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(Somewhere in Kenya) - Morning, my friends, from Tetura Lodge, about 90 kilometers away from Nairobi. And today let's go to Nairobi, guys. Look at this beautiful place. Just perfect.

Bye. - Bye-bye. - I left the key on the door there. - Okay. - Okay? Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. Thank you for coming! - Have a good time. Bye.

Hello. - Hi. - How are you? - I'm fine. - Fine? Good. Thank you! - Yeah. - Bye-bye. Goodbye. - Thanks for coming! - I am leaving quite late actually because... Well, it rained last night. And because of the rain, the alarm of the lodge went off in the middle of the night. And I like to sleep. Sleeping is very important. So I never set an alarm because I work whenever I want.

So I woke up late then. That's why now I'm late. It's 90 kilometers to Nairobi. It's not ideal to leave late, because I don't wanna arrive late in Nairobi, but that's the way it is. 90 kilometers, a lot of climbing, about 900 meters of elevation gain during the day.

Big climb at the beginning, and then it's flat and very slightly uphill. Let's go to Nairobi, guys. Hello. Hello. - How are you? - Good, good, good. Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. Hello. How are you? - Good. - Good. - Yeah. - Yeah, hello. - Hello. - Yeah. - How are you? - Very good! - Very good. - Yeah. - Hello.

So now I am on a proper highway. So I guess it's not gonna be the most pleasant ride in the world today. Hello. - How are you? You are good? - Yes. - Have peace. Have peace. - You see it's full of

people selling plants here on the side of the road. Hello, hello. - Hello, hello. - Yeah. - Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hello, hello. - Stop, stop, stop. How are you? - I need to continue.

I'm late. It's gonna be a race all day to not arrive too late to Nairobi. Well, it's gonna be good training. I have to push hard today, to go fast. Hello. - Yes, how are you? - Good, good. Fine, fine. How are you? - I'm fine.

Thank you! - Fine, fine. - Where do you come from? - France. - France? - Yes. - Hey there. - Hello. Hello. Hello. - Good luck!

- Hi. - Hi, give me a lift. - Hello, hello. Give you a lift? Yeah. - Yeah. - That's difficult. Yeah. Hello, hello, hello. - Hello. Yeah. - Yeah, yeah. Hello, hello. Hello, hello. Oranges, oranges. - Yeah.

- Yeah, where do you come from? - Yeah. - Simama... - Simama, simama. Okay, so now I am up the hill I had at the beginning. So now it should be roughly flat all the way to Nairobi. And I'm very happy. I feel very good today despite the not-so-good sleep. And I push like crazy, and I feel like I'm super strong today.

I'm highly motivated by arriving before sunset in Nairobi. Let's go! - Where are you going? Where are you going? - I just stopped to put on my jacket. - Are you going to Nairobi? - I'm going to Nairobi. Yeah. - Yeah? - Yes. - From where? - From France. - From France. - France. - Are you French? - Are you a Frenchman? - Okay, have a good day. - Are you French? - Yeah, I'm French. Yeah, yeah. - Yeah. - Have a good day.

I just stopped to put on my jacket because it's cold. Hello, hello, hello. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Stop. - What's up? - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. - Goodbye. - Yeah. - What's up? - What's up? - What's up? (And a few minutes later) - Well... Oh f***. I think that's the end of the journey.

Wow. Oh f***. The bike just broke into two pieces.

- What's the problem? - It's broken. - It's broken? - Yes. - How? - It just broke, just like that. - How are you, man? What happened? - I... My bike is broken. So look at that. It just broke here. It's broken here. - It is broken. - Break. Yeah. - Yeah. So what are these? Do you have a kit? - Oh f***.

No, no, it's broken. We cannot do anything. I need a car to drive me to Nairobi. - A car to Nairobi? - Yes. - It is going to have to be repaired. - Maybe, I'll try to repair it, but I doubt it. Yeah. I think it's completely broken. So... We'll see. Yeah. - But you can consider the metal. The metal of the tube like this one. - Yes. - Yes, this size and this one. - Yes. - You can go to Nairobi to be fit.

- Put it together. Yeah, maybe yeah. - Yeah. - I need to go to Nairobi first, and then I will see if I can fix it. Yeah. - Then you can… Yeah. But it will be okay. No problem.

- Hopefully, yeah. - It will, it will. - Do you know where I can find a car here? - Yeah. - Can I find a car here? - Car? - Taxi. Yeah. - Yeah. (Uber does not work outside of Nairobi) Do you need Uber or...? There are the... - Is there Uber here? - We can get it. There, in...

