Goodbye USA: Last Day in Chicago. Libanais, Goodbye Party, Back Home on Qatar Airways. Day 29

Goodbye USA: Last Day in Chicago. Libanais, Goodbye Party, Back Home on Qatar Airways. Day 29

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Good morning, this is the last good morning you hear from 29 days in America. Our story started from here and it will end from here. We started in Chicago because Qatar Airways chose to take the flight from here to Chicago even though they have many destinations. We saw the plane in many airports we toured in many cities in America.

First of all, we want to say thank you to Qatar Airways. Before we show you at the end of this video the experience of returning back 13 hours and a half to a business class. We took a seat next to the window. To tell you the truth, I was waiting for this moment to sit in the plane in my cocoon to rest, eat, breathe, and remember 30 days more than 18 hours a day between work, editing, photography, and people.

Hundreds of people we met and we will talk about all of them later. We started from here, where are we? In Chicago, at Lebanese, behind me. One of the biggest restaurants we visited. An iconic destination outside, downtown Chicago. A place where I met Nasser, a place where I sat and enjoyed the news. A place where I entered your heart and told you about history and how I had to leave Lebanon and how I am still stuck in Lebanon.

The Baklava Factory, the Baklava Factory, and so on. Today's day will be here, a bit. An overview, Rabih and I will tell you what we did and remind you in this trip if you turned off all the videos, you can watch what we did. In the end, the Qatar Airways experience.

A new day starts now. We fuel on Labneh and Manakish. Breakfast starts now. I wanted to come back and see you, because I liked you.

I want to tell you something, in the 30 days we toured them, many people asked about you, many people were affected by them. It's true that we didn't tell everything, it's true that we didn't go into details, and it's true that many people told me that they want to know why I left and what happened to me. We tell them that tomorrow history will tell. But you made an impact.

As a Lebanese, I was tired, I lost, and I came back. I lost, I came back, and I came back. I wanted to come back and see you. Welcome, it's a great honor for us. Today, I want to talk about...

You know, in the last 30 days, I will start the talk. Yes. I discovered that the service in America is back, I discovered that the hotels are back, I discovered that the word that comes back to everyone is that there are not enough employees. True. There is a certain problem. So let's take it from a learning perspective and go back to the talk.

Today, opening a restaurant, is it easy? In my personal opinion, opening a restaurant and understanding the industry is not easy. But if someone is doing it as a hobby, God willing, it will be easy for them. But if he is looking for professionals and people who have the ability to help him serve something good, and he doesn't have the background, he will find it difficult.

I grew up in restaurants, I grew up in kitchens, I grew up in all of this. With all of this, there is a difficulty because you bring a person, but he becomes a bit small, he will take care of himself. This is the difficulty. Or they buy him from another place, he worked in this place and trained. What are you taking, brother? You take 1,000 dollars a week and you take 1,500. It depends on what you have.

It is because it is difficult to get them from the Arab countries. Many people sent me a message and told me to take care of the work. What is your answer? I wish for these people, I know that there are professionals in Lebanon, I am still an employee, I am trying to grow old and everything, but they know who is good and who is bad.

And some of them are presidents of the unions in Lebanon. And I can get the first-class professionals, but how can I get a visa? It is not important how to get a visa, it is important to get here. Then here, through lawyers, you can open a great deal, and try to get him married. There are a hundred things that can be done to be able to maintain the profession here.

The problem of this business is that you do not find the professionals you need. And you do not know how to maintain what you have. To maintain these professionals is not easy.

I mean, you have to do it in any way. And he knows that he is a very valuable person. So his requests become endless. There is no satisfaction. There are a lot of people who reach a point where they cannot be satisfied.

He told me that he is an Islamic person, just like the other people. Let's go back to the talk from the first episode, and the people who did not watch the first episode because it has been 28 days. Yes. In short, who is Nasser? How many restaurants did he have in Lebanon? Fast forward, how did we get here? Mr. Kareem, I used to have Nasser Al Roushe.

