Inside a $47,000,000 Cliffside Estate in Malibu, California

Inside a $47,000,000 Cliffside Estate in Malibu, California

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(waves crashing) (soft music) (birds chirping) - Hey, everyone. Welcome back to Malibu. Now, we've been coming to Malibu more and more lately 'cause how could we not? I mean, look at these views. Now, on today's video, we're touring this modern Mediterranean estate situated on this bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. And aside from these views, this property offers so much more with the grounds, amenities and it's design. I can't wait to show you inside.

Let's go have a look. (upbeat music) All right, everyone, let's start our tour. We have the gates opening up to this amazing property. Then this long private driveway brings you to this spacious motor court. On the way, you can see the detached guest home and the tennis court, which we will cover later in the tour. Property is nicely hedged, super private, olive trees, palm trees, beautiful landscaping.

And we have the main house right behind me. Modern minimalist Mediterranean architecture. I love these casement windows, stucco finish, limestone columns, and limestone trim work around the windows and doors.

You can see the red roof tile. And on this side, we have an outdoor staircase that goes up to the second floor, and that's where we have the attached two bedroom guest house. Below that is the screening room, and we're gonna cover that section later in the tour.

Now, coming back here, on the driveway, they have this beautiful mosaic installation, three car garage. This is a really nice property. I'm excited for our tour, and here we are back in Malibu. - [Mikey] Yeah, I feel bad for most of the country, who is locked in the dead of winter right now. And the weather in Malibu's always perfect, you know? - We're in February right now.

It's so warm. Mikey's wearing a T-shirt right now as we speak. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's perfect. - It's perfect.

All right, let's continue. Now, let's cover this entry. It looks gorgeous.

I really like these limestone columns on each side. Arch detail above, security cameras throughout, and now, let's cover this beautiful pivot door. It's made from Accoya wood with a shou sugi ban finish where you can see all the textures and details, and it looks beautiful. Now, welcome to the entry of this home, white plank hardwood floors, wood clad ceilings, European plaster walls, and we have these gorgeous wall sconces on this side setting the tone as we walk into the formal living room.

Now, there are a few things about this room that I really like. 14 foot high ceilings, custom curated furniture throughout, beautiful white oak hardwood floors. Right next to me is a 60 inch gas fireplace. And I really like how this flue design tapers off as it goes to the ceiling. Speaking of ceiling, we also have the copper ceilings in this room.

And, of course, to benefit from the views, we have two sets of accordion glass doors seamlessly opening up to the outdoors and to these breathtaking views. You get to enjoy the Pacific Ocean from your living room. - [Mikey] I always love when that's a detail we see in homes, and I think Malibu has that a lot, you know? - Every single day you walk through that door, and you look at these views. Insanity. I love it. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's awesome.

- Now, they also brought some of the exterior details to the interior. We have olive trees in planters throughout the space to warm up the house just like these European plaster walls. And again, right in the center, we have the seating area, curated pieces.

I like those two chairs right there. Coffee table in the center. Beautiful space. Now, let's talk about the specs for a second. We have eight bedrooms, eight full, three half baths, 6,742 square feet of interior space built on a 1.55 acre lot

on a bluff looking over the Pacific Ocean, which is very valuable considering the fact that this home is in Malibu on the market for $46,900,000, and I wanna give big thanks to the development team and the listing agent, Irene Dazzan-Palmer, for making this tour possible. We are excited to be in Malibu, and more information on this listing will be in the description of this video. Now, let's go to the other side. Right off the entry, we have the formal dining room.

Beautiful stone table right in the center, seating for 10, another olive tree. Then we have this door opening up to the kitchen, that way you have an easy access from your kitchen to your dining area. Two French doors opening up to the motor court, and right in the center, we have this gorgeous light fixture. It actually matches the wall sconces off of the entry. And it's this really cool design where they run an LED tube inside of a rope, and you can see the textures and the braids of the rope very clearly.

Beautiful dining room, benefits from these ocean views, and now let's go to this side of the home. Again, curated pieces of furniture and art, and this opening takes us to the family room. Super cozy, same hardwood floors. We have the seating area here, rustic coffee table, TV on the other side, and, of course, from this room, you can open up your accordion glass doors and enjoy the views as well. Now, right next to the family room, we have the kitchen.

