Inside the City of World's Most Violent Gangs (Raskols of Port Moresby )

Inside the City of World's Most Violent Gangs (Raskols of Port Moresby )

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They are violent gang, they are called Rascals They put it in hand, they run No one recommends tourists to travel here by public transport Because it's ultra unsafe As a foreigner, it's next to impossible to travel alone in Port Morrisby This place is sometimes not really safe for me Oh, it's not safe? They are selling alcohol and whisky bottles This is their house, look at this What is this? What have I seen? People have stored their stuff inside the car Where are you from? India India, oh! It's shaking like this, it's a very dangerous road I saw something strange here, look at this Hey guys, very good morning and welcome back to the new vlog My name is Tourvashu Right now I am in Fort Morrisby, Australia, just 150 kms above the mainland Right now I am at my host Ono's house There is a room that Ono has given me Everything is made of wood The roof is made of tin, there are some fans I slept here last night Fort Morrisby is ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the world And Fort Morrisby has one of the highest crime rates in the world Many violent gangs rule and roam the streets of Fort Morrisby These violent gangs operate crime in the city The most spoken language of Papua New Guinea is Which is broken English or similar to English So the violent gangs here are locally called Rascals So most people call them Rascal Gang Which is derived from the English word Rascals These Rascal Gangs recruit poor, young people from all over the country Who have no job, no work, unemployed They recruit them to commit violent crimes in the capital city They have a lot of automatic weapons, pistols, guns and big knives In the capital city where I am right now, unemployment rate is 60-90% Today we are going to explore the capital city of Fort Morrisby You have to be very careful Okay, bye-bye It's been two days since I took a shower There is a lot of water problem here I think people don't take a shower here for a long time I am here with Ono's sister, you must have met her in the last video Nido Nido Tourists who come to Fort Morrisby after a while They travel with a very good taxi, tour group, tour guide and security But for the first time, I am going to use public transport in Fort Morrisby No one recommends tourists to use public transport here Because it is ultra unsafe And this is another guy, I don't know who he is, let me ask him Ono's friend? No, Ono's boss Ono's friend What is your name? Ono's boss I am going with Ono's boss Everyone who knows me is telling me not to use a camera Or use a lot of luggage, people can snatch it and run away Just like in Africa, it is the same here I have a feeling that I am in Mauritania or Mali This is a public bus, public transport But we don't know which one we will take People are talking from inside As a tourist, as a foreigner, it is impossible to travel alone in Fort Morrisby If I don't leave with their help, I won't be able to travel alone here We take bus from here? Yeah So there is a bus station near their house Kokia? You call this bus Kokia? No, Koki bus There is a pinji flag in the bus This is a small bus stand There are very few buses, so we are going inside the public bus Hello, good morning Good morning Good morning Good morning I sit here? Yeah Hello Hello This is a public bus, a local bus I think it is a very dangerous environment The bus is full, there is no place to sit People are sitting on the floor People are getting off, people have to get off outside the floor People are getting off, people are coming back Everyone's face is red Because of touching the betel nut Because of chewing Guys, you are hanging here I have told him many times to come inside He is hanging outside, he is enjoying He is used to it Hanging here and coming and going You okay? No problem? No problem You like it? I like it This place is sometimes not really safe It's not safe? Carrying around those things Neetu Yeah How much bus fare? One Kina One person? Yeah You give, I will give you later, okay? Yeah The fare of this public bus is fixed One Kina per person Means 23 rupees So they have given I will return the total in the evening Of course Because I don't want to take out money I don't want to show people how much money I have This is another public bus stop Kuki Market Now we have come to the biggest local market Of Fort Borrisby Here Hello Hello Good morning Yeah, just personal Tourist? Yeah Okay PNG Boys Koki Market Koki Market Nice to meet you Nice to meet you I am not able to talk much I can show you I don't feel good What are you chewing? This is sweet potato What do you call it? Yeah It's very popular here People in PNG eat sweet potato a lot It's called Khao Khao 10 Kina, 5 Kina Means 230 Rupees per Kilo 115 Rupees per Kilo 10 Kina, 5 Kina Maybe the price of the group is different This is Cassava Cassava Which is used to make soap There are bananas There are many varieties of bananas Different varieties Green, yellow, small, big, long Different varieties Different sizes and colors You like that one? What is this? Peanut Peanuts are being sold here Raw peanuts Direct from the farm Direct from the farm This is Yam 2 Kina 2 Kina for 46 Rupees This is watermelon Watermelon This is Khao Khao So many Khao Khao here My dear My brother Pure coconut oil Noni oil What is Popon oil? What is Popon? Popon Coconut oil This bottle is from the factory This one is with this It's an alcohol bottle? Whiskey bottle They are selling alcohol and whiskey bottles What they are selling? Tea, Coffee, Biscuits, Snacks Sugar, Salt Oil Parle G Parle G Parle G export pack India's Parle G From India? Manufactured in India Made in India There are many Parle biscuits Nice Hello Phone battery? Phone battery for exchange For exchange? Yes People come? I put my battery and they give me new one Charged one You give them uncharged battery They give you charged battery You charge all the battery Small battery 2 Kina Big? 3 Kina What do you buy? Lolly It's good for eating Lolly If you eat lolly how you will chew betel nut? I will chew betel nut on this side You put betel nut other side What they are doing here? Selling water? What is this? Water? Selling water in this? Yes They are taking water to their homes Oh Water is a big problem You can see They are taking water in bottles That's why I couldn't take bath I haven't taken bath for 2 days People are taking water to their homes You can see Hello I can see many ladies here I can see men but I think women are more Women are more active Men are sitting idle Women are working more We are in a local locality I don't know what kind of locality it is It's a local neighborhood Hello Morning It's a very dangerous look of this local locality, what people are doing, playing games, I don't know if I will be able to show you or not. Look, they are playing cards. So, there are houses like this in Penji.