And on Roushe, I had a restaurant called Nasser Al Qariyeh. It used to open 24 hours a day, but it was specialized in breakfast, Fatteh, Makadim, Shawrab Makadim, and cooking. Molokhiyeh, Moghrabiyeh, Siyadiyeh, Kebbeh Labniyeh, Kebbeh Boussainiyeh.

I mean, what else do you need in a Lebanese cuisine? The village cuisine. This restaurant used to serve it. And in the evening, the same thing. So it used to work around the clock. Then we had the restaurant of Al Ayoub. It used to serve 1,500 students every day.

It was a busy time. And I used to have, Mr. Nasser's restaurant in Moltaq Al Nahrain. I used to have Nasser's restaurant, Khan Al Mir, on Ketb, the palace of the House of Religion. And I used to have, recently, in Dubai, Place Vendome. The whole building was for Nasser.

And then we started in Bremmana. We took the garden of the Prentania and we spent on it the designated amounts. And we made a very nice restaurant from it, but I couldn't open it for a day. I couldn't open it for a day. So this was Nasser here. And there was a delay in political or banking.

We were big institutions. We had money in the market. We had commitments. We had 1,250 students. I'm not talking about Nasser in Moscow.

I'm talking about Nasser in Jumeirah, in Dubai. We were a big empire. We had our own health department. We had a doctor on payroll, working on cleanliness, on how the food is stored in the coolers. We weren't doing it like that. The health of the people was a responsibility.

We used to do this a lot. Those who came to eat here wanted us to give them something good. We didn't want anything bad to happen. So we were very respectful about this.

Because there's nothing you can buy with money. There's no money. We were a big name in Lebanon. We were working for them. This name wasn't easy to build. My father built it, and I continued. When I took over from

my father, I was a young man. I revolutionized Lebanese food and I changed a lot of the traditional things my father used to do. Of course, the new generation has different ideas and needs to change.

But the changes I made are still useful for now. Maybe later, someone will come up with something to follow. I'm not telling you what happened, why he left, but in the future, we'll talk about the details.

I want to open a Lebanese restaurant based on your years of experience. As we said last time, there are a lot of dishes we see today. You did something in 2023 without noticing.

You left the spoon out without removing the plate or breaking the hummus. You're doing a great job because we see the spoon in the middle and the plate is broken. If you want to open a Lebanese restaurant in the future, what are the top 5 things? If I want to open a Lebanese restaurant, first of all, if he doesn't know how to do it, he's not a chef, he doesn't know the kitchen, it's going to be very difficult. Because he wants to be a school that always graduates people. He needs to know what he's doing so he can graduate these people.

But if he wants to open a restaurant because he has money or because he loves this thing and he wants to depend on people, as soon as these people leave him, he will fall. So he has to know everything. I don't have anyone in my family who works in the kitchen, but I live in the establishment and I want to taste everything, I want to see everything, I want to taste everything, and with all this, we are suffering.

You bring an employee from a restaurant and you tell him to come. Your problem is that you don't find the professionals. There are many restaurants who are professionals and chefs but they can't succeed. It's not enough to know the food, you need to know the management, the kitchen, the concept. There are many people or I was a chef in the kitchen because a chef in the kitchen is very important. When he is working for you and you tell him you don't want to serve anything, he takes the chef.

