Itchy Boots THE MOVIE: the end of an era

Itchy Boots THE MOVIE: the end of an era

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Good morning Internet, it is 7:20 in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome here in Wiseman, Alaska. I don't really know what to say to start this video. Today I'm going to   ride to Prudhoe Bay which is where the road ends. After that it's only Arctic Ocean. I.. I started my   Patagonia to Alaska journey nearly three years ago and it feels so surreal to be here right   now and knowing that today I'm going to complete that journey It'll be about 400 kilometers and my biggest hurdle is the Brooks Range, that's this mountain range which is laying over here It's already been snowing up there so my weather window is closing real, real soon now Let's go I have waited out the weather, the snow for a couple of days. So in the meantime, I also moved a.. place to stay   There's two places to stay in Wiseman  and now I've stayed at both of them   Because the other place was booked for the second night But now the weather.. it's really good. Look how   gorgeous it is today. It's cold, it's cold.  It's probably only maybe just above freezing   Probably. So don't let the sun fool you. It is very chilly. Loads of sled dogs here too, see

I don't know if you can see them Here. Hi doggies Yaah Isn't Alaska just beautiful. I've come to realize that Alaska, this place it's.. it's a feeling   I think that's the only way I can describe it. It's so much better than I ever thought it would be   You really feel that last frontier feeling here. That's the best I can describe it

Also today, inbetween Wiseman here and Deadhorse.. Which is the town at Prudhoe Bay There is no.. no towns whatsoever Back at the main road, at the Dalton  Highway Look at this fog here.. wow. Oh, it is so stunning here, unbelievable. I am slightly worried though about the clouds ahead Because the fact that it's sunny on the South side of the Brooks Range Doesn't actually tell me how it's on the North side But over there, there's some clouds  hanging, so.. I hope it's not snowing Ah, it's gorgeous here, hey! I have to enjoy this because after the Brooks Range, if I cross this   It's gonna go down and then the last bit it's all flat, flat tundra So these are the last mountains The last mountains of this journey Wow Unbelievable, look at this Getting closer and closer to that snowline You see the the road climbing there In the distance, so..

It's not going to be long now " Avalanche area in the next five miles " Well, I don't think there is enough snowfall yet for avalanche danger Yeah, I have a feeling it's snowing from those clouds up there To be honest It's snowing, it's snowing in between here, you see? It's actually pretty cool And right here, the road is still dry, so.. that's good! Oh, it's spectacular, spectacular! I can't believe I'm here I can't believe it Oh, I am so lucky! Cause there already has been snow here this season Right here on the pass But the sun has melted it away again And the road is actually dry, so.. I am super lucky Oeh Let's quickly ride to lower elevation, cause.. the wind.. it's just so cold here   It's icy, icy cold I am leaving the Brooks Range This is the end of the mountains, it's all gonna be flat after here Caribou! These are my first caribou In North America.. I've seen them of course in Norway

Gorgeous right? So beautiful.. hi guys! There we go! Brand new tarmac, all the way until the end! It's less than 30 kilometers to go! Oh, I'm almost there! I'm almost there And you know what? This.. this has been my journey And.. one that I had to do on my own And I'm so proud of myself That I did it But I'm also really happy that you were here, with me, and.. That I could share all of this with you And so many of you have been  supporting me for a very long time   Through the highs and through the lows, and.. I can't believe I..

I'm here I'm sorry I'm getting a little bit emotional But So much has happened.. So much. 3 years earlier..

I began my journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From here my goal was to   ride south until the southern tip of the continent, from where I would turn around   and start riding north until I would  reach the northern tip of the continent   My very first day on the road and I rode straight into a thunderstorm. I came down   with the bike on some slippery mud and I pulled a nail out of my rear tire And then I also lost the bike's plate so I had to be a little creative with carton I started to get the feeling that this  journey might not come without any struggles   Extremely strong winds and flat, flat terrain characterized my journey south towards the   most southern point of the continent. But this gave me the opportunity to improve on   my filming skills as half the time my efforts resulted in shots that weren't quite usable yet Finally, snow-capped mountains appeared at the horizon as  well as the end of the road. I'm turning around so  

