I Visited China's Most Controversial Region (Uyghur Autonomous Region)

I Visited China's Most Controversial Region  (Uyghur Autonomous Region)

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I am in Xinjiang in West China the most  controversial region of the country and in   this video we will get impressions of this  Ughyur autonomous region which is all over   Western media for not so good reasons according  to the media the Ughyur Muslim people here are   being oppressed and they can't practice  their Muslim religion let's see what the   life is really like here try local food meet  local Ughyur people see if we can find any   mosques but is this region even safe to visit  as a foreigner this is the first time I feel a   bit unsafe China to be honest and I also want to  see how different is this region compared to the   rest of China that I have visited in the past  weeks let's find out feel free to join okay sh   thank you very much okay and we are in the city  center of urumqi there is a Bazar here/ Market   which I think is a good start to explore a new  city but as you can see it's snowing it snowed   a lot in the morning and it is freezing cold  here about -17° oh this exit entrance over   there yeah okay thank you let's get some First  Impressions and the first thing I see here is   a big mosque so that is obviously a big oh I  almost slipped there oh need to be careful here   very slippery where was I um yeah the mosque here  but let me actually go through the security here first again Ur what is ur drone I have a drone yeah I  need to get it out okay seems   like my drone is a problem again not  the first time this happens in China drone drone can stay here okay I think the Drone  needs to stay here passport passport oh oh gosh   yeah I had this before at uh Forbidden City and  in uh Beijing but I was not allowed to take my   drone into the area and then they take a picture  of the passport and then I can pick it up later   so I guess that's going to happen here as well oh  did you hear that her language is not mandarine   Chinese she's speaking rega language I assume  okay she used the translator I pick it up later   sh thank you okay all right the Drone stays here  oh careful now because it's slippery here but here   we are this is the Bazaar in the city center let's  see what we can find here I'm also pretty hungry   to be honest and yeah check it out we have a  mosque here which I think is maybe the first   time I see in mosque and China it's obviously  there are also mosque in other cities I'm pretty   sure you can find them in Beijing and Shanghai  as well but I think I haven't seen a mosque yet   in China oh I have the feeling already this is  a culturally very interesting place so I'm very   looking forward to the rest of the day here okay  guys it is very cold I'm going to put on my mask   and every time I'm wearing a mask in a video in  recent videos I did wear the mask as well there   were always some people in the comments telling  me Oh Why are you still wearing a mask Co is over   well this mask is obviously not for Co Reasons I'm  wearing it because it's freezing cold here oh yeah   people cleaning the streets here because yeah  it was literally snowing all morning today and   yeah something that I noticed already everywhere  here is that all the signs not only on the stores   also on the roads have this writing on it so not  only Chinese writing as you can see here usually   it's both writings so this one and then this  one right here which actually to me looks like   it's Arabic writing at least very similar but I  assume it's the rer language actually and I heard   some people talking already and was clearly not  mandarine so many people also speak rer language   here maybe later we will hear it more clearly  so I can show it to you in the video as well   but yeah all the shops here have the the writing  not only a mandarine but also in here what looks   for me similar to Arabic I'm not sure how similar  it is if you have some knowledge about that feel   free to share it in the comments this looks like  an interesting drink stall here I think they are   having drinks here not sure what it is hello is  this something to drink chai chai tea should tea   okay can I get one how difficult to order here  that looks very interesting I like the the pots   here ah maybe it's a milk tea looks like a Milky  tea milk tea milk tea yeah oh oh that looks like   a big portion and all of this you put inside what  is this uh dates I think these are dates uh okay   so we have different ingredients here yes okay  how much you get sure she I need I need to learn   the numbers in Chinese so how much do I type in  here you can type in the amount let's see how much   I have to pay 15 okay okay she could have typed  in any amount now but I think 15 is the fair and   honest price okay Shish do you speak Mandarin  H do you speak Chinese U you speak U language China China okay okay sh thank you  okay the communication was not the   best which is totally fine but I didn't  really understand them anyway they gave   me a little uh very thin oh no it's  not a straw it's just to stir it I think ah but this one put inside here okay maybe  you do it like this stir it a little bit okay it's   actually quite a big one I hope it tastes good  let's give