HADES Exclusive Interview - The Single, the EP, Touring, Charm Points & More! (English subtitles)

HADES Exclusive Interview - The Single, the EP, Touring, Charm Points & More! (English subtitles)

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This is really a fateful encounter, isn't it? This is our first interview with a band, so thank you very much! First off, can we start off with self-introductions? Yes! I'm SALA, the vocalist for Hades! I'm Kuya, the guitarist for Hades. I'm the bassist, Yuriko. I'm the drummer, Mayo. Hello, it's nice to meet you!

Someone say something more. To begin with, please tell us about how you formed...Hades' formation. Okay. Hades originally started off as Azazel. And although the three of us - myself, yuri and Mayo - had been working together for some time due to various circumstances, the vocalist was unable to do live performances.

But we didn't want to stop during that time. So at that time we asked Sala to sing as a guest vocalist because we had been friends for a long time. Ultimately, because of different things, the (original) vocalist was unable to come back. At the time, we were wondering what we should do, because we didn't want to stop playing.

But we had the opportunity to play live with Sala as a guest vocalist, and it was a lot of fun. "Isn't this good?" we thought. "Hey, Sala chan, would you like to do this with us?" And so... Just like that. And Hades was formed, just like that.

Thank you so much. Now, next, in regards to the single The single is "BRING IT ON!!!" Right. The music video was released on March 1st. On the 12th, when I watched it, there were maybe 5,000 times (views) but now it's right at about 100, 000 times (views), right? It's really amazing.

It's really amazing! It's an accident. An accident?? It's not an accident. It's not. (The views) increased because everyone likes the music! For BRING IT ON!!! was the music made first, or the lyrics? I made the music first, without lyrics, and then I thew it over to Sala, and she wrote the lyrics. Ah, you wrote the lyrics? Yes, I did. What was your goal in writing the lyrics? Listening to the song I was inspired, and it was like, "Let's go! We're going to change the world!" Like, "Come on, bring it!" "Come on, everyone together, let's go!" Something like saying amongst ourselves,"Bring it on, everybody. LET"S GO!!"

I felt that. Ah, you felt it? I really felt it. More than the other songs, BRING IT ON!!! (starts) with the voices And so it's a very powerful song.

It really is. When I first saw it on YouTube, I thought it was like old school hard rock...intense, wild and sexy music. Ah, that makes me happy to hear. It's so cool.

He said, "Sexy!" "Sexy!" Ah, yes, you are sexy! Ah, all of you are sexy. All of you! This is fun, right? The album is on sale now, right? That's correct! It's now on sale. And how many songs are on there? Six songs.

Six songs. Yes. And what's your favorite song? Dark Heroine. Ah, and what's the reason you like it? Uh...I like the song.

Ah, ah, okay! I like the lyrics and the melody. Got it. Thank you very much. How about you, Mayo san? For me...I think maybe it's BRIING IT ON!!! Ah, BRING IT ON!!!... It's cool. It's cool? In what way? What's cool about it? What part of it? Your drumming is cool? Even though that's obviously the case...

Just the whole feel of it... Was it the first song we finished? It was the second one. Oh, is that right? It very us. Very Hades. I agree. I agree.

Yes, that sort of vibe. So that's why BRING IT ON!!! is your favorite. I think it's my favorite.... And you, Kuya san? For me, even though I like all the songs, my favorite is NO!!!!!!!!!!, I think.

Yuriko's, "NO!!!!!" A really good voice. So yeah, I personally like it. Oh, that's right.

I got lost in being a stagehand and passing around the mic. For me, sure enough, is the one that hit me the hardest with inspiration, BRING IT ON!!! Just as you'd expect. That was the song where the lyrics just came to me right away and I just wrote them down.

It just came all at once. Musically, (the album) is mature and very rock, but the lyrics are very hopeful. A struggle...this sort of..."Let's fight and overcome all this!"

Is that right? Yes, that's absolutely correct. That's why for me, too, while continually listening to the album, just wow. My body wants to dance and move and my soul receives a lot strength. That's awesome to hear. This song, when you listen to our songs... The most important thing is the live performance, and so I want everyone to have a great time together.

I want everyone to come to the front and "WAAAAAAA" (let it all out). That desire is really strong with our songs. That's why when you're listening to BRINGS, we want you to be excited, and for you to feel that kind of high tension. I want people to feel that way. We made the songs with that in mind.

Seriously, for me, too, when I saw your live performance two months ago without thinking, I just went crazy and just wanted to move. It was such a good time. SUCH a good time. That's why I want to support you and wanted to do this interview. And not (only) in Japan, but globally, to foreigners as well, i wanted to let them know about you. Thanks to all the PR that's been done for us, "Bring it On" has almost reached 100,000 views! Now then, this year's activities and schedule. What are you doing this year? What are we doing? After we do our small (EP) release tour We're doing our release tour now. We're in the middle of our tour now.

