Historic Seaside Resort Kicks off Tourism Megaproject | Vanilla Cities Skylines | Mikelsfjord Ep. 11

Historic Seaside Resort Kicks off Tourism Megaproject | Vanilla Cities Skylines | Mikelsfjord Ep. 11

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Gaming with Vindicator, where we're building the city of Mikelsfjord. And last episode we built this zoo on three islands, and I think it turned out really well. I haven't really run the game much since I pushed Pause on the last episode, so we're still level one, but I'm sure it's going to turn into a very thriving location. Now, we have spent a lot of the last several episodes building up the industrial infrastructure of the area, and it's time to start increasing the tourism capacity of Mikelsfjord. So we started that by working on the zoo, which I think turned out really well.

But in this episode, we're going to be working over here. This is the island of Hommelvik, and this the city has been eyeing this for some time. The city has even put in this massive highway in preparation for massive tourism development. We're going to be building our first seaside resort today in this area. And so we're just going to dive right in. But first thing I want to do is just a slight little tweak on the on the zoo here.

And so we're going to give this a proper name, the camera zoo. Tell me what you think about that in the comments. And there's one other little minor tweak I want to make here.

This connection to the zoo north side is going to become very bogged down. So I want to just add a secondary axis here. Let's do that now. And we're going to convert these to one way highways so that we'll get on this direction and we'll come off in the other direction. As. Well, because we're at that as well.

All right. I think that's going to do it now. We'll leave the zoo alone and we're going to head right over to our island of harmonic. And you know what I did in an episode? Well, it's actually previous to to starting the recording of this series, but I added a highway junction here and interchange. And I think I did a pretty darn good job putting the grades in and the tunnels. And I really like how this has turned out.

So, you know, it's a pretty great vista for tourists coming over to the island and checking it out. However, I do acknowledge that this is way overbuilt and we're not going to need a whole highway here because essentially this is the end of the line. And there is a circular route here where it goes underneath the the bay here and connects up back to the main highway.

So we're going to leave that alone until here. But I do want to convert this down into an arterial rather than the highway leads to that now. Great. So we're going to bring bring a small road across here, which means our dirt roads to connect the ends of these two highways.

That way we're going to get our grid and we'll be able to come back here with our arterial roads or six lane road, and we'll bring it about three squares off. We'll come up a little bit to say here and we'll do our curve road tool to get a nice smooth connection. And then here we can use we can break this again and just use our standard highway three lane to to connect. Right. And I've considered do I want to downgrade this to to two lanes? I'm going to hold off on that. I know it's it's probably overbuilt at the moment, but we are going to hold off because we're we're just building a seaside resort today.

But this is going to be a massive tourist area. I do have big plans for this area, so we'll just leave it for now. Let's see the same on this side. Okay, that looks great. So the next thing we're going to do is we're going to start to you know, we might as well bring some power and some water just so that we we don't have to think about that.

And I think probably the smartest way to do that is come all the way back to the city. In fact, let's go to the source. Let's go back to to the the power plant here. We're going to come off from the main line here. In fact, we're going to probably run another second line and just follow the highway. It's here. We've got a bit of a challenge because if I simply try to put in the power lines, I can go as high as I want.

But it's still I'm really quite low for those ships and obviously the span will not be the same. I think these these bridges get an extra long span, you know, beyond the the 12 tiles or the 12 squares. So we'll have to figure something out. In fact, I think what I'm going to do is I see that the ship pathway is right here.

I'm going to pause this for one second and I'm actually going to raise up the the the sea floor here so that I can put in my power lines and then I can lower the sea floor back again. And hopefully that will give you power lines that are actually at the same level as the bridge, not clipping the ships. Now I know that the midpoint where the ships are going through is here. So let's go up as high as we can, which is seemingly not very high.

I wonder if I need to let this run for a minute to actually get a little bit of height on this. This will speed it up to number three. Yeah, there's our height as the water sort of does its thing and finds a path and fills back up. It might get a little bit of height on this tower here. And I think as long as the wires are as high as the level of the bridge deck, we should be fine.

So the positive again, just wait till it pops up to the highest point there at a time. This, right? Yeah, I'm not. Here we are. So the midpoint is here.

