I stayed in Bangladesh's most EXPENSIVE hotel!

I stayed in Bangladesh's most EXPENSIVE hotel!

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Good afternoon. And As-salaam Alaikum from the Tea Capital of Bangladesh. I have just arrived in Sreemangal up a zero. And normally you can call me Brent Timm but for the next couple of days, you can call me James. Tea Garden Harden.

A lot of Bangladeshis have told me that Sri Mangal is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country. So I'm beyond excited to spend the next several days here exploring the tea gardens, drinking a lot of tea, and maybe more than anything, staying here at one of the most expensive, most luxurious five five star hotels in Bangladesh. This is the Grand Sultan. And as you can see, we are surrounded by so, so much beauty right now I'm waiting to check into the hotel right now.

And I'm so excited to stay here because this is the most expensive hotel room I've ever stayed at in my life. I think the initial cost is 450 U.S. dollars, which is about 46,000 PDT, Bangladeshi Dhaka. but I think that's also before taxes and fees.

So when all is said and done, this is probably like a $500 a night hotel room. I've noticed that all the hotels in Bangladesh seem to charge like a 15% VAT and then a 10% service fee. So the price is always 25% higher than what it seems on the website.

Not sure why that is. Let me know in the comments is that every hotel in Bangladesh. But while we wait to check in, I want to go poke around right away. I don't want I don't I don't want to wait.

they're probably going to wonder where I am. But I hope they understand that I'm just poking around right now and taking you guys on a little tour. Super excited because I guess Sri Mangal is home to the seven layered tea spot. Seven layers in the tea. Super stoked to try that. What a gorgeous pool. How are there not a thousand people in the pool right now? What the heck? Get in the pool, people.

It's too beautiful not to be swimming. Yeah, you can definitely bet we're going to take a dip in there. So this entire area, Sri Mongol, it seems like easily the most lush, most green, certainly most gorgeous place that I've been in Bangladesh.

I could just chill here, bring me a chair. I can spend the next two days here and be happy. I don't need a $450 hotel room. All I need is some nature. Well, look at this. Look at these giant, beautiful butterflies flying around.

Wow. I don't think I've ever seen butterflies that look like that. Can we zoom in on those, Siri? Whoa. Maybe one want to land on my hand if I put it out here.

I assume they're friendly butterflies. And not those poisonous, dangerous, bloodsucking killers. Zombie butterflies.

We are in the lobby area now. One of the hotel employees came up to me and said somebody wanted to greet me, but they couldn't find me because like a little child, I had wandered away outside and was too impatient to wait to check into the room. But they.

Oh, check out the lobby levels. You are beautiful chandelier. This place is just a lobbyist.

Nicer than some of the hotels I've stayed at so far in Bangladesh. Oh, that's so funny. I can always tell when kids recognize me and they want to take pictures, but the mom is like, No, don't disturb that man. It's okay. Nice to meet you.

Could you tell everybody your name's Abner and I'm gay? Oh, I'm cyber. Yeah. Simon. Nice to meet you. You know, it's fun. You know, it's banana hopping. All the most fun, Y'all. Deals, deals, meal.

Are you from Charlotte? No, I'm from Ithaca. Okay. Are these your brothers? Yeah. I'm his friend. And my brother. Your brother's friend and your brother. Okay. What? What a very nice family. Is this your first day here? I just got here.

Oh, no, I was just leaving before you move in. Okay. Oh, my gosh. Thank you, Nishi. Salaam alaikum. What is this? Cumin? Yeah.

Oh, unexpected. Every hotel name And bring me the mango juice. This. I want it. This is going to taste like the Gita paneer. A soda power.

Oh, it's so funky. It's so funky. Why do people like the human juice? Is it like a health drink or something? What's up, little buddy? Well, say, hey, what's up, little buddy? I like your shirt.

You're the boss. Nice to meet you, buddy. Thank you for saying hello. I really appreciate that you enjoy the videos. Thank you.

I don't know. Yeah. What is the deal with this? Humans are also on. Why are you here? Please be aware of Big elephant. They really need to be aware of Big elephant. Really big. Okay. You know, I

got a tree yesterday also, Lisa. And monkeys. Also, monkeys are my natural enemy. But I didn't know there were elephants in Bangladesh. What's your. What's your favorite animal?

Probably me. Probably You. Okay. The human being that. Well, the child actually the scariest animal.

