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Tabaruk (consecrate) is being distributed at my back and I have never had this water. So I will bring it. It's lemonade. Oh, man! So good morning. Guys, right now we are in Kashan, and the hotel in which we are staying is known as Negin traditional hotel. So it's our first day here. We came here last night.

And my heart is happy seeing the view of the breakfast. Various things are kept here for breakfast. All these are the local jams here. And they are in various flavors. This one is jam and that is also jam. Yes, all these are homemade jams. And besides, these are packaged. There are various flavors in it. And here is the butter.

Salad is an essential part of the breakfast here so there are cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, cheese, and I think black seed or are on the top. Various kinds of things are there. Muffins are there. Here is fresh juice too and along with it, Here are Khagina, the egg which they love to eat. So first I will start from here. Along with it, bread is kept there. This is the cutest part. I think this is the soup. It looks like the food which mom cooks at home in a cauldron or pan.

And the burner is there at the bottom so that it is hot. So let's start with the soup. So the breakfast started with soup. It is delicious and hot. It is made with their traditional spices. They add Black Eyed beans, fava beans, and various kinds of things. It might be that chickpeas are also there but something like chickpeas is there in it but the flavor is amazing. Wherever I am going, I am trying this thrsoup ough because it is delicious. Along with it, Immy has ordered this egg so we'll have this too. And we have tried three different type of jams also. They are delicious. This is orange,

this is sour cherry and this is of muskmelon and here are fresh watermelon also. So let's begin our breakfast and are you watching the view at the back? This is the dining area of our hotel. I mean Kashan is amazing too. So where ever we travel, I create a marker in my mind & note down things that so & so things of this place the architecture of this place is very lovely, the food is very nice, and the people are very nice but after coming to Iran, I felt all these things. They have preserved their culture so nicely. Like in houses, alleyways, restaurants, wherever you go, and even in the main city. We're in Kashan & this is a smaller city. It's like so beautifully preserved. They have not forgotten the culture. I think that is the success of a country basically.

They respect their elders and the new generation is carrying out all things. They have kept their streets so nicely, there is no dirt, no garbage is there and basically, they respect their place. Wherever we have visited till now, I have noticed that the tile work, their traditional authentic tile work, on floors and walls, and they have decorated them as artwork and their handicrafts, basically, which the mothers make such as carpets and all, they have decorated those also so nicely MashaAllah, they really take care of it. I love that and I think it's so really unique. They have their own bread here. I have not seen that Australian or any other foreign country's toast too.

They eat their own traditional bread of sesame seeds. It's just so pure and every thing here is holistic. So guys, we reached the main grand market of Kashan as we entered, there are shops of various spices, various things, perfumes, colognes, jewelry for women, outfits, scarves, and besides there are various beautiful decoration pieces which you keep at your home for decoration. I can see ancient clocks too. Besides, there are lanterns, cutlery, crockery, and all the things that are being sold here. So I think these are the main items,

which the people say, Kashan is famous for because various items are sold here. And after seeing this hustle bustle and glory, I got the idea of why people from far come to Kashan. I have heard in some places that this Grand Bazaar is more famous than the Grand Bazaar in Tehran. People love this one more. The main reason is the rush is less here and the things are very selected, and the good buyers come here to buy. So we will go further and explore this beautiful market

and see what the other things that are sold are. I have heard that spices and such things like that are also sold. One main reason why Kashan is very popular is the carpets here. So the carpet weaving centers here are made in various places and the carpets here are exported in the whole world. Besides, the Silk here is very famous. The textile industries here are very famous around the whole world. So people from far come here to buy, especially silk. So Immy wants to buy a silk scarf & all, hijaabs, so we are hunting that if we get some. I can see various carpets here. Very beautiful handmade carpets are here.

Let's go inside and ask the price. I will have some ideas. You can use this carpet as decoration. There are purses here. This is purse? Yeah.

Are these purses handmade, brother? All of these. They are made In Kashan? In Baghdad. Baghdad, Iraq? Yes Oh, Wow! Is the scent coming? Such a scent is coming. We were on the other side of the market and I came here quickly. I was like, a very nice scent is coming and I think it's their traditional date bread. Thank you! I will try this. Tani, you also try it.

