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Ich zerkratze meinen neuen BMW M3 Touring  | GERCollector

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Well, Robert, what do you think about my art? I'm so glad that you don't do foiling professionally. Why? Everything went perfectly fine! We arrived at Bruxsafol, they are the distributors of XPEL in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are going to make a new foil for the M3 Competition Touring at Bruxsafol. The car will get a new protection foil. We are going to film the process. I discovered that this car has not been damaged by falling rocks. However, the foil came loose.

As I mentioned before on Instagram, we have a collaboration with XPEL and Bruxsafol, we will see how the foiling process will look like. Here is a nice Performante and an RS6. I noticed that... What is going on? Oh my goodness! Why? Do you think that looks professional? Well, Thomas, who you might already know by the way. I'm in charge for XPEL in Germany. Well, all I can say is that you can't drive like this. We have to do something.

Maybe I can apply for an internship for XPEL. Maybe, but it doesn't look good at the moment. However, I have to say that at least, the car survived that. Maybe we ran over some flies. However, there is no damage due to falling rocks. This is most important. This is most important. Still, I believe that we should do it in a way that you don't see any issue. I needed more than a hour to do this. Thanks for having me. I'm really excited what will happen. Well, first of all, we should remove this. Are you sure? We could also leave it that way. No, we won't do that. We will remove that, then we will wash the car, bring it inside and we will start with the foiling. Alright, I would say, let's start washing the car. I'll see you inside.

English subtitles and translation by Kons-T The foil has been removed faster than I could watch. The car is being washed, the door knobs have been removed. Thomas is back already. You work really fast. You do a great job! Yeah, well, my colleagues are motivated and they wanted to work efficiently. I can tell! They detached half of the components of the car. Of course, we prepare everything and then we will make a new foil for the car. We are almost ready. Well, what's the plan? You clean the car? That's right, we clean the car , dry it and we remove everything what was stuck to it. We remove the dust. We look at all the little details.

What will be the next step? We will configure the software of the car and we start freeing space for the car. That means that the customer has the choice whether he wants the foil at the front... Yes, they have so many options to choose from as if it were a new car. Really? You can choose individual parts, you can choose the door knob only. For real? You can also choose to do the foiling for the whole car. There is no limit. That means, there is a system? That's right, we have a database with more than 90,000 components. Can we take a look? Sure! Robert, should we take a look? I think that could be interesting. Maybe we will discover some details we didn't know about. Let's do it.

Usually, you protect the lacquer but maybe we can find something else. Let's go to the computer. My colleague Matthias will handle this. He will show you everything. Here you have some options, bumper with camera, without camera and with carbon package. Cool, you can choose various components. That's correct. We have the ultimate package and some components. Let's take a look. We can add a special foil which can be put around the corner. I see. This is on order to protect the lacquer even if the damage of the falling rocks is inside. This is is basically like when you configure a new car, you can choose which parts you want to protect. I never had the chance to choose the individual parts. You usually have the M Performance parts and a few more options if you want to have extra protection. Nowadays, you have many more options.

Are you going to do the same with your Golf? I don't think so. The sides are damaged. You should have bought XPEL protection. Robert went to the car wash and the lacquer pretty much dissolved. Whoops! Allegedly, there were no accidents with this car. This surely made you sad. That's how it is. Here are the details. We are able to keep this car matt. It won't change from matt to glossy.

So, this is the stealth foil? That's right. It has the same surface as the matt lacquer and this is the best choice. Since your side mirrors are made of carbon, they are glossy now. The foil will make them matt. We have some components but we won't need everything. Basically, the customer can choose any component that he wants to be foiled with XPEL? That's right. This is important to explain everything to the customers, so they can choose whatever they want.

So, we can create trust, the customer knows the technology and knows what to expect. So, the customer can easily decide. All the foiling I made before was by licensed XPEL distributors. That's right. What's funny is the fact that everyone who works with XPEL foils, they are doing their apprenticeship here. Is that so? They visit this place and they take a look how everything is done for a week. If they are good, they pass the workshop and they get the license to work for XPEL. This sounds very nice. We do our best to check whether everything is done correctly or not. I think that it's great because if you do it like this, you can guarantee a great quality. The material is great but you also need great workmanship. You also need experience to achieve this.

This is not that easy as it seems. Well, you saw my results. That was not the best result, indeed. This is why I'm here, to improve my skills. You can only get better. Okay, so, this is how it's done. Everything is prepared, now we can get the foil and work with it in order to put it on the car later. Well, this is the front but we can also choose the rear and the sides. Are there any more highlights which I never might heard of? Our database has a new entry, we can foil the back of the bucket seats. So, they won't get damaged when you lean back in your seat. We can protect the seats from scratches even if children play in the car.

Correct me if I'm wrong, there are no door knobs anymore. This means... Here is the carbon backside. We can foil that. You can foil that? That's right. This is a highlight as you wished. Okay, this is crazy. I have to say, I had some issues with my M4 Competition. You sit in a position where you can scratch the beautiful carbon with your shoes. I always thought that it would be nice if there was somebody who would protect that. We realized that there is a demand for something like this, so we modified our design and created it.