Island in the center, beautiful fabricated design here with a stone top, and they also have the leathered finish here, pop-up plug, bar seating, gas stove. And facing this way, we have most of the built-in cabinetry. I like how they have these two vertical glass sections to break the pattern of the cabinetry. It just lights up the space beautifully. Right in the center, we have the built-in appliances, espresso maker, microwave, two ovens down below, and this section also houses the built-in fridge and built-in freezer right here. Now, coming back this way, we have, again, the gas cook top on the island.

You have the main sink here with a casement window that's right in front of it. They use the same countertop material as a backsplash, and they ran the backsplash all the way to the ceiling. You can see these open shelves, ceiling mount light fixtures. And coming back to the cabinetry, we have the reeded section here, and I believe this is where we have the first dishwasher, Miele.

And on the other side, you can see more of this flat panel look on the island and rest of the cabinetry on this side. Now, before we continue here, I actually wanna show everybody a detail on the island. So we have another pop-up plug here, right? But check this out. - [Mikey] A wireless charger. - Correct. - [Mikey] That's cool. I've never seen that before.

- This is the first time I think we've seen a pop-up plug that's also a wireless charger. - [Mikey] It's a easy addition for the pop-up plug people to add. It's a nice touch. - When I saw it today, I was like, why all the pop-up plugs don't have this feature? - [Mikey] Yeah. - You know? - [Mikey] Super simple. - It's a clever design, and we have the rest of the cabinetry here.

Let's see, I believe this is where we have, actually, (Enes knocks) it's a knock knock dishwasher. I haven't done this in a while. - [Mikey] Yeah, this used to be one of the main details of the early days of the channel. - We have the Miele dishwasher.

In fact, not pull. (Enes knock) (bright music) - [Mikey] Oh, there we go. (Enes knocks) - Let's get a close up. (Enes knocks) We have the Miele dishwasher on this side. To drain the dishwasher. - [Mikey] Makes sense, and it's not a, (Mikey knocks) nope, nope.

- I just had a gut feeling that it wasn't a knock, so I was like, eh. - [Mikey] I had to roll the dice on that. - Yeah, you had to roll it. Another detail, they also provide these cutting boards out of the same countertop material for the kitchen. There's actually another one on the other side.

It's just a nice clever detail. You know, you have the utility, but at the same time it blends in with your countertop. Second sink, open shelves. And I'm trying to see, let's cover the wine cellar for a second. It's temperature controlled, matches the cabinetry in the kitchen. They even incorporated some of the stone to the shelves here.

It's just a nice space. You can actually see it from your dining room because we have the door here opening up to the dining room. Now, let's continue. On my left, we have a door here that opens up to the powder bathroom, same hardwood floors, beautiful travertine sink. And I love how they ran the travertine on the back wall as well.

Then you have this curved mirror. It's just a very chic powder bathroom. And lastly, hallway leads us to the laundry room where we have a washer, dryer, sink, some cabinetry. This door opens up to the three car garage, and you have an easy access to the motor court from this side.

Now, that's it for this wing. I wanna take everybody back to the entry, so we can continue our tour. On this side, we have this hallway leading us to two bedrooms, powder bathroom, and the primary bedroom suite, which we're gonna see last.

I like that ceiling is barreled here, which, again, ties in that European look. And let's continue our tour with this bedroom right here. Faces the courtyard, two single beds here, vertical wood paneling with a mood lighting above. Again, plaster walls, warm tones, beautiful textures. And I gotta show this detail, these French doors.

- [Mikey] What are these called? - This, I don't know. Let us know in the comment section below. I actually don't know the name of, I guess within a French door, you have a casement window.

- [Mikey] I've always loved these also, what are they, Dutch doors that break in half. - Dutch doors. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Break in half. Exactly. I don't know the name of this, so if you know, let us know the comment section below.

But really spacious room. Let's continue with the bathroom. I love the fabrication here with the vanity.

They have the lower shelf for your faucet. Beautiful fixtures, wall sconces. Look at that free-standing tub. Look at the hardware.

It's timeless. - [Mikey] I feel like usually you wouldn't see a free standing tub in a room with two double beds like this. I like that they fit it in there, you know? - Yeah, I mean, it fits the space nicely, and then you have your walk-in shower here, beautiful rain head.

Really nice bathroom. Now, let's continue our tour. We have the walk-in closet right there. And now, coming back to the hallway, right on the other side, we have the powder bathroom.