it's not worth throwing it in the trash but if he is the owner of the place he won't throw it in the trash So first, there has to be someone who understands the business Exactly Second? Second, we go back to the circle itself if he doesn't know about the business he doesn't drink from it, he doesn't live from it it's not like he walks by a restaurant or eats in a restaurant he has to live from the kitchen from the storage, how he stores, what he stores he has to know how much he can store from these things how much he lives, how much he doesn't live all of these are not small details we are talking about them now but they are big details because in a restaurant mine here we use around 600-700 types of ingredients Is it hard for a Lebanese restaurant to reach you? A Lebanese restaurant is one of the hardest restaurants if you work properly but if you want to put a Lebanese name on the outside and on the inside I don't have the right to say this but if you don't bring people who know the name should be on the outside of Lebanon of course, like me my name is Lebanese I don't have any Lebanese food a lot of people come and ask for sweets I don't know how to make them but it's not in the Lebanese food I don't make them I am asking a question what do you think this is one of the tastiest food you make this is great, it's not easy a bit of potato very thin omelette moist, juicy and a lot of Labneh inside a lot of Labneh what do you think about modernization? what do you think about the evolution of the Lebanese cuisine? yes or no and how should it be done? if the evolution doesn't cancel the idea of the Lebanese cuisine if the evolution doesn't be based on the type of food yes, I am a modern but if the evolution wants to ruin the shape of the food you can do whatever you want with the presentation but don't change the ambiance with the presentation you have a chef who has a lot of possibilities they can make amazing dishes but the important thing is not to change the type of food or not to change the crux of the food or to clean up the food but to change the Lebanese I invited you for breakfast and you are eating alone I am not going to let you talk I really want to tell them about this there is a huge amount of Labneh inside there is generosity in the Labneh that gave it its strength we have a little bit of eggs on the outside but the Labneh the sourness of the Labneh the eggs on the outside French fries on the side here in America people love rice and fries of course we can't put hashbrowns even the price is not Lebanese food but it is Lebanese but it is supposed to have hashbrowns we are trying not to go to other places to stay in the accepted circle you were telling me something before we started filming I was asking you how you started you told me beautiful words that are nice to learn if you are hungry again don't give up how did you start Lebanese and become Lebanese look first of all don't lose your confidence there will be a lot of people but no more than the people that want to change and no more than the people that want to change your middle name for example people that want to change your last name your friends they disappear my friends I don't see anyone that's it and you become ugly and annoying they invent you they make you charismatic the most important thing you can't stop people from talking the most important thing don't let it affect you if you believe in yourself believe that you will get back on your feet but if you have lost your self your personality the way you look at life and you go get someone to do your job no one has the right to do anything you have to do it and they come back and tell you the circumstances invent things we don't have anything if someone wants to do a successful business is there a chance? the young people that are afraid of the future America has a lot of opportunities a lot of fields I don't have faith in America's success I don't have faith you can succeed like a rocket there are possibilities but people don't get it I don't know how to sell eggs they don't get it they don't say people are cheating people understand sometimes they have to eat if there is no one else but when there is a variety there are choices a person who is honest with himself and others succeeds all people can succeed but they shouldn't go for what they heard they should go for what they know Lebanon, what's next? we are expanding Lebanon we didn't open branches as much as we should the reason is there are not a lot of employees that you can expand through in the days of Beirut and Nasser we used to have a few for every new place we opened we would take one or two and fill it with new people the place would work because these people they are your yeast there was loyalty it's not easy to buy and give them $200 I don't know who I am talking about when I was there the guys who worked with me had loyalty they wouldn't leave I can assure you why there is loyalty I've been in Lebanon for almost 30 years I've been in Lebanon for almost 30 years I've been in Lebanon for almost 30 years and they didn't force me to come and they didn't force me to come I've been in Lebanon for 27-28 years I've been in Lebanon for 27-28 years they didn't forget me I'm not saying this I'm talking about the majority I'm not saying this they didn't forget me they told me I hope we can see you again they all grew up like me some of them can't work but they can get to know you they can be your consultant if you go to Lebanon, they won't leave you they will be your main support they will be your main support I'm tasting the food you're talking about I'm happy with the eggs and the labneh I like the hummus with meat and a bit of chili the fatteh with the ghee on top the fatteh with the ghee on top we eat breakfast we learn with you I learn I'm happy to see you again I'm happy to see you again and every time we meet we tell them more and more Lebanon is the restaurant Lebanon is the Baklava factory I started Lebanon before it was a restaurant I started it with sweets Baklava, Kaak, Petit Four and Maamoul Lebanon developed and now we distribute to most of the supermarkets in Chicago and we even ship to other states and we're expanding little by little and the kids are still behind me especially Yasser we want to bring back Egypt and Beirut but of course the word Egypt has a lot of meaning I liked the concept of Lebanese a new name we gave it a flavor and I liked it I lived it, it reminds me of Egypt and we kept going God bless you we're honest with our customers you can't please everyone but the majority you always go after the majority we have difficulties with our employees but we're still working we work around it we bring people you have a factory to train people you have to be on time and if everything is going well you have to be prepared we met for the first time and we talked together some people told you old friends a lot of people told me really through YouTube and the episode we recorded a lot of had forgotten me and I had forgotten them so you can't imagine how this created a new atmosphere to communicate with a lot of people a lot of people called me we watched the episode a lot of people come here and tell me they've been waiting for an hour and they want to meet me and they're leaving it's nice first of all I thank you because people listen to you and go after you this helped us a lot a lot of people live in Chicago and don't know there's a Lebanese restaurant and it enlightened us on areas we didn't know so we want to thank you on the contrary you deserve a lot and you're loved Even if you come and you don't want to eat, come and sit with this great man. And on the way, you can take eggs with Labneh or try Hummus with meat. There is no problem with that. Now, it is time for you to eat and have breakfast. We will continue our tour. Now, we will go back and see.