Most of the people are poor here. Oh brother, what have I seen here? Her baby? No. My baby. Her baby? Yeah. She also looks like a baby in her baby? Yeah.

Oh my God. My baby is here. Okay. This is not your baby? No. You live here? Your house? Yeah. Your house here? Yeah.

Where are you from? I'm from India. India? Oh yeah. This is her house. Oh my God.

What have I seen here? You live inside this house? That's my son standing there. Okay, okay. I can see from here. I will show you from outside. I won't go inside. Old cars are standing here.

I don't know if they work or not. People live here. People are living upstairs and downstairs. I'm going inside the house after asking them. I can't go without asking. Madam is taking me inside.

Hello, good morning. Look at the condition of people living here. Look at the torn clothes. People are drying and washing here. Look at the condition of the car.

Oh my God. Look at this car. What can we do? People don't have money here. Okay, water? This is how we get water from here.

Oh. We used to pump the water there. Water pump there. Water pump there? Yeah.

Fill of water there? Yeah. But water comes all the time or not all the time? Sometimes. Yeah, only sometimes. Only in the morning? We get water. Okay. Not every day.

Not every day? Yeah. Oh. Someday, maybe one or twice a week? Yeah. Water comes here once or twice a week. Only then they can fill it.

You can see. They fill it and collect it. That's why people don't have water here.

They are getting it from outside. People have stored their stuff inside the car. I have never seen such a situation in my life. It's made of wood and tin. Yeah.

Hello. All of us, we are one family. Oh, all one family? Yeah. We live here. Okay.

Every day water problem? Every day carrying water. Okay. So we have to go and pay one kina for one container. Oh, one kina for one container? Yes.

Oh, expensive here? Expensive. When you get, four kina. Yeah, four kina. Okay.

A small container is equal to one bucket of kina. It's 23 rupees. Water is very expensive here. People here are very thirsty for water. What should I say? When we get money, we get water. No money, no water.