it a try oh it's very flavorful it's   very milky so it's a I would describe it as a  milk tea very different from the teas I tried   previously in China it's not a typical Chinese  tea and it's hot which is obviously great for   this weather and also the the ingredients that  she put inside you can actually eat them so I   have something to chew as well not only to drink  and you see the amount of uh people here cleaning   the streets like getting rid of all the snow  that is insane they are everywhere here what   I got to say I'm without gloves now this is not  handable my hands are freezing literally after   like 1 or 2 minutes without the gloves yeah -7°  is absolutely no joke also I'm wearing several   layers of clothes now including uh two pants two  T-shirts a thick sweatshirt two socks okay I see   people taking a picture next to what looks like  a cookie to me so maybe this cookie is actually   famous is here and I think this store is selling  that let's see if we can find out what the hype   is about it smells very good in here and to be  honest it looks more like a like a bread like   a flat bread similar to a nan bread for example  and what is this is this a bread Museum here so   we have all these breads on the wall here that  is interesting we have it in English here n so   maybe that's the name it sounds similar like  Nan actually in various shapes used to to make   different shapes of n with unique shape designs  such as n with grape shade n with bird shape and   N with fish shape okay so here we have the wall of  n bread with different shapes I'm wondering if I   can actually buy it here now I'm curious to try  it I think they use these ovens here which look   similar like a tunder oven here I actually make it  there you can see it the bread is inside the oven   here and now I'm very curious to buy it excuse me  do you speak English uh English a little a little   where can I I want to buy the bread you mean you  want to buy this yeah yeah where can I buy it   uh I ask it for you oh thank you oh so helpful  she's asking where I can buy it now downstairs   downstairs yeah okay thank you very much ah okay  so here we have a section where I can actually buy   it 5 seems to be the price and then we have the  bigger ones here with Sesame on top oh I think   these ones are fresh can I get one one yeah put  it in here okay sh thank you okay everyone took   a picture in front of this and now I bought one  of these oo it is so warm that is nice I just   want to touch it to keep my hands warm okay let's  see what the hiy is about oh oh actually there's   something inside you see it looks like a Pepper  or maybe even chili oh this is delicious how very   similar to a nan bread that you can get in South  Asia or Malaysia for example but I would say this   one is a bit more crispy on the outside you can  see the outside Parts here are a bit crispy but   then from the inside it's actually very fluffy  light and fluffy you see the red peppers in here   they add a strong flavor to it you know oh but  now my butt is freezing sitting here in the cold   I need to continue moving that keeps me warm this  one is very good okay I think this is some kind   of inside area of the market let's have a look we  have these huge doors here to keep the cold out   interesting saw similar doors in Harbin oh and  this looks like an indoor market here oh which   is actually nice not as cold in here but I also  assume that people don't see many Western tourists   here not many people make it to this region of  China even many Chinese people never make it   to this region of China hello is this a candy uh  something sweet to eat ah oh this actually look I   can try oh I think he was offering me to try oh  I can try just eat okay let's see what it is a   little bit gluey similar to a chewing gum there's  a Milky taste to it what is the name of this uh   maybe I need my translator oh actually it's quite  good not not very sweet just a Milky flavor to it I think he wants to sell it so I'm  putting my translator now from English   to WIA language what is it made from and see  I get this right as well let's see if you can   read it you don't understand this maybe he  speaks Chinese let me try in Chinese what   is it made of I think it's made of and  not made from let's see if you can read mandarine ah Buffalo I think  this is Buffalo uh is it Buffalo milk again oh that doesn't work but  I think it's milk can I buy a small portion k k okay okay I think that  means okay let's see how much I will get okay 38 okay I can pay with G okay also in  this part of China you can play everywhere with   your phone all right actually that was really  delicious and not really that sweet like a   Milky dessert and yeah you guys know I'm always  happy to try new things and this was actually   pretty good but yeah this Market has definitely  different Vibes compared to markets I have been   in China previously like the the things that are  sold here they look different the the clothings   that are sold here they look different it really  reminds me about markets in the Middle East like   turkey Egypt this region where I have been before  I was making YouTube videos but yeah overall I   have to say I have a little bit the feeling of  being in a different country The Vibes here are   very different