How Expensive Is Turkey (Türkiye) in 2022

How Expensive Is Turkey (Türkiye) in 2022

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turkey is one of the most popular  tourist destinations in the world .  but I guess you've heard about the extreme  inflation rate or maybe you know the fact   that this here A Hundred Turkish lira Bill 10  years ago was worth about 40 euros yet today   it's worth about 5. so things really change  fast. but it doesn't matter if you're here for   a week holiday or want to stay for a longer  time, because in this video we have created   a complete guide of all the prices you need  to know if you want to visit Turkey.

we are Joe and Liisu and for the past one  month we have been traveling around turkey.   every month we calculate our expenses and when we put it  all together, and when we were calculating how much   have we spent in Turkey we were quite shocked.  inspired by those numbers we decided that today   in this video we're gonna talk how expensive  is this country. from food to accommodation   and even plastic surgery... why are you looking at me  because I'm not the one who got plastic surgery. and during all of this discussion we will  also share what we personally spent this month.  

also in the end of this video we decided  that we want to share with you how do we make  money. how is it possible that two unemployed  YouTubers travel like us? because isn't it just   lovely looking into other people's wallets. and  the first thing that we want to talk about is   something that everybody can relate to. Food. our  food topic is made into two parts. first one of them is gonna be eating outside  restaurants, and the other is supermarkets   and markets. I have to say that if you come to  Turkey as a tourist, if you earn your money in   Euros or dollars, then the prices in in the stores  are gonna seem to you a fair bit cheaper. and to  

give you some examples. let's say milk is gonna  cost you 80 Euro cents per liter. bread is quite   cheap. okay so it's gonna be like 25 Euro cents. eggs  12 pack is like 1.3 Euros. onions are like 30 Euro cents.   apples about 70 cents. a kilo of cheese is gonna be  like five euros. Coca-Cola very importan.t because   you can relate to it probably. and I'm addicted. is one Euro for a two and a half liter bottle.   so how much did we spend in supermarkets  and markets this month? our accountant says...

137 euros. and now to the second part of the food  expenses. and that's eating out. I'm sure you've   heard about Turkish foods. and Turkish restaurants  are known all over the world. it's the same here   I don't think I've seen another country  where like there's so many restaurants.   they're literally everywhere. In the past month we have had 25 meals in restaurants.

which is 6 out of seven days every week. and spent about  200 Euros on eating out. and talking more closely   about the prices of eating out. than regular  street food you can get... which is really good and   they haven't made us sick not even once... street food, street food is good, eat Street Food...   regular Street Foods is gonna be about one and a half to two and a half Euros for a  belly full.

then a mid-range restaurant like cheaper more local places. for both of us a good belly full, for me means a soup and a main course for Liisu a main  course. and usually two cups of ayran or  some kind of a drink and two teas.   will cost from six to like seven  euros. for two people anicer places will cost around 10 euros. and it includes  dessert usually. and the really really nice places  

we've had one luxury place .I don't remember  what was the luxury place. but it cost 15 euros. that was the iskender place. you loved so much. oh I remember . this Iskender place. that's the place where Liisus   favorite food was invented. and to give you one  more comparison then Big Mac meal or a similar.   Is gonna cost like four Euros. and it might sound like it's cheap    But the thing is that if you take the Turkish minimum  hourly wage then people would have to work three hours. 

for one McDonald's meal. and if it was the same in Germany or the USA.  the Big Mac meal would cost 30 Euros or 30 dollars. that's so expensive! so it's it's a luxury  here. and this just shows that  although for us as tourists it might seem cheap, but not for the locals. just the inflation  has done its job in a worst way possible. as we mentioned it's cheaper with euros and dollars. but  you're still gonna have to exchange them.  

best way to exchange them is with Wise. don't worry this video is not sponsored by  Wise It's just our own experience that with them  it's cheaper than Banks and the exchange rate   is much better than what you get on the street.  I think thanks to the fact that we've been using  Wise for so long they have this inviting program.  and if you use that link down in the description, you get   a first transfer of like 500 British pounds or  dollars or something for free. so if you need to exchange currency you can check out that link over  there but no pressure it's not sponsored by them. but moving on to the next thing. we should  talk about is the price of accommodation. and for  

us the cost has been zero. how is that possible? we'll tell  you in a few seconds. fou years Turkey has been   one of the top 10 most visited countries in  the world. and if you come here as a tourist these   are the prices that you should be ready for. I know  many tourists come here for a resort.    All-inclusive holiday. and in that traveling style: low end  prices start from about 50 to 60 dollars a night.   all-inclusive mid-range is probably like a hundred  dollars a night. and if you want real luxury then about 200  dollars a night. but if you're more adventurous.  

