Isuzu Panther Touring 2002 | Mobkas Pilihan | Car Review |

Isuzu Panther Touring 2002 | Mobkas Pilihan | Car Review |

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Hello everyone, welcome to the autotune Indonesia channel, back again in the selected mobkas segment, the segment that reviews quality used cars, the Indonesian version of autotune, and in this video we will review one car unit behind me that has the nickname the king of diesel, I'm sure it's among you, isn't it? It's foreign again, yes, with this legendary car, now what are the details, we'll see together, OK, but before that, don't forget to like , comment and subscribe to the Autotune Indonesia channel for those of you who haven't subscribed to those we've already thanked very much and don't forget to play too -play to our Instagram at Now this is the 2002 Isuzu Panther Touring which we will review in the video this time and this is the first generation Panther Touring or the version before the facelift, you can see it from the shape of the headlamp and grille which are still flat, different from the facelift version already uses a bigger model, yes for the headlamp p and the grille and you could say this is also the tallest type, yes, from the Panther capsule, because it's different from the usual version, yes, the LS LM series, yes, or LV, yes, it has a higher ground clearance, bigger material , and has overfenders around the body, and if you look at it -Have a look, yes, the model , if you remember, I think he has a twin, right? Well, it's true that this car has a twin , namely the Chevrolet Tavera, so the name is the same as the Panther Touring, but it uses a gasoline engine, if I'm not mistaken, it's a 2200 cc engine petrol engine So for those of you who are looking for a Panther Touring like this, yes. The model is second hand, but you don't like it a bit with a diesel engine, maybe you can choose the Chevrolet Tavera, right ? yes, but the name is not Panther Touring but Panther High Sporty. So that's the same concept as sis This touring has big tires with thick overfenders and a higher ground clearance, so for you, for example, if you are looking for a Panther Touring like this, for example, the price is still a little expensive, but you want a diesel car, but the ground clearance is high and the model is similar. with touring, like touring, maybe you can choose the Panther, which is high sporty , right? it uses a halogen multi-reflector crystal, so all the lights still use ordinary halogen bulbs, both the twilight light turn signal and the main light . Yes, the rest is the same color as the body , for the grille, then for the bumper he already has horns on the bumper, this too. What's an advantage of the first generation Panther Touring or the early ones? Yes, like this, he still has bumper horns like this . so it's just plain, in my opinion, it's not that dashing, so it's not like a touring shape, so then also on the bumper, it's equipped with a fog lamp, the fog lamp is a halogen multi-reflector crystal, it still uses halogen for the bulb, and the size is also quite large. for a

fog lamp, yes, then also if for example the camera looks like this . it's back to being one color, it's a shame, even though it's cooler like this, a dual tone like this, yeah, kit Let's go back to the engine part. Now, let's see, the engine itself is coded 4 ee ga1 Turbo diesel, yes Turbo diesel is 2,500 cc and this engine can produce a maximum power of around 80 PS at 3,500 RPM and a maximum torque of around 19.5 kg at 1800 RPM then we'll see, yes, for the engine room here, he hasn't painted the horror body yet. This is still the basic color. yes, likewise the hood, it's still the basic color, but on the hood, it already has a damper , a carpet damper. Yes, this is original, it came from the factory like this

. incidents that often occur in diesel cars, that is, incidents or symptoms of being bored, so being stuck is a symptom of smoke coming out of the oil filling cap and oil lipstick. Well, that's usually because the piston ring is worn out or the liner or the piston is already scratched, so for you, if you want If you are looking for a used diesel car, check the oil cap first. Try opening it while the engine is running, if for example there is no smoke, that means it is safe, but if for example there is smoke, that needs to be considered again because it requires more budget for repairs or repairs, then also for the owner Diesel cars, yes, those of you who own diesel cars need to be aware of the R symptom unaway , so it's a Runway symptom, it's a situation where the car's RPM suddenly rises by itself without being able to control it, even if you release the key . Now for diesel owners, don't panic , or in other words, you have to be prepared with conditions like that, if for example at any time your engine or your car experiences symptoms like that, on the first road, don't panic, the second key is maybe you can try this solution. like that, by