No water. We can not afford to sleep in this pyramid Ok come Hello Hello So this is their house and their room You live here? Yes Your family house? Yes Ok So it's a very big problem Yes Very big problem In our society But anyway thank you for coming Thank you so much Show me your mouth Look at the cars Why are there so many cars here? In the local neighborhood There are so many cars They are not working They are of no use They have no purpose There are so many cars here People are saying We don't have money The car is old We don't have money to repair it The car keeps falling And this is what happens People take second hand Third hand They have driven it for a few days And it keeps falling So you live here? No We come at the same time I am your escort Ok What is your name? Tommy Tommy Do you go to school? No No school? No Why? Long story Long story? Yes Look at the way people are drying their clothes In the crowd I thought it was a shop But it's a house It's a family house Ok we all came together No I did not see you Where were you? At the back of you Ok ok While walking You can see Everyone is speaking English here The reason is First Britain Then Germany And finally Australia colonized PNG 48 years ago 1975 The country became independent From Australia The kids here Keep playing games like this I have seen it many times This game Hockey Hockey? They call this game hockey Hockey They call it hockey Look at this He is playing with a rod or bottle Slippers Look at this From slippers Slippers The slippers Flip flops They have cut it And made a ball This is how they are playing Look at this Hello Hello Hello What are you doing? We are pulling lines What are they doing with their hair? They are making designs On their heads With a blade This is very dangerous Hello Hello my friend How are you? I am fine Are you ok? Yeah yeah Are you happy? Yeah Where are you from? India India We have reached the end of the locality Now We are going to walk on the Gulf of Guinea We are walking on the Gulf of Guinea On which there are houses in a stilt You can see You can say You can say All the houses are built on the wood On the stilt Now we are On the water You can see Oh my god Oh my god That's your? Yes Your house? No, boat It's your boat? Yeah It's dangerous? Buri is on the water People are living in this locality Is it a house or a shop? It's a house Yes In the water People are living here They have a shop here Lolly shop Hello Hello Hello Oh It's shaking The road is shaking The road is shaking The road is shaking It's shaking If more people come I don't know what will happen It's a very dangerous road It's a very dangerous road It's open Can you see? If you hurt your foot If you hurt your foot The whole leg is down Oh my god It's very old It's very old The wood has come out The wood has come out Oh my god Hello It's very dangerous No one has a boundary No one has a boundary Anyone can fall down easily People are covered with clothes People are covered with clothes Dried up How will they reach? How will they reach? I'm scared to walk on that side People are living in a very People are living in a very Impossible situation Impossible situation Excuse me Excuse me Hey Hey So, see So, see There is a way to go to the other side of the road. People are walking here. Dogs are also walking here. This dog has just walked from here. This is the local dog.

It got a little disbalanced and went straight into the water. Some media has called Port Moresby the world's least livable city. According to officials, every week there are three murders in Port Moresby. And every week there is car jacking around 30. This is a way of robbing people sitting on the road. This is very common where I am right now.

But many sources say these records are very few. Because many crimes are unreported here. This is the shop. Cold drink, hot drink, tea, coffee, everything is available here. I am thirsty. Let's get some water.

There are five of us. We have taken five bottles of water. Two more people have joined us.

Thank you very much. I have taken water for everyone. This is 600 ml of water. It is very expensive compared to other places. It is about half a litre of water for 70 rupees. I am having trouble talking to the camera here.

I am getting stuck in many places. I have to speak in a hurry. We have again entered the public bus. We are going somewhere.

We have come to the traditional market of Papua New Guinea, which is called the craft market. You can see a lot of traditional clothes of Papua New Guinea. You can see ethnic groups of different cultures and traditions. You can see a lot of strange variety of things here.

This type of face mask is very popular in Papua New Guinea. It is made of wood. I saw the same type of face mask in Bamako, Mali. I feel like I am in Bamako, Mali. I feel like I am in the whole of Port Morris.

I am the only tourist here. Look at these teeth. They are made of pig teeth. These are pig teeth.

This is a very big craft market. I don't know what I am getting here. There are a lot of tribal things here. Hello.

How are you? We are fine. What is this? I saw a strange thing here. I am getting real animal skin. The animal is dead.

They are selling dead animal skin. It has a head attached to it. The animal's head and tail are all tazzed, it's a real animal. Which animal? Kapoor. Kapoor? Yeah, Kapoor. Kapoor, Kapoor.

Kapoor? You can see the, what the, the coin. It's from Papua New Guinea, this animal? This animal from Papua New Guinea. It's too hot, it's too hot. A lot of people are wearing caps. A lot of people are covering their heads with towels under their caps. Oh, hello.

What's this colour about? Painting. I have no idea. I think we know what it's about.

Central, Cairo. This is central. Central. My side, Cairo. This painting is from your, from your region? From my side.

Your side, okay. So this is the taxi here, the Port Morrisby taxi. See, it's written taxi on the top. It's written taxi on many places.

Comfort taxi. It's called comfort taxi. That's the condition of the taxi here. This is also a different taxi.

It's a very colourful taxi. All the cars here are old. I have the boss with me. Yes.

He said that he met a lot of friends in the craft market. All of them are involved in pickpocketing and crime. Earlier, they were also involved in pickpocketing, but they have left the job.

