How is LIFE of INDIANS in FIJI [Nadi city vlog]

How is LIFE of INDIANS in FIJI  [Nadi city vlog]

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welcome to the Punjabi Wanderers YouTube channel Welcome to a new video Right now I'm in Fiji, Nandi And since I've been here, I've met so many Indians who speak Hindi fluently I mean, Indians as in their ancestors, 4-5 generations ago came from India So I thought, I mean, I've spoken to them so many times They've told me stories about how Indians came here And what kind of life is here So I thought I should make a video with this So in this video, we'll talk about the life of Indians here It's not like Bed of Roses They don't have such a good life They face some difficulties So many people have told me their stories Nobody shared it on the camera But they'll talk to you like that But the moment you take your camera out, they're like, no I won't say all this on camera So right now I'm going to a temple, it's very big here So we'll go to the temple And we'll see if we can find someone else If the locals are willing to come on camera So yeah, we'll make some videos with them The rest I know, the facts about the people here Why they came here, how they came here What's going on here We'll talk about all that in this video, so stay tuned Look, he's also wearing a bindi So he must have spoken Hindi So guys, this is their bus stand So this was our bus, called Shabuddin And now we're going to It's a pretty big temple I think It's a 10 minute walk from here So The return bus will be Every hour My hotel is a little outside the city All the resorts are there So I googled it I think there's someone here Let's go here The bus was pretty cool It's a little different There are no windows It's just open I liked it The bus I have to catch It's called Wailualua I think that's the right name Wailualua These people are also coming from my hostel But I don't know where they're going Our target is to see the temple I don't know what they're going to do So this is Nandi Nandi is not the capital It's the capital of Suba I think it's the biggest city in Suba But they have an international airport in Nandi A lot of tourists come here And Fiji's First revenue source Is tourism And the second is sugarcane farming And the sugarcane farming scene Is what makes us wonder Why did the Indians come here They came for the sugarcane In the last 1800's Around 1890's The Britishers Said that They will give you a job in Fiji So they were greedy And they filled the ship With people But the condition of the ship The route was 3 months Is there a market here? Let's go and see We will keep talking about the story The problem here is that Everyone knows Hindi It's official Everyone knows it Everyone understands it So we will have to talk We can't say anything I don't know what they are selling Wooden things This is a vegetable market It's a very grand market Like the teacher used to say That it's a vegetable market It's not as crowded as here Coconut is used a lot here But the price is Rs.200 per coconut You can see The Indian look Of the two ladies And there are Muslims here Just like Hindus We will talk about the story Let's see the market first This is a new thing I have never seen this I don't know If it's a temple or not Let me check on google maps Then we will start the video Seaweed You must have seen it In the sea We have to go here We were talking about How Indians came here Do Britishers walk here? I don't think so There is no light for pedestrians Just like Indians They cross at their own risk You can see the number plates here In Alphanumeric There are two alphabets first And then numbers But many people have customized it I saw someone wrote Shahzada Gopal Let's come back to our main topic Britishers said The journey of the ship Was for 3 months Maybe more than that There was not enough ration So they cut the food supplies And water People protested a lot There was a scene Many people protested When we landed here People were cannibals You must have seen In the last video We went to the cannibal cave People were cannibals But not anymore They killed many Indians At that