I'm Starting My New Bikepacking Trip In Paris. What Could Go Wrong?

I'm Starting My New Bikepacking Trip In Paris. What Could Go Wrong?

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Hi there! My name is Michael and I'm also known  as Bike Touring Mike. You're used to seeing me   battle the mosquitoes here in Sweden, but since my  last adventure with Ryan van Duzer we've been having   such a bad weather here in Sweden. So for my next  adventure I thought I'd go someplace warmer and sunnier. Woohoo! So my next adventure will  take me to France and I'm about to hop on a  

plane that would take me down to Paris,  where I'll start my journey and start   cycling towards the city of Bordeaux. On  that Journey I'll go through the fantastic   Loire Valley, with its magnificent castles  and I'll also be enjoying some great food   and good wine along the way. The plan now is  to get from here in Paris to here in Bordeaux   in about 9 days time. Can't begin to explain  how psyched I am about this trip. France is  

one of my favorite countries in the world and  I'm fortunate to be able to go on a bike tour there [Music] there [Music] After a short layover in Stockholm I reached  Paris the next morning. The local time is 9:39. We made it to Paris and I got to  admit I probably slept for 95% of that   flight. The next order of business now  is to start looking for my bike box and   start assembling the bike. I've been  waiting here for about 30 minutes and   had basically lost all hope of my bike  getting here. But then I saw this and it   looks like it's my bike box on top of that.  So I'm going to follow this gentleman over

here. Feels like a giant stone has been lifted  off my heart. Now we just going to find a   place to assemble the bike here. I'm  probably looking to go outside to get a   better spo,t because it's super crowded in here. Navigating through a yam packed airport with   a bike box isn't an easy thing. But somehow I  made it outside of Terminal 1 where I found a   place to start assembling my bike. I made a quick  overview of the bike and everything looked to be ok [Music] [Music] It took me about 45 minutes  to assemble the bike and to repack all of   my bikepacking bags. I had done some planning  ahead of my flight so I knew that cycling from  

Terminal 1 was almost impossible. So I made  my way back into the terminal with my fully   loaded touring bike and boarded the free  airport shuttle that goes between Terminal 1   and Terminal 3. Terminal 3 is a lot easier  to access access on foot or as in my case by bike Outside of the terminal I was  able to start riding right away with   my next destination being Paris City  Center. The adventure was about to begin [Music] So I'm finally out of the worst traffic  and it's been pretty tough navigating,   even though I've uh sort of plotted a route  down to Paris Center. It's it's still a  

bit tricky because there are a lot of road  construction and so on. So I've had to take   a couple of other roads that I intended  to do. But now I'm finally on this really   nice bike path that I've been on for the last  couple of kilometers. So I hope I'll be able to  

follow this for the next maybe 15 minutes or so  here. And by then I should be joined up with the Eurovelo [Music] [Music] I'm finally able to sit down and have a  bit of lunch now. I basically haven't eaten   anything yet for this day. I had some Swedish  cinnamon buns with me that I ate in the morning   but otherwise. So I'm pretty hungry. I  found this really nice park about halfway in   from the airport towards Paris City Center.  After eaten lunch I still got a lot of   navigating to do before I'm past Paris.  The goal of today is to make about 100 km  

I'm really not in a rush this first day. I'm just  glad I got my bike together and that I'm able   to get onto the road. Aiming for a 100,  perhaps less, perhaps more. But now we eat some lunch [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] You never really need to worry about water here  in France. All over the place, especially here in   Paris they have water fountains or water  faucets that you can fill up your water   bottles with. So you really don't need to stop  at a supermarket and buy these expensive,   and bad for the environment, plastic water  bottles. Today is September 5th and  

the temperature here in Paris have just started  to reach comfortable temperatures again. They've   had a pretty hot summer, so now you can see  people are out enjoying this lovely weather   that they having. Both people out cycling  jogging along the canal here or working   out at one of the outdoor gyms that you can  can find all along the canal here in Paris [Music] So I've just made it down to the  river Seine and it's about 4:00 p.m. now in the   afternoon. So traffic is picking up a bit, so  I'm just trying to get out of Paris at the moment   But there's a really nice cycle path that  goes all along the river here. And hopefully in  

maybe half an hour or so the traffic will  ease up and I'll be out in the suburbs again [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I have no idea why we're heading over the  river here. But uh all the signs leads to   us taking this very narrow bridge over the  river. Hopefully there's something   great on the other side. We just have to wait  and see. I just checked the map and it looks   like there's a park or something on the  other side, and they have a drinking water   fountain. Which is really timely because  this is all the water I have left, and  

this is pretty lukewarm. So it's worth the  detour just to get some new fresh cold water. Let's try this with my bike bags Yes, barely made it through.   If I would have had panniers this would   have been pretty impossible to do. But  with bikepacking bags it's a lot easier It didn't take me long to  understand why the route took me   over to the other side side of the river.  A lovely little Park was awaiting me   The French sure love their parks. Almost  every little town has its own park  