and don't really want to stay in one place, only  in a resort, and want to travel between cities.   then the prices are going to be different. low-end like 20 to 30 Euros per night in an Airbnb.   or a cheaper hotel. and luxury already starts from  like 100 euros. so that's short term.   but if you're thinking of coming here for a  longer term, doing remote work or something,   then there are good options. monthly rent  for a Airbnb in Istanbul and  antalya. you can get a decent  Apartment between 300 and 500 euros a month.   and from 800 you can already get a luxury  apartment.

if you want to come with a whole family and have a nice place  then 800 Euros a month is a real luxury.   if you go to smaller cities then the  apartments are going to be a lot cheaper.  for 100 to 200 Euros you can  actually rent a place for a whole month.   but how did we only spend 0 euros on accommodation? we live in our car. because our home likes to drink diesel. and compared  to when I was in Turkey last year last summer   diesel price in liras has gone up four times  so that's quite scary that's a four-time rise   yeah but when you put it in Euros then a  liter of diesel is gonna cost you about 1.4

this is still 30-40 percent cheaper than in European Union.   we spend the 182 Euros on diesel and since our home  is always moving around it needs fixing.   we also went to a car mechanic. you might have seen  that video over there. and fixing the whole  thing, cost us 180 so our home costs  have been 362 Euros this month. pretty much our   Caravan has cost us the same as a average rent  would have. so far we have talked about  