this is the end of the road, this is the furthest I can go on the continent so from now on I'm   going the other way. And the other way meant north, along the entire length of the Andes Mountains    I kept on hopping across the border between Chile and Argentina and back, to catch as much of the   mountains as possible. The Andes quickly became my absolute favorite mountain range in the world I saw every color that nature can  show us and often the colors were   so vibrant they almost hurt my eyes.  I crossed high passes and rode for   deep valleys, over narrow tracks hugging the mountainside and passed high altitude lakes The dark ashes of an active volcano are tough on   motorcycle tires but were an absolute unforgettable motorcycling experience From sunrise to sunset, I spent hour after hour on the seat of my motorcycle and I still wished   it could have been more Going uphill at 3 800 meters altitude in this stuff These high altitude barren landscapes are not for everyone but they are for me. Places like   these make my geologists heartbeat faster when it's just you and your motorcycle surrounded   by nothing but hundreds of kilometers of vast landscapes. You have to put all your   trust in your motorcycle and yourself. It's an incredible feeling. This is my happy place

And after months of exploring dirt road after dirt   road in the mountains of Chile and  Argentina, I finally reached Bolivia It is almost impossible to find my way here just with all these tracks and now I'm   following this one. keeps on sending me back. Kind of like sending me in circles   So I don't really have another choice to try to follow this but every time I think I'm on   the right path then track disappears  or it just goes in another direction It's really difficult navigating and with all these tracks everywhere   It kind of gives the feeling that this  is some sort of major highway with loads   of traffic but I have a feeling that  actually not many vehicles pass here Riding across the Altiplano, the high mountains was tough. It was hard to breathe, the roads   were rough and often I just felt like I was riding on a different planet all together Where is the road? Just going to.. do a little check

What would be the best way for me to go, this looks pretty deep.. everywhere Oh, wow this is all washed out That last bit really, I'm not gonna lie it was not easy. Now I'm um.. okay, it's not asphalt but   it's kind of half-paved pretty compacted. So easy riding, should be easy going from now From the high mountains, I finally  descended into some lower mountains   And the further I went, the greener everything became Maybe I will go here Here Here, here, here Here Here I'm just worried that the stream will take me But while I was battling some of the scariest moments of my entire journey. News started to trickle in about a virus. At first all of  

this was happening far away from South America. Rumors of the border between   Bolivia and Peru closing led me to abandon all my planned Bolivian jungle adventures   and to hurry out of the busy city of  La Paz and cross the border into Peru Within a few days Peru also completely locked down internally and I got   stuck in a small town called Lampa. After 14 days in a small Guest House room and   together with the help of the locals and the Dutch Embassy I managed to escape Peru   This meant abandoning my motorcycle and returning to the Netherlands empty-handed I didn't know at the time that  abandoning the motorcycle meant   the end of this motorcycle and  I would never ride it again I couldn't sit still in the Netherlands  so I bought a second-hand Honda CB 500x   to ride around Scandinavia and Iceland and then I   bought another second-hand motorcycle a CRF250L to ride around Southern Africa   I thoroughly enjoyed these adventures but secretly I kept plotting a return to South America After the good experiences with the 250L. I decided to buy a brand new CRF 300 Rally    I bought it in Netherlands so I could register the bike on my own name and left in the early   hours of the morning. I rode to the Hoek van Holland where I caught the ferry to the UK Here she was created and made ready to be put on the plane to South America Since Peru was the only country that still had its   land border shut. I decided to  ship my motorcycle to Ecuador

Compared to its neighbors, Ecuador is a small country but you can find everything   here from beautiful beaches at the coast to the high mountains of the Andes and the   tropical Amazon rainforest. I merely nose dived into adventure here Good morning! But it's like 30 centimeters or so? Okay All the best! Bye! Oh Oh Luckily, I only ended up with some water in my boots I didn't let the opportunity slide to ride right on the narrow rim of volcano and I headed even higher up into the mountains Where are you going? - To.. Angamarca You live here? - Yes What a nice motorbike! But right now there are many many thieves Thieves? - Of course.. on the coast Really? - They steal. They kidnap Hello It's absolutely freezing in here, as you can probably tell   I can see my own breathe so that's how cold it is There is no heating, nothing I stayed at the foot of the Chimborazo volcano of which the top sits at 6 300 meters. However the Earth is not a perfect   sphere and instead bulges at the equator and that makes that climbing to the top of   this volcano means that you are the closest to outer space than any other place on Earth After pottering around in the Andes,  I finally turned my attention to the   Amazon. Face to face with one of its many large rivers, I could only get to the other side