There are monkeys. Okay, well, other things, guys, that's been your cool glasses, by the way, little buddy. Cool glasses.

And the wife's information's in the bag. All right. Room number five information. We love that. Okay. And just for your information. Oh, okay.

All the information. Thank you, ma'am. This is May, and she's actually from. Where are you from? Philippines. The Philippines.

When did you move to Bangladesh? Oh, I've been here for, like, ten years. Ten years? Wow. Very, very cool. Thank you, man. Okay. So we got the room ticket. Let's go check out this.

I guess I'm getting an executive suite. And here we go. Access granted. 302.

Oh, my gosh. Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. Look at this place. We're going to put in our keycard. Oh, wait. That's going to put in our keycard.

And we got action. Oh, my word. What are we working with here, y'all? And it is room tour time. Okay. Here, we've got the kitchen sink, coffee, tea, some Pringles and some salted cocktail nuts, Pringles and nuts.

Every single hotel I've stayed in. They all got the nuts and the Pringles. What do we got in the mini fridge? The classics, the standards. We got some mango juice, the Sprite, the Coca-Cola, the Fanta, the Eminem's, the Kit Kats.

We got a nice little dining room table over here with the little fresh fruit, grapes and manners and apples on my. Wow. Look at this place, y'all. We've got the desk.

This is where the magic is going to happen. This is where all the work gets done. Little couch to chill out. No need for that ashtray. This is a nonsmoking room and a nonsmoking channel.

Well, actually, it's probably a smoking room if there's an ashtray here. Let's take a look at the view. What they got? No way. Yo. I'm only here for two nights. I'm ready to extend.

Look at all the butterflies flying down there. Oh, this place is magical. Magical? This feels like a Disney resort or something, guys. Wow. Oh, what is that? Got this incredible, like, kind of like a chandelier.

Just a beautiful lamp up there. No way. But I've got a little router right there. So the Wi-Fi speeds should be zinging and zagging.

And here is the bedroom. Whoa. Gigantic king bed. That thing is massive. Let's see how it feels. Yeah. I can't. I'm too excited to sleep.

But when you get a bed like that, I can't wait to sleep. Check out the View from this area here. What a pool. I'm coming for you. I'm coming for you. I thought it was going to be, like, raining. Oh, wow.

Some fountains down there. I thought it was going to be raining the whole time I was here. Insha'Allah. It's not going to rain a lot. We got some nice artwork, and we got someone. Someone's at the door.

So let's see who. Who's at the door? Salaam alaikum. Oh, it's my bag.

Yes, Yes. Thank you. Our name nominee, Mahmoud Abdurrahman. Thank you, brother.

Yes. Yes, I appreciate that. Do you dig in the red outfits? I always get a tip. The guy that carries the bag up. Just. Just common. Common courtesy. What a mirror we got.

Oh, Turn those lights on. Got a big old closet to. Oh, we got the prayer rug.

There's a spare phone in there. We got the safe. And. Oh, robe. Life robe. Call me Margot. Robbie. And then the banjo. The bathroom.

What a bathroom. This is where? Well, a different kind of magic happens. And got a big tub with the handles we got.

Oh, yes. The, like, rain shower type. And then we got the multiple adjustable pitch sprayer thing. We'll get a scale. I've been eating so good here. No, you. No need to use the scale.

We got the toiletries, some conditioners, lotions, shampoos, bath gels. These all look very, very fancy. We got to do a bum gum pressure check.

Okay. Okay. Solid. That's going to blow away. That's going to blow out all the nasty bits. You feel me? And yeah, the most expensive hotel room. The most expensive room I've ever stayed at. Besides the time, I had to spend eight days in a Dubai hospital that was like $550 a night.

This is much nicer and much more comfortable. Beep. Okay. All fresh and clean and ready to take on the day and explore the rest of this hotel.

You know, I've never seen elevator buttons like this. They're like, Touch. Touch screen. There's nothing like a button. It's not even, like, haptic. That's a really, really cool. well, first order of business. Before we explore any part of the hotel, we got to get some food.

They've told me that the best place for food is up there. Some are up there at a place called the Hilltop. I was like, Yes, I'm there.