We want to run parallel to the bridge. We're going to go out road length six. There's five and six. So we know that would be a half, a 12, there's the 12.

And we should be getting our our max height there. And if I come over here, try to get this to the same level. Great. Now we can come back through here and lower this imaginary land bridge again, and we'll just pick up the depth over here and just make this all one deep channel for the ships to get through.

And what I'm trying to do is not destroy the. The deck of the. This hide here. So we'll just pull this back as far as you need to without messing up the bridge. And that looks pretty good. It's great.

Let's hope that is. Enough. Well, run it again. Let that water sort itself out.

Luckily, no ships were harmed in the making. And let's run this power line to the end. Go as far as their for now and then we'll work on the water pipes. Great. I think that's done it. All right. So where are we going to put this new little town?

And I'm going to call it a historic town. I think what the plan is going to be is we're going to put all of our seaside resorts along this beautiful beach here. And in a future episode, I think we're going to do more of a traditional tourist high rise party town on the other side of the street. But this is going to be the sort of upscale, you know, maybe quieter, older generation type of entertainment in these luxury resorts. So let's get a bit of the road layout set up and then we'll figure out what we're doing from here. So I'm going to pick a node once I get my guidelines back on.

And we're going to see this. This is the straightest section. So we're going to come off here and I think we'll do 11 units.

I'd like to think we'll go a little bit longer to leave ourselves a room for a path in there. It's 12 units come all the way up to this other node that is the last one on the straight section, and we'll go out another 12. Like going on the beach.

But sometimes it's. It's for the best. In fact, I went a little too long there. I only want to leave one space in between so I can run a path way behind. Great. Yeah.

Okay, let's. Let's start now. Let's find the midpoint between these two. So this is 21. 60. Half of that should be 1000. 19 ish. It's looking,

looking approximately in the center. Just quickly measure that. 1080. The perfect oak. And I know I already want to upgrade this, so we're going to have a nice little historic downtown here. And I'm wondering.

Will this be a pedestrian area? I think it actually might be. So we're going to get in our our right of way and we'll we'll think about that pedestrianisation later. But for now, I would I know I want a broad avenue right down the middle of town here, and then we're going to start using some of our seaside resorts assets. So let me find those. Those have been really interesting playing around with those there here in the Parks tab and the the content creator packs.

So there was an amazing asset that I love that I want to get in before anything else. And maybe it's not here, maybe it's in the pedestrian area, plazas. I know. I think it's actually in the special buildings content creator

Yeah, that's, that's where it is. So I guess we got to scroll all the way down to here they are seaside resort assets and there's an amazing pier that just goes on for days. That's the one. And I want to get this right at the end of this avenue.

The challenge is is very hard to place. It doesn't snap to a road. It kind of snaps to the coast a little bit willy nilly.

So I might need to do a little bit of grading here. While we let that water clear. I do want to get in just one little stub of a road here. Because I know this asset needs a road.

So let's see if I've come out far enough. And this is going to be excruciating, I think. But we're going to try to get this lined up directly with the run of the road here.

And you can see it's not quite cooperating with me. I don't know if that's just the way my land is set up, but let me play with it for a minute and we'll we'll see if we can get this to to align with the road. All right. So I can tell that's not exactly perfectly aligned, but man, that that took some patients. So we're going to call that good enough. And yeah, I don't know.

It seems to me like a logical termination of that that road there that it ends up in this beautiful key. What do you call this? A peer. A peer? Oh, my God, look at this thing. This is absolutely beautiful.

And I think it's going to work very well in this new seaside resort community. So let's finalize a little bit of this key wall and we'll give people a place to walk. And I think what we're going to do is use some of the newer assets. And I like the the wider wall.

So let's go. Yeah, let's go with this one here and see how that looks. Just upgrade these and bring them as far down as we can. We're going to turn off road length and in fact, we'll turn off everything except angle just so we can get. Oh, it's going to give me a little bit of trouble for the shoreline, so we'll just fix this.

What's next. So I think we want to upgrade some of these trees. You know, the ones that came with a new content creator pack are pretty bombed. So, you know, we'll switch to the Young Lindens and make this our main drag here.

What else we do, I guess we we need a, you know, an actual. It's our district here. So let's see.