the language seems to be a bit  different the food looks different so overall   it feels a bit like I am not in China anymore  I'm getting more like Middle Eastern SL Central   Asia Vibes hello meow hello hello hello yeah I'm  getting more like Central Asia SL Middle Eastern   Vibes here which is very interesting oh but we  also have these snacks here yeah I tried these   before maybe you remember my video from Harbin  or in Shanghai so these snakes it's like uh fruit   and there's like sugar it's coated with sugar  and this seems to be popular all over China I   saw that in every place I've been to in China  let's see if we can actually visit the mosque   maybe it's possible to go inside as a tourist  that would be interesting okay so this is the   mosque here basically in the center of the whole  market area here ah the entrance is hidden behind   the the stores here that's why I haven't seen it  earlier wait is this the entrance to the mosque   n this looks more like shops in there maybe I'm  wrong and this is not even a mosque then excuse   me for that yeah this is definitely not the  entrance to a mosque here oh this looks like   the what is the English word Aladin W lamp in  German from the Disney uh character Aladin he   can rub the lamp and then there's a ghost coming  out right there many Middle Eastern influenced   uh items here to purchas well I think actually  I was wrong this is not a mosque this is just   a market that looks like a mosque me but I know  that there are definitely mosque around here so   let's see if we can find another mosque that I  can visit because that would be very interesting   to be honest this clearly looks like a mosque  right but it's just a Market Hall inside let   me know in the comments if you also thought this  is a mosque so I'm not the only one who thought   that the snow is getting stronger and so does  the wind oh and the wind is freezing cold but   I think I can actually visit this Tower here go  up check out a scenic view let's see how much I   have to pay I see a 30 here so probably  this is the price to go up let's have a look I can go up the tower 30 only reach May  that's pay for cash as usual in China when you   hand cash they don't have change here so she  has to look for change to this state I have   never seen someone paying cash in China I spent  now I think more than 4 weeks in total in China   and I've never seen someone paying cash that is  crazy right sometimes it happens that they only   accept and not so I can pay with alipay with the  alipay app but I can't pay with the ret app and   she's back without change they're not prepared  for that go here okay thank you very much all   the designs here that look so much like Middle  Eastern to me not like China anymore we have   camels here on the wall and all the paintings  here oh there's a wolf yeah this city by the   way is also along the Silk Road and I think some  of the paintings here tell the history of the sil   road yeah the sil Road once used to be the biggest  trade route of the world going all the way from I   think it started in Beijing actually and then  going all the way to the Middle East to Europe   even and there were several cities along the Silk  Road and this one used to be one of them so people   from Europe came to Asia to trade goods and then  bring them back to Europe or wherever their home   country was so all the cities along the Silk Road  used to be very popular big cities rich cities   usually okay so they really made a museum out of  the tower here so all along the stairs here you   have these paintings you have some items for  display and you have some rooms that you can   go into and have a look that looks nice here  hello all right and we do do have a 360° view   all around this by the way is actually a quite a  large city almost 4 million people are living here   which is not that big for Chinese standards but  this would be the biggest city in Germany where   I'm from I have to say the the language that  the gentleman next to me is speaking which I   guess is the rega language it sounds actually  very similar to Turkish to me you speak English   no English where are you from EP EP EP yeah yeah  city name okay okay and here we are getting some   more Middle Eastern Vibes we have the camels here  we have the the Lambs here I'm actually not sure   what's the right English word for this but it's  either a lamp like from Aladin or this is actually   like like a teapot oh and check this out there's  a police car in front of me with heavily armed   guards I don't want to point my camera straight  towards them but you can maybe see it on the on   the right screen now the heavily armed military  behind me um that's actually something new that   I haven't seen before in China usually you see  a lot of security or policemen that's normal   in China but this is actually my first time  seeing heavily armed military guys in China so   that makes me think there must be a reason for  that here okay let's see if I can get my drone back hello I want to my drone hello I need to sign it here okay okay just  like that I do have my drone back and I want to   go to a different area now because I'm actually  curious to visit a mosque and I know that there   is a mosque around here I just checked on the on  the map so let's see