This is the unique selling point by XPEL. Basically, you put that in your system and it's going to be plotted? That's right! Next, we glue it while it's wet with our special tools. Eventually, it dries and you should have no problems for the next 10 years. This is crazy! I'm really hyped to watch you doing this for the next couple of hours. We might have something else you might like. Your screen inside the car, we could fold that as well. This will make the fingerprints disappear. This is the reason why I don't like touchscreens. I don't like having my fingerprints on them. Absolutely, neither do we. Are there any more surprises?

Sure! We can also foil the carbon components in the interior, the shift paddles and the dashboard. We could also do that. I'm about to go home. This is crazy! I thought that we can protect the lacquer from the outside but we can also protect the seats and the dashboard, everything! We can even protect the touchscreen. I'm really excited to see the result. Respect to you that you can do it. Let's continue with the foil. So, the data has been put into the system? That's right. The machine is called the plotter, it receives the file and it starts to work. It cuts the outline. It removes the parts we don't foil. This is basically garbage. Here you can see how the wing reveals itself. Let's try something out. The foil is... Would you please hold it?

Now, pull it. It's elastic. This is really impressive indeed. XPEL has been founded 20 years ago and the technology has been improved in the last couple of years. The quality standard has been lower for the last couple of years. Meanwhile, it became great and it's possible to get better results with the technology. If I think about the fact that you can choose a foil as if you were configuring a new car. You can choose any options, you get a print output and the parts you don't need will be cut up. This makes the work for you easier. And you can work safely when you make changes to the car. The technology allows us not to use knives or any tools which could be harmful when we work with the car.

Of course, we can't waive sharp tools completely but for the most part. I can say that the work is pretty safe. And it's also precise. As I can see, now you work with the engine hood. That's right, we spray water on it, so it will be wet when we foil the car. Yes... So it will be clean and wet. Now, we loosen the protection foil. I'm holding the new protection foil. We are going to spray water on it as well. Should I step aside? Take cover.

You could do that now. I think that it would be better if I do nothing today. Instead, I will watch and learn. Sounds good. That's a lot better than what you did before. It looks pretty good. We are going to get rid of the wrinkles. I must say, it is really perfectly customized.

The guys are going to mount the upper corner. Then, they will continue towards the bumper. I remember, you sent me one of those. Did you ever used it? I did not. I see. I've been told that I should mount it just so that it fits. If you foil a car completely, can you tell how long it takes to complete if you do it alone?

If you foil the car, that's quite exhausting. We prepare the car on this day and continue working the other four days. We foil the car and do all the rest. We need a week to finish everything. This is a lot of work. I have realized that when we put protection foil on our cars. But in the end, the lacquer is protected. Absolutely, this is the goal.

Should anything happen, this work is worth the effort. I drive on the race track, and so you can damage your car easily. The sound of a falling rock and knowing that there is a protection film is something else. Prevention with the foil is really important. That's crazy that you can see the foil with your eyes already. If you look over here, here is no foil. It looks identically. The foils adapts to the lacquer really fast. I see, stealth is the matt protection film. Yes, we also have the ultimate plus, that is the glossy one. In this case, there are less matt lacquers than glossy ones. About 90% are glossy. Let's fade in something, shall we? Sure! Can we do that? Of course! Let the guys work. Alright, let's go. Well, Robert, let's get some supplies, you never know when we will come back. That's right!

Day 2 begins. If we look through here. The guys are working on the best part of the car, the rear. Let's not disturb them to much. It's 10 o'clock. I guess, they were really busy. I see that they have been working on the front and the sides. Now, they are working on the rear. Good morning! Good morning! I see that the guys are really busy. Yes, they started working before us. They are really motivated. They work with the rear bumper. This is the most beautiful part. The front is the most important part but the rear of the M3 Touring is the most beautiful.

I totally agree. This looks so great! Take a look at the diffuser! Will the diffuser also be protected? We did our best, so it should be. This should be possible. Yesterday, I learned that everything can be done wit your foil. I couldn't sleep that well because I could, not believe that you can even protect the back of the seats! I'm excited to see the result. I'm also very excited! Robert, you will make a clip with some music anyway but I really want to look at the interior in detail. I believe that you had plans with us anyway, didn't you? Yes, we prepared something. You can look up how to clean the foil. We can go and take a look if you want. This is really important for me. For me, it's really relaxing to wash the car using my hands. I also know that you should have a small distance between the water jet and the car.

This means that your maintenance products... They are made for cars with protection on it, so you can use them, especially for washing the cars. Here is a boost for the foil, so that the foil won't get dirty so fast. Here is another spray. All the products are functional and easy to use. A new day begins, I'm excited. The guys are working really fast. You mentioned something, let's better not talk about this. Robert, I know that you're really motivated. I'm excited.

