Great Ocean Road/MUST see places/BEST coastal drive in OZ/Travelling Australia Series Vic GOR Part 2

Great Ocean Road/MUST see places/BEST coastal drive in OZ/Travelling Australia Series Vic GOR Part 2

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[Music] when I feel like this I'm immortal! [Music] [Music] Day two Great Ocean Road. Um yeah we've come to, we're heading into Apollo Bay at the moment. We've um stopped at Maits Rest Rainforest walk oh yeah it's a stunning bit of rainforest um totally out of place really on The Great Ocean Road but yeah absolutely stunning the tree Ferns and what not in here are bloody enormous.

It's uh it's all as you can see it's all boardwalk mostly, um yeah nice and easy cruise around here. The temperature in here is just sensational, but anyways, wear shoes to walk around the forest. Yeah, got to have your pluggers on! Yeah anyway so finish this out and if there's anything interesting on the way we'll uh bring it along but anyway we're just going to enjoy a nice leisurely cruise because the last, last week's been just hectic so much walking.

Been averaging between 15 and 20 000 steps a day so definitely getting the getting the KMs in. But anyway, we'll get through this and like i said if there's anything interesting, we'll bring you along [Music] Now that was an impressive tree! 200 years old, not bad. And that's the hollow tree, for obvious reasons.

So, this monster of a tree obviously come down at some point but it's uh. Check that! That would have made one almighty bang when it come down. It would have been so impressive to see. But not sure how long ago it happened, but the saw cuts have heeled up a bit enough so its obviously a while ago, but yeah it's a it's one and a half Jacxon's wide. and yeah they're saying some of these Mountain ashes are well over 200 years old and can grow over 100 meters just straight up.

They are absolutely phenomenal. I'll swing around this one, this one probably takes the cake, but, I don't know if it's going to give any sort of point of justice but, check this thing out. That is one seriously impressive tree and a lot of matches too just quietly. But that's um yeah again absolutely stunning so if you heading towards Apollo Bay from the Western side or coming from Apollo Bay from the Eastern side of the Great Ocean Road definitely stop in and check this out it's a very, very cool and as I've said it's a nice, nice easy little bit of uphill/ downhill, but all nice and flat and well-maintained paths so yeah very cool, I like it! Cooking lunch.

Got some snags on. Just throw them on the induction cooker and the kids are over in the park having a play. We're about 40 40 odd Km's away from um Joanna Beach.

On the way back in we'll give you a bit more info about it and show you around but anyway, until then we're gonna have some lunch. Just driving down the road this little fellow decided across our path [Music] Hello Blinky Bill, Old Blinky, hey bud. Pretty cool, that's not something we see every day so yeah Happy Days [Music] Ok, so we um, just come back from Apollo Bay and turned into Joanna Beach into the van park, into the National Park, park we are at anyway, um if you're planning on staying here make sure you take the red Joanna Road. There's a bit further up um there's a blue Joanna road but it's uh dirt track and um it's not really van suitable so you come, it's the first one you come to from the Apollo Bay side but if you're coming from the western side you'll go past blue Joanna and then have red, so yeah just make sure you take that one the other one's not real van friendly from all accounts and looks pretty gravelly and gnarly so just um yeah just be wary about that but yeah definitely, definitely a cracking spot to stay. So anyway we'll go back in there and the road's a bit windy and narrow in there but nothing you can't handle. We gotta pretty big rig and we've got in there easy enough so anyway, just probably the, and from what we've seen it probably is the best of the spots to stay on the, if you don't want to do Caravan Parks.

Um but yeah just get in early and book your side early so. There's snakes here. yeah, there, apparently there are snakes and stuff we haven't seen any but um yeah just get on a VIC parks um website and you can book. they can tell you which ones are book and which ones are, they've got sizes of them all and what not but yeah that's a cracker of a spot. Anyway, we're gonna get in there and probably get dinner ready it's been a big day again.

[Music] [Music] Finally dragged ourself out of Joanna Beach. What a spot that was um. Yeah it was beautiful. Yeah I highly recommend that if you go on The Great Ocean Road like I said it's about halfway along. But um yeah just done the drive, we've just pulled into Lorne. Uh, the drive from Joanna Beach or more from Apollo Bay to Lorne and I'm assuming further on too, absolutely epic.