Oh, it's crispy. So there are balls & they are making it flat by putting it in this machine. They are becoming flat. Then they knead it a little & add seasonings to it basically. So I think it's sesame seeds.

They are applying a batter of saffron and sprinkling sesame seeds & here is an amazing conveyor belt in which this uncle is making this. So one is of sesame, and the other one is saffron. It's simple and to make it sweet, they don't add sugar. And the end product is this. Oh wow! Your name brother? Mohammed Mohammed? Yes, Mohammed. Brother Mohammed is here. He is making amazing Shirmal.

They aren't taking money. They are such nice people, so hospitable that I am telling them to take money but they gave us hot Shirmal for free. Pakistani loves Irani. Yes.

They love it. Long live Iran. I love you Pakistan. I love you, Imran Khan.

I love you Iran. Thank you so much. There's a small shop for milkshakes. We found a secret hidden place. This place is known as Amin-ul-Doleh. It is also called trade arcade.

So let's go inside. I can see carpets. In the middle, they have made a small fountain. I am blown away by Irani hospitality. They met us with so much love for the second or third time and it just feels so homey. Even though neither we aren't understanding their language nor they are understanding ours. It's just humanity.

So we got many free pieces of bread which are so good. Now we have come here and can you just see? This is Kashan's market. I mean this is the market here and look at this fountain & this dome. It's overwhelming! and there is a tea shop underground.

We finally reached Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse. This is a prominent feature of Kashan. I mean people don't come here to bathe. Now it has become a tourist spot but in Persian culture, this Hamam(bathhouse) is one of the most spectacular things you can do. People don't come here only to bathe.

It's like moreover relaxation like spa day type of thing. Yeah. and the bathhouses are very ancient. They date back to the 16th century. So let's go inside and see. Besides, the most amazing thing about Kashan for me is the streets here, the houses are made of mud. As cow dung is used to make houses in Pakistan, they have made like those here also.

And Small lanes are there. They are narrow but they have taken care of the cleanliness such that if rain comes, it cannot get flooded because there is a slope. The topography is perfect. So this thing is impressing me about this place and the cleanliness is amazing. So let me tell you a small history of this bathhouse. It has actually been destroyed once in an earthquake. So initially this bathhouse was built in the Safavid era & they made it in the 16th century.

Then in 1778, an earthquake & practically destroyed the entire place. Then when Kajar Dynasty came, they actually renovated the entire place & now, it doesn't look like this place has been made again. It doesn't seem that it has been destroyed once. If you look up at the roof, the dome, they have placed each and every tile such that like, it doesn't look like it has been destroyed or not. So guys, the first hall or room that comes first after entering this bathhouse is called the Sabine.

So it is called so because its shape is of an octagon. It has 8 corners and 8 pillars & here is a fountain in the middle for washing the face and hands. So let's go out from here. I think the next room is called Garam Khana. I have heard about Bawarchi Khana, & Chai Khana

but we haven't heard this. What's the name? Garam Khana. We haven't heard this name before. Let's go and see it. But this octagon, this Sabine, is very amazing. The temperature outside is 42-43°, I think and it is extremely cool inside because they have made this with tiles and marbles, and it's in the dome shape so I mean the hotness isn't reaching inside & the Marble is making this room so cool that I am enjoying it. So we have come towards the other room after coming out of Sabine. They have made Namaz Khana also so this is a place for praying namaz and at that time also, the people who used to come, so arrangements were made for them. And along with that, this is Lung-e-shwi. So as we say lungi,

I think it's similar to that and it means laundering towels which means the people who used to come out after bathing used to wash the towels here or keep them here, I don't know. But this was the whole setup. So at that time also, they made everything in an organized manner. Everything was not in the same place. So now let's go further. So if you go a little further, there comes the Garam Khaana.

