How much to Get an African Wife ? vA 83

How much to Get an African Wife ?  vA 83

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Nairobi, Kenya - Morning, my friends, from Nairobi once again. Actually, my bike is almost ready to ride again. And today, we're gonna go, try to go to experience one of the biggest markets, one of the busiest markets in Nairobi, which is the famous Gikomba.

So let's go discover Gikomba. Hello. - Hi. - Hello. - Hello. - How are you? - Fine, fine. - Fine, fine. - Fine, fine. - Good afternoon. - Good afternoon. - Where are you going? - I'm going to Gikomba. - Ah, okay. - Yeah, it's that one. - Gikomba. - It's that one. - Gikomba is this way. - It's this way. - Gikomba is that way.

It's that way. - It's that way. Okay. - Yeah. - So that's the wrong way. Thank you! So I was going in the wrong way because... Well, I came before. But this time, they did not drop me at the same place, so... I'm not exactly sure where I'm going.

- Hello. - Hello, hello. - Guy, what's wrong? - It's very busy here. I have no idea where's Gikomba actually. I'm lost. Wow! Let's try to find someone to help us reach Gikomba.

So in spite of visiting Gikomba, we're gonna just look for Gikomba, I guess. - Hey. - Hello. - Hey. - Do you know which way Gikomba is? - Yeah. - Do you know which way Gikomba is? - Which? - The market. Gikomba.

- Of what? There are so many markets here. - Oh, Gikomba. - Yeah, there's Gikomba. - You are taking a video. You are recording. - Don't take a video of me. - Yes. I'm recording a video. - Don't record me. - You don't want a video. Okay, so... Have a good day. - Thank you! Thank you!

- Let's try to find someone friendly, camera-friendly, who can indicate to us where the market is. Well, we are in the middle of a market… - Hello. - …but Gikomba is different. Hello. - Yeah. - How are you? - Fine. - Fine. Do you know where Gikomba is? - Yeah, yeah. - The market. - Around. Yeah. - Yeah, but… There are more... - There. - Oh, it's this way. - There. There. - This way? It's right then?

- Yeah. - No, yes. Right like that. - On the right? - Yes. Right, then left. - Okay, okay. Thank you! - Welcome. - You see the wigs. The wigs are very popular here. - How are you? - Good, how are you? - I'm good. - This is what? A skirt? - A skirt. - A skirt. Okay. - Yeah. - So that's not for me, I guess.

- Do you have a wife? - No, I don't have a wife. So I cannot buy a skirt. Yeah. - This one. - This one? She can be my wife? - Yes. - Okay. No, but... Thank you! So okay. So I found one wife already. People are super friendly in Kenya actually. And quite camera-friendly as well. Hello, hello. This is jeans? - Yeah.

- It looks good. - Yeah. - This is for men or women? - Men. - Men? You said "women" before. - Men. - Men. No, but it's okay. I don't need jeans. For how much do you sell it? - 200 ($1.3). - 200 Shillings? - Yes. - Oh, that's cheap. But I don't need jeans. Yeah. Okay.

- Buy... - Thank you. - Buy it for me if that's okay. - For you? No, but... That's okay. - How are you? - I'm good, I'm good.

So she wanted me to buy a jeans for her. Muzungu, muzungu. And I forgot to do the introduction actually. Actually... Oh, I guess this is Gikomba. Ah, I'm on the other side of Gikomba. The other time, I went through the other way.

Look at that. This is the entrance of the real Gikomba. Oh my god. What the hell? So it is a very busy market as you see. That's what's interesting. That's where you want to go when you're a tourist. Some sweets. So my mission for the food I can find here. I will try to look for mutura, a typical Kenyan sausage made with leftovers. So it's a typical Kenyan sausage for the poor, and I wanna see if I can find some and try the mutura.

That will be a quest for our exploration of Gikomba. Hello. - Nice. - Nice. - What is this? - Camera. - For what? - For a vlog. YouTube. - What is that?

- Look at that man. What the hell? They carry those big bags that can be up to 75 kilos. A really, really hard job.

I don't think I'm going the right way. - Hi. How are you, man? - Hello. - How are you? - How are you? Good, good. - I'm fine. - You're fine. Good. Gikomba is here? Is it this way or this way? - This way. - This way? - Yeah.