Yeah, we're going to just going to tighten this up a little bit and we'll make this. For now. It'll just be this little downtown area here. And it's going to be a very quaint little town. You know, I think we might even call this historic homophobic and. We might even make this a restaurant zone. So let's investigate doing that.

But first, let's investigate some of our policies. So what do we want to do here? What would be the most sort of quaint little town esque building style? I'm not sure. It's definitely not mid-century modern. That's a little too modern. Definitely not modern city center, not European.

But you know what? Let's try European suburbia. Let's see how that goes. And let's check out what we want to use here.

So I'm going to start doing water usage to cut down on some of that smoke detector. Sure. Parks and Rec. Yeah, definitely. For parks, parks, plazas and park area is draw 10% more visitors. Yes, I will put that.

Actually. No, I'm not going to put that on. And I have a reason for that, which will become clear later. Why? Fi? Sure.

And we'll bounce over to our city planning here. Definitely don't need high rises. And you know what? I'm going to ban heavy traffic because I know that will be handy in the future.

So what I want to do. Old town residents and businesses now. No, that's fine. It's going to be a pedestrian area anyway, so we don't need that. And I think we will leave it there.

Now, let's check out these these new pedestrian areas. And in fact, I think we need to go in here and draw it first. So let's paint that area. And yeah, let's. Let's meet this. Pedestrian friendly.

Now, what's the structure here? What do we what are we doing here? I think we also are going to want to put in some policies so that we have for residential or industrial, definitely not commercial. I think we might just go organic, a local produce since this is a, you know, a smaller, quaint downtown office specialization. I don't think we're going to have any office here. Definitely not it all the wall. I don't think so. I don't want to mess with that yet.

And as far as residential self-sufficient? No, I don't think so. No, These are these are old buildings. This is not modern buildings. So we're just going to leave it like that.

And, you know, of course, along the arterial which, you know, let's let's do ourselves a favor and downgrade that. This is the center of town. So it can be an arterial on either side. But we don't really need we don't need a major six lane avenue through here. So let's find something.

Yeah, let's use this. What is this called? Two large avenue with grass. Perfect. Down. Great. This. This is going to be our downtown area. And we'll throw some light commercial.

Along the main drag here. I'm going to leave one space here. So no one just needed that. And what else? I think we'd also want a little bit of commercial along the seafront. So tell you what, let's put that in there as well.

And I am actually going to do one thing just first I'm going to pause it. I said I want to put this this in yet, but let's go over to some of the other assets that we have here. And I noticed there was a historical museum here, Coast Guard Heritage Museum. So let's let's put that on downtown here. We can create a little node of commercial or of tourist interest.

And I know with this park also came a historic fire station. So let's put that. Here as well. Let's check that out.

Oh, that's super cool. This is definitely looking like a really interesting area for tourists to hang out. It actually kind of looks like the waterfront in my old town where I used to live. So that's a good start. And I wonder if we want to put in just a little bit of maybe not super deep, but we're going to put some two by two commercial here and we're going to let this be you know, let this be this is going to be organic and local products. So we've already got that that policy here.

So let's see how it turns out. We'll see if we like it and we like the way it looks. What else do we want to get in here? Some of our services. Let's get in the usual. In fact, before I do that, I want to make sure that I'm getting in our pedestrian roads.

And so I've been eyeing up these not the bluestone, but the cobble cobblestone pedestrian street. Let's see how this looks. And of course, we'll do the waterfront as well.

And we'll leave this because this will be a necessary road. You'll see why in a minute. But and then we'll come through here and we'll make these this four lane road, also a pedestrian road, and we'll do that cobblestone. You know what? Let's give give us some trees on this one.

So large bluestone with grass and trees. Let's see how that looks. Yeah, not bad.

I think we need to fix our trees, though. Who is going to be good? Yes, it's looking really good. So we'll have a view of our pier right at the end of this.

I wonder, can we use the other tree assets in here? Where they go. Beautiful. Oh, that's. That's so cool.

Yeah, I'm liking the way this looks. Look at that cobblestone, beautiful oak. And now the next thing we need is one of those garbage access points. So where do we find that? It's in parks and plazas. Right. So I think the small one should be fine for now. And by the way, I have everything on lock because that's just how I started playing this series.