We will film with you. Even the cucumber is crunchy. Amazing. I took the camera and said that I want to sit next to you. I want to tell you a word. I want to share a word with you.

I want to direct my word to everyone. To every person who attended Anthony. To every person who followed Anthony. To every person who supported Anthony. To every person who loves Anthony and listens to him. This tour taught me a lot.

It taught me 6 provinces, 15 cities. It taught me 8,000 km of driving. It taught me 150 restaurants, cafes, etc.

It taught me 1,000 people I met at gatherings, restaurants, hotels, companies, etc. It taught me a lot. It taught me something essential. Life is hard. We all agree. But life gives.

Life gives back. Life plows and harvests. Life gives and gives you. It gives and gives you.

It honors and honors you. For me, Anthony is a person who is 250 days away from home. Why? Because he is 16 million Lebanese. For the cause of gathering Lebanese people together. To introduce them to each other.

To remind them of each other. For the Arabs to gather together. A bite unites us.

And this is our goal always. A bite unites us because a bite is a means. And food is a means.

But the goal is much further than food. The goal is to deliver the message in a beautiful way. So it is not by the book.

Maybe like I am doing. So it is not always, imagine every episode like this. The most important thing is that every person we entered with, we left with a tear, a smile, a hug, a hug, a kiss, memories, a mission, or if you want, a new and stronger goal than the one before.

I told Anthony yesterday in the plane, we are coming from Los Angeles. I told him, this year, in 2023, I felt that we did a big milestone. We stepped up the game, as they say. And it is my responsibility to him. God bless him.

This journey was amazing. This journey gave me so much energy to serve and support and keep going for Anthony's mission. Anthony's mission is beyond food, restaurants.

It is beyond many things. It is the core of the food and the core of the restaurant. We are running for heritage and culture. And we want you to keep supporting and believing in this mission. Because the mission is not easy, but it is fun.

It is not easy, but it is amazing. It is not easy, but it is worth it. It is worth every single moment.

Every single moment we put in this journey, and in the coming journeys, and the ones that left, is for you. And for you to stay together. Let's support each other. Can you imagine the difference we can make? Competition is good. Competition is healthy. It doesn't mean that if I open a shawarma place, and someone else opens a shawarma place, it means he is better than me.

Or that he is beating me. Not at all. He is right, and his sustenance will be served by God. And my sustenance will be served by God. And wherever my sustenance is, my sustenance will come to me. Sustenance doesn't pass from anyone.