which was on top of a hill by getting my bike and myself in a tiny steel cage Without the two local boys I  met there who helped me    I'm not sure I would have mustered up the courage to get into that thing at all This is crazy! CRAZY! I rock up at the house of some  Achuar indigenous people. They led   me first by motorcycle and later  by foot far into their lands and   let me stay in a small hut where I  could shower in an amazing waterfall A visit to the mighty Cotopaxi volcano seemed appropriate before finally leaving Ecuador and crossing the border into Colombia Hello! - Hello, how are you? Good.. finally! Finally? But.. you have to wait a moment It was a dreadful border crossing and patience was key here but somehow I got   across and after admiring a stunning Cathedral close to the border, I was ready to explore Colombia Look how bad the visibility  is here. I can barely see anything, look   I have about 45 kilometers to go so I  don't know if it's 45 kilometers like this Huh! Trucks ride here as well, of course Oh, and another massive truck..

I can't really go back up This side is better for you? Insane, insane That's where my rear tire was sitting! Can't see anything Hello! Look.. over here you can do it Ah, okay This is the only way? - This is the way Look ahead, look ahead. Don't  look down. Don't look down What did I say? Don't look down My leg. It doesn't fit It's very slow going. I think I'm actually going to arrive in the dark in Turbo    Because it's still 160 kilometers And it's three o'clock And uh..

Yeah, average speed is low As soon as I reached the north of Colombia I started plotting the most dangerous border   crossing I'd ever done So there is about 70 kilometers of swamps and thick, thick jungle which sits right here in between Panama and Colombia Now this Darien Gap is really dangerous terrain. So besides poisonous snakes and other creepy crawlers there's a lot of drug smuggling going on So there's a lot of people around that area that you really don't want to encounter Avoiding the dangerous Darien Gap wasn't a walk in the park. I got in touch with some locals who I   paid to get me across by boat. What that meant was getting my motorcycle into two different  

tiny boats and spend three days on rough seas See, the sea is a little rough. You can see it I have my own ideas about how to do this We can use this too We're here. Oh, what a ride, what a ride. That was absolutely mental It is uh.. what is it? 6:45 in the morning. Today is the biggest day of the Darien Gap crossing. I'm trying to reach   Panama today. He just told me that the.. the sea is rougher than yesterday which I'm not so happy with   But uh.. yeah. So now just going to the  the pier. Load up Alaska on another boat   And then try to get into Panama Welcome to.. - Panama. - Okay, he's not as enthusiastic as me. I say welcome to Panama! And on to the next  

uh.. yeah, many, many hours that we still have to sail. So everybody, fingers crossed that   the seas are going to be calm. And it's not going to be uh.. so crazy like this morning or yesterday There comes a speedboat at high speed  and.. and there's three guys on them  

And one is waving a massive  gun, it's like a machine gun   Um, he had full face covering. Even his eyes there was like some sort of mesh here, so you   could not see anything of his face and then he had a hoodie over it and the other ones were   also wearing like face coverings and they're shouting things and he's like waving a gun " We cannot stop over there, we have a passenger " " We know our rights, if you want to see us you have to be at the pier " I finally made it to Panama in one piece. It was the beginning of a new chapter, Central America   I explored the new high-rise of Panama City as well, as the historical buildings of old Panama City And of course I paid a visit to the Panama  Canal. Most travelers just hit upon American   Highway and pass through Panama quickly but I wanted to explore a little more. No highways for me

Hello - Where are you going to? I'm going to Playa Escondido (*Hidden Beach*) Going this way Oh, where am I going? I thought this was a road I have to follow it for a little bit more I'm kind of picking my line now. I think I'm gonna go up this route   Then I'll have to go through this water to the other side there   Because these rocks are very difficult to ride over. Oh no, I have to be here in the water cause this You can barely see it on the GoPro but I  can you see it now? But trust me this is not nice   to ride on so I'll go through the water. I'll have to ride up this because I can't ride through here And there's the road again Panama has tons of mountains and tons of rainfall so I faced many water crossings Oh no, it is deep. It's very deep.. oh This is much better? There is a good road asphalt. Over there, purely bad road. Hello! Is there another bridge or only this one? Only this bridge See that is my foot, see how big it is. Wow, incredible.