So everything is unlocked for now. Where do we want this? Yeah, maybe. I think that should work. So it's connected to the road.

It's connected to the pedestrian area. That should give us, what, five trucks for cargo and three for garbage. This is not a huge area, so I'm hoping that will be enough. This is saying no garbage service point. Now, that should go away and hoping. All right. Now let's start getting some of our other services in here.

We are going to want a little bit of a downtown, so let's pop in our post office first. And I wonder if we can just. Oh, so this is something that cannot be placed on a pedestrian road so it will have to go somewhere else. And I wonder if. Perhaps here would work or even on this side. You know, I don't I don't love that idea.

I wonder if if we're maybe going to place it on on this side. So let's quickly draw out a little bit extra and what I want to do. On this side is just. Just create one lock on the side wasn't far enough. Just enough space so that we can get in our train station and that is going to live right at the end.

Up this road. So let's get that road in. And this will this is going to be a car area on this side. So we'll just use a regular large avenue with grass we'll up here and let's see where we can get the post office. I made a mistake. I actually want to leave an allowance for a. Walkway.

So let's put that in and I'll tell you why we're putting in a train station. And so I want people to be able to access this. And, you know, right off the bat, let's go up. And we'll put our.

Our pedestrian access in here. We're down to ground level here, come across, and this will be the space in the middle. Give you a little bit of back alley pathways. It's a little bit more pedestrian access. And then this can come down and meet it here. And I think we might just leave it there.

Given that this is already a walking path, we don't need extra paths there. So I think at this point we can run it. Let's just bring the power over. Next, I want to find that historic train station, and I wonder if it's in here. I don't believe that it is. It's probably in the train.

It's not so let's see. Content creator packs likely. Let's see.

There it is. This this historical train station. This is going to be absolutely perfect for this location. We'll center this on the road. So now we have at the end of this avenue, this train station.

At the other end, it's the pier. And so this is really coming together as a true historical area. Now, we're going to have some power issues until things start filling out. But let's see how that goes and let's start getting a little bit more of our services. So we've got our post office.

We'll need a medical clinic. I think that can sneak in right there. Fire. We've got our historical fire station will let that be our coverage for now.

But we will also get in one of these European style police stations and we'll just plot that on the corner here across from the medical clinic. We will we get into school? Yeah, I think we're probably going to need one. And so. That would probably make sense. It fits pretty well over here, and we'll keep it a little park beside, because that seems to be the thing to do in these city skylines these days. Let's see which park might might fit in here.

We'll put that there and we will rejigger path in the work. This will come as far as the school. Like that. You can go just a little bit farther.

We'll get rid of our road guidelines. You come right up to the park. Go down and get ourselves a bit of a path there.

And can I sleep this through? No, not without destroying something. So let's. Let's do it here. And we're going to put in. What else do we forget? We don't need a high school yet.

We're not there yet. Other parks, I think. You know, we might sneak in one dog park.

Yeah. I'm just not sure we need it. I mean, some of these tourism infrastructure things will be pretty helpful. We'll add a park if we need it, but I'm not sure we do.

So let's just fill this out with a little bit of light residential. And we'll see. We'll see what pops up. We'll get our power connected there. And so how are we doing? So I find it interesting that we actually have two different names here.

So if we want to go and change that, we need to adjust the name of the the pedestrian area, which is exactly on top of this. So it's going to be hard, but I can fix that by going and oh, interesting how it pulled that. Pedestrian area. Am I looking at pedestrians? I am. I'm sure why we need it all the way up there. So we're going to cut this off. What I can do is pull this area out a little bit and that will move the name of the city away.

And I can access this now and we can rename this historic Gothic. Great. Yeah. This is the historic downtown in the larger city or municipality of Hummel.

Let's check out our policies. So I haven't actually played with this slow driving decreases noise pollution. Let's leave it as a sugar band Increase the average lifespan of citizens but increase crime rate by 20%. Okay, interesting street music.

Sure, that sounds good. It slightly increases noise pollution and commercial zones increases happiness, deliver everything. All buildings within this area. Get cargo deliveries and coverage, be service points. I don't think it's necessary. So we're just going to do street music.