time There was no phone or letter So when people came here Their contact was broken That's why They couldn't go back Because they came to the ship How will they go back When Britishers won't give the ship To go back So they stayed here Their connection was broken With their family So when they got freedom When there is no one In your family Who will you go to? So they stayed here Hindi is the official language In school Whether you are Fijian or Indian You have to study Hindi Everyone understands Hindi Many people speak Hindi You might have heard In the last video The taxi driver You might have heard In the next video Mostly taxi drivers speak Hindi This is their shopping mall Look at that, Bank of Baroda Here you will see cars of Mexico Toyota Nissan Japanese There is a variety of cars here My Hindi is very good Look at this There are so many shops Prasad, Tulsi You will feel that you have come to India And see Our temple has also come While reaching the temple Let's talk while reaching What is going on here I got mixed feedback Two people said There are no equal opportunities here Locals and Indians They said that preference is given To the Adivasis One person also said We have been living here for 150 years Still can't buy land Can't buy land here He said that you have to take it on lease No, I am okay Bula If it was in our India They would have said that there is a temple And I can smell meat here It is not so hardcore here You used to get meat here and there The temple is quite big There is a lot of land here I saw it while going by taxi I have come here by bus So that I can see it There were different reasons in the bus It was a good bus I thought I will pay for sitting in the bus Because this small bus works I didn't want to sit in this I want to sit in this Luckily I got the same one Now where is the entrance of the temple I think it will be from there How to cross the road here Let's wait Let the cars pass There is a Honda here Let's see the car of Honda Let's cross There is no zebra crossing here So we have to cross like this I think this is This is a lying man In the architecture This temple If you know Architecture of temples This is a lying man You can see a pole in this Let me show you inside But I will see one thing Nikkar is not allowed I have not seen it before In India, there is no such problem We go to Nikkar Let's ask what is the problem Here at the entrance I got a dhoti There is no charge for this We have opened the shoes here Let's go inside the temple Thank you It's good that we came here Hindi people speak like this There is a priest outside He recognized me He said you are from Punjab I said how did you recognize He said by your accent I thought my Hindi is like this Maintain decent dress code I said In India, they let us wear Let's go inside He said this is Fiji I said Hinduism is Hinduism He said you will change it But the rules are rules We wore dhoti It was in Bali This is Ganesh's statue This is gold plated Let's go inside Use of cameras is prohibited It is written in front Use of cameras is prohibited I will tell you what I saw This is the main temple There are 2-3 more temples This is Shivji's temple There is Shivji's temple This is Vishnuji's temple You can see the roof There are many paintings I said there was no priest We didn't get prasad This is the largest Hindu temple In the Pacific It is a significant temple We are outside Temple premises There is no entry fee But here it is written If you want to light a lamp It costs $40 It costs $40 It costs $40 It becomes $1,600 It becomes $1,600 This is the facing of the temple This is the facing of the temple But mostly the mother's temple But mostly the mother's temple Facing the east Facing the east The temple facing north They all look towards the east There is only one god in South Karthik Swamy Where is he? One is karthik swamy There is one ganesh And one is karthikeya You will go to anyone because All they will only pay you The money isn't valid You will go somewhere People are nice there But marriage, marriage experiences My experience is that they rob you of your money. They rob you of your money.

