Islamabad to Kalash Valley Chitral | Complete Travel Guide | Darosh & Ayun Valley | Pakistan Tourism

Islamabad to Kalash Valley Chitral | Complete Travel Guide | Darosh & Ayun Valley | Pakistan Tourism

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Aoa , friends I am Hassan Sargana & you are Watching Pakistan Tourism As you know our Chitral to Gilgit series is ongoing We showed you the Lowari Tunnel at night from Pakistan's Tall Tare International because this is the gateway Chitral so we came and stayed in Drosh. Darosh let me tell you the special thing here Dry Mountain started you once again the second thing is that if you want to take a hotel here then you will get it very economical and from here. And from here if you want to go on an up Kalash Valley jeep then the fare will be 10 thousand And this is a complete point of one day, if you want to go without fear, I call my best friend and we talk to him about some interesting things and ask brother, what is the plane today and how is the weather, all this Amer Welcome.

Aoa, a lot of work is done for money, that is, if you have people here then you can get a hotel for 1000 to 1500 rupees and you have only two hotels, of course Al Madina and City, yes, these two are also open and go for breakfast. Bajorr hotels, now let's talk about what is our today's flight, Hassan Bhai Darosh, we did the night-to-night stage in Fury, and it is approximately 60 kilometers from Upper Dir and now we are going and Ayun Village is the same. We will definitely visit. Now after reaching I Don't City it has been decided whether to switch towards Kailash or not because I Don't City is the village from where you have to go towards Kailash, Kailash you are making it the gateway. And if we go straight then we will reach the village. It is true that if we go then we will leave Kailash. By the way, I am in a mood. I am going to Kailash. Will she go to that village and decide? And along with this, tell me how far is Ion from here. And our Charlie

110 Suzki bike, how much time will it take? It is 32 to 34 kilometers from here and it will definitely cost an hour, because we have to go right where we have got the point, for that there are many people from there. Well-collected views for them, then time goes by a bit, so now we have the scene that we have breakfast here, which I have already told you, by the way, Alam Khan kebab is also very famous here, friend, you will remember that in 2022, we said His name was Yaar, he spent his last time in Alam Kabab famous Actually, it opens a little late, at 10-11 Morning o'clock. If you are fond of nature's sentences and want to see nature very closely, then do not miss this series. If you do, then finally we go towards breakfast and then leave. First of all, may the journey be blessed. Bismillah Rahman Rahim Subhan Allah. Journey pray O Allah, may the journey of all those who are traveling be well-planned- and may our journey be safe Friends, one of the special things about this Vlog is that you will get a complete travel guide How can you go from Islamabad to Kalash, Ayun, and Chitral? How can we go through the easiest route? This was friends, fear in the Darosh market, what we are doing is cross and clamshell vehicles. You can see,

there is Allied Bank in the middle and PSU pump is also available here and Paytm facility is also available here, Bal Bank is also there, friends are nervous here, Takuya Islamic Banking is also there, IT Mins is available here, you can get basic You will get cheese but not fame and food too, this brother will only get a very good sample, which is true, the reason for this is that you know my friends, brother, till the time the paratha is two-three days old and you want eggs, it is not fun but. Here brother, that too became a band because Paratha is not available here, we got peace with great difficulty, we had to make do with this and at the same time please please and there was no other option, ok I will talk about this, first of all friends, we have many friends. Those who question me that brother, how are we here from Islamabad, the ones with paintings or heritage, then I tell them that friends from Islamabad, you can come here on your car as well as on bike. Now the question is and local. Now the question on transport is also that how can you go there, so let me tell you that if you come from Islamabad on your own car, then you will have to take the M16 from Islamabad which is a motorway and you will get down at the checkpoint from there. You will leave for the immense Deer which is also called Deer Bala,

passing through the unclaimed tunnel and Dosh Aayog wali and then Kailash. Okay, this is your own car and if you come on a bike, there will be a slight change in the route for it. And that will be that friends, if you want to come on your bike, then you will leave from Islamabad, you will come again from the life of Taxila, Mardan and Chakdara Pradeep Kailash, this track you have, we call it and along with it, if you want to come on local transport, Kailash then Its condition will also make you laugh and that is if you go from Pindi to Pindi, then from Pindi to here there are local buses of different types which always come here, I had a good night in one called Hindu Kash at such a time. The one who used to come from Pindi was from Pindi, so

if you want to come to your country from Pindi, then local transport will be available, which from Pindi you will get from Faizabad or number 26, from there you can also come for this. The rent fares keep going back and forth. I don't have the correct information about it. Yes, yes friend, I was talking here, I have just seen that the blood found the most is Pomegranate Sardar, yes it is the river, I think it is the royal river, it is behind but it is in the front. Dariya is being edited in Kabul and let me tell you about this Dariya. Friends, yes, this is the Dariya of Pakistan which is about to be seen in front of you.