closing the air duct or air filter. So basically, the air filter is the air duct, you plug it so that no air flows into the intake, into the air filter channel like that. For example, on the Panther Touring, like this or the Panther, right? it can be done by turning the air filter upside down because in the Panther it's an old filter looks like it's on the back Yes that's it Solid no holes but with the note that the filter has to still have rubber around it all you have to do is put it back on, all you have to do is put it back on and close it hopefully it can stop the engine like that or if for example you're in the filter doesn't have rubber anymore or your car isn't a Panther car , right? Well, maybe you can find a way to plug it in. If you can use rubber , then something made of rubber, for example like flip flops like that, all you have to do is close it because that's for runway symptoms actually it's not the diesel fuel that's burning, but oil. In that condition, it needs air, right, so it can start the engine. Now, by closing the air, we hope that it can't run, can't turn on the engine, right? Automatically the engine turns off like that and this is the unit that we are reviewing, it already uses Turbo, yes, the diesel d Diesel, OK? Well, this is also just a little information, here's a suggestion for you, diesel car owners, also Turbo, yes, the one that's already Turbo, the note is that if you can install a turbo timer, or at least when it runs out, start the car or start the car, don't turn off the ignition right away yes, wait, for example , yes, 10 seconds and 15 seconds, then turn it off, that's the goal, so that the turbo lasts longer, because it comes from a hot condition, doesn't it die right away, so it lasts longer ? turbo timer Yes, like in the car that we are reviewing in this episode, he has already used the turbo timer, so when the engine starts, it goes away, for example, when it runs out, we turn off the contact, we remove the key, the engine is still running. the turbo

so that the turbo lasts a long time, let's see first for the wheels and tires, here it is for m The wheel model is like this, the original for Panther Touring, which at first, this is for big wheels with 5 silver finishing bars and this is the original model like this, then here it uses profile tires 235/70 R15, the tires themselves are from Bridgestone duelers, Bridgestone duelers. And this too is a characteristic of the Panther Touring because it has very large tires compared to the usual Panther version, yes or for example the Panther LV LM LS, yes. Then for the braking system, for the front, it already uses discs, but for the rear, it still uses drums for braking. and as for the braking feature itself, it's still conventional , yes, it doesn't have abs like that, then on the tires, here it has a fairly thick overfender, right around this body, yes, here at the bottom, it's also equipped with footsteps, so here are the footsteps. also original, yes, not a variation, it's built from Panther Touring like this for the mirror itself, here it's original, or the original, it's black, but it seems like it's been covered in Chrome, it's the same as the owner, yes, and for its own features, it's already an electric mirror, yes, even though it's not electric retract then here at the bottom here he has an emblem Panther yes And this is also original from the factory, now this is the door handle. It's a gouge model like this and this has been given a Chrome cover, yes, again,

yes, because the original is black, the color of the plastic base here has also been black out filler like this, this is indeed the original like this this is a dual tone blend, yes , gray and what is silver or looks a bit like brownish, yes it has silver, right ? like this and there is also one with a brown top, dark brown underneath like this. In my opinion, this color is the sweetest, it's the best, okay , then we'll see, yes, for the third row glass from Panther Touring, yes, it still uses rubber like this on the outside and the glass is fixed, it can't be opened, isn't it like a deer, it's like that, if you don't, even though it's a little bit, you can still open it, but this d he fixed it then this is also this variation from the owner . at the top of this, on top of this, there is a roof, here's an addition, here 's the Rovel. genuin Yes, there is also a variation, or aftermarket, because it's original, it's plain, it doesn't have a spoiler like this, then here for the rear glass, it doesn't have a rear defogger, but it does have a rear wiper, here it is, and for this Panther Touring, it's a spare tire the konde model, right? Well, this hardcover looks like it belongs to the Grand Touring, right, or does it belong to the Panther Touring, which is younger in the year? Yes, because it 's original U it's just touring, it doesn't have a grand, right? For the tire cover, it's like this and here it has the door handles and at the top here it has the Isuzu emblem and underneath is the touring emblem and it's original, right? this is for the emblem and there is iron here, yes . the brake light turn signal and the reverse light, this is also different from the usual version, yes, or the version of the Panther Capsule , the earlier one is still Mika muddy, but not a multi-reflector crystal like this, Mika has an orange turn signal, right like that, here's the door trim. the model is like this, the original one, it still has the fabric here and the fabric material is original, yes, for the Panther Touring in 2002, this is the pattern a he's a bit bluish there's gray too yeah like this then here he has Twitter and here's the handle the model is like this then on the power window he 4 Sides have power window auto only Driver's side and here he has a button Er, the window lock, then at the bottom of it there is a door pocket and a speaker like this The plastic heart can be said to have a high first impression that I felt when I entered this car, the seat position is high, the seat is similar to Kijang , right? it 's still original, the info from the owner is only covered, for the inside, the fabric is still original .