Oh, this is Garam Khana. So Garam Khana typically has 4 pillars. As there were 8, here are 4 pillars. And usually, if it used to function, then it would have been a lot of steam here. Hot water should've been there in the fountain and there's like basically different areas. They have made different rooms here and you could just sit around, socialize here and I have heard that it is very healthy. It is really good because as a spa is there, which makes you sweat. It's also written here dress & undress section.

So this reservoir is like a well. Basically, water was reserved here and that was used in the fountains here and for bathing and everything. So it's very interesting. A lot of places are still renovating. Like, look at this, I think they haven't renovated this part but mostly they have been done.

So mainly this was the bathhouse. There are 2 main rooms. Now we will go to the terrace because apparently, the view of Kashan is the best from the terrace. I don't know why haven't they opened it during sunset because if you go to the terrace and the sunset is there then the view would be amazing.

So they have made a door here with the bathhouse & it looks like a very ancient wooden door and there are stairs that lead to the terrace. So we are going to the terrace because we have heard that the views of Kashan from here are amazing. So we came from exploring the hot bathhouse. We were watching that there was a big high ceiling, a high roof, this is that only. We have come to the terrace at the rooftop & here you can see that they've made it dome-shaped here.

As there are domes of any mosque or any shrine, they have made this exactly like that. The most interesting thing is that the cylindrical-shaped items are made from cow dung. We use cement and they have used cow dung. I think because of that, there is so much cold inside and I mean there is extremely hot outside and this terrace is burning but at the bottom, it's an extremely cool and happy environment. And besides, the best thing for me about the whole bathhouse is that the mosaic, the marble, & the tile work they have put is worth seeing and I think all these things only make Iran famous and make Persia what it is and make me Persian even though I am not Persian. Now let's go somewhere else. So three things? Yeah.

This is like dried roses. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So guys cold and delicious drink has come here. There are flowers inside which they call Mohameddi, these purple small ones

and I think this is saffron, and they have added cucumber peel and the inside part, and there are ice. The taste is amazing and it's extremely hot. The temperature is 43 right now. It's sweet. It has a flowery aroma because obviously, they have added petals and besides, they have added orange blossom water. It is used a lot here in this region. So they also call it desert drink here. This is the cure for summer. So that's why we have also ordered it. Along with it, we will try this yogurt drink. What do they go call this in Persian, Immy?

Doogh. So they call it Doogh here. It's delicious. As we have Raita, with green chilies, mint, and coriander. If you mix that with yogurt and add water and make a consistency like this,

then it will become like this only. But they have added black paper and such things also. So this is an amazing cure for summer and you feel cool. So that's why I will enjoy this. When we were about to reach Kashan, on the way we were seeing that on one side, it was dry as we go to Balochistan or the area of Koeta or Gwadar. Just like that, we saw there were rocky areas, dry mountains only on one side and on the other side when we were seeing, then it was a proper mountain as there are in our northern areas on which snowfall occurs and in the middle, there were some places where there was a lot of greenery. Green fields were there, the floor was nice, and the people have sown many crops for agriculture.

So we saw that oasis and views like that in Kashan. So after enjoying this delicious drink, we'll go to the traditional houses now. In the morning, I was telling you that I just love that everything here is preserved, culture, history, buildings, artifacts, things, they've preserved everything very nicely. And they respect it. So there are houses of some traditional families which were built ages ago and now they have renovated it and made it like a touristy spot. So we'll go to the most famous house here. I can't say the name because that's very difficult. I will tell you that after reaching there. So we will go inside it and watch it. And then I wish to go to the market here.

I am telling Tani since the morning that I want to go to the market. So then we will go to the market. Is this silk? No. But I will get it in silk too. This one is lovely. This is their traditional tea.

This small setup is like a self-service coffee booth or something. There is their kettle, water, coffee, tea, and this is the sugar stick and then there are biscuits also There are cold bottles at the bottom too and look, rose juice. You won't believe what is happening now. Basically, traditional houses here closed early today. And such a sweet uncle is here that he made it open for us. This is the hospitality and the people here.

So first we came & the man was working here told us that the historical house is closed but the uncle is so nice that we opened it for us. Excuse me. You're my friend. It is open for you for half an hour. Okay. Thank you so much. You are welcome. Thank you.