It is coming from Bhaiya Vani Sthan. Okay, it is coming from Afghanistan. And then it is coming here to Chitrahar district and from here it will again go to Afghanistan . Friends, the track you are seeing, this is the track we came in 2022, at that time it was not in such good condition, I think this is a new one made with this. I would like to add two-three more things daily friends, in this area Telenor works in UFOne mobile network but the song which is there does not work here but on distance like you will start it live with you where Dariya is Kabul and with this There are beautiful small houses built here, there is a lot of sunlight here which gives a little feeling of heat, the mountain with it is very rough, the height is also there but it is also rough, friends, today's day is 18. Km is our first target , friends, where does it go that the nature of Allah Taala has every power, there is a great beauty, you can see that this is a completely rough and dry mountain, it flows in it, it is called a river but it is also This is a video of Dariya. This is a completely peaceful area. You can come here at any time, be it day or night and

after every little while, you will find hotels, dhabas and food items here, so don't worry . No matter what happens, as far as distance is concerned, the distance from Islamabad to Kailash is 403 km, which will take you 9 to 10 hours to travel, but the best time to come here is June, July and August when the option here is at its peak. But it happens that there are many of our friends who do not like to drive by train, but really friends, its option is also of Lotus, if you stay here for a while and enjoy its beauty and nature , isn't it, this is peace to the heart and night. I get it from Dil Chahta Hai Bas Ishko Main Fita Rahein and I, when you know that I go out for readings, then the show's water from the local followers here, this is brother, I am not going to miss it. Okay,

you are my best friend, Bilaspur. I am also sitting angry, if we drink water, it will cool down a bit, then as soon as we leave, I have come to show you and if not the driver, then my friend, I have met some brothers on the way, bike riders and because we are also doing the same thing, we will meet you, Assalamualaikum. Where have you come from ? Mashallah , there is a lot of good blanket adventure, you will get it and if you don't get this kind of adventure then friend, the fun of joining off track is 150, the bike is 150, there are 16 models and we have you know. Our Charlie might be feeling a little embarrassed but Lady Nature has got the ball of snow ready. Where did you bring the snow from? What's the matter? I have just shown you the sign mode. If you want to see it then you will have to come from this side North and there you will have to You will find that what you are seeing in front of me is my pic, it is the identity of the illustration which is called Torch Mir's small and it has a tremendous history inside itself which I will show you very closely. Let's see

at which place here. The view is so clear that I can show you peace, so you are with me because this is its region full of feeling and adventure. Two friends of Multani have come out to show you the dangerous track of Pakistan. Nature

ji Bismillah Rehman. Friends, as you know that we On the way, there comes a point where you see the 33rd wonder of the world and that is the identity of the illustration. Surely you must have understood that I am talking about it, it is my biggest pick. So friends, you are ready . You are about to reach very close to Ho, where you will find nature which is not there, its beauty captivates the tourists from a distance and along with it, this very non-stop service to the nature lovers does not let Kailash go ahead because Brother, this gated Kailash is 20 kilometers from this one. If you see this bridge, which you

have to cross, then Jeet is standing ahead of it. If you are not comfortable in your car because it is completely off-road ahead, then there sir there. By doing this on your car and when you write Whose rent is around 10000 rupees, 8 to 10000 rupees, it is okay to show you these prices and in this also you will get the hotel and dhaba hotel which is yours is available, now they can also do it, rest In Kailash you will get all kinds of food and drinks. Telenor works here in the mobile network. Friends, this is the track I am showing you. It goes around like this after crossing the bridge. Kailash is fine in the middle. There is a river in the middle. The one who is coming from here crying, goes ahead and joins.

The one who is coming from Afghanistan by river, I think its name is Kabul, it goes and joins it and in the middle, it is ji ka from above, its sir, all, sir, all. So no, I can't, sorry, this dry mom 10 and this is a valley covered with mountains on all sides, and now this is the scene, brother, we have to take it out from here, this is the road which is going ahead for illustration and this is the one which is roaming below. This is the event for Rai Bismillah Rahman Rahim friends, I have shown you those villages and also I have shown you the small part of Torch Mir and now I have reached the G point, it is called, if you see this, then it is exactly this. This track of mine is going on the right side, this track goes straight ahead into Kailash street and in which there is the village Bambori of Kailash and there is also a sign board behind it, I am showing you that video from the back camera, it is ok. Now let me give you the scene that I had started my right from the corner, here I add this lock and I will tell you about this organized area, it is a dry area from above and it is a dry mountain from below, sir, everything is there. That one is the river flowing from the middle,

the waterfalls, now the lotus gestures welcome Kailash Wali, rest I add these people here, so friends, in the next one also we will give you the complete track and complete travel guide of Kailash, so for this you have Do this by subscribing to the channel and pressing the bell icon.

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