getting out of Seoul two days in ulsan, korea vlog | cafe hopping, forests, islands, bookstores

getting out of Seoul  two days in ulsan, korea vlog | cafe hopping, forests, islands, bookstores

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Our bus is here, hi from Ulsan! Okay hi. Now welcome to Ulsan. So yeah  it's my first time here - well, I've been to   like around Ulsan but I haven't been to city  center. The actual area of Ulsan is huge so   I'm really only hitting very city center and  then we're going to go on a little adventure   tomorrow morning out to the coast but  again, not even scratching the surface.

You can watch my autumn video where I came here for hiking - stunning. But we're just   going to hit some cafes that have been on my  list. It's a gloomy day but coffee is in our future.

I was prepared for cats. What I wasn't prepared for was the cuddling, the love.   I am covered in cat hair, that's fine. I'm slightly allergic to cats, also fine. That just - I needed that, I needed a cuddle real bad. So wow that was honestly like worth the trip. It was so soothing in there.

I just wish that they had food, they have a prosciutto  sandwich but. So now we're going to walk over   to the river park that has a huge bamboo forest.  Apparently I think Damyang might be the biggest   but Ulsan is the tallest or some - I don't know  there's some superlative linked to this bamboo   forest and we're going to go and it's going to be great and I just want to, I just want to stay there. Also all this bamboo is reminding me of  the panda-monium happening in Korea kind of   at the moment. So if you haven't heard, look it  up cuz I'm not going to explain it very well.  

Basically Korea had a panda for 3 years and  then as part of the panda contract they had   to send it back, her back. And that contract ran up like couple months ago, couple weeks ago. It   was like the entire nation mourned - this panda  is like Princess Diana. Everyone was going to   the zoo, the poor Grandpa who like raised the panda was just distraught. Every major food   and drink company offered a panda exclusive  thing. I don't know. It was a lot. Yeah if you   just want to go down a rabbit hole - the Korean Panda events this couple months were pretty   wild. So I think I'm going to go into the  forest, I don't know, let's look at this map. Also last time I was in Damyang, which I  will link those videos down below please   go to Damyang, I love Damyang so much, amazing  place. In their bamboo forest I saw a sign  

that said something about how bamboo - some chemical thing, it actually relieves your   stress. I'm not certain exactly how, I don't  remember but I believe it absorbs something   and that makes us feel good? Whatever it is  I feel really nice here it's very calm. Okay everyone - oh come on, hold on. Okay everyone please go visit that bookstore. She said that  

they just opened 2 months ago. The woman working there so cute. There's a *cafe in the back cuz   I told her like I don't read Korean that well  - enough to read like these novels that were   there so she was like oh you can get either  children's books or in there's like   a book cafe in the back where you can sit with a  drink and she was like I have some English books   there. She had Claire Keegan - I was like girl like  got great taste. So yeah she was just, she was so   sweet and we chatted and was so funny and she's a English teacher as well like the government   classes level so even though she spoke to me in  Korean which I really appreciated - except for   one word she said business trip in English. Cuz  I told her like oh I don't, I'm not a student,  

I work here blah blah blah. So sweet please go  it's called Geuraedo Books. As usual all   the locations will be in the description  box but my heart, warmed. Love you Ulsan. She   was very upset that I was only here for  2 days but so when I said I got to go, she   was like go go go go go. So we got to, we got  to see Ulsan as much as we can for her. Next on our beverage adventure day,  we're going to a tea shop that has been   on my list for - I can't even tell you how long. So long. Hopefully there are seats. Very excited. Hello. Today is like cafe hopping, tomorrow is hopefully nature.  

So yeah I just stopped in here to drop some stuff off and take a little breather before we maybe   pop out for - I think just I'm going to grab like  a little dinner, maybe one more coffee shop and   there's like a little used bookstore perhaps  but honestly the day started quite early in Seoul   so I might just kind of take it easy here.  This is such a nice apartment actually. Again   as always, I am not even scratching the surface  of any of these cities that I go to but   I had such a lovely day and my arm is getting tired so I need to put it, put you down but   yeah I'm going to take a rest. See you in a bit. Also it smells like ocean. I didn't notice it   until I got pretty much like to this side of  the river I guess - the east south side you   can smell the ocean and I feel alive again.  So anyway I'm going to turn on the AC   for a bit, it's getting toasty, it's getting  humid and I will see you in a bit. Two girls in the park - one is teaching the  other one how to ride a bike and she's   filming it. Looks like she's significantly  younger, the girl who's learning and they  

are so encouraging and it's just really  sweet. She's doing really well riding her   bike. She has no helmet on but she's going  like backwards she's going so slow. But   now she's reviewing the footage. It's really  cute. This is lovely, I can stay here all day. The air - I couldn't capture it on screen. This is a seaside   city. It smells like the ocean and then you just as I was drinking my tea outside, I just felt it  

that like salty wet layer that just encapsulates you. If you see my hair is like extra, well whatever   it's always weird but I feel like, I feel like  I'm home, I feel like I just went for a drive by   the beach and now I'm home and I'm very sticky.  So good job Ulsan, thank you so much. Before I   dive into the rest of my thoughts I want to give  a big shout out to the sponsor of this video which   is Surfshark VPN because what am I doing later  tonight? In like couple minutes? Turning on that   TV and watching Netflix. So what is Surfshark VPN? A VPN is a virtual private network which you can use to do a bunch of things - you change your  internet experience. So what I mostly use it for  