(There is a gas station 400 meters away) There, in... - In this thing? - Yes. - Can you try to find someone here? - Yes. - So I can keep my things. - Yeah. No problem. - And if you can try to find a car. - Yeah. - Yeah? - We can get it come here. - Yeah. - Yeah, I need a car to come here. Yeah, yeah. And... - Yeah. - Is there a pharmacy there?

- And yeah, then you go get a car here. - Yeah. - We go. We can go. Like I said, I'll go there and see if the car is there. - She'll go there and find a car. - Yeah. - Then, I'll come here. - Yes, yes, yes, yes. - Let him get a car. - Yes, okay. Thank you! - Did it break itself? It just broke like that. Yeah.

I was just riding like this, and suddenly I just fell. I heard a noise before. Like just maybe two or three kilometers before, I heard a noise. And I stopped, I checked my rack because this is bent.

So I checked it. I thought, "It looks okay." So I continued. So I think it was starting to break already. - Yeah. - And then, now it just suddenly broke completely. - But it'll be okay.

- Yeah, hopefully. I'm not sure, but... It's complicated to weld this back, yeah? - Yeah. - I don't know. - Here and here. - Yeah, yeah, it's here. Yeah. We'll see. Maybe, someone can do it. Oh, man, my hand is so painful.

- Your hand. Let me see it. - The what? It's just I have no more skin here. - You can bind it with any of… - Yeah, but I think... - Do you have something to use? - Yes, I have. Yeah. But I need a disinfectant (antiseptic), and I think I don't have it anymore.

- You can fast. - Yeah, maybe. This is a bandage. - You have the bandage. - Yes, but wait, wait. I need a disinfectant (antiseptic) first.

For some reason, I think I don't have any more. - Yeah. (The Red Hat guy comes back) - You can go on that bus. - Yeah, but there are too many people. - There are too many people.

- Yeah, I need a car just for myself. I don't know if I… - Fantastic. - …told you. No, I need a car. I need a car with just me. Yeah. - Oh. - Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I need a taxi. Yeah, it's okay. - A taxi? - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Thank you! Let me go and find a taxi. - Yeah, if you can find it. - A taxi. Yeah, he'll try. - Yeah. Uber. Uber. - Uber. There is Uber? - Yes. - Yes, you can get Uber here. - I can try the...

(No, it's too far from Nairobi for Uber) - So a taxi. - It's a kind of bicycle. Yeah. So you see it just broke here. Actually, I heard a noise a few kilometers away. Yeah, I... Maybe, I already told you, but... Oh f***. I'm lucky I was not going too fast.

And I don't have disinfectant. I was planning on buying a new one in Nairobi. I don't know why I don't have it anymore. I think I threw it away and I forgot to buy a new one. Okay, so the guys are gonna...

They're gonna keep my stuff because I need... They don't find... The other guy didn't find a car. So I need to go because I need to get to a pharmacy. So they're gonna keep my stuff.

And there is an accident there, so there's the police. So maybe the police can help me find a transport. Oh f***. Because we're not far from Nairobi. We're just like 60k away. So I just need a taxi. I just need a car to put everything in. Oh f***.

So I need to find a... And I'm a little bit injured. So I need to find a transport to Nairobi. Can you help me find a transport? - For the bicycle? - I need... Yes, because my bike is big. All my bags are there. - Oh. - And the bike is broken. It suddenly broke. So, if you can help me just find a car. - Yeah, I will... - I can pay for it. It's okay, but I... - Okay, okay. - I need to find a car… - Okay.

- …and all my things are there, so... - Okay, okay. Let us... - Yes. I just need someone to help me find a car. Yeah. - Okay, okay, okay. Okay. - Where is the bike? - My bike is there. Yeah. There is one... There are two people…

- Okay. - …just there. You see the orange. It's there. Yeah, it's there. I just need a car. Yeah. If you can help me find a car. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yes, yes. - No problem. - Where do you come from? - France. - Where do you come from? - France. - Yeah? - From France? - France. Yes. - France. - From France. Yes. - Okay. Let's have a look around. - Okay.

- Okay, thank you! - We'll look for a car. - Yes, just a car. So they can drive me to Nairobi. - To Nairobi. - Yes, and then... - Yeah. - And then, I will be fine. Yeah. - Okay, okay. - Then, I can sort myself. It's okay. - Okay, okay, okay. - But I just need a car because... - Okay, okay. - I need to stay there... - Okay. - ...because all my things... - Yeah. - ...are there, so... - Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay. No problem.

- Nairobi where? - Nairobi where? - Nairobi West. - Nairobi West? - Yes. - Oh, so sorry, so sorry. - It's okay. - It's okay. - It's not your fault. - Yeah, it's not your fault. - I was lucky that I saw you here, so... - Yeah.