Everything is unlocked because that's the cheat that I've got on right now. We'll leave that alone. This is starting to slowly fill out. I think what we are missing is actually a little bit of pedestrian access to the key here.

You know, this is a seaside resort, so why not give people the option to actually walk? On the beach and I will have to destroy some of that. But we'll see how close we can get here. And I'm going to want a little bit more connectivity. Here. And we'll kind of point this right at the end of the key

and we'll try to match that on the other side. We need the grid so that we can snap to this. Oh, yeah. Well, let me.

Let's see. Yeah, we just fit. So that seems fairly parallel.

I wonder. Yeah, this should probably be a pedestrian road. I wonder if that's going to break our access to this pier. Let's check it out. It seems to be fine. So we're getting a true pedestrian area here. Now, these guys are already complaining about not enough workers, so we just need a little bit more residential, which we don't have a lot of demand for.

But we're going to leave it. It will fill out eventually. It's just taking a sweet time. One thing I did want to add, there's another asset from the seaside resorts pack, and that is the historical library, which looks pretty cool.

Now, where are we going to fit this? It does seem like it might go onto the main road, and I hope this is okay to use on a pedestrian area. So we're about to find out. Yeah, it doesn't seem to mind. So we're going to leave that.

This looks like it could have been like, you know, the main street of this old 1700s town. And now we need a little bit of. The actual seaside resorts.

So we're going to run our road right along the coast and we're going to do a huge installation of seaside resorts. So here we go. So now we have a basic structure for where we're going to put our hotels and there are a lot of them. So let's take a peek and see which ones belong where.

I'm not sure that I have any real, you know, theory about which one should go where. I guess some of them have consistent themes. So we might try to stick some of the the red ones together and the green ones together. However, I wonder if maybe it makes even more sense to put some of the bigger ones toward the end.

That seems like it would be more exclusive, so I might start from the back end here and let's get them in. Wherever it makes sense. We're going to check out our topography for a second.

So definitely don't want to be carving into those those hills. So I might just adjust. Sure. Yeah, that looks pretty cool. So we fit two in there. Let's start working our way back through town now. Actually, before I do that, there's one thing I want to take care of, and I'll tell you in a second.

So I'm going to pull up my dirt road here and I'm going to kind of make a boundary for this park. This seems to me like the perfect opportunity for a park. And if we scroll out, you can see there is a second opportunity for a massive nature reserve on both ends. Turn this into a real national treasure, you know, a natural gem.

And so what I'm going to do is put on my contours and I'm just going to draw this dirt road right around the base of this mountain in hopes that I can sort of protect some of this park land. And see, the reason I did that now was so that I could have a tie in to this road and not sort of forget to leave an easement for this road if I'm putting in all of these hotels. But that looks like a fine border for the park. Do I want to do the same on the other side? I think so, yeah. All right.

And why don't we go ahead and just paint those parkers so we don't forget that that's what we said we would do. Now, obviously, those are some massive park areas and, you know, maybe I'm biting off more than I can chew, but I'm actually kind of excited to get started on those. You know, it represents more than 50%, probably closer to two thirds of the land on this island.

So, you know, it's going to be a really fantastic tourist draw once we have these parks in place. I'm not sure we're going to do one nature reserve and who knows what else on this side. But anyway, now we've got our roads in place. We can start doing the rest of our hotels. I think that road just got a little bit too curvy, so we're going to let it tie in at a 90 here and that looks a little bit more reasonable.

I think probably this is going to just be its own. It's a little kingdom over here, that is. It's quite sunny. Somebody did a really great job and I did not do a good job of grading that. But it's, you know, it's the back end. So we were just I don't know.

I can't leave it. All right. It's slightly better than we can actually see the stairs on that side. And let's see what else we have for assets. We've got pretty large ones over here. So what I'm trying to do is leave four spaces from the next thing just so I can get in fences around here.

And, you know, some of these are really small. I'm not sure they're even worth putting, like all the way out here, given, you know, that probably the land values would be higher for the bigger stuff. But. Tough call. Tough call. There's no real rhyme or reason here. Some of these small ones that might just put in town and we have a real worker shortage problem may have been smart for me to actually connect up my train station.