The places like, I don't know, like 3 to 4 restaurants and cafes are some and crazy. There's cool little playground action over there. Not going to not going to go to the playground. Little too old for the playground. Young at heart, but not too old for the playground today. Got some nice phone action out here.

and check this out. You've got like this lake in the middle of the resort here. So peaceful, so serene.

You got some swings. There's also like a golf course here. I don't think we have time to play nine four holes, but we had a surprise, y'all. We got some special guests.

If you saw my job on a Future Park video, you'll remember these two. Nice. This nice couple took me to lunch. Could you tell everybody your names again? Yeah, I was. When? Be mine. So nice that you're here to. To join me.

It worked out that they were coming here on vacation. I was coming here at the same time. Yeah. We've kept in touch since we had those take out.

Right. Was that they have a place and so it's good. So is good. Take out burgers. And now we're headed to the Hilltop for a little food. Yes. This is outstanding. Like everything. Oh, what do we get? Is it another pool? No. A basketball court? Oh, So, as usual, I was like, Hey, can I.

Can I come back in the kitchen and check out what's going on? And they're like, Yeah, yo, look at this. Oh, my gosh. You know, there's lobster on the menu.

Always drop it in the butter right there. So my friend told me that the best foods here are grilled. So we're definitely getting something. Grilled?

We just put on a little chicken breast over there. Look at that griddle. Look at that grill. Look at the steam coming off of it. Wow. That lobster getting slathered up with that book. Salaam alaikum. Hello. Hello.

Oh, man, my man. What's my man got here? He's got to, like, for boiling hot rice. That's not a lake. And your other pizzas back here, No one gets used to this control. Andre Saffron, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Saffron. One of the most expensive spices in the world. And the food has arrived.

I decided to go with the grilled fish. With the grilled veggies and the steamed veggies. It was this week, so we ate a lot of beef. We had a lot of beef. My man. What did you get here? Yes, you.

So I'm having a mexican chicken steak. Mexican chicken. Look at that declaration for a smashed bottle. This is a delicious friendly from the ground and the tea leaf garnish.

Yes, yes, That's nice. And whoa, You definitely got something sizzling over there, right? Yeah, right. It's this is one of these isn't a little fried rice. Wow. No, it's phenomenal. All right.

We got the grilled fish here and it's actually a snapper. Had some snapper in Cox's Bazar. Now we're going to go in with some grilled snapper. It looks like they put some sort of like creamy sauce on the top power. Oh, wow. That's good.

Snapper cooked to perfection. It's got a nice tenderness to it. It's not mushy at all. I had some red snapper in Cox's Bazar that was so-so mushy because they overcooked it. But this is cooked just right.

A really, really dense piece of fish. That cream sauce on top. It's a little lemony. It's super, super savory with a nice salt element, too. That's a really, really good fish.

We're very impressed by the food so far here at the Grand Sultan. How's your food, guys? You like it? Yeah, it's wonderful. delicious fish lunch complete. And as you can see, the rain has started to fall. I think our luck is running out and staying dry here. But check this out.

So I guess this is a manmade lake right in the middle of the resort. and there's the gate that we came in from. It was a pretty heavy security check. They were like checking for explosive devices under the car.

Totally get that. Totally get the need to stay safe. But now we're going to mosey on up to the golf course and the golf par.

Erica, even though, like, the resort is like, full for Ede, there's like nobody out here. Where's everybody? Like, hiding in their rooms? They are missing out. Know. Assalamu alaikum. Hello.

So here they are harvesting the tea. The tea? That I guess we're going to probably drink in the hotel later and that the guests are drinking. And this is cool.

Oh, and see right over there on the road. It's so peaceful inside the resort. But as soon as you get close to the road, that that chaos returns. Get to the chopper. There's literally a helipad on the golf course. So if you got those big Bangladeshi bucks, you got mega, mega taka in your pocket.

You can afford a helicopter to land you right in the middle of the golf course. You can go to the hotel. This is outstanding. And like every blade of grass, just like so well manicured, everything super even everything uniform.

Look at that. Just in the distance, you can see, just like these valleys and just trees as far as the eye can see. All. Well, and what is this? I thought it was durian. It's not. It's jackfruit. That is a massive jackfruit.

I don't know if I've ever seen a jackfruit in the wild. I've only actually eaten jackfruit in the can. But my man tells me we might have some jackfruit at the breakfast tomorrow. Right. Nice. Couple of squirrely guys playing around up there. But those monkeys are squirrels? No, they screw their squirrels. Okay.

look at the giant harvest of the tea leaves here. Always. He's going to bring you something. Look at that. What do we have here? See, that's what I told you to leave. And one paw to leave in one corner.