- Can I come with my car? - Yeah. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yeah, come with it. - Yeah, yes. - Come with it. - It's just I... And I don't have disinfectant. So I need to... - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - ... go to a pharmacy or something.

- Yeah, yeah. Do you have a disinfectant in your bag? - No, I don't have it. I had before, but I don't know why I removed it. And now I don't have it anymore. - We will look for one. - Yeah, yeah, just...

- Well, look for one. There'll be the area. There is a chemist there. - Okay, so then I can clean myself... - Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. - ...and then go to Nairobi. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- You are going back? - No, I'm not going back. I come from Ethiopia. - Okay. - I was in Moyale this. I was in Nanyuki. Yeah, I came from Moyale, Marsabit, Isiolo, Nanyuki.

And I was going to Nairobi. - To Nairobi. Yeah. - Yes, but now it's broken, so... - But now it's broken. - I need to repair. Yeah. - No worry, no worry. - Okay, so... - Yeah. - It's... Maybe, the bike first. - The bicycle first? - Yes, the bicycle first. - The bicycle first. - Yeah. - Wait. Okay. Wait, wait. Okay, like this. Yeah, okay.

- Lay your bicycle, lay like that. - Let it go there. - Yes. - Very good. - You can get it from here. - So sometimes, you will... - Careful. Yeah. - Sometimes, you look for somewhere to sleep.

- Yes, usually I sleep in a camp or hotel or something like that. So… I have a tent also, but here I don't use it much. Yeah. In Europe, I was using it often. - Okay, okay. - My tent, but... - Okay, okay. Now. Let me check here. - Yeah. - What you're going to do… - Yeah.

- I need to stop in a pharmacy. - Just stop in a pharmacy where you get the spirit, have some, and... - Fast it. - For cleaning. Yeah. - You are so lucky, yeah? - Yeah, I'm lucky I was not going too fast. - Yeah, you are so lucky you were not riding very fast... - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - ...there was no vehicle near you. - And there was no vehicle around.

Yeah, yeah. - You are so lucky. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I think in the end, it was... Yeah, I was quite lucky. Yeah. - Yeah. - Okay, so let's go. - And you're going up to?

- Where are you going? - Nairobi West. You know where I go now, right? - Nairobi West? - Yes. Okay. So it's okay if I make videos at the same time. - Okay, okay. - So you see, all my things are here.

(Constant cleaning needed) - Chemist. - Oh, chemist. Okay. Okay, so we stop to clean my hand. Okay. I need something to clean. Do you have antiseptic? - Hi. - Hi.

Can I buy...? Okay. Thank you! - It's so painful. - It's painful. - That mess. - But can I buy a pot? Do you...?

- Yeah, you can. You can. - Do you have like this or...? - Yeah. - And do you have bandages also? Maybe if you have new ones. What do you think I need to put here? This is what? - This? - This is... - Bandage. It's a bandage. - Yes, bandage. Can I buy this and some cotton also, please? - Yes. - And some bandages also. Yeah. Because I have bandages, but they are old.

What's this? Ah, this is... Oh. But do you have something to protect the wound? Oh, that's strapping. Ah, okay. - Let me see. - Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah. - That's a court plaster. - I need a protection. Yeah.

Oh, yes. But this is big. So I need... Do you have a bigger (bandage)? Because this is very small. You know, here it's big. - This is the normal size. - Yes, but this is too small for this. This is smaller than this. - Small… - So I need bigger. Do you have a bigger one? Otherwise, it's okay. This I can buy later, but I'll just take this. Okay, I'll just take this.

This is cotton? - Yes. - Okay, I take this and this. The rest - later. Somewhere else. - Okay, okay. - Okay? How much? How much is it? - You're taking this one. Strapping. - Okay, I'll take this one.

- 350 ($2.3). 350. - 350? Thank you! Thank you! Bye-bye. Oh f***. Hello. - Hey, what's up? - Yes, I have a booking. - Here? - Yes, here.

I think... Here is... I don't remember the name. - West Park. - West Park Heights. But I have a booking... - Can you come in? Come in, come in. - I can come in? - Okay. - Yeah. - Because I have all my things. - Come in. - I have all my things there. I want to make sure it's here before... - Okay.

- I have a bike and this, but my bike is broken. - Yes. - So what's...? - Which number is it? Which house number? - I don't know what's the number. I have... (I am calling the host) - Yeah, it's West Park Heights.

- It's West Park Heights. Okay, because I have a... Okay, so because I have a bike... My bike is broken. I have some problems. Yeah, it happens. Well, bad luck, but… So it's West Park Heights, right? - Yeah. - Okay. Wait, wait. Okay, I'm... - It's supposed to be.

