I visited La Cienaga for the first time and this was my impression. Venezuela

I visited La Cienaga for the first time and this was my impression. Venezuela

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Hello hello guys, how are you? Welcome today to Venezuela. To my country. I told you I was going to show you. I told you that I was going to show you the best places around here. And here I am, in one of the best in the State of Aragua. I am here in La Ciénaga very excited to know and to have this experience.

And to be able to share it with you. So let's go! - Go Venezuela! - Here we are! - In Venezuela you can, daddy. And well, here we are in the town of Ocumare de la Costa. Right in the mouth. I took a full-day that cost 36 USD.

Which includes food, transportation, boat. And well, I saw it more profitable. Because, apart from that, I came with my family. Mommy. - Hello! - Greets. - Hello Luis. - Hello.

But those who do not come in full-day, although it is very profitable, as I told you, can come by bus from Caracas to Maracay. And from Maracay you take another bus to here. And they're going to do the same procedure that we're doing here right now. What is grabbing the boat. That will take us to La Ciénaga. So, we are already on our way to catch the boat.

That will take us to that beautiful place. Actually, it's super early, that's why the weather looks like this. But, nevertheless, the weather is like sticky. So, well, I'm going to be showing you what this experience is like on the boat. I am seeing that the waves are incredible. So, well, let's see, let's see.

It's my first time here. It is one of the best places to bathe here in the State of Aragua. So... let's see, I'm going to show you. Look at the boats, here they are already prepared.

To start transporting people, from now, from very very early. - 6 am. - So, good. - 6 am. Oops, it smells like fish, doesn't it? Love.

My God... That's good. Look at this river, it also joins the beach there. We're leaving now. We are already starting.

20 minutes there, we are already starting. Look at the swell and how it goes. We arrived. Look at the water here. How beautiful... Here I am in this beautiful place.

I just arrived. And I was surprised. Because the water is super clear. And it is also very very warm. Right now they are going to see me bathing.

Even though it's barely 7 AM. And well, I'm super excited because I'm in the middle of a full-day, as I've been telling you. But it has a lot of things included. Besides, I'm going to do other extra things. Now if you want to come privately, you can come by boat, it will cost you 10 USD to get here. And, well, they are going to visit these beautiful places.

And they can go to different beaches like they have with their respective houses. They are restaurants, they also rent awnings. And many more things.

So, there are many ways to come here to La Ciénaga that is very comfortable for you. I chose this because I came with my family. It's a little more familiar. Obviously, I wasn't going to stop showing it to her. Because... wow... it's La Ciénaga...

And... yes, I had wanted to come for a long time. And now, finally, I'm here. In this beautiful cove. One of the best in the Aragua State. With many things to do.

I'm going to show you as the video goes by. So, well, you can't miss it. There are some little crabs that are eating my feet. So, well, the sun is coming up. As the most beautiful sun rises, the sea goes down. Look.

It is full of birds. I don't know about fish that look like they come from an aquarium... Striped fish, fish of different colors. Small fish, there are fish of all kinds. Well, and for breakfast we are eating a delicious arepa. Look at my mom. Of cheese.

concentrated. What is yours? - Of fish. - Of fish. That one has plenty of fish.

- If they are very good. - Yes. Tasty. This is typical of here, the arepita. delicious. It is stuffed. This one is crispy because it's fried. It is not like the typical common one that we see out there.

This is fried. Well, this water, as I was telling you, is super clear, but it doesn't have waves or anything. This is not the pool as such. The natural pool is over there.

And now we go there. But it's still amazing here. And as the sun rises, the water gets prettier. We still came early.

And the water was super clear. And I could see the fish. So, well, the water is very very hot.

Since 7 AM that we arrived, right, Luis? Since 7 AM that we arrived the water has been super hot. People came bathing. I love it. So, well, we are going to continue enjoying this sea. The sun is already rising.

We are going to tan today. And it's going to be an amazing day with activities that I'm going to teach you. So, well, you can't miss it. There are also mosquitoes.

