Garo Hills Public Meeting at Mendipathar

Garo Hills Public Meeting at Mendipathar

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who despises PG Sidhu has found this time of the grace this occasion. Sir, your presence today in this function has immensely enhanced its importance. Once again, we welcome you sir. we are indeed very fortunate to have honorable Doctor today It is my immense pleasure people of our constituency in our native language.

Thank you. Good afternoon Repera Forty-1 Songsakni, candidate Anthony Leader, Doctor Mukul M Sangma. Ping Anthony, Pulvarini, candidate 47, Razabala, General, constituency, Doctor Mohammed Mizanoor, Rahaman Khazi, Yan, Anthony, Candidate, Ominga, Punija Mano, 48 Celsi La Constrentini, candidate Agasi R Marap. Yes, El Selao Forty-9, Dadingre constituency candidate mister Rupa M Marak. Hi, Anson Gambe, 5th day, it's not Sura. Constituency candidate, Mr.

Rupert M Samma. 51 Southura, Antony, candidate mister Richard 52 Rangsakuna constituency. Mister Zenith M Samma. 53 Ampati Mahindra Ganj constit madam, the Kanchi, Dalbot Shira. fifty-five, Salman Bhara constituency, Ansingi candidate Mr.

56 Gambigre constituency. Madam Sadia Rani M Sangma. 5seven, Dalu constituency, Anthony candidate mister Singhal A. Sangma.

Fifty-eight Rowara, Siju constituency, Rajesh M Marak Ansini candidate. Fifty-nine, Chalkboard constituency, Sini, Anthony at the time. I did I can did it wrong answering bags traffic coast.

costage This is such a beautiful crowd. I see over 50, 000 people have already reached. This is a record in Garo Hills, one lakh people have come for a meeting.

Please clap for TMC. First time ever, this is such a beautiful place. The candidates are here. I also have some good

news here. That Chief Minister and TMC chair person miss Mamata Banerjee has almost reached us here. And the National General Secretary is also here. Abhishek Banerjee MP, our state in charge, Dr.

Manasbuya, minister. Our TMC Meghalaya president Charles Pingro, can we have a round of applause please? And of course, the champion, leader Dr. Mukul Sangma. I now request doctor Manus Buya to please say a few words. respected ladies and gentlemen sisters and brothers of this August gathering in the Gaurav Hills.

my leader, leader of the Rajya Sabha in the parliament. and member of the parliament and national chiefs spokes person Derek O'Brien Mr. Charles Pingro, honorable president, Dr. Mukul Sharma, the opposition leader, and the ex chief minister of the state, Janet Sangma, and all the nominated candidate to fight the election, historic election on behalf of TMC. Who are on the diocese, the state leadership Mahila president, youth president student president and all of you my distinguished media friends. We

are overjoyed, overwhelmed In this huge gathering. and we convey our our leader our supreme leader madam Mamata Banerjee, chief minister. has already arrived gift us from them. We welcome her in this August meeting All of you, give a clap to receive her. our chief guest and other dignitaries. May I request

May I request the volunteers to be ready for the felicitation. First of all, let us all. Hi, An An Sing Dalgapa, TM Sini, chairperson, chief minister, Miss Mamta Banerjee. Hi, Ansikara. Bay, Gambe, Zakpa, Dukna, and Suny Dalgapa.

Sir, TMC said President Matilvia. and sing me, visionary leader Ansingo Dal Vara Chakapa, sing me. Doctor Mukul Samma, Hayan Singh Rakpeye. Thoughtful greetings to all who have gathered here. We are truly blessed today. As I take this opportunity to welcome our honorable chairperson and chief minister of West Bengal, madam Mamata Banerjee, our honorable national general secretary, and member of parliament in the Lok Sabha, Shri Abhishek Banerjee, our leader of the parliamentary party in the Rajya Sabha.