Oh it's amazing! um. Just, I mean it could have been a beautiful sunny day but even today on in this weather, yeah the weather's definitely doing as dirty, it was amazing. So yeah you follow the coast right along so um yeah we the second, the our second half is definitely um the more Scenic drive the Western side of it that we done was uh got all your iconic Cliff faces and all that sort of stuff but yeah, the drive this morning had been insane. So, we look going up to a lookout now uh Teddy's look out in Lorne and see what it's got to offer, then we're going to go check out a waterfall and get this Great Ocean Road done.

But yeah it's been a epic, epic drive this morning so hopefully the rest of it is very similar and yeah having a ball loving it. Alright, so we come to the top of Teddy's Lookout the uh weather is atrocious to say the least, but. It might be snowing it's freezing.

Bloody freezing and windy and miserable. But this would have to be one of the most stunning Lookouts I've ever seen, I think. They're so dramatic it is not cold.

Whatever kids will be kids but anyway, swing around and check this out this uh yeah this is definitely up there with the look, look, best Lookouts we've been at but. I don't see sharks. That's why, you have to forgive the rain, nothing I can do about that but. The only reason I came here is because I wanted to see sharks. There's no sharks. I want to see Bruce from Nemo.

Its a shame its so foggy and miserable because it would be absolutely epic but yeah the view from up here is first class 100%. Yeah so if you're going through lorne, definitely swing up and have a look off Teddy's Lookout. Alright you got to do it. You haven't really done the Great Ocean Road if you don't stop at this sign. Probably the most iconic sign in Australia or well up there anyway.

But, absolutely hectic on a weekend and there are people everywhere. Today's a Saturday and there's people everywhere. Got it all over the road photos in front of it, it's pretty funny actually but anyway Great Ocean road sign. It's not actually on the start of the Great Ocean Road either so it's just outside of Lorne probably 35 Km's I reckon from um Torquay to the actual end of The Great Ocean Road so. Little parking Bay on the side and but yeah just chaos.

Pretty funny to watch. That's it, we'll get moving and get out of here. It's ah, yeah pretty full-on. Anyway, onwards and upwards, let's go. Any of the older generation that's watching this might remember a little show called round the twist. This is the lighthouse where the family lived in Arieys Inlet on The Great Ocean Road.

I mean another lighthouse, but yeah, pretty cool to me. I grew up watching around the twist so pretty happy to see this. I think you can actually go up to this one, we'll find out in a minute. have you ever, ever felt like this. [Music] Arhh, this is sick! I love this show when I was little.

Yeah, so obviously you are allowed in your lighthouse, its 140 years old still operating and this is epic. Like i said i'm so happy. i use to love this show.

i think i have watched just about every episode when i was a kid, so. Anyway we're gonna check this out we'll probably give you a view up the top. What an epic little climb but yeah super cool doing nothing with my fear of heights, but um swing you around here and check out the view from the top whenever there's not there's not very many lighthouses in Australia you can climb to the top of so it's pretty cool but yeah, I'll swing you around and check out the view from up here.

Okay, so it's ah, 10 bucks a person not the, not the cheapest little thing but anyway not often you get to go to the top of a top of a lighthouse so. I thought we might as well do it but yeah 100% worth it. This is awesome! [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] we pulled into the chocolate factory! Great ocean road chocolatery and Ice Creamery. Yum yum.

Gonna treat the kids and uh go and splurge I guess I don't know. This could be dangerous. I'm assuming, I'm assuming if you're on a diet and watching your budget you don't want to come to this place but I know we'll go and check it out we'll let you know the damage on the way back out, but. It looks uh the grounds are amazing so anyway we'll go in and check it out and see what it's all about but, yeah, this could hurt. [Music] Look at all this chocolate! wow, there's so much.

I want everything. [Music] [Music] There's a Christmas tree I could definitely get festive about, They've got chocolate coffee beans yum, yum! Find me the white chocolate, I'm done [Music] it's chocolate So we've just been to the Chocolate Factory and what have you got Jaxon? One metre chocolate bar. What have you got Jett? One metre chocolate bar. So we've indulged a little bit just a little bit you get these nice little cute bag when you buy lots.

So we've got some one metre chocolate white chocolate and milk chocolate. Who's the white chocolate for? Dad, dad. You got it the wrong way around.