Look at the people there. He tans on the beach. Here, very tasty.

better huh It's cool. Right now I'm going to pull out my chair and I'm going to sit there. A good time. I go with the family.

To walk, to know this beautiful place. Because you can walk from house to house. This way, by the sand. Look at this sand, how beautiful. Golden, it's not that dark.

That is what also makes the sea so precious. We keep walking here. Knowing this place here in La Ciénaga. Yes, the houses are very cute.

Wooden, but very very pretty. colorful. And there are a lot of awareness message signs as well. Where it says that you have to take care of the beach, not make bonfires, you have to pick up the garbage.

Wow, look at the color here how cute! Oops, the beaches of Venezuela for me... are one of my favorites. Of course. They are hot, and they are cute.

I think we got here. There are already many stones around here. And we are walking barefoot. But, more or less in that little walk, we visited about 5 restaurants, right? - Yes. - There are many many restaurants around here.

Let's keep going. Today the channel is "Marianny and her family". Look, all the houses are made of wood. But very very cute. Look, there are more restaurants there. And well, that's as far as we're going to go.

We are going to return because there are more activities to do and that I want to show you. So, well, come with me. What is his name? - Little Raphael.

Little Rafael, come. hey look - Little bitch, come. - Come! Come on, Cachito...

- Cachito! A bit. - Hey, come on. - A bit! - Ah, he has a friend... - Ah, yes... It's fine. - They're all like that... - They're all like that, dogs...

- They're all dogs! Well, give it - Anything you want to take a picture of, I'll lend it to you. It's very pretty. - Thank you. Oh! How nice! Look! Wow... It's beautiful! - It feels nasty! - Yes I love it! Look at the color! Right? Wow, have a drink then.

Look! Wow... But why? - At least you conquered a butterfly. - No no no... - It's already an indication. But a butterfly, Luis? Well, here I am going to kayak.

Kayak is what it's called. - AHA. Well it is worth 5 USD how long? - 30 minutes. 30 minutes. - 30 minutes?

- No, an hour. - One hour. An hour, okay. It all depends on the weather and the mood of the seller... - And you will always row like this, with your hands inside.

- One and one. - That. - OK. One... Thank you!

Here we are, we are on a mission. What is finding... Oh, no... Mom... What is finding starfish. But we can't take them out of the sea.

Well, here we are surrounded by seaweed. That's why the water looks a little bit darker. But the water is extremely clear. Extremely clear. So, well, here we are also surrounded by many mangroves.

Many many many. Wow... These mangroves have really grown... And, well, here we are, on this mission. Well, here we still have not achieved anything. Not a little star.

Not a turtle, not a fish. But we're still on the hunt, guys. I'll be telling them to see if we find something.

While I'm already like a professional here... In the kayak. Guys, this water... I'm going to bump into Luis now... This water is incredible here.

Look at the colour. How are you? Wow, it's very cute. And it's super clear everywhere you go. It looks more blue around here. It's like there's no seaweed here, do you understand me? Because in itself the water here is incredible. It is magnificent.

So, good. Ah, it feels a peace when you go kayaking. Incredible. You go looking like the stars, everything and you relax. Although your arms get a little tired. But it's still fine. It is an experience that I highly recommend.

And well, let's go there. Look guys how nice it is here. It has like several colors. It is very very cute! wow.

How far can one go kayaking... You can cross the other side, go to where you are. Discover... well, the stars I haven't discovered yet. The turtles, and all that.

Very, very pretty. Oh, it's pure adrenaline! No it can not be done. - Come on come on come on! We are grabbing you! Go ahead! - Go ahead! - Go ahead! - Ready. It is the swimming pool of La Ciénaga. Come on. I already took my first dive from the kayak.

So, well, let's see how I ride. - Get on there. There, on the shore. OK ready. I carry my kayak, I jump in, I take responsibility.

So, let's go. Wow, how crystal clear is this water. Look. Look, look, look. But it's very, very salty... Wow... It hurts... It hurts here in the nose...

Ah... I got very tired... - Look at it. - Ah, but is he alive? - Yes.

- Yes, he's alive. - Let's see. But in the water it goes super fast, I couldn't see it. You have to wet it. Works. - Test it. - Yes you eat.

