How DANGEROUS is EL SALVADOR? Santa Ana to San Salvador

How DANGEROUS is EL SALVADOR? Santa Ana to San Salvador

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El Salvador is also called 'The murder capital of the world'. Look at the houses, the wall is so tall... the houses are very secure. Look here, there's fencing and grills.

He's selling Torta de karne. "Karne" means meat. Hello everyone! I welcome you all to a new video and a new day. Currently, I am in El Salvador which is a country in Central America.

This is my 4th day in El Salvador and I am staying in this hostel from the past 4 days. This is a very good hostel, the beds are very good and the food is included, all these are just only for 10$. The name of the hostel is Sole. I guess only 1-2 hostels are there in this city and many hostels are not there.

El Salvador is a very dangerous country and all the tourists skip this country in Central America. There is Honduras on North East and East of the country. There is Guatemala on the North-West and the Pacific Ocean in the South.

Currently, I am in Santa Ana which is in the north of El Salvador, it is comparatively safe than other places. Now, I will take a taxi to the bus stand and then go to San Salvador by bus. San Salvador is the biggest city and also the the capital city of the country where the crime rate is high. Since this place is very dangerous and tourists skip this country, this country is very cheap. It is very cheap compared to other Central American countries.

It is a bit more expensive than India, but still very cheap compared to other countries. We cannot see any tourists in this city that's why the streets of the city are empty. If you have seen my previous video, I had gone to explore a lake. I explored a lake, it was very empty, there were no tourists. If that lake was in Europe or any other country, it used to be crowded. Tourists would have exploited that place.

But here, there were none and the lake was very clean. Uber operates in this city, it is very cheap and I will book an Uber now. I will go to the bus stand, there I will meet Oliver and Gabby, both of them are from England. I met them in the shuttle while coming to El Salvador from Guatemala.

Yesterday, I had gone with them to the lake and today we have a plan to visit San Salvador. We both are going to stay separately because they are a couple and I have booked my hostel. I guess there was only 1 hostel in San Salvador, because no tourists visit that city. My Uber has arrived. Always download offline maps in an unknown city, so that you will know the location you are travelling to.

The bill for this cab is 2.5$ for 10 minutes of travelling. There is traffic, So 2.5$ is 200 INR. The US dollar and bitcoin are the currency used in this country. El Salvador is the world's 1st country to adopt bitcoin as their currency.

Oliver and Gabby are standing straight in front of me. These are the local buses, the fare on this bus is 0.20$. That is 15 INR.

We have to board bus number ‘201’, which goes to the capital city. This is the bus, let’s go. We got the bus as soon as we came, which I had not expected. This is our bus. People are coming inside the bus to sell some things.

But there is a problem here, 3 people will come inside the bus with a gun, they might be disguised as passengers. As we reach the unpopular roads or outskirts of the city, they gun point at the driver and stop the bus and steal all passenger's items. Usually, this is done with tourists and not with locals. A german couple told us that they faced this situation in this city.

This is very problematic here, we should be very careful. Anyone might come inside and steal all the passenger's items. If you are seeing this video I am safe. Otherwise, I have been robbed. I look like them(a local) or else I look poorer than them. They think we are rich if we are fair (whites).

I am not targeted always. These whites are always targeted because they look different and their hair colour is also very different. I did not pay 2.5$ for the taxi, it was much less than that for 15 minutes of travelling. On the bus, we paid a dollar per person. In 80 INR we will be going to another city which is 1.5 hours of travelling.

This is much cheaper than Haryana Roadways and this bus looks great. So far, I have come halfway and no one has robbed. Some people are coming on the bus to sell something or the other. He has come to sell torta de karne, which is meat.

Look here, these are fries. We have come inside the city, but the the couple doesn't have access to the internet. This couple doesn't have access to the internet to book a cab and they have a lot of luggage. I thought of booking a taxi for them and then I will book my taxi.

This is the City, San Salvador. These roads are very clean, this is just 2 km from the centre. This city is very neat and clean.