What else have we got in our little bag, we've got, chocolate, some coffee beans yum, yum. For mum, chocolate covered coffee beans. Now this is quite clever. They've done up little packs like this that you can buy um I think it was about $13. um and you just need some eggs and butter and you pop it in the oven. So this one is a triple choc brownie Oreo cookies, and I'll open it up and I'll show you.

I want to see it. But they've got the tin and then they give you all the ingredients inside and a nice little cute stir. I don't know how good this is gonna be but anyway, but. um yeah so, we're gonna try that out. That looks very exciting. Maybe we might have to leave that for a little week or two just to get over this other chocolate.

chocolate cure. helicopter, helicopter, and we I got an X for my name and Jett got a T because on the end of his. I should have got an R for rick roll.

And of course you can't go without the rocky road yum, yum. So that's our haul for today and of course it was very expensive. Yeah so like we said on the way in if you're on a very strict budget and uh counting your calories not the place for you. If you want to forget about that for a bit absolutely sensational! and as you can tell we forgot about that for a bit.

Anyway, time to get back on the road we've got places to be and chocolate to eat apparently so... [Music] So every surfer on the planet knows what place this is, made it to Bell's baby! [Music] Definitely not its greatest day, but ah still heaps of people in the water, yeah pretty cool to be here. Don't have time to get the boards off unfortunately but we may, may come down for a rundown tomorrow and try and get a few waves but I'll see what happens. It's uh, windy and cold and miserable and not real good so. I don't know.

But yeah, pretty stocked to be here just quietly and over here is winky pops. Bell's little brother. But yeah, she's a pretty cool beach.

Not the most pristine of beaches, but yeah very iconic all the same anyway [Music] That's a wrap. Um, we've made it to the end of The Great Ocean Road. Yeeww. uh, we're currently in Torquay. Ah, just made it here this morning. We um yeah finished, got it done what a ride.

Yeah, um worth it? 100%. Yeah definitely, definitely if you haven't done it you know all the views that you see you just have to do it I think everyone's gonna have to look at them and appreciate you know what it is. Yeah, yeah everyone's got their own opinions but we thought it was great. The uh camp we stopped at was awesome.

Um yeah like we said the Western half is definitely more iconic land like the cliff structures and your, all the stuff you see on all the postcards. Um but yeah then the drive from Apollo Bay pretty much right through to here or at least the Bells yeah absolutely, absolutely stunning. Yeah.

Um yeah, you just follow the water the whole way, the cliffs run straight into the ocean, um but yeah now we've had an absolute ball. Uh we're 100% recommend it. Uh heaps to do.

I would possibly split it into three stages, the first stage we done was a very big day uh going from west to east because there's just so much to see so we spent, it probably took us nine hours I'd say. Stopping and starting that was to get to the 12 apostles and then to Camp so. Yeah. If you can I'd probably stop that extra time but.

We did that all with the van on the back so, if you've got a caravan you can do it. There's lots of little tracks that are just car only but the main iconic things that you want to see you can do with Caravan and you can park. Yeah, 100%. Um after that coming west of East but it's very hard to stop with a van on at any of the um like any of the landmarks and stuff.

So, I would probably still recommend doing it east to west. We just weren't coming that way but. Yeah 100%, if you can do it East the West because all of, obviously the oceans then on your, on your side so you just pull straight off the road and you can see everything. But um, yeah again 100%.

Worth doing! An awesome, awesome few days so we've taken five days with three days at um Joanna Beach camp so yeah nah, that was awesome. Um we'll put in some details about Joanna Beach camp. It's a National Park camp it was $15 a night. Um there are quite a few you know three or four big sites that you could fit your big van on because we are a big rig. Yeah.

Um and the other ones are you know a bit smaller but we saw plenty of Vans get in there and park on those sites as well. Uh but we'll put some information in about that camp it was awesome. Yeah nah it was, it was very good it was and it was the cheapest and the easiest access and had toilets and whatnot so yeah if you're looking for a great place to stay that would be our pick 100%. Righto now we're going to call that a wrap on this episode uh if you haven't already jump in and give us a subscribe, hit the like button um again we really appreciate it and thanks for watching yeah go back and watch some of our previous episodes um then we'll see in the next one. See ya, see you guys bye.

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