We planned something which you might not like but it's cool nevertheless. I think that it's about safety and protection. It will be able to do what we promise. I'm not sure, I have to think about it. I guess I'll get some pretzels, you know where you can find me. I look if everything is working well. Are you the boss? It seems so. I also have your toothbrush in my hand. My toothbrush? Robert gave it to me. You convinced me. We will do the scratch test. Let's see what will happen. The guys are getting inside. The front is foiled already. I will talk about it once we walked around the car. Let's go this way. The beautiful carbon bucket seat by BMW.

This is wild! Robert, that's good for your kids and my kids because they won't make the seats dirty. Especially your kids like to jump. Why are you laughing? It's nothing. It's fascinating. Why don't you join them? Because I'm fascinated by their work. Take a look. This is crazy.

I will let them do their work. You convinced me. I've got Robert's toothbrush which is by the way very hard. You can buy a new one. What do you expect me to do? What are my instructions? You are going to do something you don't want to do. Just scratch the car multiple times from top to bottom. I have to say that we have the protection film right here. However, over there is no protection film. It has a reason. We also won't do a protection film here later.

Optically, it looks the same. It's fascinating. So, I have to scratch the car although I don't want to. Whoa, I have a bad feeling about this. Okay, I admit, there was no protection film. Just kidding. Now, we can heal the protection film. I want it to heal. Grab some hot water, close the door. Now watch this. It's all gone! Are you kidding me? Magic! Well, this is impressive! Robert, I don't know if you can show it in slow motion, but that was pretty fast. Incredible! I scratched the car and all I have to do, is simply to put hot water on it? We can do this again. Okay, let's do it once more. Guys, this is a really strange feeling scratching your own car.

It looks like you're having fun. Not at all. Well, okay, you only use hot water. This is crazy! In a positive way. This is impressive! This is really incredible! Test passed. Robert, you can have your toothbrush again.

I'll put the toothbrush... Keep it. You can do even more, you can simulate falling rocks. Wasn't that stress enough already? We can do even more. We prepared a foil pattern. Take a look. Here is the foil. Take your XPEL tool. Step on the gas and press it. Robert, are you ready? Do it. What's wrong? Where is your power? Take a look how I...

Come on! I'm pressing! I can't do it. This is magic! I'm beginning to understand the concept. It's clever, isn't it? If you look at the car from far away, you see that the protection film adapts to the lacquer. The film protects very well. It can happen that someone scratches your car with a key. It doesn't matter if someone does it on purpose or by accident. Robert loves to lean on the car or smash the door to the wall. Thank God, we have the XPEL protection film. Seeing the test here is really... I believe, for car enthusiasts like you it's important to have a feeling that you're safe.

The customer sees the final product and he is certain that the car is protected against falling rocks. You're protected against so many things! And you also get 10 years of warranty. Let the guys finish the interior. I'm excited to see the final product. Let's do it. Am I pretty? A new helmet! Great! That's how it is! Awesome! The guys of XPEL didn't like my stripes, so they made my hair. Robert got a new haircut as well. He has really long hair now. The sun is shining. The M3 Touring is ready! We got the protection film. It is 100% protected thanks to XPEL. This car has the frozen grey lacquer and the protection film looks the same.

You see matt and glossy parts of the car, the pearl effect. Incredible. The last one and a half days with XPEL were unbelievable. A huge thank you for all the people who worked fast and achieved a great quality! You get a nice result but you should be skilled to do it. This is very important to XPEL. Bruxsafol is the distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Everybody has to come here and finish the apprenticeship in order to get the license to put the XPEL protection film on cars. It was fascinating to make the test here, This part right here has no protection film and there is a reason why. You can see no difference except that the car is 100% protected over here.

We made the scratch test with the toothbrush. You can heal the protection film if you pour hot water on it. As you might know, in England, France and in Germany, you can not just damage your car by accident. There are some people who don't like certain cars and they scratch them with their key. In this case, you will be happy to have the XPEL protection film with your car. Go to the website of XPEL and enter your location where you would like to get the protection film. You will get all the results of all workshops which passed the apprenticeship at XPEL. Not only that the M3 Touring is an incredible car, now it's also fully protected.

I learned a lot in the last one and a half days. Most of our cars have the XPEL protection foil but I didn't know that it can do so much. You can not only protect the lacquer but also the bucket seats and your touchscreen. It won't have your fingerprints on it. You can also protect the dashboard and every little detail. The protection foil is transparent and safe. You also get 10 years of warranty. Those are the things that fascinate me the most. I'm looking forward to work with XPEL in the future. XPEL can teach us a lot what's possible and how great their protection is. Guys, I hope, you enjoyed the video. Robert, what should we do now? A good impression. A good impression sounds nice. It's enough for today. I had a lot of impressions today. I'm going to sleep well today and also the M3 Touring since it's wrapped into the protection film. It looks really great without the license plate. Robert, you can roll another small clip. Alright guys, we're out. See you in the next video. Peace out.

2023-08-02 16:42

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