- Yes you eat. - Clear. - That is already small. - That's tiny, but it's bigger than...

- Hey, Marianny is an expert at eating snails. - She really likes to eat snails. - How beautiful, these are called guaruros. - Yes really. Yes. - Did you like it? A lot. But we didn't see the stars or the turtles.

- The stars are a lottery. - Yes. - Sure, it's hard to see them. - Did you see the turtles? - At least today you get a star. - Yes, star.

- Stay looking at the seashore like this. OK. - They stand on the shore and stick their heads out, like this. - Yes, they come out big, I've seen them big.

- The size of the table. Wow... - I mean, they go out there from anywhere. - If you relax, you will find them. Good thank you. - Okay thank you very much! There. That's cool...

It's fresh. - Thank you, Alexander. - Thank you. - Thank you. Look at this little fish with its salad and patacones, gentlemen.

Wow. That's lovely. Mommy, full-day, what do you think? It seems cheaper to me. Because a plate of these, on the beach, here in Venezuela, can cost you 15 USD.

And we with transportation, boat, breakfast, lunch and snacks, We already have all of this. - That was the option that people, tourists, took now. - At carnival. - And pay full-day. - Because it was much more accessible then. Clear.

I think that yes, many Venezuelans like travel. Like they give themselves the privilege. Because, really, they save much more than doing it individually.

Because I have traveled here particularly in Venezuela and, the truth is, it is a little more expensive for me. Like the time I went to Morrocoy, here I am going to leave the video. There we did have to pay for gasoline, we had to pay for the boat, transportation, absolutely everything.

So, good. Look at this delicious food. Let's eat fish! Well, I explain, more or less, what this is.

These are patacones. It's a fried green plantain. With a cabbage and carrot salad. Ketchup, mayonnaise, and cheese. Venezuelan cheese.

And it is super delicious. Let's try, see. It's crunchy. It's good. Do you like it? Here is the separate salad. See. It has cilantro but very little cabbage and carrot.

Let's see. And lemon. Hey, the lemon has juice. Ok, they didn't bring a knife here. Touch fish with your hand, gentlemen. So.

I touche fish with his hand. I would do it with gloves but I don't have one. So, play with your hand... With winter gloves... Play with your hand. - Enjoy. - Oh thank you very much.

- Thank you. It's very tasty... And it has a lot of meat. The beach is better seen at this time. Because there is much more sun and you can see how clear this sea can be.

Look. Blue. What do you sell? - I'm selling a strawberry daiquiri and pina colada. Ah well, that's what we're after. Give me... how much? - In 5 USD this cup.

That one, okay. But is it the only size you have? - Yes, and I have this one, 3 for $10. Ok, but the same flavor? - Same flavor. I want daiquiri. What do you want? - Pina Colada. So different flavors.

A daiquiri, a piña colada and do you have a beer? How much? - 1.5 USD. - Okay, and a beer. Look, here you still pay in dollars. Also in bolivars. Later in another next video I'm going to explain about the bolivars.

In the meantime, we are going to pay with these 20 USD. Which is what you pay for. In the preparation of the cocktail they added strawberry. Next, sugar. Then condensed milk.

Coconut essence, which was complimentary. And then ice. Next, to beat. And finally, the distillate.

Which is white rum Then, to the glass they added more distillate and condensed milk. Ready, here I have my cocktail. Which is a cocktail of strawberry, white rum and condensed milk, as you have seen. It's... delicious.

So, well, see you in a little bit and I'm going to continue exploring this incredible place. So bye! See you. Guys, here we are in a natural pool in what is La Ciénaga. It looks a lot like Cayo Los Jaunes. But it has its special touch.

Very different, really, I really like this one. To be honest. So, well, this day has been very very incredible. In which I had a lot of fun. With the full-day it has been much easier for me. Since it is food and transportation included.

Which is a plus, as I told you. If you want to come particularly, you can also do it. So, well, from here, from this natural pool, I want to tell you that my video has reached this far. See you at the next opportunity.

So bye!

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