Yes, that's. That's how in Bangla we say do to partake, to go and do the party degree. Interest in that smells good.

Yeah, well, some tea facts for today. Thank you, brother. But I wanted to get a little closer look at the pool here. I guess it's open till ten, So I promise you I will be dipping in the pool at some point.

They are playing some copyrighted music. Oh, wow. This thing stretches a lot further than I iPhone. I thought it was only like this big.

This is incredible, guys know this looks. The water looks so clear. The pool, it's super, super clean.

Not a single leaf in there at all. And, you know, we had to take a dip in the pool, right? Oh, my gosh. It's actually heated. But someone told me it was like the first heated pool ever in Bangladesh or something. Oh, this is so sad.

Yeah, well, I mean, chill would be cold, but, you know, she'll, like, chill out. Cold. A quick nap has been completed. It was about 5 minutes, maybe three and a half, but that's all we need to power through the rest of the night. We're about to go chow down on dinner at I don't know what restaurant there's like three to pick from. So I'm going to ask the front desk what looks best. But first, we're going to poke around because I guess there's some pretty cool amenities here.

We're going to check out the gym and apparently there's a game room with a P.S. five. That's a P. S five. So maybe we actually won't even go to dinner. I'll just get caught up in like a game of Call of Duty or Fortnite and spend my whole night there. here we go.

Let's start out at the library lounge. I'm still not sure how these buttons work. Okay. There we go. I guess. It kind of reminds me of, like, the buttons on, like, an old soda machine address.

I've got my external light on because these hallways are pretty dimly lit. We are looking for the library lounge, but we probably got to be quiet when we go in the library. This is nice.

It's a nice, nice couches to sit on against fancy chairs. Wow. We've got all these books, all my favorites, like The Sea. And I don't know any of these are.

We're in the English speaking books. Ooh. Book. All about Banzai trees and hair care and hairstyles. I'm not sure what year that book was made. Might be a little outdated. books. Kind of boring.

But video games? Not boring. Very, very exciting. Forget the library. Straight to the game room now. Let's see what we got. Oh, wait a minute.

No way. There's a pool up here to your Chickasaw. Yeah, We got the game center, the pool and the movie theater. This is the business center. Ain't no business going on while we're here.

Only fun and games. That's the only thing I'm interested in. I guess these are like some conference rooms, too. All right, here we go. The game center, please. Contact Business Center.

Here we go. check it out. Here are all the different games and things we can choose from.

They got a five piece for the switch, The Xbox One. What do you want to play? FIFA 22. Star Wars. Zelda, They got some more.

FIFA, all the FIFA's Kinect sports rivals. We got on the Ps5. We got Deathloop. Ghost of Tsushima.

Guardians of the Galaxy Grand Theft Auto. Oh, it looks like you've got the wheels, too. If we want to race. Oh, man, can we race? okay. And these are the movies you're showing tonight. Uh, Patton, Patton, and, uh, bad.

But I. Barea. Okay, I'm not familiar with any of those. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be watching Spider-Man into the multiverse here.

But nevertheless, I would guess that most of the people coming here want to watch those movies. So if you're into those movies. Super cool. I've known. I'm ki. What's your name? Shafi. Shafi. Thank you. He is.

I mean, look at his face, guys. We are in the game center. Oh, my gosh. We've got these incredible, like, gaming chairs here and. Oh, super, super comfy. Look at this. We've got the professional racing wheel.

Are you kidding me? Man? This is insane. We've got all the professional football players over here. What is this? Oh, my gosh. We got the Xbox, maybe four or five. Oh, We get the beanbag chairs to play it on. Yo, yo, if you're a kid, if you're an adult, does it matter what age you are? This place is like straight up heaven on earth.

You got to be kidding me. All we're in this. A man's about to about to play some FIFA right now. And here's where you can play the switch. This is nuts. All right. My man is going to show us the poor.

I was very confused because I thought it was like a pool pool. But it is a pool. Oh, so my man also known as snooker. So you can play some solid pool snooker up in here. Very, very cool. check this out, guys.

