit  of a messy Thursday but off we go! hi hello is it bright enough? Okay. I have a package - oh my what? - okay  so I have a package from my friend Peri and  

I know one thing that's in it but according to the  customs declaration there's something else! Ooh you   taped this real good girl. Okay good Lord I don't think that's how I was supposed to open it but here we are. This is when you know someone really  loves books, is the amount of careful packaging   surrounding this precious cargo. They're wrapped so beautifully what the heck! Here's her packaging oh my gosh it's tied with such beautiful twine.  Oh thank you - so this is from a bookstore that  

I apparently must visit. What why is this now my most beautiful book tote? Can you see? Oh my gosh officially added to my collection of most favorite  totes, thank you. I'm going to open the big one   first because I know what this is. My third copy  of Once Upon A Broken Heart...however it's signed.  

Oh it even says my name! Oh it actually says to Cari, oh my gosh and then which one do I open first? I'll open this one first - extras from the Once Upon A  Broken Heart world? Oh my gosh this is from the   tour, they gave out for the book tour they gave  out I guess like the first chapter and then these   beautiful Apple bookmarks. Did you make these  Peri? Did you? I am being so spoiled right now. Okay and then last one - this novel was an absolute masterpiece and had me gripped to the page, it's   a literary fiction novella that slowly unravels a terrible secret of a town. Wait wait I know what   this is - I know what this is. I think I read this  and I wanted...please let - yes okay I actually read   this Peri! And I wanted a physical copy. This is a dark little book. It is Small Things Like These by   Claire Keegan. Right I read this one right? Yes  okay. About a phenomenal on that I had no idea   existed. We truly share the same mind Peri, thank  you so much. This was the best package I could ask  

for. I'm going to keep these little pieces as  well, I'm going to put this in the book actually. Okay truly the most spoiled girl on earth. Book  friends are the best friends, I've got to say.   I am so overwhelmed and thankful. I did not expect that cuz we talked about this it was sort of like   oh send it to me whenever and whenever was today!  Peri, thank you so much. And sort of strangely on   that note I'm actually going to end the video here.  I have a meeting in...very soon that I need to  

get ready for and then I'm going to kind of edit this up and start filming for next week. It's going to be a weird rainy week, I don't know what's  happening, I think we might be meeting up with   Sissel, I might be meeting up with another friend  so good things on the horizon! I also managed to get like one of the last tickets to see Dune  in IMAX - I mean within like the opening weekend   so yeah we're going to go see that which I'm so  excited for. Yeah just overall bright things on the   horizon and I will catch you guys later so thank  you as always. Thank you for watching that very   different style of Tokyo Vlog and yeah thank  you again to Squarespace for sponsoring this  - information will be down below but squarespace.com  caricakes you can get 10% off your first website   or domain, highly recommend as always and yeah oh I'm just so tickled. So okay I need to go set my  

life up on the computer and I'll catch you guys later thank you always and let me know what   you're up to, let me know if you have any content  you're interested in seeing, any neighborhoods   you've heard about, any new stuff you want me  to check out and I'll see you then okay okay bye!

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