So this river, is the main way of how people get around here This river, Bonyic, is where the dam is in the mountains In this mountain range is the dam And because of the hydro electric plant, the river is where you see it So because of that there is little water at the moment? For that reason there is little water How does it work? Ah, wow And here goes the.. the little spear.. this flies And this.. what's this called again? - Nyampi. - Nyampi. - Nyampi. I don't know what Nyampi is And frijoles which are beans My Panamanian shenanigans came to an end as I crossed the border into Costa Rica How are you? - Good. And you?

Pretty good, thank the lord. Better now that I see you Costa Rica is well known for its active volcanoes so I spent some time admiring and fearing them Yes, because there is an eruption. The volcano is erupting. That's why it's been closed a few days back and you can't enter Oh that! No problem, it's a Rally man! Ah, you come with the water up to here As I was figuring out whether or not I  could cross some rivers on my motorcycle   I met a local guy named Hugo. He offered to show me the way which I happily accepted These rivers in Costa Rica have huge crocodiles in them and I had to cross three rivers   Aii.. no! No man! I have to end up there? You go... braaaappp.. and over there you cross No problem Full gas.. braaaap

It's still very shallow. There are no crocodiles? Down there Yes, big ones! Yes? Not here? Yes - Here too? I don't know if I have to be afraid  more of the river crossing or the crocodiles See you! Easy. Easy Bye! Yes! Well, one one river down   Two more to go. There's the crocodiles in all of them he said I managed to get through all three rivers without having to wrestle a crocodile And I made it across the border into Nicaragua Hello - Hello Insurance? - Yes Please allow me the documents that you got just there at customs - Yes, yes Colones? Cordoba? - What is your price? For 50... 1000 colones 1000 Colones is 50? - That's it As if all those boats to reach Panama wasn't enough I hopped on another boat to reach the volcanic islands of Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua. I was haunted by visions of my bike sliding over the edge the entire way But the adventure riding on the island was fantastic From tall waterfalls in the jungle to uncovering ancient   indigenous art with a local girl that I met It was all there, completely overgrown hidden by the jungle and forgotten by the people There is a also a cross here After carefully aiming to chop off a few  fingers, I managed to get my hands on a   ticket to leave the island on an overnight  ferry Alright, the only thing to do when you are faced with blaring music is just.. embrace it. It's gonna be a very long night

I am in San Carlos And I'm immediately going to inquire about the next leg of my journey Is it possible? With my motorcycle? In the boat? No. - No? It's for passengers only According to the officials it wasn't possible to bring my motorcycle on a boat Time to think outside of the box. I found the weekly cargo boat bringing supplies to one of the most remote corners of Nicaragua I negotiated the price with the captain and it was on And so a two-day, 200 kilometer river  journey started and I spent the next   two days on this slow cargo boat with this crew of locals. There are no roads that lead   to the village, this was the only way and it  turned out I was also the first person to   ever bring a motorcycle there, as there are no motorized vehicles in the village Experiencing the jungle from the  river was like magic. It gave me   a rare insight in the life of the people here too   Food was being caught straight from the  jungle and consisted of iguana, big lizards Two more Wow, so the escape mechanism of the  iguanas, when they sense danger Two more. Is to drop themselves into the water. You see this one tree, it's just full of them   I think wait, already five dropped in the water. He caught one, look.. he's now, he's now just up there  

Unbelievable It tastes like chicken We arrived in the night on the second day. How the captain managed to navigate the waters   in the dark, purely on memory and without using any electronic equipment is beyond me   After arriving in the village, I continued further into the jungle to find what I came here for   Find a Rama guide to show me the way to  the hidden city of Canta Gallo. A stunning   geological feature and used throughout  history by the natives This is unbelievable Look at that I don't think I ever made such a big effort  to get anywhere but it was all worth it Lift up the tire.. lift up the tire The tire - Yes. Yes. And yes, the only way to get out of  here again was by boat of course   But don't worry by now, I vowed that this  was going to be the last sketchy boat ride   of this journey But uh.. we hit a big wave and then.. there went her side stand Poor Alaska. Poor thing!