But you know what? We're going to fix this. I wonder if the challenge here is that we need highly educated. No, that's not that's not true. I mean, uneducated workers and some educated. Okay. So it may be that the people in this neighborhood just need time to catch up and get their elementary degree before they're further out in the world.

We'll fix this later. We'll fix this later. Let's get in the rest of our hotels. This tiny one, I think, is actually going to go right in town. And I'm just trying to find a lot that might actually.

The a suitable size is turns over you off and it's going to be tough. It's just it's such a small little. Little sliver of a building. You know, that's fine. We can plop it right there.

And did we get them all? I think I think we have. One thing that I did not get is these two pavilions. These are absolutely huge and beautiful. And I think it would make a lot of sense to keep them grouped around here. But I'm actually not sure what I want to do with those yet. So we're going to leave.

Well, you know what? Okay, let's let's put a little a little note out here. Oops, a little, you know, something to attract a little bit of visitors this way. And again, it's going to give me a real trouble. Oh, okay. Maybe not so I can plop that there and hopefully that's close enough to the road.

I think it is. So it's not complaining. And that might draw a little bit of tourism out here, which might help the hotels. And we'll see if we can plop the other one at the end of this road. Now we have sort of a a symmetry, which I think I love.

I just have to grade. Just to get it parallel with the road. It might just not center it right on the the end of this junction. So that's fine. All right, great. So we've got, I think, all of our assets in now from the new seaside resorts content creator pack.

And we are hurting for water out here. So let's do this. And by the way, we're running a little low on water availability, so we'll have to think about that in the near future. All right. And of course, we haven't quite got power to jump,

so let's see where the break is. Yeah, there's just a little bit too much distance between all of these and I'm not sure I want to move them. These are fun on this side, except for, of course, this this little obvious break here. So on this side, I think what we can do is the old earthquake sensor trick.

Where is that? It's in right here. No, I didn't quite jump, so. What to do. Oh, Jesus. Just barely is not not there.

Claris, let's see if we can sneak this over to a tile. And one more. Who is not going to like me.

Okay, We we cheesed it a little bit. That's fine. This town is really going to the dogs here, so I suspect that's part of the problem, is that we've got the the organic local produce. So let's actually take that off for at least for this part here. That's part of the actual city.

So. We'll just pull this back just a little bit. And we'll let them re redevelop. And hopefully they stop complaining because I think before when I when I tested this out, it was fine without the organic and local.

So that was probably a bad idea on my part to try that. How are we going to make power here? I think we just need to sneak these over just a touch. I don't love doing that because I want the distance between them, but I need power and I really prefer not to run lines and prefer not to do something silly with the the earthquake sensors. So let's see how how close I can get. I think we did it.

We we've got a daisy chained all the way along, and we've got water and power. Great. Next thing I want to do is actually create a little bit of a fence fenced in private property type of deal.

And what fences are we going to use? Definitely not something iron or hard core nature reserve fence. Possibly select the park fence. The farm fence, you know, let's do nature reserve. It looks pretty old. And we'll come basically between each of these.

I guess we put all of our our guidelines out, which is good. So we'll just come out. I want the distance on. Somebody give me ten. I actually want to leave right away here for the road. So we're going to get that in just so I don't take my fence so too far,

Not just straight later. Awesome. So now we can just connect up the backs of bees and. I don't want to forget to to get these guys covered. So we'll do the same thing on the side. Not sure they need fences over here.

It's fairly remote, and I'm not even sure that this one needs a fence, but we'll just put it in anyway. Great. I like that. So that lends a real exclusivity to each of the hotels and to the region itself. And it sort of looks like these were really old properties where, you know, the lot sizes were much bigger back in the day when this was just, you know, the the untamed coastline in 17 whatever, or 1800 something.

Okay. What's next? It would be nice to add a few little props in here. And what I have in mind is I believe it's from the new is it from this content creator pack? There it is.

It's it's a mid-century modern asset. But I think this is going to work here anyway. And these are beach chairs.

And so we'll just sort of flip these around and get two of them. I think we're going to use the more lounge of the two and let's just let's just fire in a bunch of them. So it would be as if these hotels had maybe some ownership of the beach or maybe access to it a right of access.

