Invited to Visit the Highest Open Air Terrace of Burj Khalifa S06 EP.98 | MIDDLE EAST MOTORCYCLE

Invited to Visit the Highest Open Air Terrace of Burj Khalifa S06 EP.98 | MIDDLE EAST MOTORCYCLE

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There's a walkway with glass walls. This mall is incredibly beautiful. We'll have to keep moving the camera upwards in order to capture the whole building. I really like this area because of how it is designed.

Lets give you a glimpse from here. That's the downtown area. It's 152 here... This is the highest terrace in the world. Thank you so much for the hospitality. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Dubai. I hope you must have enjoyed my recent vlogs from Dubai. Today we are going to explore a new area.

There are so many places in Dubai that one can hardly cover one area in one day. To show you which area we are gonna explore today, let me move this camera a little. Check this out... Here's Burj Khalifa. This is the downtown area. Today we'll try to explore the downtown area with you.

Of course, we'll go up the Burj Khalifa. We'll also visit the Dubai Mall that is right next to it. We'll also try to cover more tourist attractions today. Hopefully you are gonna like this vlog as well. It's such a huge mall that one can actually get lost here.

I've just got here from the parking lot and I already feel lost. I've tried to memorize the location of the parking now. We are gonna take a round of this mall and tell you more about this mall.

I mean I'll show you around. You'll have an idea yourself. You can see that food court is in front of us. Let's walk to the food court. Let's see if we can find something interesting.

By the way, everything is interesting in the food court. I mean with respect to the food items. That's the main hall. You can see that the ceiling is made of glass to make use of the natural day light. You can even see the neighboring buildings through the ceiling.

Let me try to give you another view from this side. That's the ice skating hall down there. Take a look. You can find things like this in a rather hot, desert city. You'll find the ice skating area in this mall whereas skiing area in the Mall of Emirates.

You can imagine that the size of this food court is proportional to the size of the mall. All of these people are here for Al Baik. Just see how long the queue. It was the same in Mall of Emirates as well. This is the aquarium wall. The entrance is on the other side. I plan to visit the aquarium as well.

We'll also see Burj Khalifa. Let's look for the entrance. We'll see if we can get the entry right now. I can have a little peek of the aquarium from here. Looks really beautiful. Its outer wall is publicly visible on the mall side.

There is no entrance fee for that so everyone can see. That's the entrance down there. Let's go. Do you also feel that we are walking under water. We have already entered the aquarium. I have paid the entrance fee for the aquarium and Burj Khalifa together.

Both of them are included in the ticket. It cost me 250 dirhams. That's around 75 dollars.

This is the first section. This section has jungle vibes. Let's see which animals are here. The animals seem to be having a good time down there.

These are otters and they can stay both in water and on land. They are like semi-aquatic animals. You can see a bunch of them here. Their country of origin is not mentioned here. The aquarium has two sections.

One of the sections is up there on the second floor that I've already seen. However, the main section which is more beautiful is down there and we are gonna see that now. That's where all the crowd is.

This is the main section of the aquarium. It's hardly 40 to 50 meters long. There's a walkway with a glass wall. You can see a part of this walkway from outside.

But they have placed the stones in a way that the fish don't go to the outer part. So the fish mostly stay here. You can see them on both sides. There are plenty of fish here.

The coral looks really beautiful. We'll keep moving forward and exit from the other end. This mall is actually very incredible. We are in the souq part of the mall. You can see that it's made in a very traditional style. Most of the shops here are jewelry shops.

The gold souq of Dubai in the area of ​​Deira is also quite famous. I'll show you that in some future vlog. This section is designed in a similar style. That's what I assume from the way it's designed because I haven't seen the gold souq yet. I can hardly see the gold color used in this souq in any other section.

It's quite prominent here. You can feel the difference everywhere in this section. We have reached another section now. The ambiance or theme of this section is somewhat dark.

Apparently they have put the skeleton of a dinosaur on display. For some reason it's called Dubai Dino. It was discovered in USA in 2008. It's 150 to 155 million years old.

That means it's original. I thought it's some sort of a statue. We have found the exit. We are gonna leave from this Exit 6. This exit will take us directly to the fountain area. I was able to find this area after some effort; had to roam the mall twice for that. But eventually we found the exit.

As soon as you come out of the exit, Exit 6... It's the one by an Apple Store.. You can use this info to locate this exit. Out of this exit, you'll be able to see the most beautiful section. Let me give you an overview of how this place looks.

And you can see the Burj Khalifa in front of us. We'll have to keep moving the camera upwards in order to capture the whole building. Because it's really tall. Just keep watching. No building even comes close to it. The area below the Burj and outside the mall is full of restaurants and cafes.

It's such a beautiful place to sit and relax. There's also a walkway. This area with water is actually the fountain area. The fountains are not working yet but the color of water is just amazing. A good place to relax.

We'll definitely try some food in some restaurant and see how it goes. I can see a burger place from here. There will be more places behind that. We'll take a walk and see what more we can see. The restaurants outside Dubai Mall are mostly fast food.

There is a souq on the other side of this bridge called Souq Al Bahar. Let's go and see what we can get in that souq. They have built in a very traditional style. Mostly people come here to take photos because of the amazing background. What a building...

One has to move one's neck all the way back to see it. Lets explore the souq. We can sit here if we find a good restaurant.

Otherwise, I have seen a few restaurants on the other side. We could just sit there. It's a very nice place to walk. Especially around this time when it's not crowded. There may be more people in the evening.