I heard the words. I will say the part that comes after all of this. What did I hear about Anthony? What did I hear about No Garlic No Onions? What did I hear about this issue that this guy has been working on for 12 years? Wow.

Someone came to Anthony two days ago. Anthony asked him where did you go to Beirut? He said that he came from Lebanon two weeks ago. He asked him how was it? The answer was nothing better than that. He said, I went to Beirut.

To Saida. I enjoyed my time. The way I saw it. I saw it the way I wanted. Did you see the trash? He said, no. Did you see what is not good? He said, I don't want to see it.

I want to see the beautiful Lebanon. Imagine that each one of us sees it this way. To a country that has challenges.

But let's put the effort to help by not speaking up the negative side of it all the time. Of course, there is a part that we want to hear what is not good. But this is not all of our talk.

I want to say to all the Lebanese that came to Lebanon. You are the most beautiful country in the world. We are walking in it and we will continue to walk in it.

So please, let's always unite to love Lebanon. Because Lebanon is amazing. Lebanon is beautiful. In its food, villages, mountains, sea, snow, summer. In every street, city and village. We are proudly Lebanese around the world.

We are proudly a community. We are a community that works so hard. We are so street smart. Really, we are street smart.

No one tells you that he is not Lebanese. His grandfather is Lebanese. We met yesterday at Hakim Cosmetics. His grandfather is Lebanese. He has never been to Lebanon.

But I heard from the guys that you are Lebanese. I went to visit Lebanon. Next year, this summer and this winter. We want everyone to visit Lebanon.

And everyone should help us to strengthen Lebanon. And stand with Anthony. To strengthen this country and this flag across the world.

And everyone should see how amazing we are. Thank you for bringing religions together. Thank you for bringing all the sides together. Thank you for bringing all the villages together.

Thank you for bringing the city and the village together. We hope that everyone who will watch Anthony from now on, and before, knows that Anthony speaks in the name of Lebanon. Let's unite Lebanon under one flag. Under one spirit. One word that says, A7la Balad Bel 3alam. I want to thank you all on my behalf.

For all the support, all the love. Every episode Anthony edits. Every episode Anthony uploads on YouTube on his own.

Myself, I manage the business side of the trip. Following with people, with our guests, with the little details. But Anthony is the main one. Anthony starts his day at 8 a.m. and finishes at 11 p.m.

He finishes an episode. Every day at 9 p.m. Wherever he is in his country, there is a premiere on YouTube. Watch it and support him.

Subscribe on YouTube if you want to support the mission more. And let's make it bigger and bigger. And be proud of what he does for us and for you.

Who told you bye? I didn't see you. This is a big honor for me. He is thinking that he is Lebanese and his name is big and he will grow a lot in America. But we don't want to forget Nasser 1930.

So maybe if we write it outside, so everyone knows that you are not a son of yesterday. You started in Lebanon a long time ago and made history remember. I loved you. Maybe because you are a good person and we love food like each other. See you next time. I have to come to Chicago every time.

Welcome. I salute you. Like a kangaroo. Like a kangaroo.

We still have one stop. We still have a very important stop. At Cedar Palace. You know that I will tell you. Cedar Palace.

We have a stop and we are eating very delicious food. Not only that, we are going to a surprise that a lot of people are waiting for. Tell me more. The best thing in the story is that we started in these two places.

In Lebanon and Cedar Palace. Unplanned, they ended up in Lebanon and Cedar Palace. Silvana insisted that a lot of people called her. How can we wait for Anthony to come to you? A lot of people didn't come to you and we want to see them. Nice to see you again.

After a month. I am following you step by step. Nice to see you again. Did you make a lot of delicious food? Chicken with rice. Today, I made grape leaves with meat. Without garlic and onion.

