Hermitcraft 9: Episode 26 - THE MINECRAFT MULTIVERSE

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 26 - THE MINECRAFT MULTIVERSE

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This video is sponsored by Audible. Thanks guys. [MUSIC] Empires SMP, it's a little bit different to Hermitcraft and how we run our server but as guests here, we're gonna try and get involved with as much as possible.

Each individual as their own empire with their own name and their own theming. And we have come through The Rift to find out what this server is all about. Just like last episode, my microphone was recorded through my web cam so I'm gonna do a little bit of a voice over mixed in with Grian from web cam’s past. We arrived on the Empires server completely bewilded and according to Scar covered in gas. [SCAR] Tell you what, somebody passed gas.

[GRIAN] We were then transported or teleported into random locations as we walked forward. Weird. I then quickly realised where we were.

Hang on, who's online? Lizzy, FWhip?! Joey? TIMMY?! I then proceeded to answer a few questions with a really bad audio quality. We are quite clearly on the Empires server. Some of my friends are here! It's the crossover of the century! There's so much lore I'm gonna explode! You guys probably have so many questions, so many questions. What is Empires? Who are Empires? Where is Empires? But more importantly why are we all here? This is a unique collab between two SMP's. It's a little bit different but stick around, enjoy the ride, this is probably gonna be a lot of fun. I then came across Joel's base: Stratos which was extremely impressive.

As we toured though this happened. [JOEL] And this is my bridge. This is Upper Stratos where the rich and wealthy gods hang out. [GRIAN] OH NOO! And I was sent back to spawn with Scar. [SCAR laughs] Oh man, what the heck? Joel gave us an elytra to make our touring a little bit easier for this first stint.

Why have you got holes in the middle of your base? We're so poor that we can't- [JOEL] I forgot to mention that. Stratos isn't really friendly for people without wings. [GRIAN] Oh, you're joking? [JOEL] It's not got much stuff on it. [GRIAN] I don't care. [GRIAN] I don't care, you just- Literally I mean- [SCAR] We are gods, Grian! [GRIAN] I know it's probably rocketed us [GRIAN] into late game.

I was told there was an open chest policy on the Empires server by Oli so I just borrowed a couple of items. [SCAR] I love it! Love it! [JOEL] Alright guys, stop stealing from Pix, he's a good lad. [GRIAN] We're not stealing. [GRIAN] Look listen, on Hermitcraft we have an arrangement. You see? And it goes a little- Ah! I found the diamonds. Briefly met up with everybody [SCAR] FWhip? FWhip? Can I wear Dobby's ears for a second? [GRIAN] You're not gonna get them back. Don't give it to him.

And then flew off into the distance with Oli. I wanna see your empire, Oli. [OLI] You wanna see something impressive, don't you? [GRIAN] Yeah. [OLI] You got fireworks and wings? [GRIAN] Yeah.

[OLI] You got a penchant for flight? [GRIAN] Yeah, where's yours? [OLI] Follow the sound of my lute, king. Weee! [GRIAN] How are you flying?! [OLI] I fly on the power of song, Grian. [GRIAN laughs] That looks so good! [OLI] Ooooo! Sing me a ditty, king. Go on. [GRIAN] Aahhh! [OLI] Don't steal that, I've got no way to get home. I need to figure out where home is.

[GRIAN] He took me a million miles away, like a leaf in the wind, Peter Pan style, with his magic lute and took me all the way into the distance to where his tent is. Oh there it is! There it is! I see it. Is this it? I mean it's incred- incredible! [OLI] Oh god, I'm crash landing! Oh the music's ending. Oh the music's gone.

Welcome, to my sweet Olipelago. [GRIAN] A nice roasted dragon egg. [OLI] It's not roasted yet, it's cooking. [GRIAN] It's cooking, right. This is the- What's the name of your Empire? [OLI] The Olipelagan Empire! Welcome my sweet king. [GRIAN] So let me get this straight, the empires I've seen so far are- like got big statues, a great big bridge and a- you know, flying.

There's like literally one that's flying in the sky, yours is a tent. [OLI] Yeah mine's grounded, I'm one of the people. I'm just like you, little man. Let me play you my tale.

Oooo, don't start walking away. Come back, it won't be copyright. Oh perhaps you should tell me a tale of your tale? Where do you come from? [GRIAN] I hail from another land. Where lore does not exist and we play by the rule book. [OLI] ♫ He plays by the rules ♫ ♫ What a fool ♫ Sorry, we carry on.