When you walk till the end of the road, you notice a canal. And some really nice restaurants are located along its sides. Not just the restaurants... I think the one in front is a hotel.

Because it has a balcony and a sitting area. It's quite possible that it's a hotel. And restaurants are on this side. This one looks like a 5 star hotel.

But there's hardly anyone who is eating in these restaurants at the moment. That means either the restaurants are closed or their food is really bad. One of these two possibilities... I really like this area because of how it is designed. How beautifully it is designed with the modern architecture on one side and the Middle Eastern one on the other.

It's such a wonderful location... I especially liked this view. Let's walk back to the other side now. There were quite a few options to eat from.

I've already tried Nando's a couple of times in Pakistan. So I just thought to eat at Nando's. Our food has been served. Let me give you a glimpse.

It has a rather strange name... Espetada Tora Carnival... Don't know what it is but full marks for the presentation. And I was also warned not to touch it right now as it's very hot. Let's figure out a way to eat it.

It also has fries, spinach and our drinks. This is our lunch for today; looks quite nice though. I ordered the mild one because I didn't want it hot. But there's hot sauce here as well.

This is really good. I didn't expect to get such a fine meal here. But amazing... Not to forget this wonderful drink. The spinach was good too. No complaints with respect to the food.

So, my bill was 130 dirhams. That's around 35 dollars. I felt that the prices here are 15 to 20 percent higher. But that extra money is for the place where you are eating. Time to visit Burj Khalifa now. I came a little too far. Let's walk back to that area. It's jam packed in here.

I've been told that almost 8 to 10 thousand people visit here everyday. Because of peak season, the number has risen to 10,000 a day from the normal 8000 a day. I'm getting a somewhat special treatment because of Osama. He told me that he watches my video and so now I'm on a special elevator where it's only me. What's your name? Suleman.

Are you from Nepal? I'm from Nepal. He's taking me up there. And within one minute, we'll reach the 124th floor. That's the elevator, guys. We've almost reached 102... 104... Welcome to the Burj Al Khalifa Thank you very much Thank you.

Let me show you the view from outside. How will it work? I think I have to push. We are outside now. Let's take a look. That's the downtown area.

It's the sunset time so the views are amazing. The building to the left, with a star on it, is Dubai Mall. That's where we started the vlog.

The water you see down there is where the fountain show will start. And the building at the back is the Emar building. I don't know what's the name but the view is amazing.

This small section is open air and I think it's cool. I want to share with you guys.. some views from the other side. It's crowded at this side but we'll find a window.

Lets try from this side. This one is 148th floor. We were brought up 24 floors from 124th floor. It's entry is a little expensive. Secondly, as you go to a higher floor, you see less people.

Most of the people stay at the lower floor. You also get some snacks. Let's go out. We might get an even better view.

Is it possible to go out? It's closed. You can decide if you noticed any difference in the view from up here. It's mostly similar. It looks even more beautiful... possibly because of the lights that have just been turned on.

Since we have better visibility today, we can see really far into the distance. The views here are amazing. No doubts about that. A brief intro... The construction of these towers started in 2004 and were completed in 6 years. They were open for public in 2010.

The chairman of Emar requested the Dubai government... they get some area in the downtown, they plan to build something of this huge scale. The entire area of ​​downtown, along with Dubai Mall, was developed at that time. The lift here can go up to 160 floors.

That section is a residential area and some offices. Then there are hotels for tourists. So people can go up to the 160th floor. But there are still another 20 floors above the 160th. No lift goes above 160th. Only works go higher to do their tasks.

And the tip that you see at the top is about 200 meters in height. The height of this tower is 828 meters. And from that, 200 meters it the height of the tip. Because of its height, it can sway sideways up to 1.5 meters due to wind. We are at an even higher floor now. It's 152nd.

This is the highest open terrace in the world. And for that, I'd like to thank Osama. We also have Mr. Waleed. They are actually Baloch. They saw me and offered to take me to the highest place in the world. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

We are your fans too. We watch your videos and support you. Thank you so much.

You look totally different in person. In the videos you look tall. But you are almost as tall as we are. Many of your followers are Urdu speaking so lets talk in Urdu. His Urdu is pathetic but mine is good. No issue. I mean... it's workable.

Abrar came to the building. We didn't know he was coming. It could be a surprise. We are just happy that he came. Thank you. Whenever you have time, we'll meet.

I wanna show you the view from the 148th floor and explain a few things. Osama told me something. We know that it's Burj Khalifa but it was originally planned to call it Burj Dubai. It was changed just a night before its opening. Because the Khalifa of Abu Dhabi supported Dubai during the 2008 crisis.

The name was changed to honor him. Let me share this wonderful view with you. If you see down there, you see the Dubai Mall area. That's where the show will happen. I think it's almost started. You will only see a blurred view of the fountains because we are at immense height. And if I move my camera up like this, I want you to see this section.

That's Palm Jumeirah. You can see the man made canals. I'm sure you can see the Sheikh Zayed road. If I move a little to the other side, that's the most beautiful roundabout. Looks more beautiful with all the lights on. And the relatively newer area, that we were walking in earlier today is, at the back.

We have returned to the Dubai Mall area from Burj Khalifa. Haseeb has just joined me here. You must have seen in the previous video. Here's Waleed. He brought me to Hafiz Saeed Turkish Delights. Here we have Turkish coffee, baklava and similar items.

So lets just sit back and enjoy. We briefly watched the fountain show because the place wasn't very good. We'll go to the other side once we finish our coffee.

We'll show you the fountain show from that side. It's just gonna be a couple of minutes long.

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