But the central part of Gikomba. - This is the central... - This is the central part. - Yeah. - But I want to see the narrow alleys. - Narrow alleys. - It's like this? - They're around. - Like this way? Okay. - Yeah, they're… - Okay. Okay. Thank you! - …this way. - Thank you! - You are taking pictures. - Yes, I'm taking pictures.

When you say 10, it's for one, no? - Yeah, 10 is for… - Okay. - 10 for one little. One. Yeah. - I'll buy some. Yeah. - Yeah. - Just give me... - One. - Give me two. - Two? - Five. - Keep it for yourself. For yourself. - For yourself? - Yes. - This one? - Yes, just buy oranges for yourself, so you can eat. - Yeah. - Okay? - Thanks. Thank you, thank you. - You're welcome. Okay, have a good day.

- Are you taking photos of us? - Yes. - Why? - Because I make a vlog of the market. Let's go. Wow, okay. So here we are in the narrow alleys now. This market is awesome.

I think it's gonna be quite a mission to try to find some food in here. This is not really for food. It's not really a food market. So I never told you the history of Nairobi, which is quite short, but...

Still, there is some history: so, Nairobi was actually created in, I think, 1899. And it was created as a depot on the railway line from Kenya to Uganda during the British colonial time. So it was just basically a train station. I think it was very... It was full of swamps at that time. But then, it grew very fast and very quickly.

I think about just like 10 years later... I almost fell. Yeah, I think 10 years after it was created, it already replaced... It grew so much that it already replaced Mombasa as the capital of Kenya. And since then, it's been a thriving city with a cool climate that attracts everyone from all around the country.

Here it's 1,700 meters high. So the climate is very cool. So that's why it's attractive basically. Yeah, it's not too hot, not too cold. The climate is just perfect here. - Hey, my friend. - Yes. How are you? - I'm okay. I'm very fine.

- You're very fine. - How about a jacket here? - No, no, I don't need a jacket. It's okay. - Yeah. Why not? - For how much do you sell a jacket? - Ah, you've got... Yes. - ...a camera. You've got a camera. - For how much do you sell a jacket? - $2 only. - $2 only? Really? That's very cheap. - What about the channel? What are you doing? - The channel? YouTube. Yeah. - YouTube?

- Yes. - I like it. - You like YouTube? Good. Have a good day, man. Good luck. - Yeah, good luck too. - Yes. - Thank you. - You're welcome.

Lovely people here. - You are fine? - Yeah, I'm fine. Yeah. And you? How are you? - I'm good. - You're good? - Yeah. - Good, good. Very good. I'm recording the market. - Oh, the market. - Yes. - It's fine, or is that...? - That's fine. It's fine. It's good.

Yeah. I like Gikomba. It's nice. - You like Gikomba. - Yeah, yeah. Yeah. - It's too good. - Yes. Do you often come here?

Why are you here? Do you wanna buy some things? - Us? - Yes. - We have come to take omena. - To? - Take omena. - Take omena. - Yeah. - What's omena? - It's a small fish. - A small fish. Okay. So you're gonna eat. - Yeah. - Oh, nice. Okay. - Yeah. - So enjoy your fish. - Yeah. - Have a good time. - Yeah.

- Oh, putain. That's what happens when you don't look. - Hi, hi, hi. - Yes. - How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - I'm fine.

- You're fine? - Yeah. - Good. Do you see my foot? - Yeah. - That's what happens when you don't look at the ground, when you walk around here - oh my god. Oh my god. That's... I don't know. Well, that's the way it is. You see my foot? - Yeah, don't worry. - Yeah, it's the way it is. Yeah.

- That's normal. - That's normal. Yeah. How are you? - I'm good. - Oh my god, it's... It's absolutely disgusting.

Oh my god. I'll have to take a shower when I come back. Yes. Ah? The what?

Sorry? - Do you need water? Do you need some water? - Yes, I need some water, I guess. Maybe, I need to buy a... I can buy a bottle of water maybe. Yeah. Oh, man. - Right there is... - Yes. - The tap is there. - Oh, there's tap water. - Yeah. - Ah, okay. Great. Thank you very much! Yeah. - Keep going. Don't worry.