Yeah, that happens sometimes Alright, we are in Bluefields and I am first going to the ATM Because I didn't actually have enough cash on me to pay for the passage In San Juan there was no ATM but they trusted me enough to bring me here So now I'm just going to get some money while they are going to get Alaska out of the boat Again, maybe it's better that I don't see. I told them remember, the side stand is broken So you can't put her anywhere. But they were like, no that's fine She is over here? Oh here she is! My love! The things I put her through, hey. No worries sweetheart, we're gonna fix you right up  

Actually, this is the second side stand that  I managed to break. I broke one on my Royal   Enfield as well. Back somewhere in South America I think, where did it happen? Argentina or Chile   Back then I was too embarrassed to film it   Now I did it again. Completely different  way but yeah, that's just how it goes, hey

Because of my geology background I am interested in minerals. But seeing how a gold mining operation   looks like in Nicaragua is a humbling experience. It's very dangerous and unhealthy work and the   average worker only makes about ten dollars a day. Even though these mines are very rich in  

gold that money just doesn't seem to end  up in the pockets of the actual workers What they pay for is this. - Yes How? There is nobody Yes.. yes - Yes now Slowly Wait wait wait Wait wait Nicaragua is a land of opposites and so from being   meters underground I rode to the Cerro Negro, Central America's youngest volcano I went with a local to show me the way and help carry the board all the way to the top   And well, it went only downhill from there Whooh! Whoo hoo! I'm going so fast! Look at that! Oh, I'm going so fast! Oie yoi yoi yoi After he gave me a ride back to my  bike. I continued to the next border Oh ok.. I'm sorry! Welcome to Honduras! Whoo hoo! I'm here Yeah, that went really well Oh, are we riding on the left side of the  road here? Are we riding left or right? That's actually a good question Surely.. yeah

Oh maybe we are riding on the left  side of the road No we are on the right side.. nah They're just going against traffic then I don't know.. I'm so confused Honduras doesn't have the best reputation and is generally considered a very dangerous country But the armed guards at petrol stations, some roadblocks It's like they're blocking the road. See  on the other side of the road as well

Oh Oie And one little scary incident aside I just experienced the   beauty of Honduras and saw places  not many people dare venture to A few weeks later I entered the next country El Salvador I'm going to cross to El Salvador? I go here? Welcome to El Salvador! The bad news is there was no customs on the El Salvadorian side And now basically Alaska is illegal here. I  said what about my bike and the temporary imports? And they were like, well we don't have customs here so.. just.. you could just go. So I was like   Yeah, but won't I get into trouble when I try to leave El Salvador? And they're like yeah..   Maybe I'd made a big mistake by crossing  the border at a place without customs My motorcycle was now illegally in the country and I didn't know how to get it out again without getting into trouble Yet again, luck was on my side! My good friend, Charlie Sinewan had also just entered El Salvador from the other  side And he knew a good guy there at customs I quickly made my way across the  country to go meet him and make a plan There is his bike! It's so good to see you! How are you? - Good! And you? - Yeah.. very busy but good

We are gonna send Jaime A friend.. for the telephone number of someone who works at customs We are going to call now I'm here with a friend.. with a Dutch passport Who entered through a very small border from Honduras So now she has to leave but the motorcycle is not imported into the country So here we have the two professional travelers First of all.. she is illegal in the country .. here motorbike is illegal And now..

She relizes that I might need a covid test for Guatemala - What a disaster.. It wasn't easy but with the help of  Charlie and some very nice custom   officers of El Salvador we got it done.  And I could leave the country legally Don't cry too much. - No Alright, here I go again on my own   There we go. Crossing the bridge  leaving El Salvador into Guatemala I won't lie, Guatemala is my absolute  favorite country in Central America I dipped into crystal clear waters in the   mountains and I even showered under  a natural thermal waterfall Guatemala turned out to be an exceptional place to ride a motorcycle too   But not without some challenging terrain But this is probably the one I should take That is rough, oie shew Okay, but first I need to make my way up over this Oh man! Oh I fell again Oh man Ah I'm exhausted That was really really tough I'm traveling alone on a motorbike - Oh-huh But they told me that there is part of the road that is very dangerous. They will rob you There is a foreigner here.. Dutch - Dutch

To the left.. but that route, don't take that one You go straight But there it will show you - Yes, I think that.. Goodbye! Okay. Very nice policeman. It's about three kilometers from here, the asphalt will stop   And then a little bit further on the dirt there's a patrol car. 104 is their.. I don't know name number  