Mister Derek O'Brien and Doctor Manasranjan Buniya and leader of the opposition and former chief minister Doctor Mughal Sangma to this August gathering. Your presence today gives strength to the citizens of Meghalaya and I also encourages others to join and build our party. I would also like to express my happiness to witness the presence of honorable MLAs, honorable MDCs, district presidents, coordinators, conveners, block committee members, our members from the TMC Mahila Congress, members of the TMC Youth Congress, and members of the student wing and all our party beloved party workers. also take this opportunity to welcome the media fraternity and all the esteemed guests who have gathered here today. Being

a pro people and grassroot party. By the people of the people and for the people. A party which remains the elementary institution of rural life. Is unlike other parties

both of national and regional and character. Which has always remained an identity based party. Trinamool Congress, TMC believes in the power of the people and their aspirations for better governance. This unique organizational system that emphasizes for the welfare of the poor and the socially and economically disadvantaged people is the greatest strength of our party. With the power that has been decentralized, a party will strive to work tirelessly for the people of and transform the once highly acclaimed state to his former glory. We will work for the development of Meghalaya and will strive to make it a moral state in the entire country. In

the coming days and weeks, we will continue with our outreach programs and make people who believe in this goal of TMC a part of our I earnestly urge our people who desire to see our beloved state of Meghalaya to be a progressive, transformative and a model state to come and be part of the TMC family. Come and be part of that change. I am thankful to all the people who have extended their support to TMC. And I am sure that this support will gather most team as we head for the upcoming assembly elections. With our heads held high, we stand ready to withstand the high winds, the choppy waters and even the dangerous storms in a endeavor to be the light to overshadow the darkness that is plaguing our state of Meghalaya. To

number TMC has stepped in at a very critical juncture in our states, states rich political history. At this juncture. People have lost hope and are looking towards their own leaders with contempt. The abode of clouds is now being taunted as a heaven of scams and people with a clouded mindset. Plagued with issues of corruption, scams and a total collapse of governance. The people of Meghalaya are aspiring for a new leadership that will bring back the lord's glory of a people and our state. We are here to bring change. And I am very happy to

see today through all of you present here. That you have decided to bring the change that the people are praying and hoping for. I profusely thank our party leadership Specially the honorable chair person madam Mamata Banerjee for reposing her trust and faith in us. Today we have gathered here to send a message to our people. And the let us work for a better Meghalaya and a people's Meghalaya. As leaders of this

vibrant and young TMC, we need to march ahead with confidence, humility, integrity, and strive for a strong vision for our people. As president, I assure you of all my commitment to lead the TMC with vision, integrity, honesty, and courage. We should stand as leaders and not to be corrupt in our thoughts, minds and deeds. We are here to bring a change and we should not rest till we achieve it. Our hard

work, commitment and strong principle leadership should give people hope. A hope not only for their today but also for their tomorrow. Let us now move forward together with determination and turn the aspirations of a people into a reality. As party leaders from various districts and our constituencies, we have to shoulder this immense responsibility now onwards to fight the present dispensation till we till our people attain victory in the next 2 months. The pulse from every nook and corner of the state calls for a TMC will be that change and become the torch bearer for a progressive and transformative Meghalaya. I once again thank

our honorable chair person madam Mamata Banerjee and a national general secretary honorable Abhishek Banerjee for being here today. Your presence gives us strength and confidence and the blessings of our honorable chair person madam Mamata Ba who is amongst us will always be a source of inspiration, encouragement and encouragement not only to our party but to the state of Meghalaya as a whole. The change is now. Thank you. Hubble Mithilla.