- You need to wash up. - Yeah. I need to clean. Yeah, because it's... - It's not far. It's inside here. - It's inside here? - Yes. - Okay, good. So I'm lucky I found some lovely people who'll help me clean my feet.

What's your name? - My name is Derrick. - Is? - Derrick. - Derrick. Okay. - Yeah. Thank you very much for your help, Derrick! We guys have told you that they had come to buy omena. - To buy omena. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I remember.

Yeah, yeah, I know you are the same person from before. Yeah. - I'm the one. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yeah. - Oh my god. Look at that. There is the pool table.

But the emergency is to clean myself. - Come, come. - But there's a toilet there. - Derrick. - Derrick, there's a toilet just there. - But it's there.

There, you can pay 10 Shillings. - Oh. - Yep. - And there's water. - Yep. - Yeah, it's okay. I'll go there. Yeah. - Okay, that's... - But that's... They have the... - Okay.

Do you have water to clean my foot? Ah, I can here. - But you should be very clean. - But the other one is okay. Yeah. - Okay, you should be very clean. - Very clean. It's okay. - Very... - Thank you very much! Very clean. Thank you! - Yeah. It's very clean. You're going the same... This way. - Yeah, I'm going the same road.

Yeah, okay. - Yeah. - Thank you! Yeah. Thank you for your help. (Talking to the guy on the left) It's okay. You can keep the change. Thank you! - Let's move. - Ah, okay. - So we're again on the road that you were passing. - Yes. - Come. - So I need to be more careful with where I step now.

- You know, you stepped there. - Yeah, I have to be careful, just look... - Remember. - ...look more at the ground. - Yeah.

- Hello. - Hello there. - Hello. - Hello. - It was here. - Hello. - Oh, it was here. Oh, okay. Yeah. I was... So this is where the problem happened. - Yeah. Yeah. - I'm clean now. I'm clean now. - You are clean. - Yeah, I'm clean now. Yeah. - Yeah. - Because I saw him. He was laughing so much before.

- That man? - Yes. Do you know maybe...? Do you know where I can find mutura? - Mutura? Yes. - Yes, you know? - Yeah. - Oh. - On the other side. - On the other side? - Yeah. - Okay. - But it's still Gikomba there. - Oh, it's still in Gikomba. - Yeah. - Okay. - Gikomba is very big. - Gikomba is big. Yeah, yeah. Is it like the biggest market in Nairobi? - Yeah. - It's the biggest.

- Okay. - The biggest. It goes there, there. It goes… - Oh, it goes away. - Yeah. - Okay. - Gikomba. It's still Gikomba. - Oh, it's still Gikomba. Okay. Yeah, I need to be careful. There is a river to cross. I think we are somewhere I know. Yeah, I know this bridge, I think. - Yeah, yeah. - Yeah, yeah.

- You can remember. - Yeah. Yeah, yeah. - Yes. - Yeah, I know. I passed by two days ago just... That's the... Here is where they iron things and they make all the... They make the dyeing for the jeans and that, right? - For the jeans. - Okay, yeah. - They come. They change. - And that's how the river is. - Let's go. - Let's go.

- Hi there, I need 20 bucks. - I need... Yeah. - Welcome. - Thank you, thank you. So you're leading me to the food part, right? Where are you going now? - Mutura there. - Oh, mutura is there. Okay. - Yeah. - Hi. - Hello. - Yeah, that is you. - Yeah. Yeah, I remember. I'll come back later. - Yeah. - I'll come back. - You'll come back. - Where are you from? - Hello, hello. Yeah, I'll come back after. I go to eat first. - Yeah.

- Coz I know the guys in this area. - You know them? - Yeah, I came two days ago with some friends and we stayed quite some time in here, talking to them. - It's nice. - So that's why, I guess, they recognize me. Yeah. - Hey, hey, hey, hey. - Hey. - It's good. That's good. It's good. - How are you, man? - Good, how are you? - Yeah. - Hello.

How are you? Hello. Good, very good. So we are at the exit of... One of the exits. He has mutura? He doesn't have it. So this is the area for food. This is the area for food? - Yeah, this is the area for food. - Okay. - Yeah.

There. - You think… Oh, this way there's food. - Yeah. - Okay, so let's go this way. It's... What is mutura made of? - It's made of blood. - Oh, it's blood. - Mix of blood, mix... They grind those matumbos. - Okay. - And then, they put it in those intestines. - Ah, so it's intestines and blood. - Yeah, yeah. - Okay.