The final show of the tour is after this, on yuriko's birthday Ah, on the 21st, right? That's right. After we do the May 21st show During summer, from July, there’ll be a small tour with Paradoxx and FullMooN. The plan is for the three of us to tour Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa.

Even after that we'll continually keep doing performances this year. And after that, what do you think?...I think we'll write some new songs Let's go and write some songs. That's where we're at. What are Hades’ long-term goals? As Hades, “We want to do this!” I want to go to America.

You want to go to America? Yes! We want to do something outside of the country, right? I want to appear at a Thai festival. I want to appear at a Thai festival. Isn't it amazing? I saw it the other day watching TV and it was crazy.

It was totally packed. Seriously? It looked so fun. I want us to appear in a place like that. I want to perform at a Japanese festival, too... Inside the country, outside, whichever, I want to perform at a bunch of different places! Outdoors, yeah? Outdoors. Outdoors. Outdoors. You know outdoor performances? An outdoor performance? I really want to do an outdoor performance.

And you, yuri san? I want to perform at a festival. A festival? I see, I see. I want to perform at a Japanese festival.

For now, anyway. What kind of festival do you most want to do together? Mmm.... Do you have one? Like Arabaki (Festival)....or...

Summer Sonic? Summer Sonic! Ooohh.. Because foreigners come...foreign bands...because foreigners come. Ah, I see, I see. How about you, Kuya san? I want to perform at a festival, too. For me, first of all, from a long time ago From a long time ago, I would go by myself all the time to Loud Park.

That's right. For now, I at least want to appear as an opening act. Hello, event planners...are you watching?? Alright now, simply, and more fun, what’s your charm point? She's making such an insane face! Charm point?! Ah, what is it?? Mine is my front teeth. She said it before me.

She said it! My front teeth. Front... Front teeth. Your charm point? Ah, what should I do? My charm point...

I don't know what to do. The moles on my face are all on one side. The left side? Is it this side? On this side. Oh, it's true! I only have moles on this side.

Yeah, just this side. This side doesn't have any. Oh, it's true.

That's my charm point. It's really true! My front teeth are also a bit (overbite), but not as much as Kuya. Mine come out the most. She’s the most like a little animal. My ears. Your ears. Your ears are your charm point?

I have pointy ears. Oh, is that right? Oh, it's true. My ears are pointy. I wonder if you can see it. Oh, they saw it! They saw it? My ears... How about you, Mayo san? Tension! Tension? Tension! Look at this! This! This! This! This! This is me! This! Are you always this excited? Always right, just like this? Yes.

She doesn't change. During performances, and even when I waas watching your video, you’re always smiling and having a lot of fun. It's just always fun? Yes, that's right! That's how it always is, huh? That's right! Yes! But then the moment I make a mistake, I pout. Yeah. Alright, lastly, if you go to karaoke, what's your number one song? I have to sing this song. Always. I don't sing at karaoke.

Not at all? Nope. I'm embarrassed to sing. And you, Sala san? Me? Ah, that's really hard. "This is MY karaoke song!" Um..., I sing something like HY's "366 Days"

now and then. "Choko choko?" Once in awhile. But honestly, once I started being in a band, I kinda stopped going to karaoke. Because you're usually singing anyway.

Yeah, because I'm usually singing I have to think about resting my throat, so I stopped going to karaoke... You don't really... It's like that. I see.

"While Listening to Olivia." There's an old Japanese song called,"While Listening to Olivia." I like that song. I see.

Even though I don't actually know... Give it a listen! For me, even though I sing Kiyoshi Hikawa... Do you know Kiyoshi Hikawa? I don't know.

Enka. Oh, enka! Right. Enka.... "KIYOSHI!" Probably because my mom likes it. I do sing it. From enka though..."Amagi-goe" (Amagi Crossing) Even though I'm absolutely terrible at it, when I go to karaoke, I sing that song.

Please look up "Amagi-goe." An enka singer. An enka singer. Got it. This is Kuya's recommendation. Tomorrow we'll be a bit tired, huh? Tomorrow, we'll be sleeping a bit.

That's what'll happen. Alright, then! Finally, to the fans - to the Japanese fans and oversea fans, please say something. I'll go first! Uh, I didn't think of anything in English! No, that's wrong. Eh, that's what I'm used to. I will study my English.

I have no idea what I said. They are such a charming band. Thank you so much! Thank you so much! Today, too, FIGHT-O! I will study English.

2023-06-06 22:52

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