I feel bad about it. I feel bad about it. They rob you of your money. They rob you of your money. There is a temple there. There is a temple there.

My father goes there every morning. My father goes there every morning. There is a temple there.

There is a temple there. There is a temple there. Jwala Muki There is fire from Jwala Muki. My father takes us there.

My father takes us there. Chandi Devi, Chamunda Devi, Naina Devi. I have been to Kolkata.

The temple is Deofa here. The temple is Deofa here. That's the Deofa Temple. That's the Deofa Temple. That's Kamakhya Devi. Very good.

It gives you projects. But from that place, I think he will rob me. Yes, I am scared. Give me money.

He will ask for money in everything. I will do aarti. He said that everyone is good. There is no problem. I will get married.

So you will get married to a Hindu or a Muslim? Yes. There is a problem in India. It is useless to commit suicide. This happens in India too. But people don't understand. No, no, no.

You are studying in Sanjay University. You will fall in love. What is the problem? God is one.

Humans are one. Laws are in India too. But it is very difficult to convince your family. If you don't have a family, you can register your marriage. If you are 21, 19 or above, you can do it. This is possible

in India. But the Indian orthodox people will kill their children. Like we used to say, Abhishek has become less. It doesn't mean that. This is called honour killing.

I killed my kid to save my honour. They feel that honour is in getting married to a small girl. Yes. Yes, exactly. Everyone is a Muslim.

Everyone wants to get married. But the educated people still do it. Like my family has no problem. The uneducated people still have a mentality that they want to do it in their religion. There are so many castes.

They don't want to do it. We found Saravana Bhavan restaurant right in front of the temple. We had delicious vadas here.

For just $1. Delicious food. Let's go back. He must have bought a new car to worship in the temple. Like we do.

This is the flag of Fiji. I have rarely seen a flag. The roadside is also very clean.

There is no such dirt. Everything is clean. The priest was telling me to get married here.

There are so many Punjabi girls here. I said okay. Let's think about it. Vinod Patel shop is right in front.

It is also written R.A. Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji. Nadi Commercial Property. Nandi. The currency here is Fijian Dollar. It is around Rs. 38. The currency notes are good.

I have got my Indian paper notes. Almost every country has got plastic notes. They don't get spoiled easily.

This is their advantage. You guys will say that I hate India. I don't hate India. I see things that can be improved.

I am telling you that things can be improved in our country. When the new currency came, they made it plastic. Demandization was there. But they didn't do it. Let's go to the mall.

How are the malls in Fiji? They are like our own. Let's see if it is too fancy or basic. I will just give you an idea. Is it just one floor? No, there is something up there. Tell me. It is not working.

In schools, they have worn nikkahs. They also wear skirts. Look at this kid. When I came here in the morning, I saw that everyone was wearing skirts. This is a traditional Fijian wear. Boys also wear this.

It is dead good. No. It is better than our Indian malls.

It is dead good. There is Indian street food. It is sweet. Sweet street food. Let's go outside. It is not fun.

There is a handicraft market here. I have already bought this. I should have bought something from here. I have bought 2-3 things. The thing I bought from Peru is lost somewhere.

One is from Ethiopia and the other is from Fiji. There are not many people here. They won't call you.

They won't come and talk to you. It is rare. But I liked one thing.

In the temple, no one asked me for money. Even the washing was free. Go to your own India. You will have to rob. All the priests will gather and ask you to do this and that. There was also a sign that you have to light a lamp. It is

40 dollars. But nobody was pushing it down your throat. They just said to do this and that. And the other thing is that many people told me that there is no religious scene here. Muslims and Hindus live

peacefully. There is a bus stand here. There is only one bus in an hour. I don't want to miss this bus.

If I miss this, it will be difficult to reach home. This is the post office of Nandi. I told you about the currency. You don't need a visa here.

You can just come here. But if you come from Hong Kong, you will see it differently. That's why I made a separate video. I have been abused a lot. But the truth is the same. The boy and the girl are wearing the same uniform.

Skirt, shoes, shirt, everything is the same. We have reached the Municipal Market. There is a bus stand next to it. Is there anything else to tell? Come here.

I have made a video about what to do here. It is very beautiful. Clear skies and cleanliness. Do come here.

It will be good fun. Let's go. I told you in the video that people will not call you. But they did.

We were in this market when we were going to the temple. Let's catch a bus from here. Let's see if we can find a place called Wai Lua Lua. Lua Lua, Wai Lua Lua.

Something like that. Let's try. There is a bus here. It is a Shabudin bus. We have to find Wai Lua Lua.

Wai Lua Lua. Wai Lua Lua. Where is it? It is very difficult to find a bus here. It is very crowded here.

All the students are here. There are kids everywhere. It is 4 pm. I don't know when the school closes. I am not able to find a bus for Wai Lua Lua.

I found it. They are driving a bus on the beach. I have seen it for the first time. A public transport bus is driving on the beach.

After taking shots in Fiji, we are going to Tuvalu in the next video. Tuvalu is a 3-hour flight from here. But I am going to a new country. I don't want any trouble.

It is not possible. We will go in the next video. Bye.

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