Hello, how are you? - I'm fine. - Good, good, good. - Yeah. - Yeah, I want to eat mutura. - So eat. - So eat. I need to find it first. - Yeah? - I need to find it. Oh, nice. This is mutura, no? - Yeah. - Oh, okay. - This one. - We found mutura.

How much is it? - Three slices for 20 ($0.12). - 20. - 20. Ah, 20 for a small piece. Yeah. Can I get one sausage? One like this? - Here? - Yes, just like this or this. - How much is it? (my friend asks) - 100 Shillings ($0.7). - 100. You say it's not 100. - 40 Shillings ($0.27).

- So how much is it? - 40. - 40. Ah, okay. Thank you! Can I sit there? - You can sit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. - I can sit there. He's gonna give me change, no? You can take the change. Yeah. - Yep. - So you can buy it for yourself. - Yeah. - Okay, thank you! Let's have some...

Nice. Oh, it's full of flies. Let's try the... Nice. - We shall talk. We shall talk. - We shall talk. Okay. - Yeah. - Look at that. Very nice. Full of the inside parts basically.

So I guess that "we shall talk" meant "goodbye", I think. I love... I love inside parts. Oh, the texture is really good. I just love it. Very good.

Wow. Thank you! - Bye. - So now that we were successful in our mutura quest, let's dive back into the biggest market in Nairobi. Here I am back in the area of the ironing. Where...? How do I go inside here?

Coz I need to see my friends now. Hello. How are you? - Today you are lonely. - Today I'm alone. Yeah. How are you? - I'm fine. - Good. Yeah. They're gone now - my friends. - They are gone. - They are gone.

- They told me that they were going to Uganda. - Yes, they're going to Uganda, but I think now they are in Lake Naivasha. Yeah. Yeah. All good? - I'm good, my bro. - Very nice. - Very.

- I love your ironing. It's... - Yeah, yeah. It's a big one. - With charcoal. Yeah. - So… You can promote me to build here... - Ah, to build a bigger shop. - Yeah. - Yeah. - This is my job, so... - This is... - I need someone to help me do my job... - You need... Yeah. - ...big, bigger.

I'm here to help my children. - Okay. - I have a family. - How much do you make per day by doing ironing? - In fact, 500 Shillings. - 500 Shillings. Okay. - Or 600. - Okay. - Yeah. So that is… And I see that money's more. I have children who want to go to school.

- Yeah. So you are here every day of the week? - Every day. - Every day. - Yeah, Sunday... Sunday... - Not Sunday. - Not Sunday. - Not Sunday. Okay. - Yeah. - Oh, it's less busy. Today here there is nobody. Here the... - You never sent me the WhatsApp pictures. - There what? - There's no job. - There's no job. - Ah, no... There is no job. Ah, okay.

- Yeah, they go home. - That's why... - Hello, man. You never sent me the WhatsApp pictures. - But that's not me. It was the other guy. - Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, okay. - Yeah, it was not me.

So, Morgan, you need to send him the pictures. He's... I tell him he needs to send you the pictures. Okay? Morgan, you need to send him the pictures. - Oh, where is Morgan? - Morgan is in Naivasha. Because they travel with motorbikes. He told you, no? - Yeah, he told me about this. - Just go this way. Let's just see.

- This is a very dirty river. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good luck, man. - Good luck. - Can you give me just $1, please? - $1? No, sorry. - Just $1. - Yeah, but... - Hey, how are you? - Good, good. How are you? - I'm fine. Yeah.

- So where do we go? Oh, let's go... Let's go this way. Oh, no, let's go right. Let's go this way. - Hi, boss. How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - I'm fine. - Fine, fine. - How are you? - Good. How are you? - I'm okay. - Nice.

Let's see. Maybe, we can find some fruits as a dessert. Hello. How are you? I have no idea where I'm going now. Let's just finish the video with something sweet. And that will be it. - Yo, what's up? - Yeah. How are you? - I'm fine. - I'm fine.

- Hey. - Oh, there is a bit of food here. That's the... Oh, that's the sausage. And maybe let's get a hot dog. Yeah. - Yes, how are you? - Good.