if we can visit a mosque here   and oh also here now a heavily armed military guys  that r not here when I arrived here so you can see   that the guys standing on top of the vehicle  they carry heavy machine guns to be honest it   makes me feel a bit unsafe here now I mean there  must be a reason why suddenly there are heavily   armed guards here well this is the first time I  feel a bit unsafe in China to be honest I know   these guys are here to to make everything safer so  actually I should feel safer not more safe but you   know like suddenly there are some heavily armed  guards popping up there must be a reason for it   right I almost slipped here you need to be very  careful with your steps here I'm wondering why   they don't put salt on the road that's what we do  in Germany when the roads are slippery then the   the people employed by the city they go around  and put salt everywhere and the salt makes the   the ice and the snow melt but seems like that's  not the case here in China anyway what I wanted   to say is that so the area we just visited around  the bazaar looked like a tourist area to me like a   typical tourist area like all the the shops that  were there so I'm actually wondering who are the   tourists that come here definitely no Western  tourists but I thought that also this city is   not that popular for Chinese tourists especially  not in the winter when it's freezing cold here I   think together with habin or the area around habin  this is probably the coldest area in China right   now so I'm wondering where are the tourists coming  from she's standing on top of the Snow Mountain here and the building over there looks  interesting actually I'm not sure what   it is but H you see all the the shapes here of  the buildings everything looks typical middle   middle eastern style right such an interesting  City I have to say totally different vipes here   than in the other Chinese cities I have visited  I think I said it already earlier in the video   it looks more like a different country or it  feels a bit like I am in a different country   now and also there another vehicle with armed  guards on top of it yeah also here I saw that   in basically every Chinese City already that  all the popular places the tourist places   they are all with Security checks like this so  you always have to go through a metal detector   and I remember when I was in Beijing on top  of that you also have to show your passport everywhere I'm curious is what's going  on here maybe this is another market area here let's have a look inside I think this is a ball oh they have good marketing the drums and the  music outside they are attract ing the people and   then I was curious to see what's actually going  on inside here but it looks like a yeah like a   mall okay I think I just did a mistake I just  switched the batteries of my camera and uh my   second battery is almost empty so now I have the  empty first battery and I have the empty second   battery and on top of that I forgot the charging  cable for my power bank so I'm literally out of   battery now I think I have like 5% of battery left  that means I either need to buy a charging cable   to charge the camera with my power bank or I need  to go back to my hotel and maybe return tomorrow   like you can rent power Banks everywhere here in  China but I can't do that it's not working I don't   have the right app to do that I tried this before  so these power Banks they have a charging cable   as well so I had to go back to my hotel and then  it was already quite late so the next day now but   I am back in the area where I have been yesterday  already so the bazaar where we explored earlier in   the video is right over there behind the building  and today as you can see most of the snow has been   removed but it is actually colder than yesterday  currently we have- 21° but at least there's no   more snow here but it is still very slippery here  so I slipped already almost slipped already a few   times and yeah yesterday I explored already a  bit around the area off camera and I saw some   interesting places right over there so let's check  it out a lot of the shops here are playing music   as a marketing strategy and here you can hear the  music I can't play too much of the music because   it's copyrighted but you can definitely hear that  it's not typical Chinese music and this building   right here also looks like a mosque to me but I  think it's closed yeah I don't think it's open   nobody in here it is a Sunday afternoon by the way  maybe that's not the right time to visit a mosque   but I will not give up and I actually think it's  pretty interesting to just have a walk around here   get some impressions Feel The Vibes feel the  atmosphere you know and I really can say this   feels very different compared to all the other  cities I have visited in China and you know what's   always funny no matter which country I visit you  always recognize barber shops by this spinning   light outside and wow look at all the smoke coming  out here I'm wondering what I have on the grill   here oh wow check it out oh and I see some meat  sticks right here not sure what it is looks pretty   dark maybe like liver or something like that hello  can I get meat here is this lamp hey yeah okay can   I how much is one how