[GRIAN] I mean, it is a really nice- Like genuinely, this is a nice tent. [OLI] Thank you! Finally someone's complimented my area! [GRIAN] I genuinely really like it, I just wanna- just quick inquiry: Do you have a storage system? I found out that he's in crippling debt and maybe there isn't such an open chest policy on the Empires server. [OLI] ♫ Welcome to my storage system ♫ [GRIAN] I can't borrow anything from this. [OLI] I'm probably the poorest guy around here.

I'm just like you, I just fell in out of nowhere. Anything you can offer to help me out, I'll take it. [GRIAN] Yeah don't worry, I've got you, I've got you. [OLI] Oh! Wait how'd you get- Ohh my g- I'm rich! Oh I'm rich! [GRIAN] I've only been here about five minutes. [OLI] Don't read that, don't read th- ey! [GRIAN] Debt.

[GRIAN] You're in debt to Gobland after an initial agreement to work for the tavern, you have only performed one show and paid eight di- [OLI] Yeah, I'm not in a good way, Grian. [GRIAN laughs] [OLI] I've only made two episodes, Grian. I'm in an awful situation. [GRIAN] You now owe 81 diamonds?! You got a portal because I don't wanna inherit this debt. Then I visited my good buddy, Timmy in Tumbletown.

Hello Tim. [horn sounds] Where I learned that he's the sheriff but not a single person respects him on this server. [TIMMY] Nooo! [GRIAN] You're not even safe in your own SMP. Apparently there's rules on the server. [TIMMY] Take a seat guys, take a seat.

[GRIAN] "Do not disrespect the sheriff" Well that's not gonna happen. "Always try to establish peace between empires" That's why we're here, we love a bit of peace on Hermitcraft. "No stealing another person's mount." Never done that. "No stealing or trying on another person's hat" I'm afraid that one's been broken of many a times.

"Respect the land of Empires" Of course. "Do not break these laws or-" You haven't got like just stealing or anything that makes sense? [TANGO] Yeah murder apparently is okay. I've witnessed a murder and they said there's no penalty for that.

[FWHIP] Yeah, a-okay to murder. [SCAR] That covers us borrowing resources from chests. [GRIAN] Yeah yeah yeah, well according to these rules nothing we've done has broken any kind of rule. [FWHIP] All of the laws the sheriff made were to benefit the sheriff, so. [TIMMY] I don't know what you're talki- This- Guys, don't let them influence you.

These two, right? They've been an absolute menace. [GRIAN] And that he's enforcing laws no not lores, laws that definitely are not his personal gripes. [JOEL] Tiny, little, fragile ego'd, small- [GRIAN] I then took a visit to the portal to find out that we can't actually get home to the Hermitcraft server.

There's the portal. So here's the Empires Rift. It doesn't look quite as good as the one on Hermitcraft. I'm just gonna point that out. [FWHIP] You know, it just kind of popped up here so we really didn't do too much.

[GRIAN] There's no real portal here? [FWHIP] You can't go back. [GRIAN] So we're gonna be here for a while. And that leaves us right here with a few items that we found in other people's chests around the server, made some new friends and it's time to get geared up. But first, let's play that ad that I made for Audible.

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It's actually included in the Audible membership and if you want to try it out then you can sign up at audible.com/grian or you can text "grian" to 500-500. Let's get back to the video. So that leaves us right here. And my audio, you'll be very pleased to know is very back to normal. Now there's someone online here who does a little crossover every week it seems in the form of the Hermitcraft Recap.

And I'd thought we'd set the tone of this very cool crossover by paying him a visit. Now the thing is, I'm not a technical lad. You won't believe this but I- Yeah, you won't believe this after my mishap with the web cam audio but I'm not a technical guy. Sometimes I just don't know how to make technology work but there's a man who does. Where'd he go? Oh he's here! This is the location I'm thinking. I need a better name than Hermitland but we can create Hermitland.

So I've asked Impulse here with his magical technical skills to get the copyright free - thank goodness - song that they use on the Hermitcraft Recap. If you don't know the recap, they're cool guys. They basically just show what we're doing every week and now we're gonna get our own back.

[laughs] Right, do you wanna practice? Just go for it, I'll be ready. [IMPULSE] Yeah, I'm just gonna hit the button and you gotta come in hot, ready? [GRIAN] Yeah. [hermitcraft recap music] This week on Empires. Oh I got it! I got it! I got it, Pixlriffs is on the Empires server. Yeah yeah yeah, we got this, we got this.

[IMPULSE] And then we'll let it play, we'll see how he reacts. I have no idea but he is online right now I think he's streaming actually- [GRIAN] He is streaming so we know exactly where he is. That's how we roll.