How are you? - I'm good. How can I help you? - You're selling these? - Yeah, I'm selling these. - Okay. Do you have a hot dog? - Yeah. - How much is a hot dog? No, it's... - I only have these buns.

- Yes, I want it in these buns. Yeah. - Then I put a smokie inside. - You put a smokie inside. - Yeah. - How much is it? - 70 ($0.5). - 70? - Yeah. - Okay, I'll take one, please. Yeah. - Yeah. - And you put... What do you say call it? The kachumbari or...?

- Yeah, I'll put the kachumbari... - You'll put kachumbari. - ...the sauce, tomato sauce... - Very good. Very good. - Yeah. Shall I put one smokie or two smokies? - Two smokies, please. - Two smokies is... - How much is it? - 100. - 100. It's okay.

So here, the sausage... They call it a smokie. So usually, you also have chapati. Right? - Yeah, sometimes... - But now it's finished. - ...I do have chapati. - Okay. - But right now, it's finished. - It's finished. - Yeah. - Because it's late. - Yeah.

- So when you're done with all the smokies and all the bread, you go? - I go home. Yeah. - You go home. - Until tomorrow. - Good. What is he saying? - They are my friends. They are... - Okay. - ...just making fun. - Okay, I imagine. Yeah. - Kachumbari with pili pili? - Well, yes, yes. - Do you take pili pili? - Yeah, I take pili pili. Yeah, it's okay. - Okay. I have "new catch."

- What's the name of your "new catch"? We are the in-laws if you are interested in her. - Ah, okay. - We are the in-laws. - You are the in-laws... - Yeah. - ...I'm interested in her. - Yeah. - Okay, so I need to... - So you need to talk to us first. - I need to talk to you first. Okay. - Yeah, coz I'm her brother. - Okay, you're her brother. - Yeah. - Ah, okay, nice. - Yeah. - Okay.

- Talking in terms of dowry. - In terms of? - Dowry. - Dowry? - Yeah. - What do you mean? - We pay dowry... - Oh, because you need to pay for the marriage, right? - Yeah. - Okay. So how much do I need to pay if I want to marry her? - You just give us... - Tomato sauce? - ...anything before we start talking.

- Oh, I need to give you something first. - You just give something. So that we know how you are generous. - Ah, okay. - Yeah. - So you need to test me first. - Your generosity. - If I'm generous, then maybe you'll allow me to talk. - Yeah. - Just talking. - Yeah. - Okay. - Here. - That's awesome. Okay. Very good. Yeah.

Thank you! - Enjoy. - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Have a good day. - Yeah, you too. - Okay, so here I have a...

Maybe a second wife. Well, you see how it works. So you need to show your generosity to be able to talk to the family, and then maybe they will allow you just to talk about maybe getting married. That's how it works here. I guess, in most cultures here, that's how it works. Hello, hello. How are you?

In most cultures, that's how it works. In most cultures in Kenya, you have to... Yeah, a man always has to give some money to the family of the... Well, he has to pay to get married basically. Okay, so I need to start eating somewhere. Oh, there's music. Oh, man. It's too big.

Let's go somewhere there. Sorry. - Hi, muzungu. - Yes. Okay, let's just... - Hey, bro. - Hey. How are you? - I'm good. How are you?

- Good, good, good. I just try to find the space to eat. - You eat alone. - Yes, but... To eat my Kenyan hot dog. - Push. - Oh, it's good. - What's your name? What's your name? - My name is Yves. Yves.

- What are you eating? What are you eating, bro? - Hot dog. - Hot dog. - Hot dog. Yeah. - That's all right, man. That's fine. - Hot dog. - Hot dog, hot dog. - Hot dog. - So I'm being filmed while eating my hot dog. - Yeah, with your Kenyan boys. - With my Kenyan boys?

- Yeah, with your Kenyan boys. - Yeah. - We have Sam... - We have Sam here. - Okay, so I tried to eat alone, but obviously, it's not working. So I have to switch off the camera because I need both of my hands to eat this hot dog. Okay, I'll switch off the camera because, I just cannot eat this thing with one hand.