of the car or the plates. I think he said 104. And they're waiting for me to give me an escort so It's very difficult without.. I need speed Hello! Do you a woman named Feliciana? Do you know Feliciana? Feliciana? Yes? A little further? Hello! Good afternoon! - Afternoon Ma'am Feliciana? Feliciana Lopez? I have her number Feliciana? Yeah!! Oopah After locating three other Feliciana's  in Guatemala, I finally found the one   that I was supposed to meet for lunch. Omelet with vegetables. Then there is lots of tortillas and these are the stuffed tamales with chicken with tomato sauce inside. So I'm so excited about this Soon after I faced a bigger challenge. My mission was to   find the remote Mayan temples of Nakum, hidden deep in the jungle It was so swampy that wrestling my bike through the mud was almost more than I could take on   I definitely didn't have the right tires to  tackle this type of terrain but the reality   of long distance motorcycling in areas like these, is that you don't have a choice in tires   You are blessed enough if you can just find something made out of rubber and in a round shape *sigh of relief* Yes! I saw a big animal, I saw a big animal and I think it was a cat. It ran really fast into  

the jungle here but I'm not sure it was a  split second and it was standing on the road   And it just jumped into the bush. Oh dear, where am I going? But for some reason I was so determined to get there that I kept fighting and eventually found the place   Okay, don't ask me how I got here but this I'm now standing on another pyramid. I don't know which part   was harder.. to get here or then to actually find the temples and the pyramids. Both equally not so easy Muddy and exhausted, I reappeared from the jungle and continued towards the next country Belize   Are you transiting? Or visiting? Welcome to Belize! Belize is only a small country but for the ones that look, adventure can be found in every corner Not too sure, it kind of turns into a single track now This is seriously overgrown I checked out some beaches, some more  ruins from ancient Mayan civilizations And I met a variety of different people and cultures And then Alaska had to be sanitized  before crossing the border into Mexico Welcome to Mexico! Whoo hoo! Yes! Mexico. I decided to skip on the touristy  Yucatan Peninsula and I rode straight into Chiapas   I visited beautiful waterfalls with turquoise waters, flooded forests and lush mountains I met Jorge who showed me around  the peaceful Lacandon Mayan lands   But soon after leaving the Lacandones.  I experienced the other side of Mexico  

I am now just outside the town called Ocosingo. Stopped by cops and told to leave the area   It's closed for tourists, a lot going  on with locals. 23 people missing   There were about a hundred local young  men blocking the road with improvised   spike strips. Several tourists have been taken and released several days later after severe   beatings. There have been reports of aggressive locals lately. Some tourists and their cars   Russian and German were attacked by locals. There are a lot of reports about this road

Not sure what's going on here Oh, here's a rope Let's see if I can ask them Hello, good afternoon A question From here.. to San Cristobal Yes. It's safe.. this road? - Yes, it's safe Yes Because there is a road via..ehh It's called.. - Chanal

Yes, yes It's okay this route? Okay, very good. Thank you! Goodbye! There's another block They are blocking the road In a way.. See? There is another rope there Oh, something is going on again I think I still don't know what's going on What's going on? - There is a road block here, a little ahead A roadblock? People with guns - Oh For security we don't pass. You can pass if you want, but.. It's on your risk, your own responsibility Wow This block.. I mean, this is a main highway So I don't understand where all these people come from We're really in the middle of nowhere There's no town or anything But there it says Sinaloa. There's a  little drawing of a guy with a gun. I just have  

to stop for a second. I'm riding here on actually a really boring road and there's nothing here There is no town, nothing. I come around the corner and there's 10 guys. I don't know, I didn't.. I didn't   count them. I think it was, there were.. I think four standing on the right side and three. Maybe it was   seven or eight guys. I don't know it.. it felt like a lot of them. Um.. heavily armed, heavily armed  

The one guy comes up to me and he asked me four times, are you filming? Are you filming?   I'm like no, I'm not filming, I'm not filming. No shooting, forbidden to shoot. That's a good sign No shooting please Where are you coming from sir? I'm a woman Ah, you are a woman Hey, I thought it was a man, but it's a woman! Money, money - Money, money. How much you  want? 93 pesos - 93 pesos Where are you going to? - Eh, La Paz Where are you coming from? - I'm coming from Topolobampo And my plan was to ride through Zacatecas But I have some friends in Mexico and they told me it's dangerous In the mountains, so they told me, take the main road This is safer - Yes Goodbye Belize? - So I crossed the border from Belize And I stayed in.. I believe it's called Becan. And where are you going to? I'm going until Alaska Until Alaska? Yes? I'm already three years on the road, around the world It is 01:10 in the morning and I have waited here for three hours I sat on the little curb there. Cockroaches as big as rats came out