Thank you sir for your comforting words. Jol Jol Ansing, Ansini MPRO, National General Secretary, RO Answni Youth Icon, Neya Rana, Ansungital Guppa, Mr. Abhishek Banerjee Ko, Anjing, station Okamatna, may I request sir mister Abhishek Banerjee to share your words with us. Hi

Ansing, Thank you so much. We have with us today the honorable chairperson of the party. Our very own Didi who we all look up to. Miss Mamata Banerjee. We

have with us the stage in charge of Meghalaya Pradesh, Trinamol Congress, TMC. Mister Manoj Bhuya. The national spokesperson and leader of the party in Rajya Sabha. Rajya Sabha member Derek O'Brien and our very own son of this soil. Leader of the opposition in the assembly of Meghalaya. Doctor

Mukul Sangma state president Charles Pingrope, MLAs George Lingo, Zen Sangma, Dikanchhi Rishira, Miyani Dishira, Vinasandi Sangma, James Lindo Istanbul moment in and all the MDC's who are present with us. I thank each and everyone, specially the one who have assembled today. And have come here to listen to Didi. Today's meeting is going to be a historic meeting in its two sense. Because today is 18th of January. And this meeting was planned about 15 days back. And

all of you must have known by now. That today's the day the elections are going to be announced. So this meeting with this very event the death nail of the NPP and corrupt MDA government is going to be sounded from this very moment. Is just a matter of time that every Meghalaya an is going to come in unison and ensure that Meghalaya's golden days are brought back. I thank the artist and everyone who composed this campaign song it has become so popular in such a short span of time. And it's been liked across all walks of life, people from all ages, all walks of life. A loving this song and

with every passing day. Trinamool Congress is growing more stronger and stronger. Last time, two months back, when I came to in the month of November. I remember I told you all that come the day the people will go and vote. BJP and NPP is going to draw a blank from Gado. Mark my words,

I say this on record. Looking at the love, the appreciation, the enthusiasm and the vigor that you possess within yourself. That this time, when the results come out, NPP will not be able to win a single assembly seat out of Gado. is just a matter of time. Every

Meghalaya an has to remember one thing. The next 50 days are extremely important for all of you. Why I am telling you? If elections are announced today, there will be a high probability because in the next forty, 45 days, the elections will be completed and the results will be out. So, as the National secretary of the party, I bow down to all of you and promise you that you give us the next 50 days of your life. I will ensure that every Trinomool worker and the son of the soil who are being elected as your representative will give their five years of their lives in your holistic development to ensure that Meghalaya's golden days are brought back. Like Mr. Ping Group was saying. Meghalaya

which is known to be the board of clouds has now become a safe heavens for corruption. You voted for NPP and MDA alliance with a lot of hope and aspirations in your heart and mind. But the boast and brag about this double engine model. What is happened in the last 5 years? Education sector is in complete shambles.

Health, there is no health care workers in any of the healthcare facilities. Roads and infrastructure are completely destroyed. Employment, unemployment rates are going high by the day. And

they boast and brag about double engine government. You have a state of a, you have another state. And they are police forces. Opening fire on Meghalaya's every now and then. Is this the government you all wanted to? Be in power. Is this the government you all voted for? Whoever is sitting in this stage, we all hail from Congress. Be it herself. Our

honorable chairperson, I, Doctor Mukul, Manus Bhuiad, Charles Pingrope. But we all realise that if you have to take on BJP and NPP's might. And you want to defeat them. You want to fight with them. You want to engage with them in an action and take them head on. Then Congress is not the platform. The platform is

Trinomool Congress. So, every vote to Congress is eventually vote to the BJP. You saw what happened in Goa. You saw happened in other states. Madhya Pradesh, you have to vote for two flowers. And two

flowers, if you are voting for two flowers, twin flowers, that means you are voting to uproot this corrupt, inefficient, inept government out of power. I challenge Conrad, we still have 50 days to go before elections. Why don't you come out with your report card that what you have done? And I, as a general secretary of the party, will come out with my report card. Or for that matter, let Mukul Salma come out with his report card that what we have done in the last one year by standing beside the people and what we are going to do in the next five years. Whatever we say, we deliver. That is the biggest difference between Congress, BJP and Tridamool Congress. That Tridamool

Congress is the only party in the country. Who walks the talk? What we say we do? If we are good at making promises, we are better at keeping it. And BJP and NPP are good at making promises. And better at breaking it. So, you have to treat, choose, between the two.