The seating is very nice. I made you Knafeh Khichli and I made you Warmaki. Thank you. Number one. She has been watching you forever. Every customer when she knew this, she said, I will be here.

After a month and 100 restaurants, it is a challenge. Hello to the people of Basra. This is a challenge for the people of Basra. But I wanted to come to Anthony again and meet all his fans because everybody loves Anthony and we have so many people who called us, please bring him in and thank God we brought Anthony now and we're back again at Cedar Palace but I made sure, I follow him so I know that we're here the next day so I can meet him here in Chicago You're not allowed to escape, your plane is not allowed Even the plane, we deliver it to him in the plane It's special Let's eat! Enjoy your meal! Rice and meat Grape leaves Potatoes Hummus, Kebbeh There's delicious food, the smell! You can feel the smell with me Can you imagine, there's like 15-20 people watching him eat Amazing! Amazing amazing! 100% the spices, the meat, the rice Beautifully done! Excellent! Home cooked food, home-style and this is the last bite before we finish 30 days We're not finishing it with a burger or a sandwich It's fast food We're finishing it with home food 100% All these lovers, it's heartwarming Just like we eat at home Wherever we are, there's a nice gathering Our food brings us together and this is how we finish our trip and enjoying my time Giovanna, thank you so much and thank you to all the people who came to see me before I left My name is Doris Farhad I was born in America in 1996 I sing I wish you could stay with us a little longer This weekend we have the Lebanese Festival which we established in 2008 It was a very small festival We started in the church hall We made Manakish in the garage of the church We were selling Saj and now we expanded and became very big to the extent that thousands of people come to us Friday, Saturday and Sunday Entertainment from all of them We have youths who do dabke dancing shows American dancers All of them don't speak Arabic but they love the folklore and the Eastern dance Singers from all over We invite them to join us Of course with me I will always be there I am the daughter of the church where we do the festival At the same time all the ladies prepare the food All the Lebanese food All of them are volunteers They come and gather and prepare the food to feed the thousands The men prepare outside They set up the tents They arrange the seating It's a beautiful festival I wish you can stay because it brings people together from all the states around us We have 5-6 states People come to watch this annual festival The year is 2014 They asked me what is happening in the land of Eid The house is being planted with fire and firecrackers They asked me what is happening in the land of Eid The house is being planted with fire and firecrackers I told them our country is creating a new one The Lebanese are generous and the people are kind I told them our country is creating a new one The Lebanese are generous and the people are kind I love you like I used to I love you like crazy I love you like I used to I love you like I used to If we separate your love will unite us I love your soil more than anything I love you Lebanon my country Bravo! And this is how our story ends Look at the weight of this bag Each bag weighs around 30 kg And we are carrying it What's wrong? He is showing you how he is carrying the bag This is the first bag in the trip I hope you liked it You can always find Qatar on 5E if you are looking for it You can stop at 5E next to British Airways Thank you so much for the invitation If they didn't invite us we wouldn't have been able to make this trip I will remind them next time to find the best cargo ticket for themselves We have 2 hours to get inside to show you the airport then we will do an overview of the trip in the lounge Traveling in Qatar by plane with a 4x4 car and a 4x4 car and a 4x4 car and a 4x4 car and a 4x4 car and a 4x4 car We will stay in Ma'attam to reach Beirut considering that we will spend 5 hours in Qatar and 8 hours in Beirut to reach Beirut Beirut is at 12 a.m. and we are at 29 a.m. 7 a.m.

and we will reach Lebanon at 1 a.m. 12 a.m. It will take time to get back It will take time Everything is ready Definitely Champagne Rosé coming your way soon My seeds are with me I am hungry and ready to live the experience I told you last time, when I listen to this music, it triggers the feeling of home, I feel home. Today, we are boarding the 777-300ER.

The plane is very robust, the sound is a bit loud, but it's okay. And then, the white company. I love them so much that I will take them home with me.