Hello, how are you? - I'm fine. We are fine. - Good, good. - Tell them, tell them, tell them. Tell them. - Tell them what? - Tell them anything you... - What do you want to say? Do you want to say something to the world? - Yeah, I sell the clothes. - Just tell that to the world, man. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Say something to the world. - The world. - Right now I'm feeling good, so... - You are fine. We are living. For food, we sell clothes here.

- Are you having a good life? Are you happy? - Yeah, I'm so happy. - You're happy? Very good. - Yeah. I'm so happy. - Awesome. Good, very good to know. - I'm so happy. - That's great. - Coz I have seen you. - You've seen me, so you're happy. - Yeah. - Okay. - I'm happy.

- Very good. - Yeah. - So I'm gonna go back in the market. - Take a selfie with you? - Yes. You can take a selfie. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. No problem. - Yes, yeah.

- Yeah? - Very good. Thanks, man. - Very good. Have a... Good luck with everything, man. - I need a photo with you. - You need what? Ah, you need a selfie with me over there. Okay. Okay, let's go back to the market. It's funny because you often have...

Sometimes, you have people telling you, "Be aware of the snatchers here in this market." But honestly, I feel very... It feels very safe.

Well, until it happens maybe, but... Yes. - Going to? - I need to exit. How are you? - I'm fine, my brother. - Good, good, good. - Take a photo. Take a photo. - Photo of you? Very good. Kenya is so awesome, man. - How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - Long time no see you. - Long time no see.

Yeah. - Good. You're recording me? - Yes. - You take my YouTube? - Yes. - I get followers. - Yeah, you get followers. What's your name? So you wanna get followers. - On YouTube? - Yes.

- You can find me Anthony Shaban on YouTube. - Anthony Shaban on YouTube. - Yeah. - Okay, let's go check his channel. - Yeah. - Good luck, man. - You come - I sell you... - Have a good time. Yeah. - ...sell you a vest. - Sell a... But I don't need clothes. You know, I travel by bicycle. So this is weight for me. - You?

I have bicycle clothes here. - You have bicycle clothes. - Yeah. - Oh, nice. - Shorts. - Shorts. Oh, wow. Yeah, it's true. You have bicycle... - Promote my business, my friend. But my... - Promote me. - Promote… I'm showing you. I'm promoting your business. - Coz this is the Gikomba market. - Yes. - This is my small brother here.

- Your small brother. Okay. - He's called Lari. - Lari? - Yeah, from Tanzania. - Okay. From Tanzania? - Yeah. - Okay, nice. - Say hi, Lari, to the camera. Say hi. Say hi. Hi. - Good. And you are from Kenya. - I'm from Kenya. - Okay. What's your...? - Kenya. - Nice. Yeah, I like when Kenyans have these. Yeah. - Yeah. - What's your tribe? - My tribe? I'm...

- Kikuyu? - Not Kikuyu. - Luo? - I'm Kamba. - Kamba? - Yeah. - Okay, Kamba. - Yeah. - He's Kamba. He doesn't like the Kamba. So your brother left. - He's my brother, fake brother. He loves me. - He's a fake brother. He's a fake brother. - Yeah, yeah. - Yeah. - A fake brother. This one. - Coz when you say your tribe, he runs away. That's not nice.

- He's nice, but yeah. See you, man. - See you. - Good day. - Have a good time. Yeah. - Okay. - Okay, let's go. Let's continue. So I learned something. Apparently... - Hola. - ...this is called... - Hola, señor. - ..."evil" in French. - Hola. - I had no idea. - Hola. - Hello. - Hey, how are you? - Good.

Oh, man. Oh, and there are some fruits. Let's buy... Let's buy some watermelon. Let's get some Gikomba's watermelon. - Do you want to eat fruits? - Yeah. I'm gonna have some fruits. Yeah. - Welcome to the thrift market! - With what? - Thrift market.

- Thrift market. Okay. I can't move. Yeah, YouTube. Yeah. Let's go there. Oh, man. Sorry. Sorry. So, I guess because it's the rush, because everyone is going home, all the shops are starting to go home.

- How can I feed you? - Hello. Yes. - You are taking a video of me? - Yes, I'm taking a video of you. And I also want to buy some. - Yes, yes, yes, yes. You want to buy some. - Can you give me two slices? - Two slices? - Yes, please.