Looks great! We have come to the bus stop in San Salvador, I guess this is the main bus stop in the city. This is a local bus stand. We get the tickets to Santa Ana that's the place where I came from. Shoe Repair & Cobbler.

El Salvador is also called the murder capital of the world and in 2012 the highest murder rate was recorded in this country. The crime rate was more in 2015 -2016 I guess 7000 people were murdered in a single year. In 2016, 6000 people were murdered, the population here is 6.5 million.

In the 6.5 million population 7,000 people were murdered. The unofficial population of Delhi is 30 million, which is 5 times more than El Salvador. At least it will be more than 4 times. The population in Delhi is 4 times more than El Salvador, but only 450 murders were recorded. 450 people were murdered despite of having more population in Delhi. Here, the population is four times less than Delhi but still, 7,000 people were murdered.

In India the highest number of murders are recorded in Uttar Pradesh, It is always the same every year. Last year, 3700 people were murdered in Uttar Pradesh. On an estimate, the population of Uttar Pradesh is 250 million. The population of Uttar Pradesh is 40 times more than in El Salvador.

Despite having 40 times more population, the murder rate was less than El Salvador. I am in El Salvador, where 80 times more murders are recorded compared to Uttar Pradesh. You can just imagine how dangerous is this country! Ortata is a drink which you find in most of the places in Central America.

He was selling Ortata drink and another item which I don't know. It is very hot here, my Uber is about to come. The policeman is standing here, I don't think vehicles can stop here.

But my pickup location is here only. Did this policeman have to come now? He was standing in the sun from long time. I am sweating a lot and my cab also came at the same time.

The policemen sent my cab to the front. This is the cab. Nayib Bukele was elected as president in 2019.

He did a lot of changes in this country by sending all the tattooed people to jail. I heard this, that if they find a tattoo on people, they were sent to Jail. After taking them to jail, they will investigate whether he is related to a gang or not. If he is not related to a gang, the police will leave them but it is very safe for foreigners. And I don't have any tattoos as well.

This cab driver became my friend, his name is Faredh, his family is there in Palestine. I was talking with him and he gave some recommendations about the places to visit. I will take his number to ask any queries in the future.

We have come very near to my hostel. The driver told that, before this street is to be very dangerous, but now it is safe. I got to know about the city, and I will be very careful. My hostel should be somewhere here. Is this my hostel? This hostel was very cheap. This was the only hostel available, I booked this because there were no other hostels available nearby.

This is the hostel, the price of a the bed here is 9 US dollars. It is less than 800 INR. This is very cheap and you can also use the kitchen outside. There are separate charges for breakfast and you can drink unlimited coffee. For breakfast, you get a banana, egg and coffee. You have to pay 3$ for the breakfast.

I have to spend only a night here. After this, I am going to Honduras. The time is 5 pm, I took rest for a while at the hostel. I regret the decision I made, I shouldn't have taken rest.

No issues, I have come out of the hostel and there is a very popular football stadium. Jorge González football stadium. This is the stadium, there was a famous footballer from El Salvador.

This stadium is named after the footballer, his name is El Magico. He was known as El Magico or Magico. The meaning of that is 'Magically'.

Before this, I was in Santa Ana which was a very beautiful and safe place. I have come here just now and I have not gone out, so I don't have any idea about the city. I will get to know about the city after roaming for a while. I have booked an Uber which will come in 15 minutes, I have 15 minutes to explore this place. I don't have any negative reviews about the country because Santa Ana was beautiful and the lake was also very beautiful. There is a place named Picnic Steakhouse.

The British couple found out about that place and suggested it. We will have dinner there and we will come back. But it is very far, it is about 45 minutes drive. Uber will pick me up first and then will pick the couple then goes to the destination. You can call this place as the centre of the city or El Centro in Spanish. In every city, the Centre is known as El Centro.

The roads and houses are very colourful. Isn't it beautiful? There is a vibe of Latin America after coming to this road. If there was any Tacos stall, it would be great. Let's see if I get something to eat here. Sheru (Dog) He was shaking his tail, but now he is barking. I have mentioned this in my videos, if you want to know how dangerous the city is, look at the walls of the houses.

