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You will find different kinds of animal heads and these are used to perform dark magic. Hey guys, very good morning and welcome to my new vlog. My name is Tour Vashu. currently, I am in Mali's(the 8th largest country in Africa) capital city Bamako. And I am staying at an Indian place, as you may have seen in the last video.

I reached Mali at 12 midnight. Even though there are security issues in this country, here vlogging and traveling are really tough. Still, I will try to show you Bamako and show you around the largest capital city So today we are going to explore Bamako and I will try to show you around as much as I can. Here the Police detained me and told me to stay quiet and travel and leave this country and don't shoot in any government places. See guys the house is fully barricaded with iron rods from all sides. Hello Abdul, good morning. And at night the doors are closed, no one's coming or going at night. Here the security is really tight and strict. People don't go out of their houses at night.

At day times it's okay but at night it's not secure at all. Abdul bro, How are you? I'm fine. good. So guys this is Abdul. He cooks delicious Indian food. You cook very good Indian food. You're a professional.

I thought maybe an Indian guy was cooking those foods but later came to know that Abdul was cooking them. You wouldn't even feel that you are having food outside India. Very good. Very good, okay.

This is the kitchen. Hello! good morning. What will you be cooking for lunch? Ladyfingers fry. see how big the ladyfingers are here. It's so big, see the size of the Ladyfinger.

Today you are gonna cook ladyfingers fry, Chappati, Rice, and dal. yeah. okay. This is breakfast... Okay, so he made Poha today. that's good. So guys this is today's breakfast, Poha with onion. I am back in my room.

France has ruled over Mali for almost 60 years same as Morocco and Mauritania. And when France ruled over Mali, It was called by the name French Sedan. So it was French Sedan before Mali.

After that Mali and Senegal (the Neighboring country of Mali) took independence from France. When they were together it was called Mali Federation but after a few months of Independence Senegal got separated. And the Sudanese republic started being called Mali where we are now.

Poha was really good but it was spicy. Yeah, it was spicy. Okay okay, no more red chilies. My whole stomach is burning. Thank you, merci. So guys this is Osman. Hello! hello, How are you? I'm good. you good? I'm fine.

You are from Bamako. yeah. So I am gonna explore Bamako with Osman. So Abdul see you soon, merci. Good morning Mhan Ji. How are you? I'm good. So guys this is Mohan and he is from Rajasthan. From Ajmer. So today I am going to explore Bamako. How long have you been staying here? From 3 years.

Bonjour! Bonjour! So you have a team here. Do you all work together? yeah. Okay, I will see you in the evening. So, guys, we are traveling on a moto. here the bike is called moto. So finally today I am going to explore Bamako. It's too noisy so maybe you can't listen clearly. So guys as you saw I went to explore Bamako with Osman...I went to the biggest market here which is called the city market. But this is a country where using cameras publically is very tough. I went to the market and as I started vlogging, people started hiding their faces or stopping me from shooting.

Some people were aggressive too.9/10 people stopped me from recording. So it was a bit of a problem exploring here with a camera. Mali is the 8th largest country in Africa. The population of Mali is around 20 Million i.e. approximately 2 crore people live here. And Bamako's population is about 3 million i.e. approximately 30 lakh people which is 3 times Nauokchott's population.

Like every country has ethnic groups, here too in Mali there are many ethnic groups, and the largest one is called Bambara. Around 33.33% i.e. approximately 1/3rd of the ethnic group population is Bambara. 2nd largest group is Fula which is 2nd in Senegal too. As I have told you before, Mali's 90% population follows Sunni Islam and 5% people follow Christianity, and the rest 5% follow other religions.

So when I went out on the road in moto, I saw that the population is much more here, there are lots of cars in queue, traffic jams and all. I was surprised to see that even when Mali is considered to be a poor country I did see many luxury cars on the road. Someone told me that here Toyota luxury cars like land cruiser are common here. Can you believe that? Other than that I have seen many cars of Hyundai and KIA. I was surprised to see that. Here the taxes are low so they get the car at low prices.

At almost 50% less than the international rate. I have seen many TVS and Bajaj bikes here, there were many billboards of that too. So people told me that Indian bikes are popular here. Mali of Africa is the 3rd largest producer of gold after South Africa and Ghana. Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world and most of the population lives below the poverty line. Their income is less than even 100 rupees per day.