much I don't understand  one two okay can I get one this one yeah this   looks delicious okay okay I go inside okay yeah  usually I wouldn't buy meat that uh is lying   around on the street like this for who knows  how long but because the temperature out here   is as cold as a freezer I think it's okay hello  okay oh check it out amazing Hello nice to meet you so looks like they're making it very  fresh year actually I would like to get   the bread as well I can sit here can I get  the bread as well uh this one the bread yeah   yeah yeah yeah okay I'm getting a lot of  looks here I feel like people are not used   to see for here oh there's one lady over  there she's looking at me I can't really   tell if she's uh Angry or just curious oh now  she's smiling okay everything seems to be good you I'm from Germany huh Germany Germany  gery yes oh yeah tea right okay looks like   I'm drinking tea from a bow here what  is this what is he doing oh I'm sorry   I don't understand English English  yeah you speak English no English okay okay and the food has arrived and first  impression it smells really really delicious   so this is the stick that I just choosed outside  so they grilled it in the room over there so it's   coming fresh from the grill and then I have  this bread as well which also we reminds me   about a nan bread so it's probably similar and  then you a tea on the side the tea is actually   very delicious it's a typical black tea not  that sweet to be honest some countries they   like to drink black tea very sweet but this is  I would say the perfect amount of sugar inside   a little bit but not too much and now let me  take a quick picture for Instagram if you're   not following me on Instagram yet feel free  to do so canro on Instagram the bre actually   is not to hot it's a slightly warm I would say  similar to Nan but not the same a bit similar to   the one I had earlier today already okay so  this is a proper meat stick right here lamb   meat let's give it a try oh I love the flavor of  the meat the flavors the spices they put around   is very delicious and in combination with the  bread together that is delicious oh I'm a meat   lover so this is Heaven for me right now the  meat is so good and I'm a big fan of Middle   Eastern Meat dishes and everything here the  flavors the meat reminds me a lot about our   typical Middle Eastern dishes this it's not  spicy at all if you're wondering no spicy   flavors in here it's a bit similar to curry  flavor I would say wow that was one of the   best pieces of meat I ate in a long time that was  outstandingly good let's see how much I have to   pay for this that was very delicious thank you  very much how 20 20 for a very delicious meal here I don't know what you mean I don't  understand but it was a h delicious okay   thank you bye-bye nice to meet you okay have  a good day bye-bye oh friendly people here   and this is where the Bread is made I think  they steam the bread in here kind of steaming here oh this is oh oh oh delicious delicious  okay okay that looks good I think it's probably   in the top five best meals I ate all over  China but yeah I still would like to see   a mosque and while I was eating I had a  look on Google Maps and although Google   Maps is not that reliable here in China but  I saw some mosque that are in the area here   actually there are quite a few to be honest  oh check this out this looks delicious here   some more bread hello what is this one is  it is it bread bread okay can I get one   piece please huh one piece one bad one piece  I'm not sure if it's bread or if there's a   filling inside but uh walking by here and it  just smells delicious so I'm curious to try it maybe she means one piece for 3 I'm really  curious if there's a filling inside or just   plain bread uh something inside okay no problem  I'm going to find out okay thank you very much   oh this is steaming here this looks delicious but  yeah let's find out if there's a filling inside or not oh there's meat inside I think it's beef and  onions in here so it's almost like a dumpling so   maybe this is the Ching Jang style of a dumpling  but the outside usually a dumplin has like this   the outside part is almost like a noodle and here  it's more like a bread so it's a hot filled bread   with meat very good I think there are also  fatty parts inside and they are very juicy   very delicious very flavorful and there's  fat squeezing out he even brought me some tissues thank you he saw the the fat is squeezing  out so he brought me some tissues I make a video okay these were two amazing good food  experiences here thank you sh bye-bye w yeah   I'm I'm a meat lover I love to eat meat it seems  like they really know how to cook meat here but   actually is the case all over China I really  love the way Chinese people cook their meat   like all these Grace dishes BRAC pork BRAC beef  so seems like also in this part of China they   really know how to prepare meat and this by the  way looks like a mosque right and all my hands   are dying this is not a joke anymore more I need  to put you guys down on the floor cuz I need to   get my my gloves out I even feel like that these  gloves might be not thick enough for the weather   conditions here I mean the Glo these glov are  totally fine when it was like around 0° like