Inaaya, come. This is ridiculous. It seems that the whole family used to say here. Like, the full generations, grandmothers. Oh, fishes are there in it! Allah! So this great, palace-like house that you see in which we are present right now, is known as the Tabatabaei house.

It's an ancient historical house that was made in 1880 and the affluent family of that time known as Tabatabaei, they made it for themselves during the Kajar Dynasty. Let me tell you one thing this palace-like house was made by Ustad Ali Maryam at that time. I don't know whether it's a male or female because the last name is Maryum and the first name is Ustaad. So there is confusion in this.

So he made it. He was the architect. And not only this house, rather all the historical houses in the neighborhood which were made in 1800 or 1700 century were mostly constructed by him. It is for his brilliance that till now people from far come here to visit this beautiful palace. So these were the historical rooms that were made earlier for the people that live there and they were very prestigious families of that time that's why they are made super Royal and they are preserved equally that way & the main thing that is the same for everything is the glass.

So these painted glasses are Irani tradition. You will find it everywhere in hotels, houses, and restaurants. The rooms are made one after the other. Like, there are 6 rooms which are made together. A door is there that goes to each room just through. You don't have to go outside. Like, share, and subscribe.

It snows so much in Kashan. An Uncle gave us this postcard. The uncle is very sweet, very nice, and hospitable. So I mean they told me, "Look, you are feeling hot right now. It is so cold here and it snows so much here." It's a small lift. Is this a house underneath? What an entry! Wow! Amazing uncle! What Salman Khan makes an entry in Dabangg & what this Uncle has made an entry! Irani tea? Yes, Irani tea. So what is That baby? No, she's okay. Name Pakistan chai Chai but in Pakistan dirty is different. In Pakistan, it's like milk,

milk? milk, black tea. We add milk. Sit down, please.

This is sugar. So what is this? Is this different? It's different. Its name is Irani Nocle. Nocle.

Cheers. I will try. Every day.

All day. All day? Every time, every hour. Maybe if you feel, every day you drink tea. Tabaruk (consecrate) is being distributed at my back and I have never had this water. So I will bring it.

This is lemonade. Oh, man. Give it to her. It's delicious.

Drink. I will drink. You drink it first. It's lemonade.

Subhanallah! After walking so much in this hot weather, if you get such a thing then you give. This is humanity. Nation & Religion are very important and I think every nation and religion states that humanity is first and then you do all the other things. And the brothers and sisters are doing here, it's a very big thing. I'm sitting in Iran and holding the flag of Pakistan and I am feeling so good. It just feels surreal that the people here love Pakistani people so much and today is all about hospitality.

Since our day started, whoever we have made in our journey, just seemed to be so inviting and welcoming. The people here are so hospitable that my heart is happy. So 3 times, people were actually so kind, So we have come to Abbasi restaurant just to finish our day and the food is so delicious. It smelss so amazing. Tani has ordered camel's curry.

Yes, absolutely. So this is Musamma balamjan. I don't know whether I'm taking the correct name or not but this is camel meat and along with this is brinjal and the local people here recommended us to try this for sure in Abbasi restaurant and along with it the 2nd item that is here, On the rice, there are dills. This is dill rice Beans are there and on the top, there's Kurchan which is loved in Iran. And along with it, the curry is of chicken. What is this of? I have to check it. It's basically, oh, it's Lobia. Oh, Lobia is there. So there are black-eyed beans, and fava beans and this meat is mutton. It is of lamb.

And along with it, this barley soup is there. Yummy! And now Inaaya's chips are coming. And this is Limca. Lemonade. This is a must because today has been 42°. I mean I would haven't come.

It's extremely hot. It was very tough for us to walk so much but Alhamdulillah everything has been done. We have to order one more. Oh yum! Thank you! Oh, wow! Thank you! Shall I add ketchup? I have taken a bite of everything and everything is great. It's delicious. Inaaya has become sentimental. So now we will also eat. We will finish today's video on this delicious note.

Make sure you like your video, subscribe for sure and tell us in the comments that what was the best part in today's video and where shall we go next. Allah hafiz

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