They brought the curved ceilings also here. Gorgeous vanity all made out of stone, and they actually set the vanity forward away from the wall, so there's a nice reveal detail here, and that's how they ran this wood and mirror design behind the vanity. Gorgeous wall sconces. Just a very tasteful powder bathroom. Now, coming to this side, before we go into the primary bedroom, I actually wanna take everybody this way.

This door leads us to another bedroom. King size bed right in the center with this fur bed frame. Then on the other side, you have your wet bar with a fridge, sink, some open shelving. And focusing on this side, we have built-in cabinetry.

TV is nicely recessed in. Plaster walls, 14 foot high ceilings. And since we are facing the ocean, we have these accordion glass doors opening up to a covered patio. Now, we're gonna take an interesting route to go to the primary bedroom, which is on this side. Another set of accordion glass doors, and welcome to the primary bedroom suite.

Phenomenal space. Love the textures, colors, the ceiling. But before we talk about the details here, let's take everybody this way. So on this wing, we have a bedroom and a full bathroom. I wanna take everybody to the bedroom first because this is a unique feature of the primary bedroom.

They've staged this room as a bedroom. Obviously, you have this beautiful king size bed, built in cabinetry, French doors opening up to the motor court. But this could be an office, gym, nursery because it has a private entry and a bathroom. You can do a lot with this space since you have an exterior access, but the development team here decided to stage it as a bedroom.

I just realized they also have the TV connection around the corner if you wanna put a TV there. Comes with a full bathroom, vanity with a stone top, beautiful fixtures, walk-in shower. You have everything you need here, and it's just a nice compact space. Now, right next to this room, we have the first bathroom.

Design elements are pretty much the same, but they use different tones in this bathroom. You have your oak cabinetry, but your countertop has a nice contrast against these lighter walls. I believe they call this slab silver ice. Look how beautiful the fixtures are with a titanium finish. And they use the same titanium finish in the walk-in shower as well. Your rain head, mood lighting, alabaster wall sconces.

This door opens up to a water closet. And on the other side, we have the built-in closet, built-in LED lighting. Space is well utilized. Now, going back to the bedroom, king size bed right in the center with this curved headboard design. Beautiful textures, gorgeous bedside tables. And behind this bed, we have this three-dimensional plaster wall with a mood lighting above.

And if that wasn't enough, they also barreled the ceiling here, so there's this circular, or rounded theme in this bedroom. Bed looks gorgeous, amazing views. And if we look at the other side, we have some built-ins here with some open shelving, LED lighting, fireplace in the center, hardwood floors.

Just a stunning bedroom. And something about this house, and I say that, but I already know the answer, it's the plaster walls that gives this house so much warmth. And then you just open up your accordion glass doors, you walk outside, and you just look at these views. - [Mikey] It's incredible. - Incredible. All right, let's continue.

Now, this is where we have the main primary bathroom and the walk-in closet. First, I wanna cover the free standing tub. Massive picture window, that way you can appreciate these views. I love the taper of this tub. Gorgeous hardware.

I mean, look at that floor mount tub filler. Look at all the fixtures here. And if that wasn't enough, they also brought stone as a wainscoting here. And look how beautiful this wall sconce is with this center marble piece, brass details.

It looks gorgeous. - [Mikey] Yeah, looks like a pulley almost, you know? - Exactly, but it's brass, so it's actually fixed. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Correct.

Now, we have the water closet here. Going to the other side, this is the walk-in shower. Now, obviously, all the hardware around the glass and the pivoting mechanism is all brass. And if you walk in, it also gives it a nice contrast against the plaster walls.

Now, this is not the same plaster walls in the house. It's the same color, but, obviously, since we're in a walk-in shower, I'm sure they have like, waterproofing behind it. But it just gives you this unified look, that way you can just carry your walls into your walk-in shower.

Rain head above. It's gorgeous. And they also left it open on this side. Since it's such a wide shower, you don't need to have glass here to kind of not splash any water.

- [Mikey] I feel like we've never really seen that before, open on one side at least, you know? - Why not? - [Mikey] Yeah. - You can have it. Now, let's cover the vanity here. Beautiful stone work.

Another lower shelf design for the faucet, floating cabinetry. But the detail here that I love the most is the mirror. Not only you have this backlighting, it carries the same curve design element, but when you think it ends here, it doesn't. It actually runs underneath the vanity. So there's this cohesive circular design. Obviously, they couldn't run it here because you have the cabinet, but I love details like this.