is for changing my IP address so in case I need to access websites that I need to be physically in America or physically in Korea you can easily do  that as well as if you're using a lot of public   Wi-Fi and you're using a VPN, it will protect you  from, for example, if you suddenly have to make a   payment or something like that on sketchy public Wi-Fi, nobody's going to be able to to hack into   what you're doing take your information Etc. It's  just a good idea to have it at all times so I have   a code down below, got a link for you but you  can use caricakes to get *4 months free of Surf   shark VPN. Highly recommend it if you are dealing with things internationally, if you just want to   access something that's not on your Netflix  library what have you. So all that information  

will be down below thank you so much to Surfshark  VPN, you're the greatest, been using you for years. I just stopped and got a kimbap honestly so yeah overall Ulsan - cute. The area I was in was definitely   like go out drinking and get like a big shared  meal so hence my kimbap but that's all right   I'm going to have an early night. I kept the rest  of my snacks for my dessert and yeah I'm going   to watch, I'm going to watch some Netflix, I'm going to read my book and I'm going to go to sleep early because we're going to have an early day cuz we're going far east and then we got to go   way the heck back to Ulsan station in time for our  train. I don't know, we'll see. But I got to turn the  

air conditioner back on because it is toasty  but thank you for being here and once again   thank you to Surfshark - information will be down  below. I'll catch you guys tomorrow okay bye! And good morning welcome to Daewangam - why is that so difficult to pronounce? It's basically this   point on the east coast that kind of juts out -  ooh it's windy today - beautiful rock formations   beautiful cliffs. There's a suspension bridge.  I don't know. Looks crowded. Also these -gorgeous. It opens in about 5 minutes, we're going to go  see the sea and then we're going to head a   little bit South to Seuldo which is a little island. I don't think we're actually going to go on   the island but next to it there's a hidden daisy  field that my friend went to so we're going to see   that and yeah it's me and the elderly  hikers today. Excited! Okay hot goss - read the third paragraph! What?! I want to ride the slide so bad. It's not quite as scary as I  thought it would be but there's only four   five maybe people on it currently. If there were more people - this is shaking pretty, pretty  

hard but like you can tell it feels sturdy  to me. I'm getting right to the middle but   it's okay. It's not too bad it's not too bad but  yeah if there were more people no way. We're going to take the alleged Coastal  Road - it's like 3 km to our next destination   wish us luck, wish us luck Jesus Take the Wheel, here we go. Any semblance of a path has disappeared but I think the beach just is the path? The coast is the path? Right? We are in fact heading the right way. We are on the course again. All is well. 1km down 1.5 to go. Those moms trying to get a picture with  their baby are fighting for their lives.

This is amazing - the amount of boats!  Like I know that Ulsan is a huge port   but like some of these might be  going to Busan actually but just   to sit here and watch the's  so quiet, it's a weekend, it's so quiet. This is so this is so lovely. I'm going to   move into the shade, don't worry  guys this was just for the photo shoot. Amazing. All I need now is lunch. I'm  hungry but a cookie will suffice for now. The animals in Ulsan are  so friendly and not scared   of anybody - okay no that's that's enough that's please please, good Lord here here. Delicious lunch now to hopefully find  the bus where it says ETA unknown for   the past couple hours so hopefully a bus  comes because if not, it's a 3-hour walk or   more to Ulsan station and that's just not  happening and I don't know if taxis come   out here so another adventure. It's going  to arrive in 4 minutes - couldn't have time  

that better if I tried. Someone's looking out  for me - maybe the cats, maybe the bird. And we've made it home. Welcome back  to Seoul. Thank you so much for being on   that Ulsan trip with me. How lovely. I definitely  got a little toasty, the sunblock worked but like   ooh we were close. Feeling a little sun-kissed  that's for sure. But yeah Ulsan was really lovely   really chill. I wouldn't recommend it definitely  not for a day trip but if you have a weekend or a  

long weekend - I think a three-day trip would be  really nice. I think I could have, should have   booked a slightly later train. I left around  almost 5pm. If I had booked it a little   bit later cuz the Ulsan train station for the KTX  is quite far out of the city, I would recommend   that if you want to do just a two-day trip like I did, maybe push back your return ticket. So nice,

everyone was so welcoming and warm and I just had a really great time. It was very refreshing   to - I'm not going to shut up about that beach air  plus honeysuckle combination. I just - full spirit   recharge. Just a great, just a great time so thank  you as always for coming along for the ride. Thank   you again to Surfshark - all that information will be down below but you can use my code Caricakes   to get a discount and four months free of Surfshark VPN which I highly recommend and yeah I'm   just very thankful to have taken that trip  and hope you're all doing well. I'm going to   link my playlist of all of my like outside of Seoul trips that I've done so you can look at those but if you have a city that you're interested in or  a city that maybe I've covered but you'd like me   to do a refresher let me know. I kind of want  to get back into those. I think that it's just a  

little disheartening when these videos take a lot more time and money to make and they tend to not   perform as well as like a typical life or like  week of my life video, but I I'll talk about   it ironically in my next week of my life video,  but I just watched - I just found this YouTube   channel where their content kind of made me think about value. I always think about this but like   made me think harder about what value I'm adding  to the world through my work and I'm fortunate   enough to be at a point with this channel that I can sustain my lifestyle, I can pay my rent safely   every month kind of thing so I have more of  a chance to take risks with this channel and   like take a little hit in terms of a video not  performing well so and I feel like these videos   are valuable. So I kind of want to get back into doing that. I stopped around covid obviously and   I just haven't been able to get back into it so  your feedback is always appreciated and yeah   I will leave you here and see you next week  so thank you always for everything and   thank you again to Surfshark, information down  below. I will see you guys next week okay bye!

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