Where are you from? - From the Netherlands From The Netherlands? - Yes And you are traveling the world? - Yes How great someone like you And you are alone? - Hm? A companion? - No. Alone. Alone? - Yes Only you? - Yes No friends? They dropped some money Ma'am? Your money! Thank you so much! - You are welcome In the meantime, I do not see a guesthouse that was supposed to be there Mexico proved to be a real challenge in finding parts for my motorcycle too as they were simply non-existent   Ordering parts from abroad would take weeks if not months. So I spent hours calling every Honda dealer   in Mexico trying to get parts. Ultimately, in a tiny non-Honda shop, I found a sprocket that sort of   fitted so I could continue the journey You see, so this is my old sprocket. You can see the state of it It's really, really worn, worn, worn So you can buy everything here from golden watches to fruits. I love how they arrange everything so nicely The avocados, the apples in different colors, mangoes I visited a sea turtle rescue center run by  volunteers but without any funding. It took me  

three days to put that episode together and to tell their story. Thanks to your generous   donations, they could expand from protecting one beach to three and providing employment for the   local community too. Your response was overwhelming and it moved me deeply. We made a difference here I'm gonna to help some of the weak ones Check this out. Is Mexico beautiful or what? Welcome to Mars! You have to run all the way back you know! Where is the road? It doesn't look very deep I left mainland Mexico behind me  and crossed over to the peninsula   of Baja California. Still Mexico but to me  it felt like a completely different world What country? - The Netherlands Netherlands? Were you the one who did the bike ride with the cops over there or no? Yeah  - You were? - Yeah I know her Can I get a photo? - Of course I'm gonna to send it to my father in law, he watches you all the time I thought I knew you, I was like.. hold on! I think that's you

Welcome to the United States of America! I made it! Ah! My first stop in the United States was  San Diego right at the border The streets were clean and they were so wide and after spending so much time in Latin America I struggled with the big and busy highways so I headed straight into the desert and I loved it Ah, look look. A coyote, a coyote. Over there Woa ah This all looks rather dramatic doesn't it? One rocky hill climb in Nevada didn't quite  go as planned and I injured my ankle Unable to ride my motorcycle a friend  from Moab, Utah came to pick me up Uh.. now what? Ha ha I stayed in Moab until I was able to more or less ride again so I continued to Colorado   There I was confronted with a big dump of snow. Not what I expected in late spring

Turning around because snow blocked  the tracks kind of became a theme   for my journey through the United States Ouch, my ankle Huhh..yeah I've been riding in the rain for the last 60 kilometers and now I'm almost at 3 000 meters and it's turning to snow. I have 24 kilometers to go, so I am gonna push on but   I'm so cold. Yeah, my gloves are drenched. So yeah, my hands are absolutely freezing Here I am.. riding a nice summer gear! Ha ha ha! I am wearing the same stuff as I did, riding through all the deserts Look at Alaska! Look at this.. How much ice is on there. Ha ha ha

And my 360 camera.. I was hoping that Wyoming would be better because the mountains aren't as high as in Colorado   Yeah I'm digging myself a hole here But there was tons of snow here too Retreat! Can't go this way then That's too much It's too much I am.. this.. this track is climbing another four, 500 meters so.. there is no way. Cause I was   actually now considering, you know what  I can just push through the snow here   Get through if it then goes down but it  goes up Same thing in Idaho just more snow But when there wasn't any snow blocking  my way, I saw the most amazing things I was blown away by the variety of  landscapes in the United States    One can explore an entire year here and  not see everything. But that was not my mission  I had to keep moving north There's a bear! A bear! With three cubs! Three cubs! Look at the babies! Look at the babies! They are so close I better move.. *nervous giggle* That's amazing! Ha ha ha Oie yoi! This is so cool. There are not a lot of places in the world where you can see this phenomenon

I think, this is probably the most famous place in the world and then of course, you have a very famous place in Turkey But this is rare and it's just amazing to see Ah oh. Oh oh There are probably not many scenarios in which encountering a random guy, with a chainsaw while traveling alone in the woods   is a good thing. But bizarrely enough, I bumped into Roger at the right place, at the right time   For once I didn't have to turn around and I could actually continue Oh, you brought a chainsaw with you? Yeah I've been cutting a lot of it out there Oh, it was you! Cause I was like, somebody has been cutting these logs Ah, thanks! And chainsaw Roger became a bit of an institution on this channel Oeh Your handle bars will catch your bike - Yeah Yeah, now I have the handlebar problem Alright Yeah Oh, you're gonna sit on it. Okay. Oh, that's very brave. Oh