Every night there's, like, entertainment, I guess, on the top floor. I'm going to be quiet so you all can hear the music and see what goes on. But I guess there's some, like, music and maybe some dancing. We're going to go pop in here. Good evening. Before dinner, real quick. Salaam alaikum. Oh, my gosh.

They got food up in here. So they go, Oh, we got the live food you got. We got, like, all these little desserts and stuff to sell for.

So it. Fresh tomato. That was. Oh, insanely, insanely fresh. All we got.

All is what? That looks crazy. No Chinese vegetables. Do you? Because we're about to get fat tonight, y'all.

What is this? Oh, no way, No way, No in the world is this petitioning with us, this seafood and chicken and jambalaya. And you got to be kidding me. You got to be kidding me. Oh, my gosh. What else we got here? We got seafood fettuccine marinara.

You know, when I'm losing my mind I didn't know existed. Fish fillet with lemon butter sauce mushy on the side. Just elbow that guy in the kidney chicken. Just crazy beef stroganoff.

Martin Rogan, Josh Rogers, receiver, what's your my name? And then I know those are like French fries. Check out the desserts. Oh, no. Oh. Bravo. Very good.

Very, very good. Wow. A lot of talent. A lot of talent on that stage. Can you believe all the food out here, y'all? This is insane. The hotel is full. I can't believe there's not a million people in here listening to the music and enjoying the food and getting blasted in the eye with those.

Those pyrotechnic effects. If you've seen any of my videos, you know how much Bangladeshi food I've been eating. And it's a little bit heavy. So to have a gym in the hotel. Essential. Absolutely essential. Although truly no reason to, like, walk around anywhere.

You can just walk around outside all day. All right. I got the state of the art like ellipticals. Some treadmills.

That's how that's how little I use the treadmill. I can't remember the name. Oh, oh, They must have a little massage.

Little salon spa action here. Maybe get the old twinkly toes and a little little massage there. Oh, yeah. They got the massage table.

Nice. Nice Freeway's got a bench press. Okay. Okay.

I see you. I see your grand time. Oh, a hot tub solid. And. Oh, wow. That's a big, big massage bed.

Interesting. Oh, for the time massage, because they got to, like, let you out, lay you out flat. Had one of those in Thailand. Very nice. Oh, my gosh. You got steam room.

We broke in. How steamy is it? Oh, pretty steamy. Pretty steamy. What else we got? And then we got all of a sauna to sweat. All that food scout sweat, all the toxins. Oh, my gosh.

Yeah. Yeah. Not. I don't think it's turned on. They're definitely going to spend some time in here. After dinner, no doubt. Go on in the hot tub behind the steam room, going in the sauna, sweating out every last single carbohydrate I'm about to consume.

Early morning breakfast buffets. How while the bed was so, so comfy, y'all, let's start it off. What are we going to do? We got the Perata and the lucky. What is what is the lucky? Her Lucky Lucky whose spicy beef chickpeas do the dal vegetables. Classic. Okay.

For the record, I've been to a lot of nice hotels. My time in Bangladesh. This breakfast buffet food looks the most appetizing. You've seen the videos. You know, some food looks better than others, some not so good. This.

This looks like a mega fresh egg. Vegetable noodles. Chicken. Catch it, Tory. But at seven in the morning, team it seems the Bangladeshi people really like foods that in the west we would have for dinner.

For breakfast. I think that's cool. Big fan of eating food at any time of the day.

Roll tomato a roll egg with tomato cheese. Yeah, that's a good big potato with green vegetables. And what is this suji cow. Hello. Oh, okay. Owner of. It's kind of like the halwa that you would eat with Hollywood.

Very fascinated. the tragedy is that I ate so much food in that buffet last night that I'm going to have, like, half an egg here. Fresh papaya juice, fresh lemon juice, fresh fruit platter. Just gorgeous, gorgeous darling.

Going to mix like sweet breads, donuts, some rolls, more bread with you. Any sliced bread you want. I guess it's layers. The custard danish, the crescent, pistachio Danish, the oven all day, the piece of baguette, white bread, milk, bread, brown bread, German bread. Malta, Sea, brown bread and bread.

C Some mixed fruit jams, some pineapple. Wow. Check this out, guys. Look at all these monkeys.

Oh, that's a big one right there. Hey, buddy. They seem kind of afraid of humans because as I'm walking towards them, they're all, like, running away. Look at the monkeys.

I'm monkey buddies. Oh.

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