it   was in Chiang where I'm coming from but here  it feels like I need thicker gloves and this   also looks closed maybe all the Moss are close  today check it out there's even a little market   here basically right at the traffic light and  everything is happening outside here that really   surprises me people here seem to be very um used  to the cold what is this fruits Shing I can eat   I'm not sure what it is maybe a dried date can  eat how do you eat this it's it's hot like a rock obviously it's freezing cold here so this is  Frozen it's sweet not sure what it is I think   it's some kind of dried fruit okay sh thank  you not my favorite fruit and it's very very   difficult to eat and by the way there's another  mosque right over there okay this is a bit of a   sad situation there's a woman behind me with  her I think her son and uh maybe her brother   or her husband and uh I think she's asking  for money and she's crying which uh is kind   of sad walking by there so I'm not sure what  she's asking for but she seems to be very desperate okay a good day this by the way was  the first time I saw someone in China on the   streets asking for money and this after I think  this is my fifth week in total now here in China   I'm getting a bit of Southeast Asian Vibes here  to be honest and it's crazy that we have outdoor   markets here in this freezing temperature and I  have to say a lot of the clothing here remind me   once again about a middle eastern clothings yeah  I feel almost like I'm on a market in the Middle   East Egypt or turkey these Styles here doesn't  really look typical Chinese right oh I can't read   that I can't read Chinese oh I think there was a  promotion for restaurant wow it's so interesting   to just walk around and get impression here  because it's yeah once again it's so different   compared to the rest of China where I have been  to something that I also noticed here is that the   different ethnic groups so you have the ethnic  Chinese people here you have the r Muslim people   here it seems like they're living peacefully  together like you see many restaurants where   you have different ethnicity groups sitting  inside eating together I even saw some mixed   couples walking around here so my impression  the people here despite being from different   ethnic groups seem to live peacefully together  here and that is actually quite nice to see and   also something that I would like to mention is  this is now I think the sixth City I visit in   China Shanghai guango Beijing habin Chiang  and now urumi and I have to say every city   I have been to looks modern looks clean seem to  be well organized you don't see trash you don't   see homeless people until this day I haven't seen  one single homeless person anywhere in China and   yeah I often get comments on my Chinese videos  from resta nas they are so surprised oh China   is so clean so developed nothing like I am told  in the western media so people are saying this   in the comments a lot so also here in the far  west of China the city looks like this very   modern clean decent well organized and that is  just one example of how wrong the reports in the   Wern media seem to be about China where from I'm  from Germany Germany Germany Germany yeah NE from   the Netherlands uhh oh almost neighbors yeah  we are neighbor what are you doing here I am   family F your family here yeah oh yeah oh nice  I don't see many Western tourists here I also I   think you're the first one actually yeah me also  people travel here yeah right that's what I like   about places like this because it's off to beaten  path and no resters coming here to be that makes   it interesting for me that is right okay enjoy  byebye a man from the Netherlands who has family   here so I not the only Western person in town  at the moment but yeah as he said as well I'm   the first one that he sees and uh he's the first  one that I see anyway there's another mosque right   here which yeah I think is now the third or the  fourth Mo I come across just by walking around   the city center here so you can't say that there  are no mosque here or that the Chinese government   is trying to remove the mosque or something like  that but also this one seems to be close today   which is a sad because I would really be curious  to see one of these mosque from the inside maybe   Sunday is just the day where all the Mosk are  close but I'm not giving up there's a another   mosque nearby according to Google Maps so let's  see if I'm lucky there walking through the smoke   here coming out of the steamer over there I'm  actually surprised by how many things are being   sold like basically on the streets you know like  everywhere you see these uh shops having something   on display outside of the stores like all the  food and then the market vendor selling like   fruits or some clothings and yeah keep in mind  it is absolutely freezing cold here so this is   something that surprises me how much is actually  going on on the streets okay so I walked quite   far away from the city center maybe like half an  hour 40 minute walk from the bazaar area so this   seems to be a very local neighborhood here just  to get some Impressions like outside of the the   touristy City Center if you know my channel then  you know that's what I like to do