He left everything. Yeah. He left pickpocketing and everything. Mostly, it happens near the craft market. Yeah. Craft market.

The bus stop. Bus stop. In the craft market. Most public place. Yeah, where there is a public place, where there are more people.

Crowded place. They know that people are going around with money. Most of them used to go and stay around that. Yeah. You were also staying around that place before? Yeah. Take whatever you want.

Which drink you want? Pepsi? Yes. Okay, take it. There are a lot of varieties of bread here. We have taken a lot of stuff.

Some of it is mine and some of it is from his house. I said that I will give the money to him. You can see that there is a lot of stuff.

I will tell you as soon as I come. How much is the bill? Everyone has taken their drink. Look at the vegetables. These are all mixed vegetables. It's 5 Kina. It's around 115-120 rupees.

They have taken some chicken. Is this chicken? Yes. They have taken frozen chicken. I have taken 4 packets of milk. Some biscuits.

They have taken it. The boys here have taken energy drink. High fuel energy drink. The whole bill is 94 Kina. This is 100 Kina note.

It's around 21-22 rupees. These are the security guys. Security. Hello. How are you? Fine.

Security. Both security? Yes. Many security? Yes. Many security.

Some of them are upstairs. All around upstairs security. Yes. Okay. Okay. There are a lot of security guys here.

All security. Yes. Yeah. From here, our house is shown on a 3-4 KM map. Now we are taking a taxi from here. All 5 people are going to our house.

Let's see what is the fare of taxi for 3-4 KM. There are security guys sitting everywhere. There are a lot of taxis here. Which taxi we will take? This one.

He is busy. He is busy. Busy? This kid is selling a broom.

There are a lot of security issues in Port Morrisby. There is a lot of high crime here. Security job is the most highly preferred job here.

Mostly people try to work in the field of security. To become a security guard. Their life will be secure. And their payment is very high. Because there is a lot of demand for security guards here.

I sit front. I sit front? Okay. This is the taxi here.

I sit front. The rest 4 people sit behind. Hello. Hello.

This is the taxi of Toyota. Taxi driver. I am taxi driver. Yeah. My taxi driver name is Sam Leo. Sam Leo.

Okay. The rich people in Port Morrisby. The upper middle class people. They all have a personal security guard. In the house and around the house. Wherever they go, they take a security guard.

Milo. Milo. I drink Milo. What is this? Chocolate. Chocolate biscuit.

One I try. This is chocolate biscuit. Look at this.

Let's eat it. Good? Tasty? When I got down from the taxi, I asked how much it was. Someone is saying 30. Someone is saying 25.

Then someone came out and said give 20. I don't understand. What are they doing? How much are they giving? I didn't know. So I gave them 20 for 3-4 km. It must have been around 450 rupees.

So per kilometer it cost around 150 rupees. So expensive. Taxi per kilometer cost 150 rupees. So we have come to their house. Let me show you the washroom. Looks like the water has come.

There was no water in the morning. The water has come. I think I can take a shower now. They will fill the water. This is their washroom.

See. There is such a washroom here. It is made of tin. They take a bath like this. I don't know if this shower is used or not. This is the toilet.

Someone inside? No. This is the toilet. It is made of tin. There are 4 countries in the world whose name is Guinea. Guinea-Bissau, Republic of Guinea, Equatorial Guinea.

These 3 countries are in Africa. And this is Papua New Guinea. Many people must be confused about which Guinea is where. So Guinea is the traditional name of the coastal region of West Africa where the Gulf of Guinea is located. So the

other 3 African countries are located in the Gulf of Guinea. So their name is Guinea. So when the European explorers reached this island for the first time, this region where Papua New Guinea is located, they saw that the people here are very similar. They look exactly like what they saw in the Guinea region of Africa.

The color is the same. Their hair is also curly. So they named this area, this region, this island, Guinea. And Papua was already their old name. After that, the name of this region, this country was given. Papua New Guinea.

So I am going inside the house. So this is their house. This is their kitchen.

Okay. Three. Enough? Yeah, yeah, yeah. She is boiling the eggs for me. And they are making chicken for themselves.

So here they are cutting the vegetables. This is a mixed vegetable. We have taken a mixed vegetable like this. This drink. What will you say? Thank you.

Welcome. Thank you. So I have taken 5-6 fruit drinks separately. I will give it to all the kids in the house. Thank you.

Thank you.

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