We have pyjamas, slippers, and all the equipment. Now, I am going to enter the bus to have a comfortable sleep. The menu has arrived. Let me tell you about the menu today. What do we want to eat? Tonight, we will eat... Welcome on board. Bread, soup, appetizers, we have the mezza.

We always meet it. Roasted veal with creamy tornado. Brazilian lobster tail. Now, we are talking. Surf and turf of grilled beef filet and brown.

Roasted chicken breast with lime juice. Paneer and anjeer kofta. Of course, no.

So, I think I will take the Brazilian lobster. I will order it first before it is cut. Cheese plate, of course. Dessert, gooey pecan chocolate brownie with coffee, mascarpone. And light snacks. In the end, for breakfast, Greek yogurt with apple compote and non-granola.

And the mains which are the most important. We have mixed berry souffle, crepe tart, or hand-rolled omelette with ricotta and parmesan. I know most of the things. I already ate them. But I am used to it and I don't mind at all. What do I want to drink? I will have rose champagne whenever we can go. What are we going to drink today? Today, we will start with a loud voice.

You were looking at me, but I am happy. Before I get on the plane. We were taking rose champagne. They changed it. They changed it.

Now, it is the 3rd bottle which I already drank in one of the trips. I really liked it. And then, we have the Penfolds Bin 311. One of the great Australian wines. We have Chile.

Leyda. I will put them all on Vivino and they will be 4 points. Plus plus plus.

Germany, France, Mousser, Marcus, Molitor. And then, which I really like to tell you the truth, the old wine Zinfandel of USA. I had it 3 times already. And I love it. Great choice. We will start with rose.

Cheers. Rose champagne is amazing. They always choose very important types. Not only that, it is sparkling water. I will tell you about this. This is a refreshing towel.

I will put it on my face. Its smell takes you places. It even takes me to some places.

When I am filming in crowded places, I will put it on my face and travel. This is very important. Rose champagne from Germany. You will have a lot of time to choose wine. Cheers.

Cheers. Zinfandel. I will put it on my face. Its smell takes you places.

When I am filming in crowded places, I will put it on my face and travel. This is very important. When I am filming in crowded places, I will have a lot of time to choose wine.

I will have a lot of time to choose wine. I will have a lot of time to choose wine. Salt and pepper, butter, and what I love a lot, this sitting on a long table, the big one, which is the candle. I ordered sparkling water, my favorite wines, whether it's Chardonnay, Penfold, Australia, or Discovery, which is an American wine, and both are beautiful.

I ordered, of course, lobster. I will show it to you, we will taste it together. We will have dinner in an hour, the time will be around wow, 11 a.m. to go to sleep, and we will meet for breakfast later. It's dinner time. It starts with amuse-bouche.

A small piece of salmon with a piece of toast. Excellent quality. Yes. Small pieces, not layers, layers, which are called balik, not big pieces, but diced. Great quality.

Exceptional quality. No, this thing is high-end. It reminds me of the premium bars in the airports in the world. A great start.

Very exciting. I love them one by one, as if I am in a restaurant. He is arranging them, decorating them. We started with the roast beef tomato.

Yummy. Really yummy. The olive is perfect, black truffles, very thinly sliced roast beef, and then here we have the cream of tuna. Oh, this is good. This is really good.

This needs a whole team. It needs a whole team to be able to hold the phone, light it up, film, and not forget anything and show you what an exceptional quality. A whole lobster tail.

When on board. Look at this piece. There is nothing like it in a restaurant.

What a quality. How much meat is there? I don't want to say anything. A 5-star culinary experience up in the air. Cheers for that.

Every time I get on the plane, I get excited and then I get amazed. Okay, I've done it many times and it's still as if it's the first time. I so enjoy it.

You can see the plate and the amount of meat. I'm not sure. It's hard to film by myself. I swear by darkness and imagination. This is great, great, great.

Where did you eat such a big lobster? Even in restaurants, even if it's small, they give you a piece of it. This is a huge lobster tail. It's soft. It's light. It's juicy. Its sauce is amazing.