Look at the houses behind me. This house has grills and has a fence to the top. Looking at the houses, I can tell that crimes and theft are more in this city. Look at the store, he is giving the items but he has closed the gate. He has not even opened the gate he is given items from inside.

The fences are very tall and it has thorns wires on top of it and there is also a dog inside. There were two dogs in the house behind. There are no houses with short gates or fences. You can just imagine! Have a look at this house, it is completely covered. This house is very secure.

See the house next to it. The wall is very tall, I am 6.5 feet and my hand reaches 8 feet. This wall is 10 feet long and there is thorns wire on top of it. Look at these houses. Normally you don't find walls in front of these types of houses.

There is an aluminium sheet in front of these houses also. If you look at this house, it is very protected and it is common in all houses. That's awesome. I had not noticed that earlier, but now I noticed it.

Look at those houses, it is very secure. Look here, this house has grills. There is no other way to go inside. In the beginning, I was not so serious, but I have never seen this level of security in any other city. I have never seen this level of security in any other country. These houses are very packed there is no place to seek inside.

There is the house behind this. Look at this house, these walls are more than 20 feet long. This is a security company office and this doesn't have a wall. This doesn't have a wall only because this is a security company. I think they are forced to keep the office like this. This is a wall but there is thorn wire even on the wall.

This is thorn wire. I did not understand why they have installed this on the wall. They have installed this so that they don't climb on the wall and go inside the house.

Awesome. According to my trick, this area is very dangerous and I am sure there is robbery and crimes. There are dogs and the protection is very high. Awesome.

I have never seen this level of security in any other country. No matter how dangerous this country is but the people here... ...have more common sense than us. Look here. Vehicles are moving only in one lane from a very long time despite having another empty lane.

This is a very big line, look where the line has started. Look here. The middle lane is empty.

I have to agree with this, people here are very civilized despite there being some bad people. Is this my cab? Are you Jonathan? -Yes, please come inside. This is a beat vehicle, it is found in India.

Let's go. There are armed Guards and security with a gun everywhere. Great atmosphere.

When I was visiting the central American countries, I felt that I am in a different place every time. But there used to be similarities in every country Here also some things are similar but some things are very weird. This is a very great place, there are very big restaurants. There are big food chain restaurants and there is Sheraton hotel here.

You might have seen Chapulte in Mexico videos, the place where I was staying. The name of the street was Chapulte. They have their beer and bar restaurant chains on that street. Those food chains are there in Cancun, El Salvador Mexico and Guadalajara. The name of the street in the neighbourhood was Chapulte.

They have opened the food chains in the name of the street. One of the restaurants is there even in El Salvador. Olivia and Garry are here, I am going to sit in the front. We have come to this place after driving for 40 minutes. We have come to Picnic Steakhouse. There is a ride here, we are going to do that, The cost of the ride is 5 US Dollars per person.

It is 420 INR per person, we have purchased 3 tickets. We are going to do the ride and then eat something in a restaurant. This is on the outskirts of the city, we had to drive 40 minutes to come here. This part is very colourful, I guess this is going to take a till the ride. What is this? This looks like a kid's Park. The whole city can be seen from here.

This is the slide. This is a very great place, it is very beautiful. I was very shocked to see this place, as you saw, the path was very beautiful. The price of the taxi was $9. Just imagine, we paid 700 INR for a 40-minute ride. 3 people came in the vehicle.

It is 250 INR per person, it is very cheap. If this place was near Mexico or Cancun where tourists come, this used to be 6 times more expensive. At one point of time, I thought I am in Singapore, because the roads were very clean. Many things have changed after the new President came into action. It's my turn now.

I will keep my phone in my pocket. Our food has been served, this is chicken breast. It has tomato and Shimla chilli power rajma and Cheese. These are some fries. Doctor Yatri (YouTuber) Nawankur, give me your hand.

Nawankur, give me your hand.

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