We got to watch the stream. I'm not doing any like resource gathering or anything until I've pranked a few guys. [IMPULSE laughs] [IMPULSE] Sounds like you are. Let's go see if we can find him. [GRIAN] Yeah, well I know his base from the first day on the server is over yonder.

Yeah do they sell stuff on the Empires? I think they like barter. We're about to shift up their economy in government style. [IMPULSE] Oh yeah, oh yeah. [GRIAN] Show them how a real server does it.

[IMPULSE] I was like, yeah how many diamonds is for all this food you're giving me? And they're like, we don't do that. [GRIAN & IMPULSE laugh] [GRIAN] Radio silent, let's go. [IMPULSE] Here we go. [hermitcraft recap music] [GRIAN] This week on Empires. [PIX] Oh good. [GRIAN] Pixlriffs is happy to see his hosts for the day.

[PIX] The crossover episode has begun. [GRIAN laughs] [GRIAN] Pixlriffs is running through his contraption trying to pretend like this isn't happening. [PIX] Nightmares. Nightmares about it, constantly. [GRIAN] Pixlriffs looks directly at his hosts and says something [laughs] [IMPULSE] Pixlriffs tries to ignore his hosts.

[GRIAN laughs] [PIX] Mostly I can't hear you over the music which is, to be fair, pretty normal for the recap. [GRIAN] This recap has poor audio mixing. We're still learning, it's a brand new one. It's called the Hermempires Recap. [PIX] The Hempir- Hermemp- What are we even calling this? What is this? What is this thing? [GRIAN laughs] [PIX] That was a bit.

[GRIAN laughs] [PIX] Few minutes of my life I won't get back. [GRIAN] He just went "oh good" [IMPULSE] I just blasted it at his ears, I didn't realise it was so loud. [GRIAN] He knew it- Yeah it was really loud.

[PIX] It was very, very loud. [IMPULSE] Oh I liked that. He just goes running away from you. [GRIAN] He just pretended it was not happening.

[IMPULSE laughs] [GRIAN] I mean, It was gonna happen but did you think it was gonna happen this soon? I feel like we shouldn't have shown ourselves, Impulse. We should've just like played it in the background. Scared the life out of him. [IMPULSE] I'm like how did he not see us come through? [IMPULSE laughs] [GRIAN] What are you building? I'm dying to know what you're building.

[PIX] I can probably demonstrate this in a second. Let me just shuffle a couple of things around here. Let's just pretend that all of this functions. [IMPULSE] There's no buttons or anything. [GRIAN] Wait, wait, wait. [GRIAN] I bet Impulse knows what this is.

[PIX] Impulse might know what this is. [IMPULSE] Let's see, er... [IMPULSE] Looks like you got- [GRIAN] Is it a copper ager? [PIX] He's got it! Point for the smart man. [IMPULSE] There you go. So as soon as they're done updating you move them out of the way? [PIX] Mm-hm! [IMPULSE] Compact them together, that's cool. [PIX] So the idea is that this takes all the tedium out of placing copper four blocks apart by hand because all you've got to do is put a bunch of fresh copper on the sides of this flying machine, send it down the room.

Each of those circuits like isolates the copper four blocks apart and then you get it automatically collected by the flying machine on the way back. [GRIAN] It is tedious. It is te- That's clever. [PIX] Now that should start collecting all the coppers as it goes. [GRIAN] Is this a Pixlriffs original? [PIX] Yeah yeah, I built this all myself.

[GRIAN] Really?! Oh my- Oh man, I'm impressed. [PIX] This has been going in Empires season 1 and it has developed over the course of the last like year. [GRIAN] Oh I'm loving this. [PIX] Yeah, it's so satisfying just watching the circuits grab the copper [PIX] of the flying machines. [GRIAN] It is.

[GRIAN] This is really cool. And then it sits there and ages for about- How long? A million years? [PIX] It's actually pretty fast like by the time we run down the other end, a couple of them might even have started aging. [GRIAN] I feel that Impulse is a little bit like jealous over here. [IMPULSE] I'm astounded, man. [GRIAN] I think he's a little bit jealous. [IMPULSE] Pixlriffs is big brain and redstone, man.

I heard you talking about like "Oh I avoided doing redstone for so long" and now look at you, you're a genius. [GRIAN] What's the purpose of the furnaces? [PIX] The furnaces are providing a decent comparator signal to this to stop the amount of shovels that fill up in this bottom dropper from activating the circuit too early. [GRIAN] See, Impulse understood that, right? I was like Charlie Brown and all I heard was wa wah wah wah wa wah [PIX] Wah wah wah wa wah. [IMPULSE] Totally makes sense. You gotta get the A minus the B signal make sure it's posi- yeah. [GRIAN] You could've said this furnace activates the flux capacitor that powers the dinglebot.