Chinomul started this week out registration when last time our honorable chairperson was here. It was in the month of December. It's not even a month. We have got about three and a half lakh registrations already. Women, ladies from all walks of life has shown their unwavering faith and support in Meghalaya Trinamool. I thank each one of you. It's not even

2 weeks. We launch them scheme. Where every youth will be given thousand rupees assistance. It's not even 10 days. We have crossed one lakh registration. You will be happy to know. And if Tridomul is giving a word to you, Trinamool will keep that word. In the next one month

after forming the government, this is our word to you. And let me reiterate and tell you that Meghalaya will no more be neglected. Every Meghalaya has to stand for their own own self respect. We have to ensure that Meghalaya, be it Jayantya, be it Gado, be it Tura, be it Khasi. Will no more to be ruled

by people sitting in the ivory towers of Delhi and Guwahati. Meghalaya will be ruled by Meghalayaans. Meghalaya will be ruled by people of this very soil. There is a saying in English that sun rises from the east. If you look at the north

east and the east combined, Bengal and other states of the north east, If Bengal has 42 Lok Sabha seats, Meghalaya has two Lok Sabha seats. And North East has twenty-five Lok Sabha seats. So, combined it becomes a pool of 67 Lok Sabha seats.

We have to ensure this time like sun rises from the east. India's future will lie in the east of India and north east of India, not in the other parts. We to show them what Meghalaya is capable of, what Bengal is capable of, what Assam is capable of, what Nagaland is capable of, what Tripura is capable of. And the fight has to start from this very soil.

The fight has to start from Meghalaya. Let me assure you, we are the only one, only political party in the country. Who have not bowed down to BJP. They have been using all their central investigative agencies. To cow to make sure Trinomol's voice is stiffled But we have not budge an inch in our fight against this autocratic forces.

We are the only party who are fighting them on the ground. Who are taking on BJP and NPP and every other NDLI partner head on. And we will continue to do so. That is what Trinomool is. Trinomool is is a party which is of the people, which is for the people and by the people. And come when the government is formed, we'll have a government in Meghalaya will be, which will be the government of the people of Meghalaya, for the people of Meghalaya and by the people of Meghalaya. So, you have to

promise and give your word to me. Will you uproot the corrupt NPP and BJP, MDA government, in the next 1 month, yes or no? Will you vote against the injustice that has been done against every Meghalaya and yes or no? Will you vote against people who have looted you both in centre and state sitting in the ivory towers of Delhi and Guwahati? Yes or no? Will you vote for the self respect of Gado? Yes or no? Will you vote for the self respect of yes or no? Will you vote against the people who have been treating every Meghalaya as their subservient? Yes or no? Raise your voice, raise both your hand, up in the air, swing in your and tell me yes or no. Will you vote for Trinomol? Yes or no? Will you strengthen Didi's hand? Yes or no? Will you support Trinamool? Yes or no? Will you uproot the corrupt NPP government? Yes or no? Will you teach no. Yes or no? Yes or no? let me reassure you the Trinamool Congress will stay with you in every step of this fight will stay beside you, will fight for your rights come what may. What they did in Meghalaya, every now and then people opens open fires are being opened on innocent civilians. Can they do the same thing in Bengal? They cannot do. Why?

Because Bengal's chief minister's name is Mamata Banerjee. You need a chief minister here and a cabinet here and a and ministers here. Who will not be cowed down before the investigative agencies and will not bow their head before CBI and ED. If we

have to go ahead, we will bow our head before every Meghalayan before the people of this very soil. I thank each one of you and I congratulate all of you in advance because change in guard in the government is going to be a matter of time. So, glory to this great state, glory to every Meghalayans, glory to all the people of Gado, glory to everyone who present, who is present in today's meeting, many many thanks. Kuble, Mitala.