Nice, like a boss! Welcome to Canada! It was time for another big landmass to cover, Canada Down to a few and far in between and there were days when I saw more bears than people I couldn't be more in awe with the  grandness of the landscapes here It's a dead end? No? Oh, there! It goes on there Right.. right Okay Some big rocks here Did it.. did it A bear, a bear, a bear! There's a black bear on the road There is goes into the woods Besides epic scenery and large wildlife. I loved meeting people from all different walks of life   in Canada. The Haida people, the Nisga'a. The explorers and the gold miners

That's my dad That's your dad? - In his young days, yes Wow What are you guys doing here? Building the road? - Drilling Gold? - Gold This is for one month? - One month And well, how could I not go and have  a look for some gold myself I think I have some gold I think I have some gold! I took the epic Top Of The World highway to finally enter Alaska and well, it's fair to say I ended it with a bang Oh! Ha ha ha Ha ha ha! Emotionally and mentally it was such a surreal feeling to be here after working towards this goal for such a long time I decided to try and be in the moment as much as I could and to feel and experience Alaska to deepen my core And now on this final day, I reached the northern tip of the continent and I have completed my journey Welcome to Dead Horse, Alaska End of the Dalton Highway The Arctic Ocean between here and  the North Pole there's nothing but water   And ice and now I'm considering to do the Polar Bear challenge or I'll take a Polar Bear Plunge   Shall I do it? Arctic Ocean here I come After taking so long to get here, there is only one thing left to do The guide (necessary to be allowed here on the seaside) was so kind to be cameraman for a minute Whoo hoo hoo! Oh it is cold! Ha ha! I began my journey on the 1st of October 2019 On August 11, 2022 I finally reached the Arctic Ocean I rode 65, 000 kilometers through 18 countries And fulfilled my dream to ride a motorcycle from Patagonia to Alaska Solo. So that's it. I have fulfilled my dream. Good thing I have more dreams because that's what we're supposed to do with dreams right? Make them a   reality not only dream them but let them come true. So I have more dreams that I'm going to   make happen and share with you. So I'll be back with another season of Itchy Boots but before I   will be back with a full-on season with three episodes per week. I am going to need a break   I am exhausted. I have worked so hard this last season to create all these episodes. To create   

I think almost 150 episodes this season, consistently. It's been really really hard to pull it off  Most nights I've been working until 10:00, 10:30 at night. Uh.. every day! There has been no rest so I've just   been working pretty much around the clock to create all these episodes and I am really tired   So I'm going to take a break but at the same time I also realized, I am such a workaholic and I find   it really difficult to not do anything. And so for the next few months, I have so many really, really   cool things coming up and planned that are going to be a little bit different. I need a break from   the constant riding, filming, editing what I've been doing the last, what is it? 10 months, 11 months or so So I need a break from that but I'm gonna do other things which I realized are so cool that   I also really want to share them with you. So keep an eye on my channel, I might be back sooner than you think 

So if you haven't done it yet then you can click that bell button because then you'll get a   notification when I'm gonna be back on the channel. But there is going to be a break. I.. I need a break   I need to take a break and yeah, I realized part of the reason why I have been working so hard the   last months is because the window to reach Alaska was so short or like to cross the northern part of   the United States and Canada and Alaska, that window is really short and I wanted to visit   and film as many places as I could along the way. But to do that, I had to ride and film more than   three times per week so as I was bringing out three episodes per week. I was doing a lot more  

to just try and see and film as much as I could. So many of you noticed that the time lag between   being somewhere and filming and releasing a video on YouTube has steadily increased over the season   That time lag became bigger to allow me to have enough time to make it into Alaska in time so   I want to thank everybody who has watched this entire season or perhaps even all the seasons   before this and who's always been here to support me and to encourage me. I really, really appreciate   it and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support and for the watching   I really hope you enjoyed it. I did my very best to create all these videos and it means the  

world to me that you like watching them. So that was it for today, I hope you liked it. If you did   please give me a big thumbs up. Subscribe down below and then I'm gonna see you in the next season Outdoor shower as well, look at that. That's my shower

GS crowd to the rescue Thank you so much I wish you all the best Thank you I wish you the very, very best! Bye! I wish you all the best! Thank you! Whatever happens Wherever you are Contact me You can count on me Thank you You come alone? - Yes He needs help? He does! Impressive!

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