where to sleep, what to eat, and what else would  people want to know before coming to a new country?   as a doctor I recommend not spending your money  on alcohol,l cigarettes, and drugs... Bars!I meant bars!   so how much does a beer cost here in Turkey  if you buy it from a store it's something between   one and a half and two and a half years so it's  it's not cheap and the selection is really narrow   but if you go out if you go to a bar then  it's going to be from two and a half years   to five years it's funny actually because  yeah when you buy it from a store it's more   expensive than in Europe but if you  go to a bar it's like twice as cheap   cigarettes I'm actually quitting nicotine at the  moment so I haven't bought the single pack myself   these are nicotine gums but the Google  says that a pack of Marlboro is gonna   cost you about one and a half Euros doctor not  approved and I guess we've bought one bottle   of wine while we've stayed in turkey and  that cost us about six euros we bought wine   she doesn't remember she had most of it but yeah  mid-range wine is from like six to eight Euros   if you have drank too much and smoked too much  you're gonna need Healthcare um Healthcare here   is public and it's free for people who live here  which is excellent and if you are a foreigner that   gets into a really bad accident then it's also  gonna be covered for you which is a good thing   I think it's pretty cool that yeah if you have a  bad accident then it's gonna be free for everybody   emergencies are free in turkey and how much has  been our budget for uh Healthcare this month well   we were hoping it's not gonna be zero but this  guy here needed plastic surgery so so it's a bad   joke I'm sorry I don't know why I'm doing this  if you've seen the her mom with a video then   on the back they damaged one of like birthmark  thingies or a mall thingies and after it was   damaged it just started growing it was disgusting  and we had to get it removed surgically and we did   it in Ankara we went to a plastic surgeon and  the operation the whole thing because there's   59 Euros was was there Mulberry mobile surgery  so it's actually coming more and more common   for Americans Europeans to come to Turkey for  procedures let's say procedures hair transplants   um I don't know boob jobs yeah Medical Health  Care aesthetic tourists so yeah a lot of people   do it now and for us it was a really pleasant  experience and after we got those mole removed he so as a last thing before we show you our own  income and how we make money in social media   we're gonna talk about entertainment we spent  54 euros and how much of it was Top Copy Palace   half of it and and other really really touristic  things are quite expensive there are a few really   touristic places around turkey and that these are  gonna be expensive but if it's uh entertainment   that locals also do like going to the cinema  costs two and a half three Euros when in escucha   here we went to a zoo that was one euro per  person and for example in Istanbul we took   the river cruise that was for hours and it cost  three years so if you do the things that locals   do and locals enjoying as well then it's gonna  be quite affordable and all the lovely mosques   they are free yeah and before you add all of  those numbers together our expenses were shocking   we were quite shocked to see the final number  that in a whole month for two people we spent   980 Euros so that's like 490 per person which  is pretty nice because we were living a similar   lifestyle in Spain a year ago and that cost a  silver 2 000 Euros actually the life we live here   in Turkey is better we eat out more we spend more  on entertainment so we get to have a much higher   quality lifestyle in turkey and we paid more  than double in Spain but I just have to stop   here for a moment and it might seem that turkey  is a cheap country but this is sadly like this   only for tourists only if you earn money in euros  dollars other currencies Turkish economy Turkish   lira has weakened a lot over the last years  and the average salary not the minimum salary   average salary for Turkish people is about 450 a  little bit over Euros so if you take two average   salaries you couldn't cover our budget and we  don't actually pay rent we live in a car to make   it even more obvious than I found this beautiful  website I'm gonna put it over Lisa's face   and as you can see from there then although  in liras in 2016 Turkish minimum salary was   this and now Turkish minimum salary is this then  if you convert it into Dollars then in six years   the minimum salary of Turkish people has actually  decreased about 30 percent and at the same time   currently the inflation rate is 80 percent so the  prices are going officially yeah the prices are   going up so so fast and just the buying power  of locals has fallen a lot and I feel I feel   sorry for Turkish people that they can't afford to  travel themselves anymore and it's it's harder and   harder for them to make ends meet but nevertheless  what makes our experience even more incredible is   that Turks are still kind they're still welcoming  and things like this happen for example going into   a random Village store they gave us three things  although we wanted to pay and it just shows   the kindness of Turks that in this country money  doesn't come first for the locals there's things   that are much much much more important than  money and it just makes us feel privileged   makes us feel happy to be part of it and  just reminds us that we are lucky that   our currency our economy is stronger in that  sense and we can afford a lifestyle like this   talking about affording a lifestyle how can  we do it we're unemployed we do travel videos   we earn a little bit of money from YouTube and  those videos and it's all because of you because   you are watching over there and that's why we  decided that we want to be transparent we want   you to know how we make money because actually you  make us money you over there with every view with   every like with every comment you're helping us to  create those videos and we want to thank you for   this so our biggest Revenue Source this month was  YouTube ads which was 330 Euros yeah in September   we made 330 Euros because you were watching their  commercials at the beginning of the video super   annoying right I know they're annoying but  they are our biggest income so literally at   the beginning of the video every time you watch an  ad we earn like a microscopic amount of money and   the thing is that the longer you watch this ad the  more money we earn and if you click on it we earn   more as well but it doesn't cost you anything yeah  you don't have to do it we're already grateful   that you're here watching this video but yeah  if you want to support it you can at sometimes   just click on it and although on Main revenue is  Those ads then I just wanted to assure you that   there won't be any uh ads in the middle of the  videos now or probably never nothing should get in second Revenue stream for people that are  supporting us on patrons big thank you to you   it's just a beautiful feeling knowing that  there's four people out there who are willing   to support us every month for us to create  those videos and they've become our friends   like it's it's really a blessing having  this small group of people that we can   discuss things with and and share share our  stories even more than on this YouTube and   if you want to know more about it then it's  again in the description is our patreon page   so all together in social media in September  we made 360 Euros minus about 60 Euros for   internet to upload those videos and to be able  to do it minus about 25 Euros for this music and those beautiful b-roll clips so our profit from social media was 275 euros it's  a little bit less than Turkish minimum salary but   we are still really grateful that making those  videos is earning us even this little money it's   really like a dream to us that we get to take  you along with us under on those Journeys show   your cultures Foods people Beyond politics show  you how people really live what they think about   and although mostly we still live off our savings  and and do it due to the fact that a year ago we   worked really really hard then it's a nice feeling  to know that by now almost 20 000 of you have   subscribed to this Channel and are supporting us  on this journey are traveling together with us and   just special thank you it was an absolute pleasure  having you today with us and I really hope that   you learned something new about this country and  lastly next week we're gonna go to the capital   city of Turkey Ankara we're gonna try its food  we're gonna wander its streets and also visit the   site that for many Turks is the most important  place in the whole country until then you can   check out this playlist to see more of our Turkish  adventures and we will see you next time bye

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