Some people here are very rich like businessmen, they do port business here. And the government here is under military. The government is totally unstable here as I have told you before. Until 2012 i.e. 10 years before Mali was safe. And this was the hub for tourism in West Africa. In 2012 there were many rebels attack and the country was unstable for the last 10 years.

Right now I am in Bamako which is in the south but in the north, it is completely out of control and is in the hands of rebels. There are rebels, Alquida, and local militaries. It was in the news a few days back that 130 locals were killed by the rebels. Attacks are common here and people lose their lives. It's always on the news. Until 2012 when the country used to be safe, from Europe, Budapest to Mali's capital Bamako there used to be a rally of cars. Here I have seen mixed people, some are really poor and some are rich. The literacy rate of the country is very low approximately 30-40%.

In Bamako's main market there was a lot of rush. Lots of people and shops around. There were many different shops here, and traditional clothes for both men and women were available. And I saw many people wearing traditional clothes.

In Bamako, you will also find high-end supermarkets where you can get any products you want. Even though it's an Islamic country you will find alcohol in all the supermarkets. But the main reason I visited the market was to see the Fetish/voodoo market. I am sure you haven't seen anything like this. You will find this in some parts of Africa. What is your name?

My name is Seido. Seido? Okay. Yes. So this is the fetish market. Fetish and arsenal market. Traditional Mali and medicine. Yeah. Okay. Indian and Mali are of the same family. Yeah, same people. Yeah, That's a crocodile.

Crocodile, yeah. Snake. Dog and wolf. Horse and donkey. It's used for Black magic, In Mali and other West African countries, dead animals are used for performing black magic.

The different part has different uses to solve a problem. To cure different diseases. When people face problems here they are accustomed to the ancient methods of using dead animal parts to solve a problem. That means people still believe in ancient methods here, can you believe it? All people can't bear to see this, it's really scary. Before Muslims were in the country voodoo would work as a region here.

Oh my god, see how many motos there are. It's everywhere. Maximum of blue color but there are red too. The fetish market stinks a lot due to dead animals here. Some are rotten, and people can't stay here for very long due to the smell. But they sell it here. The biggest mosque in Bamako. See how big the main market is here. In the front is the mosque, the biggest mosque in Bamako. There are lots of bikes, motos, and cars.

There is a rush everywhere. It's handwork. And all are made from metal bronze. So guys everything is made of bronze here, animals and ancient gods as you can see. These are ancient gods' statues. This is a mask. Traditional mask? Torik masks. okay. Dubal and Bambara, male and female. yes.

This is Torik. He is making some art. Hippo or elephant? Hippopotamus.

Bamako is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, where the population is increasing day by day. Here people have 2-3 wives and each wife has 3-4 children so accordingly a man here has 12-16 children. When Mali got independence from France then the population of Bamako was only 1,60,000. And in 60 years it went from 1,60,000 to 30 lakhs people. That is why it's called one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. There are many roads in Bamako but only the main road is constructed rest are not constructed.

You will be surprised to know that Mali was once among the richest country and now it's the poorest country and the unemployment rate is very high. Even some people told me that Mali was the richest country once, the richest empire was in Mali. the word Mali means the place where the king lives. 600-700 years ago from today in the 13th or 14th century there lived a king named Mansa Musa. He is considered to be the richest person who belongs to Mali, can you believe it? Why Mali was the richest country during that time because Mali was part of three Western African empires including the Ghana empire. Who controlled Trans-Saharan trading about which I have told in Mauritania.

In the Trans-Saharan trade, people used to trade gold and salt even human slaves were also traded. So Mali was the hub for Trans-Saharan trade and during that time the value of gold was equal to salt. People would exchange gold and salt through the Barter system. Somewhere in the Sahara, there was gold and On the coast of the Sahara, there was salt. So they would exchange between them, that is why Mali became the richest country. After a few years when Europe found the sea route to Africa that is when the Trans-Saharan trade was almost finished. And then these regions ran out of money.

Here in 1992 first time election was held and at present military is controlling the country. In this country, there are many militants and Jihadis group who wants to divide the country and make a country of their own. But that hasn't been successful yet as war is going on still in the country. In Mali the Alqueda militants target foreigners and there are many who lost their lives here.

2022-09-25 07:12

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