And they sure seem to take advantage of  the recreational opportunities here in France t's about 6 p.m right now and I don't  really know how much further I'm going to go tonight I still have about 30 km until  the town that I was sort of aiming for   My legs are fine, so I don't really have a  problem doing 30 km more. But I'm not sure if   the campground is open so late at night.  I think the first order business now  

is to find some sort of a supermarket, and  and buy some food so I at least don't end up   at the campground without any food. They might  have a a restaurant at the campground. But I'm   guessing it would probably be closing by  the time I arrive there. so I need to buy   some food to take with me at least. And then  we'll see about the lodging options later on I'm just about a couple of kilometers away  from from a campground, but the problem is that the   campground closes in about 10 minutes.  So I better make a move on if I'm going to   find a campground tonight. Seems like all of  the campgrounds close at 7:30 or around that time

[Music] I made it to the campground  just in time. Although I might think that they   are pretty flexible with the opening times. It seems  like it's a family driven camping   The next problem now is that I just checked on  Google Maps and all the supermarkets in the   area closes at 8PM. Which is about 20 minutes away.  So I'm not going to be able to go there  

I'm going to have to go a bit further here. I found  one that closes at 9PM. And there's also some sort   of Chinese restaurant right by it. So I'm just  going to hurry up and put up my tent and then   head for that little town. I also need to find an  ATM since the campground here doesn't seem to   accept credit cards. So I got to find some cash at  the ATM to pay for the campground. It was quite funny   when I got here. The the owner of the campground only spoke French. Not a word in English or  

German or anything. So we had to use kind of sign  language to understand each other. But we   managed to do that and I got this spot anyhow. It's  mainly just small Pebbles underneath. But it will   do for tonight. I'm just looking for forward to  a shower. I have no idea what this campground   is going to cost me. I'm guessing it's going to  be between 15 and 20 Euro, so we'll see when I get back Well that pretty much sums up this day, or at least  the second half of the day. What a lousy day on a  

bikepacking trip this has been. It started  with me getting off with a late start from   the airport. Since it took maybe an hour after I landed  to finally get my bike. And I was I was really   counting on it being lost. It took me about  an hour to assemble the bike, and then make my   way out of there The first hour or so was  really tricky and a bit of bad navigating on my   side. But once I found the Eurovelo 3 everything ran  pretty smoothly all the way until I was about to   leave Paris. The thing with the bike infrastructure  in Paris is actually quite good. But as I got out  

in the southern suburbs everything turn into pure  crap. I had to stop for at least 40 red lights and   everything was... I was always kind of out of sync  with the cars. I had to stop at every red light basically  It took forever to get anywhere. I had aimed to make about a 100 km today. And I   knew that that might have been a bit optimistic.  I ended up at this campground, and I think I'm  

about 80 km from the airport. So about 20 km short of my  goal for today. But that's not a problem. I'm going   to make that distance up in the coming days hopefully. But it didn't end with just the cycling   being totally miserable. I had to go back about  3 or 4 km to the nearest town to get some money.  

And basically everything was shut down. Restaurants  and supermarkets as well. I guess I have to   learn this for the the coming week, that I  have to start way earlier in the morning. And then   be able to to get to a supermarket before they  close at around 8. Which seems to be the general   time when everything shuts down. Now I'm back at  the campground. I'm just going to take a shower and   eat the snacks I still have left. And that's  basically my dinner for tonight. I'm hoping and   I know that the coming days will be a lot better.  Always when you go through big cities like Paris  

it's going to be pretty much a total nightmare  going through it. Cities aren't really designed   to accommodate bike Packers. I'm glad that  this day is over. I'm looking forward to what's   ahead of me. Especially when I get down to the Loire  Valley, that I'm supposed to be at in about 2 days   time from here. Hi there, it's Mike from a little  bit chillier Sweden here! I'm so glad you made it  

to the end of the video and although I was a bit  grumpy there at the end. Looking back on it now   about a month later I realize that I still had  a pretty fantastic day riding through Paris   If you enjoyed watching episode one and can't  wait for the next one, I've got a little secret   for you. It's already live on my patreon page.  If you click the link in the description below   you'll get to see a free preview of Episode  2 right away. And things are definitely going  

to pick up in Episode 2. So I'll see you over  there. Otherwise, until next time have a good one!

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