- Thank you! So one is 10, right? - 20. One is 20 Shillings. - One is 20? - 20 is there. - Oh, 10 is there. Oh, you make a big one. - Yeah. - Okay. So with 50, you can... 50 for two is okay, no? So there is a car going inside the market. Oh my god. There's a minibus going inside the market. The watermelon is really sweet... It's really good.

Very, very good. - How is it? - Very good. - How are you? - How are you? - I'm fine. - You're fine. Good, good, good. - Yeah, you are enjoying it, yeah? - I'm enjoying it very much. Yeah. - Can I pay for you? Can I pay for you? - It's okay. I already paid. No, it's okay. Thank you!

- Oh, you have paid. - But thank you very much. Yeah, I already paid him. I need to get the second one. I already gave him 50. - Oh. - Yeah. - So you want another one. - Yeah, I need another one

because I paid him 50 and I took only one. - I can also pay for another one for you. - You wanna pay for another one for me. If you wanna invite me, it's up to you. Yeah. - Yeah, it is okay. - Okay. - Nice, nice. - Thank you. - I'll pay for one for you. - You'll pay for one for me? - Yes. - Thank you very much! What's your name?

- I'm Joseph. - Joseph? - Yeah. - Okay, you're the second Kenyan who offered me something since I entered Kenya. - Oh my... They've been... - Yeah. ...waiting for you to give them.

- Most of the time, it's me who is giving. Yeah. - No, I'm giving you. - But you're giving me. - Yeah. - Well, that's good. That's real hospitality. - Yeah. - That's Kenyan hospitality. Yeah. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. - Welcome. Welcome. - Mr. Joseph. - So Mr. Joseph is inviting me for one watermelon slice. - You mean that they have been...

It is you who's been giving them. - Most of the time, it's me who is giving. Yeah. But in Isiolo, I had a friend who invited me several times. Yeah. - Okay. - But in Nairobi, you're the first one. - In all of Nairobi. - In all of Nairobi. Yeah. Even the seller - …cannot surprise you with... - Yeah.

Exactly, yeah. Where do you put it? Oh, here. - You put it here. - Like this? - Yeah. - Very good. So I need to... Very good. Yeah. - Yes. Eat one. - So I need to get the third one. I need to get Joseph's one. - They call him "borigenji".

- "Borigenji"? - "Borigenji." Yeah. - "Borigenji." - Yeah, "borigenji." - I don't know what it means. - Now you are eating from... - Now I will eat yours. Yeah. I need to... Now I will eat your invitation. Yeah.

Hello. How are you? - That is your change. - Ah, my change. Okay. - Yeah. - Now you're eating mine. - Now I need to eat yours. Yeah. - White people don't keep coins.

Give it to me. - Okay. - People don't keep. - White people don't keep coins. - Okay, thank you. Thank you very much. So you see, the owner of the shop is also very honest. He gave me my change. Even though I told him not to give it, he still gave me my change. - Are you Kurt Kaz? - No, I'm not Kurt Kaz. No. - What is your name?

- Kurt Kaz came here, no? - What is your name? - Kino Yves. - Kino Yves? - Yes. - You're on YouTube or...? - Yeah. YouTube. Yeah. - ...Facebook? - You're a very tall man. Yeah. - I play basketball. - Ah, you play basketball. - Yeah. - Okay. Nice. - Have a good day. - Good luck, man. Yeah. - When you go back to France... - Yes. - ...say hi to... - Say hi to people.

. Okay, from you. - Yeah, you met the hospitable people here. - Yes, I will say. I will say. Thank you. You see there is hospitality in Kenya. People invite you for...

This is my free watermelon. Thank you very much. Have a good day. - Hakuna matata. - No problem. Yeah. - Yeah. - Thank you very much. - Very welcome. - Welcome. - Okay, have a good time. Yeah. - Okay.

- Okay, let's go. I guess let's exit. She was afraid. Let's exit the market, and I guess that will be it. - What are you taking? Take me, take me. - Take you. Take you. - Hi. - Hello. - Hello. - Okay, so now the mission is gonna be just to get out of the market. And then, I will go back to Karen, to my place to stay. Hello, how are you?

- Hi, muzungu. - Muzungu. Muzungu. Yeah. Some pineapple. Pineapples are so good here. Hello. - Hey.

- See you for the next adventures. Ciao, guys. - Hi. - Hi. - Are you okay?

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