The flavors are amazing. It's not dry. It's just done perfectly right. It's really amazing. Film, music, cheese, crackers, and a good wine.

That's how I wish you a good night. I'm going to fix my bed now. My pillow is ready. Everything is ready. I'm going to sleep.

Good night. Good night. Good night. My pillow is ready. Everything is ready. I'm going to close the door. We'll meet in at least 7 hours.

Music Music Music Music Music Music Music We said goodbye yesterday. I slept for 6-7 hours. Now, it's time. It's time for breakfast. There is still an hour and a half before we reach.

We passed above the Mediterranean Sea. We reached Obros. We went down to Amman, Jordan, and now we are reaching Qatar in no time. I will reach the airport in 2 hours.

I will run to the lounge and sit for coffee. I took a shower, definitely a quick tour if I could bring the kids or Nell Editing tomorrow's episode This is it, time flew by, I slept well Now it's time for croissants and butter I am remembering again, 29 days, a very nice trip, a very nice time If you are reaching here and watching now, I thank you for all who watched and followed us all the way, and see you on the next trip Usually on the next trip, one would say, after a month, 2 or 3 months 3 or 4 days, and we are back on the road Cheers It's going to be a difficult story, the camera is in my hand, the food is in my hand, and the smell of the cabin is amazing. This is the bread we are looking for. It comes in a big size, depending on the flight. But this bread that is stuck together, they are famous for it.

Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and then comes the salmon. Excellent quality. We ate the same salmon, but it was cut differently. Here it was cut in cubes, and here it was cut in pieces, and then comes the wine.

The white one, what can I tell you? What can I tell you? Definitely review 4.3 and above. Now I see it when I go back on the internet. Nice wine, very floral, light, and amazing. Penfold, Australia's number one wine, and one of my favorites. This bleed is not wrong, not wrong, not wrong.

In its acidity, in its wood, in its strength, full bodied, it is not wrong at all. Enjoying dinner, as much as you want to say. Look what I am going to do. I will put them here. I will take a piece of bread, put some butter on it, and enjoy bread, olive oil, and balsamic.

Today the cabin is a bit empty, I can play as much as I want. But you know what I want to do. If it was light and we came in the morning, the pictures would have been much better. A piece of bread. I will put some butter on it, because the bread is hot, they will stick together.

A lot of olive oil and balsamic to drink properly, without getting tired. The bread is great, great. Then we reach here.

Salmon. Saffron cream at the bottom. Excellent, amazing acidity. It doesn't need anything, the cream at the bottom. Premium quality salmon.

Premium quality. Good start. European standard of course. I don't know where they are made. But what they do, they do it right. After I ate the sumo balik, which is smoked salmon, pieces, not slices, and great.

I ordered the grilled salmon. A piece with its sauce, vegetables on the side. No words can be said. You know that I came from America, I ate good food.

But I didn't feel anything. Every time I leave Qatar, I eat good food, it has passion, it has feelings, it has life. I am not exaggerating.

The food I am eating, out of Qatar, doesn't resemble anything else. And I wish, I wish, I wish, on this trip, I can show you the crew. Asian crew. They are great, smiling, welcoming, very nice.

Attention to details. All well trained. But these, from their heart, they work from their heart, they give from their heart.

It feels so good to be pampered. It feels so good to feel that you are paying your dues. It feels so good to feel that you get what you pay for.

Great experience. And I think now it is time to say goodbye. I am enjoying my dinner a lot. The food is really delicious. Not only the ingredients are good, there is passion, there is life, there is feelings. It is very clear.

And we will meet in the next trip. Which is near. After 3 or 4 days, with the kids and my wife, I missed them a lot.

See you soon. It is very delicious. There is still the tiramisu. I will not stop.

While enjoying a very, very, very good wine. Thank you for watching.

2023-09-04 00:23

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