This one can really be said to be minimal for safety, it only has a seat belt, yes, this seat belt has been retracked too, but you can't adjust the height here. Isuzu and there is no Chrome accent at all, but this is actually cool for the steering wheel settings itself, it's still a fix, it can't be adjusted all the time or not elescopic then let's look at my left here he has the wiper lever the wiper lever here he is intermittent , yes, although the time interval cannot be set, then here he has a switch for the main light and turn signal, yes, but for the fog lamp it is separate the switch doesn't merge with this switch and here we see, yes, for the speedometer part, it's all still analog, but the cool thing about the odometer is that it's digital at the bottom here, right, and the model is still like the old Panther, yes, it's a boxy Panther, right? Let's see for the odometer settings, what's going on here, there's Odo, then there's trip A, then there's trip B, and back to Odo, it's still minimalist, right ? here it has a button for the fog lamp which I said earlier it has a separate button for the fog lamp itself then on this part there is a button for the electric mi the error and underneath there is an alarm indicator and at the bottom again there is the ac grille it's still like this yes the grille is a box model yes it's minimalist then at the bottom again here it has the choke here then at the very bottom again it has the knob to open the cup on the front of the machine has a head unit, the head unit is single Din Yes, it looks like this has been upgraded by the owner because if I'm not mistaken, the original is still single Din cassette Yes, but here it has been upgraded to a CD here it has a digital clock, it has a special place, yes, I like this, then underneath it again, there are buttons for the rear wiper and rear wiper air, so it's separate to activate it, and below it again, there's a Hazard button, and here's the button, it's thick, yes, then we move to the side again, he has the ac grille, the model is still boxy, yes, it's still minimalist like this, and under it, there are the ac settings, so this is also Legend , right? uran AC Panther, yes, it's still a sliding system and there's only a fan speed setting up to 3 and there's a temperature setting, that's all, right here at the bottom again , there's an ashtray, right here, an ashtray, and over here, this should be a lighter socket, but this is being used as an ee charger or a power outlet like this then underneath again there is an open storage area and you can say that for this Panther it accommodates quite a lot of drawers and is quite functional, right? open storage again like this, then on the back here there is a transmission system. So this is what we are reviewing, this is a manual transmission . transmission But most people prefer the manual version over the automatic version, but what if for example, if you want to go after comfort , maybe you can choose the automatic version, but if you want to go after stubbornness, or maybe this one is manual like this, it's similar to the deer too, yeah, the lever is long like this and at the bottom here it's big like this for Panther Touring is then in parts behind it again, there are accommodations for two Cup holders, right here and next to it, there is an ee hand brake or parking brake, the model is like this, then behind the Cup holder, there is another open storage area, OK? there's a lot on this Panther, right? Well, here's also an open storage facility, right here, which is quite deep, right? the dashboard and there's already a key for the dashboard drawer here it has a hand grip here it's a fixed model Yes it's like this then on the top of the front passenger it already has a sunvisor here But it's not equipped with a vanity mirror or a light yes then on the driver's side it does too there 's already a sunvisor, but it's the same, there's still no vanity mirror or card holder here, it's still plain, then we See, yes, there is also a glass in the middle, the model, ee, still the usual dynate view, yes, it's manual, not yet auto gaming, the settings are down here, so this is the ceiling, it still uses a hanging model like this, right? This also has advantages for suspended ceilings Yes, firstly, the advantage is that it's easy to clean, right? Because if the model is embedded, it's usually fabric. Well, that's