Thank you sir for your wonderful and for the wonderful speech. Matela, Anthony Abhisek, Banerjee, Circle, Dao, Leader our beloved Chief guest of today's this wonderful program. and our young and dynamic youth icon the National General Secretary of AITC. Shri Abhishek Banerjee ji. Our distinguished state in charge Doctor Manasji Our distinguished and respected national spokes person of this AITC and leader of the Rajya Sabha, leader of ah PP, leader of the Rajya Sabha, Sri Derek Obriyan ji My friend and my comrade, the president Meghalaya TMC, Mr. Church Pungal. and all my

distinguished comrades, the distinguished official candidates of TMC. Distinguished party functionaries of the state and district level. This youngest former MLS, former MDC's all my senior colleagues and all my distinguished friends who have come from far and wide. Agnika Sara, Meghalaya Karamska. No lost kurang. and all other distinguished leaders of the party. We are

all thrilled to have you in our midst. convergence of multitudes of people. Thousands of people to this very place. To listen to you Didi is the testimony that we all have decided to be part of this great Paribar, the Trinamool Congress, the TMC. Are you Anthony? Answer I couldn't help but I had quietly had a laughter. He said, that Meghalaya BJP. BJP

Congress ni president state ni president Vincent BJP West Bengal BJP has had a tall claim. They had the audacity to claim in West Bengal that nobody else but BJP shell formed the government. And they said they cement. The TMC. Doll claims. But under the dynamic leadership of our beloved leader RDD rather BJP was decimated. So, if Trinamool Congress has been able to testimate BJP in West Bengal.

So, also the people of Meghalaya will decimate. BJP under the guidance and under the banner, under a flag of TMC. This is what Vincent Palla has said. Whether inadvertently or wrongly or rightly but that is the truth. Truth prevails. Minister Prime Minister, home minister union minister, chief minister campaign TMC no. Corruption you please. Mr. Mukul Sharma

Mr. Charles or state president Derek O'Brien of parliamentary party Raj Sabha leader doctor Manoj Bhuya a minister Abhishek Banerjee all India youth Tinumool Congress general secretary I first I want to very well. I don't want to say in twin details because you may be hungry also. Are you hungry? But you are political hungry of course. You need some political food. If you want to change the present corrupt and discredited government, then please see TMC is the only credible party and the alternative. There is no

alternative. We know how to fight. in my life form studentshood. I fought like any king with the leftist earlier where I was in Congress. But Congress did not give me the protection. The sisters and brothers, you cannot imagine. How I have been

tortured? and how the atrocious, terrible atrocities, terrible The political situation I faced farmers. We give all the farmers. 10, 000 rupees every year. Just free We give predation to all the people. It is not. Only few people. out of

ten crore people nine 5 crore people are getting free ration. Even it is reaching their house also. We give all full fitted ment.

Sometimes you also go to Calcutta for treatment. If you go to Delhi we give. Can you imagine? The child 60, 000 children we gave free heart operation. So many mother died when they gave the new born baby, the born. For them also we have the

milked bank for them. What not? For the students, we give ten lakhs rupees. The smart credit card for the students. Why they will be go for begging? The parents won't think for them. They will be self sufficient. They may be the doctor. They

can go for engineer. They can go for ah professors. They can go for IPS. They can go for IC's ah I also. So that for disadvantage. Bhutan is also our gateway.

Bangladesh is also a gateway. Nepal is also a gateway. Calcutta is a gateway for North Eastern region. But you tell

me. instead of the foxy is given by the central government or from Guwahati. What this government has done five years? paused for five years and after that you say so many things. At the time

of election, petrol is free. At the time of election They mislead mislead the people. They say domestic gas, we are giving concession. At the time of election, they will say and this and that. They want to

became the big hip hero. Even they can use the teleprompter, the speech is ready. Only they speak. Who don't do it? because whatever do we say, we are saying from my heart and Meghalaya is my heart and that's why I am saying from my heart.