You know, I just believe anything. Amazing! I actually- I get it. I understa- I don't know how the actual mechanism works but it's a very smart system.

[PIX] Yeah, it's big. And to be fair, there are people on Youtube who've done way better farms than this [GRIAN] That doesn't matter. [PIX] who are actually also very smart. [GRIAN] This is yours and it's amazing.

[IMPULSE] Exactly, yeah, this came out of your brainium. Well next time I'll come in less hot. [GRIAN] No no no Impulse, you got to play us out, You got to play us out. [hermitcraft recap music] [GRIAN] This week on Empires.

Impulse and Grian are leaving. Pixlriffs is not amused by this joke. [PIX] Oh I'm absolutely amused by it. [GRIAN laughs] [GRIAN] I can't find the way out! Pix, where's the way out?! We're in a grave. [GRIAN laughs] Oh man, I feel like that joke has been years in the making and we finally managed to make it happen. [IMPULSE] Right, yeah yeah yeah.

[GRIAN] Oh no, why did I do that? Duuuuuuude. [IMPULSE] What'd you do? [gasps] Oh is it a villager? [GRIAN] I just killed a zombie villager. I was just thinking "Oh I need to get a couple of vill-" Euhh! Oo hello. [GRIAN] Hello. [OLI] Oo wee.

[OLI] I spotted you from my festival grounds. [GRIAN] You gotta go pay back your debt here, pal. [OLI] No, I don't- I don't have the money here. I don't think you do either.

My debt keeps growing. [GRIAN] This is Oli, Impulse. He's in crippling debt.

[OLI] I am very, very in debt but if you see the festival ground over there, that was me. And it was a really good attempt of clearing that debt but it just wasn't enough. Would you like some raw iron I was given? It's free! [GRIAN] Wait, is that the raw iron I gave you? [IMPULSE] This is yours? [OLI] No, don't give it back. No it was clearly a gift. Well, if you ever need musical help or just a fun face, I'm just over that crest about 3000 blocks. [GRIAN] Yeah, just about a million miles away.

[OLI] Almost neighbours. [GRIAN] Why don't you move that tent a little closer to home? It's not the biggest build, you could easily move it. [OLI] No I spent- That took my like a month, Grian. [GRIAN] I will move that for you. If you want me to move that, I'll move it in a day.

I'll pop you on top of that hill, you can be right next to us, be neighbours. [OLI] Oo that would be cute, actually. [GRIAN] The Rift is like mega closed for business. [OLI] The Rift has gone wrong. [GRIAN] Mega, mega closed.

[OLI] Don't think that was me. [GRIAN] Oof well, I got that off my chest. [laughs] I could not wait to do that bit.

So, we have got ourselves the very humble beginnings here of a Hermit base and I am the only Hermit here so far which is a little sad, I suppose. We are gonna really have to lean into Empires and what Empires is about so I propose that we make the Hermits a species. You know, the Empires server is heavy in the lore and while we may not be quote "role playing" quite as much as some of those guys, we can at least play the part. And so, what if the Hermits was an actual species on the server? What would a Hermit be? Well for a start, I think we'd all be the tiny bit smaller and maybe Bdubs is a little shorter than that.

And then, what else? Write in the comments what you think. What defines a Hermit? How can you visually show? Because all I can think of is a hobbit. If I'm honest. Big feet, slightly smaller.

There's got to be something more, something that we can sort of make ourselves stand out. Is it just a tiny bit shorter? Any ideas, very welcome in the chat. So, if we're going to be on the Empires server, one thing I noticed is that they don't have an awful lot of infrastructure. They've got huge amounts of builds and obviously Pixlriffs is making an amazing copper farm but after taking a little look around there's not many farms. So this is our time to shine.

Now one of the big things, and I really hate myself for saying this, [sighs] villagers, we're gonna need villagers for an iron farm and we're gonna need villagers for trading. I know, I know. Setting up a trading farm is awful but hey, if there's lots of us working on it Hermits all on the same team, unprecedented, perhaps we can get one out very quickly.

There is a village here which is why I'm over here and I don't see a single villager. A single villager. I also want to point out that I'm loving the little extra details on the foliage and stuff. This is not me, this is something native to the Empires server. Look at all the lovely variation in the foliage.

That is gonna be useful. There's no villagers left in this. It's not surprising but there's no villagers left in the village. So I guess we'll claim the wheat. We'll have to ask for a couple of villagers. Well that's our first foray into the Hermitcraft Empires invasio- a crossover, crossover.

The Minecraft Multiverse is real. I'm afraid that's all we have time for and I shall see you in the next video. Good-bye! [MUSIC]

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