And they've just decided to set up some of their own chairs so that their clients can can use them. Or maybe, you know, the municipality has done this and they're trying to encourage people to come and visit the beach. They manage the beaches. But I think this adds a real nice little holiday seaside village feeling to the area. How did our commercial do? Yeah, it's popped back up and it's still saying not enough workers.

That is just a function of not having enough residential in this area. So we will rectify that. I'm not sure we'll do it in this episode, but for now they're just going to have to deal with it. Okay, so I think we're on the right track now. The next thing we're going to do is connect up this rail line.

And I thought, you know, there's two ways to do this. We, you know, our endpoint for the East West line is here in Re-inspired and it kind of pops across the highway. I knew that I'd be building something residential out here, but I didn't know where I might have additional residential out here, you know, in which case we've got two options.

We can bring a rail line down this way, which is it's a much longer route. It's probably also a little bit more exciting or we could do the direct route down here and pretty easily get get through. Now, it would be way easier just to go the directory, but it's going to be a straight line, kind of boring. You know, I would have to put on this side to avoid putting it through the industrial area. I don't I'm not going to do that. It's going to be way more fun to actually come along here and add a rail line to this beside this highway and then a rail bridge over here.

It's going to be beautiful and it's going to take me a little bit of time because this is not an easy endeavor. So I'm going to jump into a quick time lapse and get that done and show you the results at the end. Here we go. You know. Okay, that was a mission, but we got it done.

I think that was way more fun than doing the straight route across the industrial area. And instead we're going through the mountains, which, you know, this is this is a game that lets you build trains. So we've definitely done that.

Awesome. Now the next step would be to actually extend this line. This is our East West line and we're going to pull it all the way out to the new train station. In the tourist area. And of course, we need to go back to that station and add. Stops there again and we'll have to think about. How many trains we want on this line.

Are we going to have enough capacity now? Let's check it out. So right now, most of the trains are running around half capacity. There's quite a lot of action of the station, which is our new Kiev station, which we built a couple episodes back. But I think we're probably okay. We're going to let it run for a little bit and see how it goes.

You know what? I don't love the colour of these trains and so let's put something on. It's a little bit more. I don't know. Realistic? Yeah. I think that Deep Blue really works well.

I like that a lot. And we shall run it. All right. What's next? Let's head back over to what do we call it, home of a comedic island. And let's see what's going on here. How are hotels doing? They're doing just fine.

Yeah, turned out I think they're all functioning well. Let's see how many customers we have. 17 tourists. I have no idea if that's near capacity or not. Probably not.

Now, we do have an issue, of course, with all these abandoned buildings, and I'm going to just delete them. Hopes that. Maybe with our new train station, we're going to get a little bit more passenger traffic down here. I don't love that people are parking here, but that's what it is.

What can we do to fix this? Well, we can build some more residential, so why don't we actually, why don't we build a little bit more of a new community in here and we'll we'll get some new life into this community. Okay. That looks like a pretty great grid. I like it. And we're going to put in well, I guess we need high school at this point, so we'll start with that. And you know what? I'm betting this is a fairly posh neighborhood. And so we're going to go with one of these posher ones.

Oh, you know what? Let's we put it in the library. That's fine. Let's work on our. High school. So this is the elementary alternative.

This is the high school and sort of creative arts. It's relatively big. So I wonder if.

Would it fit in here? Where is it going to fit? Sure that works well and. I wonder if we can put a. Let's see, some kind of gymnasium across the street. Let's find out. One of the things that I believe a community like this would have is some kind of cemetery.

They probably got some kind of historical symmetry somewhere. And I'm wondering if that would go on a hill somewhere likely. I don't want to put it in the park area, though. So I wonder, is there anywhere else with a hill? It's not looking like it's. So let's just find a spot for it. So apparently this historical fire station is not really up to the task.

Who knows why that is? But we definitely need a second fire station, so let's get that in relatively close to downtown. We'll put it on this minor collector here. And while we're at this, we've got a ton of trees and we're going to want to protect these, especially since this is going to be a national park. So I've noticed these work a lot better at the highest points and just makes logical sense. Anyway, so let's see how much coverage we get out of that one.