When I saw that, I was like, that's such a nice touch. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's totally not something that needs to happen, but it's just a little added texture and cool little thing. - Little added bonus. - [Mikey] That's right. - That's it for the bathroom. Looks beautiful.

Now, let's go this way to the walk-in closet. Island in the center with a stone countertop, built-in cabinetry runs all the way to the ceiling. You have your open shelves, integrated LED lighting, hangers, drawers, and everything you need. And with that, we're done with the primary bedroom. Now, let's go outside so we can check out the backyard. (upbeat music) We have all these accordion glass doors opening up to the covered section of the patio.

Limestone floors, outdoor dining table. Above us, we have the built-in heaters, speakers, recess lights. And your covered patio flows to your amazing backyard, steps taking you down. We have this grass section right in the center.

But first, I wanna cover this part of the backyard, which is where we have the pool and the jacuzzi. Jacuzzi has the circular design. It's also elevated, dark plaster, handmade tiles. And this jacuzzi overflows into your main pool, which looks very inviting. Same darker plaster, and the handmade tiles are also here, and look at this space.

Lounging beds, lounging chairs, umbrellas. Property's nicely hedged on each side, and we have these epic views. And something about being on this bluff and looking over these views, and because this is such a private property, all you see is the ocean. - [Mikey] Yeah, my camera really is not doing it justice right now.

It really is just a massive ocean view, and we can only see a little bit of it, so let's walk over there. - Absolutely, they actually have this seating area here. Again, following the circular theme, this section curves beautifully with glass railing two outdoor sofas, limestone floors, fire pit in the center, and more of these amazing views. Look at the backdrop behind me. This is what you get to enjoy every single day. Even though we're not on the sand, you can still hear the waves.

This is why you pay the price to own an estate like this. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Look, the house is beautiful. You have a detached guest home, amazing tennis court, which we're gonna see in a minute. The fact that you walk out of your living room or leave your bedroom and walk into views like this is what makes this home so special. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Bottom line.

- [Mikey] This is really incredible. I feel like I would sit out here a lot and drink my morning coffee, read, you know. It's really nice. - It's breathtaking. - [Mikey] Yeah. All right, Mikey, let's go this way.

So I mentioned it earlier, center section of the backyard has this AstroTurf. We can see the property from this angle. Arched openings, solar panels above.

Almost every single room that faces the backyard just opens up wall to wall, which is really nice. And now, let's cover the outdoor kitchen for a second. Bar seating, this beautiful island with concrete countertops, cabinets down below. You have your gas grill here, brand new. Sink.

And actually, the stainless steel sink is nicely incorporated into the concrete countertops. Pizza oven 'cause why not? - [Mikey] You gotta have that. - And I gotta say, if I lived in this house, I would use this outdoor kitchen all the time. Why you live in Malibu? So you can enjoy the views. Why don't you cook outside, and just have your meal right here? Weather is great. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- You can't beat that, right? - [Mikey] Year round, weather's incredible, so that makes a lot of sense. - Absolutely. All right, this is not it for the backyard because there's actually a walkway here that takes you to another outdoor seating area built in concrete seating, fire pit right in the center, and more of these amazing views. I like this space because it's cozy, it's a little bit away from the backyard. And if this seating area wasn't enough, you can actually take the staircase and go down all the way to Malibu road, which is below this property, that way, you can access the beach very easily.

Overall, this property is stunning, and this backyard certainly takes advantage of these amazing views. (upbeat music) Now, back to the motor court. I mentioned this when we were touring the exterior.

There's a screening room here that is technically attached to the main home, but separate from the main spaces. Let's go have a look inside. Comfortable seating, ottomans, chairs, darker tones. Of course, you have your mood lighting, built-in speakers, TV's on this side, and I really like how this art piece here contrasts nicely against these darker tones. I believe Creative Art Partners did the art staging in this house, so shout out to them. And this opening here is a small bar with a built-in fridge, some open shelving.

I really like this room because it has its own interest, meaning they've staged it as a screening room here, but it could be another guest bedroom, you know, office. You can do a lot with this space. - [Mikey] Just like the primary bedroom.

I feel like that extra bedroom would be perfect for an office because it's right off your driveway. - Exactly. - [Mikey] This would probably be even better for an office. - Exactly, and also it has a full bathroom here with a walk-in shower, so like, your caretaker can stay here, you know. You can do so much with the space.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - And it doesn't end here because right above us, we have a two bedroom attached guest home. Now, I keep using the word attached because this property also has a detached guest home, which we're gonna tour last. Now, follow me this way, so we can check out the first bedroom. Super spacious with a king size bed, casement window on the back. I like these organic wood tones with the hardwood floors, bedside tables.