usually but   also here the impressions are basically the same  most of the places are Muslim places you see more   Halal restaurants than you see non Halal typical  Chinese restaurants so I have the impression that   most of the city is looking like this and also  here there's another mosque right over there   there seem to be quite a lot of mosque here is  that right yeah right but today they are all closed because today is the because today is the  weekend not open on the weekend yeah I think the   weekend is the problem the mosque has already  closed so this is a mosque but it's not open   not open okay okay walk one kilm forward to find  the mosque over there and then right yes yes yes   okay thank you very much byebye bye-bye she was  friendly and lovely right and yeah she confirmed   what I thought already or what is my impression  already that there are quite a lot of mosque   around here okay this is no joke I literally  can't feel my hand anymore this is crazy I've   never felt this cold before so I need to warm up  very badly oh this is crazy I just uh took off my   gloth outside to take some pictures literally just  for half a minute or so and now it literally feels   like my hand is about to to totally freeze oh this  is insane by the way interesting fact about uh the   mosque here in this region of China I read before  so I don't know if this is a an actual fact just   something that I read before I read that Ching  Jiang so this region of China has more mosque   than the us more mosque than any Western country  in Europe and then you know all the Western Medias   are always saying that the Muslims being oppressed  here that China is trying to or the Chinese   government is trying to remove the Muslim culture  but then there are more mosque here than in the US   or in Western Europe and also do you have the  impression so far that the so the majority of   people that we spoke to today we interacted with  we saw were Muslims and I almost slipped again   and yeah the Western media is trying to tell us  that the Muslims are being oppressed here by the   Chinese government that they don't live a normal  life or they can't have a normal life so I don't   want to judge now but just asking you what is your  impression of the people that we have seen so far   today do they seem to be oppressed do they seem to  not have a normal life here you can judge that for   yourself just a few days ago I read a report in  the German media about this region and the media   in Germany is demanding that Volkswagen one of  the biggest car brands in Germany should close   all their factories here in Ching Jang Volkswagen  is quite big here they have factories here in   Ching Jiang and oh there's a Volkswagen right  here by the way and I saw many Volkswagen and   yet the media in Germany currently demands that  Volkswagen closes all their factories here because   apparently there is forced rer labor happening in  the Volkswagen factories here so the whole article   is written as if it's a fact that there is forced  labor happening in the Volkswagen factories now   obviously that is a big accusation so what they  did actually they sent an investigation team to   the Volkswagen factories here in Ching Jang  trying to find out if that's true or not and   yeah it's a long article the whole article is  written in a way like it's a fact that this is   happening and then basically the last sentence  of the report says that the investigation team   that was sent here came to the conclusion that  there is no sign of forced labor happening in   the Volkswagen factories but yeah that is just a  small sentence at the very end so that is how the   rester media is is reporting about this region now  I am not here to judge what is wrong what is right   I'm here to collect Impressions and to share these  Impressions with you so judge for yourself and if   you want feel free to share your opinions in the  comments but please be respectful because it is a   sensitive topic and I will be especially curious  to read your thoughts if you are a Muslim living   in China how is it to live here as a Muslim how  are you being treated if you would like to feel   free to share your thoughts and here we have  another mosque which I think is also the mosque   that the lady in the shop recommended excuse me  can I go inside I want to go inside no here oh   okay sh thank you hello okay let's see if this  is actually a mosque clearly looks like a mosque   but I'm confused by the the shops down here to be  honest usually or at least I have never seen that   before that the mosque has shops attached to it  you know no can okay I think all the mosque are   close today but I think you get the point that I  Tred to bring across in this video that there are   plenty of mosque around here and although we can't  visit them from the inside today we have seen many   mosque now from the outside here and yeah this  was also the building that you saw at the very   beginning of this video in the intro so this is  where the circle closes and if you haven't seen   my previous video where I explored around a rural  area near Chiang China then feel fre to check out   the video right here stay healthy stay positive  and then see you on the next episode ciao guys

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