I get a haircut by a pharaoh in Giza vA 6

I get a haircut by a pharaoh in Giza  vA 6

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morning my friends, not from cairo, but  from somewhere in giza, and it's time and it's time for the barber, finally i'm gonna  go to the barber, get rid of this beard, get rid   of this long hair, and we are in the middle  of somewhere in giza, look at the lovely street,   very local area, and it's time for the barber shop  here, where are we going, this is the shop, and uh hello Alex so alex is gonna cut my hair, yeah  actually i'm gonna surprise you guys   yeah let's get surprised  yeah yeah, this is the shampoo, okay okay, ready for the haircut sit here, yes okay so do you like turkish coffee or... or what, or tea, or... turkish coffee without sugar... a bit of sugar we get a coffee first you can see the religious... jesus is somewhere  here, the virgin mary, religious signs up there   so we're in a christian uh... alex is christian, it's  a coptic barber, and that's what's fascinating  

coptic language actually comes from the... it's  the evolution... i mean it originates from the   language of the ancient egyptians,  from the language of the pharaohs   and actually alex... you speak a  little bit of coptic you said, right   how do you say just like hello in coptic, like okay  it's not like hello, but i mean like peace, like   it's so hard, okay okay, when it  comes back, you can say it, no worries i want short, like short on the side, and a little  bit longer on the top, basically that's it,  yes, it comes in my mind now okay like salam aleikum... irini basi

like what... irini basi okay wow, so that's peace to you, and  that's what you say... that's coptic language   wow fantastic, great, thank you very much and oh yeah i need to... be careful, i have  this... before you shave, yeah... actually in here actually here, the barbers start to cut the hair from the side but me actually I have a different way, I start from up oh you start from up, okay, do your way i just let you know, okay, okay someone is coming welcome, thank you i don't know arabic just a bit of arabic it's good right... left

no sugar on the right, and left is for me, left with sugar one sugar on the left so the left one is... okay oh it's good yeah yeah that's really good, so that's  the usual process, to have coffee it's the tradition, the welcome coffee the customer has to drink coffee but then you have to stop the  cutting because... yeah yeah   then because when you drink coffee, you move   no, it's nice we just drink a bit, and stop, drink a little bit and stop there's so much coffee inside actually,  yeah it's very strong yeah a sip of coffee, to get strong a new one, new one, okay you have so many different ones,  so that's the second one you use,   yes second one, okay, the second big one, but i'm  going to use like two other small ones, ah okay   so why do you use a different one, actually  it's okay, oh you could keep the first one, it's just   just for the show, okay, yeah he  is making a big show for you guys by the way it's germany, it's made in germany,  it's made in germany okay, first one is made in china,   ah okay, oh so we... german is best for sure, okay  so we're going uh up in the level there, yeah and we have a new friend here so that's the shop of... that's the shop of your friend, right his name is samah okay so it's the shop of samah, samah is his name  but it has another meaning, samah means   forgive, okay okay so he is called  forgive, nice, nice, and you have your own shop,   but it's a little bit... yeah I have my own shop yeah,  it's like nearby here, around 10 minutes,   10 minutes from here, but now it's closed  today, because it's day off for barbers   exactly so we are... we're having a special  treat on monday which is day off for barbers

so we have the shop for ourselves actually  this guy, he is the one who opened his   shop for us today, okay so he's the one who  opened the shop for us, thank you yousef he works with samah, he works with samah, okay   okay so and you, your name is alex right,  yeah but it is not my first name yeah okay my first name actually it's  emad, hamed, oh okay, but in english, to pronounce emad is hard but my name is emad alexander, ahmed alexander but in arabic emad iskender, because in arabic iskender is alexander but actually the people at the hostel call me alex okay yeah yeah it's easy for  them, and i like it as well   okay okay, yeah yeah so your  first name is ahmed, hamed, no emad, i meant oh it's very hard to pronounce... yeah that's why... it's like... like this, so it's like emad it's very hard what's the meaning of your name then okay, i spell it, e m a d in english emad, in arabic emad yeah it's hard yeah yeah yeah.. coffee break you see how much coffee it is inside, that's  only coffee left, no more water almost   i'm never gonna sleep tonight so it's time for the beard, time for the beard third one, yeah so this one is german or chinese,  no this is one chinese, chinese, it's good, it's a good one salam aleikum sorry, i need to stop smiling no, that's fine you want a drink, no, I am fine you want to drink something something, not tea, but it's like... what's that ice, no, no, it's not ice it's different, you gonna take it okay, let's have it... it's like something like mint mint, but not cold yeah okay, like infusion, like mint with... like  tea but with mint, yeah, no tea, just mint  

okay it's an infusion of mint, basically yeah you would like, or you would to take a lemonade oh lemon, yeah with lemon yeah it's cold, yeah okay he is very friendly i think it's better that we get a cold drink yeah because it's so hot you like, face massage, oh okay actually i do massage as well, oh really... body massage, oh really, you are very skilled actually I have learnt that from my friend he actually works in a shop called... okay it's like three stars, there is massage, sauna, oh yeah, it's what you told me, it's a barber but you also have sauna... sauna, and massage, anything you want you can find there actually he is from sudan he actually taught me how to do massage actually I want to open a shop like that in sharm el sheikh, yeah, you can open a big shop, but only for women yeah yeah it's more interesting for sure hello so you present yourself, you make the  advertisement for your future shop see you in sharm soon also that's the... ah okay that's  the blade, okay it's a razor okay oh nice, the lemonade is coming oh nice, thank you cheers brother that's everything... so that's lemon with mint, right oh it's very good, very fresh, fantastic   yeah it's perfect for... when it's  summer here... a fresh lemonade, perfect

to make the skin soft, okay oh nice it's time to enjoy now, time relaxing so that's the facial atomizer so we need to warm up, warm it up right yeah oh, it's hot better like that it's funny, it's like a facial sauna   a facial sauna, because it's hot air,  so it's like as if... just for the face i am so fresh the face feels so refreshed, like almost new we are done, wow fantastic amazing, i have a new face i need to pay you yeah, okay, i need to pay, how much is it it's okay, no, no come on i mean, you spent two hours it's okay, no, no, i need to pay, i am okay with anything it's okay it's very okay so thank you very much for  this incredible experience with alex, thank you so much alex   and waiting for the next video, yeah waiting for  the next video, probably with alex again   so see you for the next video, with alex again,  probably in the hostel, see you, ciao guys, ciao

2022-10-23 18:15

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