- Wait, I'm... Okay. Wait. Oh f***. Maybe, if we could be three, it would be easier, but...

(Still carrying the bike) I guess put it in the corner here. Oh f***. - Don't put it there. - Yes. - It has to go upstairs. Let's go. - This has to go upstairs? - Yeah. - I don't know how.

Okay, so that's all the things. There is nothing left in the car, right? - Nothing. Yeah. - Well, that's your number. Okay. - Yeah, yeah. - Okay. - The vehicle is cleaned up. My vehicle is clean.

- The what? - I said there's nothing else... - Okay, okay. I'll just go have a look just in case. - My friend, just write for me here. - I've checked the garage.

- Okay, I'll just check first. Yeah. Sorry, I'll just check the... So somehow, I made it to Nairobi. Yeah, I made it to Nairobi. Look at my apartment.

It's very nice. So my bags are here. You see? Look at this beautiful place. Well-decorated. Nice. I am in Nairobi West. The seat of the bike is here. Big sofa. That's very good for working.

Nice. It's beautiful. This place is beautiful, man. Yeah. Get naked. Clean. Everything is nice. Oh man. And a nice room also. Look at this beautiful room. Oh, that's why people say it's noisy because there is a big road just behind actually.

But... Oh, man. I am lost. I arrived in Nairobi, but my bike is broken.

And my hand is broken as well. Well, not broken but quite damaged. What am I gonna do? I guess... I don't know. Honestly, I don't know. I guess I have two options. Probably, or I try to repair the bike, which seems very unlikely to me. When I see where the break is, it's very close to the hinge where you can fold the bike. I guess if it is repairable, it would be with a very big, big, big welding.

And it would probably make that my bike could not fold anymore because you will need reinforcement inside and outside to make it strong - to make the repair, to make the welding stronger. Otherwise, with just the welding, it's gonna break at the next bump. Yeah, so it needs a very, very strong repair if it's doable, which I doubt. And if it's not doable... Yeah, the other option would be probably to buy another bike and somehow get it shipped here.

But that's another... That's another big thing because if the bike is electric, to get it shipped here would be very complicated. If it's not electric, it may be a little bit easier but... still a very expensive option also and very...

Yeah, if I wanna continue this African journey. I have no idea what I'm gonna do. But yeah, now that's the situation. And I have something to decide, which is good somehow because I like... Well, I can barely move my hand. Which is good because I like to have to decide things.

Somehow, I discovered when I worked at sea that I am a decision-maker somehow. I truly like to make decisions. So, I find this new period exciting actually because I have to make decisions now: continue, change bike, repair the bike, get a new bike, get on another journey. I'll see. I was off. Like, suddenly, I was just riding and the bike broke.

And suddenly, I just found myself sliding on the ground, with the back of the bike still on the axis of the road, the front of the bike sideways, and me laying on the ground and with my hand on the ground to stop myself basically. So that's why my hand is damaged because I stopped myself with my hand on the tarmac. And it was very... It went so fast. It went from riding to suddenly - bam - on the ground. And I just did not get what happened.

But that was the situation. And yeah, I was not filming, of course. So then, I thought the hinge broke. But then, the hinge didn't break. It's the link between the frame and the hinge that broke. I'm still full of adrenaline actually. I still have... I can feel that I'm still nervous. I don't know. I still have something strong inside. But yeah, the guys... It's really, really nice.

I mean, they immediately stopped and they just stayed until we found a solution to help me, they really immediately... Really, really nice people; yeah, they really immediately stopped, and just waited to help me basically, which is really awesome. They just... I have the phone number of the policewoman,

who was very nice also. As soon as I came, you saw they were dealing with the accident, with a car accident, and they were really immediately, "Oh yeah, yeah. We need to help you. We need to help you." So, they really came immediately, and it was good to have the police involved, because then they asked for the number, the phone number of the driver.

And you know, Nairobbery... Nairobbery. Well, the nickname of Nairobi is Nairobbery. So not everyone is nice here. So just to make sure I'm safe in the car, basically they took the phone number, so they knew that... Well, if something bad happens to me, the driver will have to be accountable for it. So, it was an extra safety to have the police involved. Really nice.

They were really immediately trying to help. It was nice to have people helping you, when you are in a bad situation because like... F***, this bike broke, and I was on the side of the highway, with cars passing by super fast. And I was like completely stuck because I have all my stuff...

All my life is here with me. And I couldn't go away to ask for help. So it was good that this other guy could go for me to find a car. And then I could see some cops not far, so I went to see the cops.

Oh f***, I'm still full of adrenaline, man.

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