Pretty good. Pretty good. And we might want one on this direction as well. So the highest point over here

is likely this one here that should cover this side and. You know, there's a few over here. I'm not sure it's terribly critical if we. One more, but it certainly would help the hotels as well.

So let's see if we plop it up top here. That should do it. And on this side, let's see where the high points over here. Okay, So we are doing some some good work with fire coverage. Let's see how our police are doing.

I suspect it's fine. We've got a modern station there. It should be able to cover this section of the world. Our high school is perfectly covered now or institute, and our elementary should be doing fine. I think probably there's more than enough capacity. Yeah, I think if we fire in some more residential here, it should be okay.

What else? We're going to want a little bit of park action and get our water in. He amazing. And now I think we can get over here and just put in a little bit of light commercial on this strip since we've got the demand. We're going to go through here. Did we forget anything? We've got our.

Oh, I did want to get in a serious library. Although I wonder if it's necessary. Yeah, why not? This is. This is going to be a high, high income community. So let's see if we can do that. Well, I'm thinking about.

We'll get our paths in. All right. I think that's looking good. And now let's go through here with our large brush and we're going to start painting just mindful that this is the inside of the park.

So we're not going to want to zone inside there. Great. So let's run this on speed for a second and see how this fills out or demand is still strong.

So let's let's see if it actually. Feels out or not. While I'm here, let's see how the train's doing. Uh, 37 passengers. And are they coming or coming? Oh, look at that.

So there is quite a number of. I'm wondering if they're tourists. We have a resident. There's probably a lot of people actually moving to town right now.

So, you know, this train is going to help. It's going to bring a lot of new life to the community. And how are we doing here? So these hotels look, lots of people parked on the street. I don't know if I'd love the way that that looks, but it is what it is. We've got people using our piers. We've got people all the way out here.

Can we see anybody sitting in the chairs? It looks like night yet. So who knows? Maybe it's too cold. It's only 17 degrees Celsius after all. So it's not exactly beach weather despite this being a seaside town. So I'm actually quite happy with how this is turning out.

There is one thing I forgot to do, and I want to do that before it's too late. I want to turn this into its own. District and I want to set some policies before too many houses pop up. And manner Hills.

No, that's definitely not a very Nordic name, so we'll call it Uncle Burg, the suburb of Uncle Burg. And let's switch this also to European suburbia to be consistent. Let's check our policies.

We do want water. You should smoke detectors. Parks and rec, maybe. Yeah. Land value increase and.

What else do we see here? Prefer parks. Sure. Three, we find room in a maintenance base. I'm not sure that we do. What else do we have here? We definitely want a heavy traffic band there as well, and I think I want a high rise band.

Anything else? You know, it seems to be it for now. I do want to check the policies on this site as well, though. I just make sure I didn't do anything silly. But my high rise band, heavy traffic band, that is great.

One thing that I learned my lesson from the lesson recording, rather, is do not put a heavy traffic band on the arterial. You definitely want to do that. Okay, great. Where are we at? Let's run this a little bit and see if the housing fills up. Let's check this train while we're at it.

I love seeing the trains at work 45 OC so we're slowly growing on passenger traffic. All these houses that did pop up are going to be destroyed because it just set a different theme. But let's see what happens.

So it is taking its sweet time for whatever reason, I'm not sure, you know, we have had. So that's why we've burnt out a residential demand that's going to come back. We it looks like we're burning money, but I'm not worried because our industries across the region are pumping money into our coffers every once in a while.

So what? What else can we do? I think we're looking good. The traffic is not bad at all. We've got our rail line connected.

We've got a what looks like a pretty amazing little downtown here. And oh, these trees don't really match. Beautiful. And then we've got some synergy, some symmetry, and it's looking good. I'm not sure how that I love the theme of the commercial, but it is on the main road, which technically is our arterial. So we're going to say that this is a win.

It's actually quite a beautiful little quaint seaside town. I'm I'm kind of falling in love. This is really working out. And if we go down the coast here, we've got all of our hotels. You know what? I think we're going to leave it here. Thanks so much for watching.

I really appreciate it. This is so much fun for me. And if you like this episode, please click the like button and click the notification bell so that you get notified when new episodes come out and we'll see in the next one.

Thanks. And stay tuned for a quick city tour. Have a great night.

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