very difficult. If it's dirty, you have to go to the salon to clean it. or the velvet material is like that, but for this one, just wipe it with a wet cloth and soap, but there are also disadvantages for suspended ceilings like this, for example, you are a smoker, right, or for example , your child is holding something sharp, so it suddenly closes This part here can have holes. Now, let's move again to the second line. So, let's see what it's like lu So here it is for the door trim, the layout is still the same as in front, yes, it's still hard plastic, the material is and at the bottom there is still fabric material which is quite large and this is original, still the fabric material, then here it is there's a power window right where it's parallel to the armrest here and at the bottom here it's plain it doesn't have any accommodations or speakers right here yeah I'm already in the second row here and I'm 172 cm tall here lightroom I'm still very far from headroom, I'm still very far away, yes, this printer is known for its relief, yes, the depth, yes, and the suspension is comfortable for this Panther, yes, and on the deck itself, it's level, right, on the bottom here, it's flat on the floor, it's not there is a high tuning right like that yes it's flat. Then for the seat itself in this middle row or this second row it is divided into 640 for the folding eee for the headrest here it is also quite large and s it's adjustable, yes, for the headrest here, there's an armrest, right, here, right? Well, here it already has an armrest, so you can say that for Panther Touring, for comfort, this is really okay, right, from the side of the car itself, from the side of the seat , right? or these features are quite comfortable, yes, but indeed for the Panther itself. Indeed, he doesn't sell features, actually, yes, he sells reliability, okay, then we'll see, uh, eee, the front passenger seat, he already has a seatback pocket, he already has two seatback pockets yes, the front passenger and also the driver's section is there, then at the bottom here, let's see, right here, there is an ashtray too, okay, now we want to see access to the third row. What 's it like?

there are two steps for multiplying the first one first, yes, let's fold the backrest, like this, okay? just jump straight into the third row seat , here what I feel is sitting in the third row, it's still not bad, it's still pretty proper, all that's left is to adjust the seats in the second row, if for example you have long legs, just move them forward a little, okay? overall it's still pretty okay it's still okay, yes, and here the seat is fully folded, so it can't be divided and here it already has two headrests, which are quite thick and wide, yes, but for the back here, it's not equipped with a seat belt, so it's the same as earlier The second row doesn't have a seat belt, the seatbelt is only on the front, yes, the driver's section and the front passenger's section are like that here, they plain don't have any accommodations, there's only the fabrica material, which is quite big, so it's the same here, right? he only has fabric here and there's a grille like this, there's no accommodation at the back here for the double blower AC itself it's here for Panther Touring and this is quite unique also, in my opinion, yes, for the Panther, because he has a separate double blower, there is one at the back and one at the front, then in the middle here, he has a speed fan setting, yes, up to 3 settings. What I said earlier is unique for the double blower AC because on the front and back it has its own side, yes, for the air conditioner, for passengers in the second row, it's on the front here, the grille, so it shoots it towards the back of the head, if who sits in the second row seat, but for passengers sitting in the third row seat, this is more comfortable, yes , because the grille is indeed in the front, leading from the front. it's on the front, the second one, it's on the very back, or the third row, the model is like this and it's been replaced by an LED, yeah, because it's original , it's still using the usual yellow bulb, so let's go again, now we'll see, uh, it consists of the trunk Here's what the rear looks like, right? Here it opens the door to the side. Yes, it's like this for the Panther Touring. For the door trim, the model is like this. i

it's a plastic heart right here the top here it has a speaker there's a door handle there's a handle fix it like this and at the bottom here there's a place for the wiper air here to fill in the wiper water from here open the lid now Then this is the luggage accommodation from Panther Touring like this, it's still not bad, right? There's still space, right ? behind this is the Panther Touring here it has a handle to open from the inside and there is this handle too to push from the inside or close it from the inside Yes like this yes while the seat itself for the Panther Touring is facing the front right Yes it should be sitting in the row this third, he goes there to the front, right? Well, in my opinion, maybe maybe because of the Panther capsule . yes, it's like on a public transportation, right? There are adaptations. Well, maybe the basics are from there for the back door, so this Isuzu is lazy, the doors are changeable, yes, for touring, it's just the same as the usual type, or if I'm not mistaken, it's the type LM, yes, when it was placed in the Panther Touring, it was a bit strange. So, that's what we

discussed a little bit about the 2002 Isuzu Panther Touring . This car looks like the overall unit that we reviewed in this episode. It's still really good. Look at the paint, from the emblems. From the interior, everything is still neat and still came from the factory like that. And for those of you who are looking for a family car . those who are relieved to be comfortable with diesel engines. Well, maybe this can be an option, yes, Isuzu Panther Touring in 2002. I like touring models like this but don't like the engine maybe you can choose another alternative, yes, that was the Chevrolet Tavera.

forgot, ok, check it out for those of you I want to look for a diesel car, yes, in particular, yes, I, ee, what I said earlier, check it sucks or not, yes, like that, because it's really quite a drain on the budget, yes, for repair costs like that, okay, that's all, our review is a little from Autotune Indonesia, for you, don't forget to like comment and subscribe to the autotune Indonesia channel and also don't forget to visit our Instagram at aaya Bimo see you again in the next videos bye bye

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