Mukul Sharma, mister Charles and other people MLAs they went to my house. I was so happy. Because once I walked out north eastern countries in everywhere. So, I know North Eastern countries very well. But you tell me, why there will be a the facto prime minister from Guwahati. And he

will run all the north eastern region. Why they cannot sort out the land dispute issue? I was coming from the road. I asked my what we said diver. I said my brother dive hard. I asked him He said, electricity he is also from Pahar. No electricity

here. Is it a fact? There are so many areas where electricity Pastor, give us light. Give us some sign. Then I'll give you

the boat. Otherwise, no. I give all the women Lakshmi Bhandar 1000 rupees in every family, every sister. Please mind it. We give farmers. We give pisseries, piss School days also we give the BJP. You will see they have

two face, double faces. Double engine government after the election war. I want Meghalaya government of the Meghalaya by the Meghalaya. Put the

Meghalaya. No outsiders is allowed here. Only the Meghalaya people. Love your land. It is your motherland. Always smile. Meghalaya always

smile. You have 3 years is your name? They said, just like in music rhythm, they said The village is there. I asked from the village, the people name. They said, It is just like a music rhythm. See, your culture is so high.

It is just like sky high. We also love Bengal is also the cultural capital of India. If Bengal is the cultural capital of India, then Meghalaya is a or I have taken any lesson. It is spontaneous. Your rhythm is

so good. Every time I have got golden disc also for lyric and the tune. So, I want to know your tune also. Your rhythm also. Your dance beautiful. Only I have taken once again. To stay there, to see there.

Dance, how they are doing? They are just doing the salute. So, I salute to all of you. And he hope to say and you have to commit myself. this time whatever the proposals may come from BJP party or MDA party. He will neighbour bow down your head to anyone.

Please remember our two flowers means mother and father. Brother and sister And if you see petals then you will see it is just like Gado, Kashi, and Jayantya. I have a Jayant the people. The

years that electricity is not risked. The young generation is not getting the employment. Yes, I can say it proudly because when all over India, 40% employment is been increased. Bengal 40% employment. The unemployed

youth is being decreased. We can do it. From self help group to ISD, IS, ICDS to Asha and all who work for them. And that's why I'll request you. All you work together. BJP have

enough mind, money. interested to defeat BJP this time proxy government. Are you interested my brothers and sisters my sisters, brothers who are standing even was sitting event. Then say yes.

we want, we want, We want. We want. We TMC government in Meghalaya. and let the death bell of BJP proxy government should go ah go out for Meghalaya. Just gist point Mukul Sharmaji my brother will translate. I

think you have understood everything. You are very intelligent and talented people. Mukul only five minutes then we will go for national anthem. Please don't leave your place. and So far I know now the election commission press conference is there. I just came to know I am not sure. But

the specially the local people. If you have any question to ask for many other parts of the earth. State. Even I can contest two, three players also. The system is there. So,

it is a party discretion and it is a leader's discretion also. Collectively, we are doing it. And I think he will win from two constituency also. means I don't understand.

I am telling you this is, we are not in Meghalaya government. I said, we are registering this trip home right now. So, when the government will come which is 100 days, we can start the schemes. What we have done in Bengal? Origin 100 days, what was our promise? We just implemented.

So, Meghalaya government MDF government he is not going to win. That's why he is saying so many rubbish thing. First, let him clarify what he has done. What

is his record card? He should do fast. His government postmortem. Then you will ask the others who are not in power. If Goa, they have start, they have done only two, 3 months They can use all the money. from the money. We don't do it.

We have the ideology. The ideology is based on by the Sometimes I will help them also. My views, my idea, my vision because Bengal so many schemes we have got number one now. Tourism is a debt potentiality. You know we have a big river. They said the name

of the river is something the ah the past ah you have the you have the you have the you have the ah business. Shirong. Shirong is a very healthy maybe go to Kalimponggida, see how many hotels came up. But Meghalaya, I am really surprised. It's a beautiful tourism destination. But missionless. Action less and

baseless and peaceless. That's why we want TMC in Meghalaya to win. Thank you so much. I think I have to go because otherwise they will not give me the permission. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

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