We even have an indoor plant here. And on this side, built-in cabinetry with a dressing table in the center. And let's go check out what's on the other side. Actually, before we do that, this guest house comes with a full bathroom, walk-in shower, floating vanity.

Pretty much the same design elements that we saw at the main house. Look how nice these towel hangers are. - [Mikey] Yeah. Or coat hangers or something. - I mean some coat hangers. There you go. I just realized that. I had to show it. - [Mikey] I'm gonna have to take Enes off camera to see those for a second.

- There you go. And the second bedroom is currently staged as a nice seating area. Again, built in cabinetry, but, obviously, you can turn this space into another bedroom. Now, that's not it for this property because right next to us, we have the tennis court. Now, I know we've been jumping around a lot in the last few minutes of this tour, but this home is situated on a 1.55 acre lot,

so you have a lot of space, and that's how they get to place a main house with an amazing and spacious backyard. Long driveway, this tennis court right here, and that's the detached guest home. Now, what's so special about this tennis court is the fact that it's lighted.

Now, that may not seem like a big perk, but in the city of Los Angeles, and I believe also in Malibu, you can no longer have tennis courts that have outdoor lights. Not only you can play at night, it's something that newer built homes won't have, and you have it because it's grandfathered in. - [Mikey] That's pretty cool. And also, I just learned recently that when they build tennis courts, they put a lot of focus on the direction that it's facing also, right? - This one is north and south facing, correct. - [Mikey] So you have the sun never in your opponent's eyes or your eyes, you know.

- When we arrived this morning, I told Mikey, can you imagine we live in a place like this and this is where we operate out of? Like, hey, I'm gonna play tennis for a minute and come back to work. You know, this is within your property. You own this. You have a limestone loggia, that way your friends can watch you as you're playing tennis here. Now, if all of this wasn't enough, you even have a detached guest home. (upbeat music) Now, I promise this is the last jump, but this guest house is pretty special.

Two bedroom, two bath. We have the living room here. Love the couch, marble coffee table, sliding glass doors open up to a patio that faces the tennis court. You have your TV here. Even comes with its own olive tree.

Now, on the other side, we have the open kitchen. Beautiful finishes. I love this wood, integrated bar seating. You have your stone island.

Sink is on this side. I love these copper fixtures. 24 inch dishwasher, why not? - [Mikey] Very nice. - And you have your hood vent, Miele induction cooktop. Let's see, I believe this is the fridge. There you go.

Freezer drawers. And you may assume that this door is another kitchen cabinet. It's actually a full bathroom. Come on in. Same hardwood floors, floating vanity, copper fixtures, walk-in showers on this side with a beautiful rain head that has rounded edges. I love those kind of fixtures, so I wanted to mention that.

And this is such a clever touch. There you go. - [Mikey] I thought it was a pantry or something. - Yeah, it looks like it's part of your kitchen. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right. Right next door is the first bedroom.

We saw a similar style built-in bed frame on one of the bedrooms that we toured in the main house. But basically, the headboard and the bed frame is all integrated with this really unique pattern. Then you have your queen size bed here, built in cabinetry, casement window. It's a cozy bedroom. Now, what's left is the second bedroom, which is on this side.

This one is definitely bigger. Comes with a king size bed, cabinetry on this side, and can we talk about the design elements of this bed for a second? I love those attachments that mounts the headboard to the wall. It's a very tasteful design element. And just a good size room. Comes with its own full bathroom, another floating vanity, plaster walls, walk-in shower.

Just a beautiful bathroom. And I gotta say, this detached guest home matches the house really well, and I just love the versatility of this property. We saw so many different spaces that can be accessed through the outside, meaning they have their own dedicated entry, screening room, attached guest home, then you have this space, tennis court in the center. I'm really glad we got the opportunity to tour this stunning estate.

And now, let's see this place at dusk. (upbeat music) (fire crackling) (wind whooshing) (waves crashing) (wind whooshing) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you all enjoy this video. I wanna give big thanks to the development team and the listing agent, Irene Dazzan-Palmer, for making this tour possible. And as always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video.

Lastly, if you enjoyed our tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (soft upbeat music)

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