France The Final Part War Graves, 101st Airbourne st Mare Eglise, Pegasus Bridge

France  The Final Part  War Graves, 101st Airbourne st Mare Eglise, Pegasus Bridge

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came here Rob's now all in his chain up as well on his lovely Bonneville it's both the new I do like this bike yet so yeah you should Lube your chain on the inside not the outside by the way so Rob is now we're all in his chain the correct way apparently you were saying about looping on the inside not the outside wouldn't you Mike yes mate I was loose on the inside not the outside because it migrates from the inside the force makes this stuff lubricant migrate outwards all through all your chain nice one try not to lubricate the tire and yes thank you [Music] foreign [Music] foreign jumped off your landing craft in pretty choppy Seas you're lucky to have survived that I guess and you've hit the beach you've run up the beach and you know just LED down on your belly terrified and you're looking at that that's what you're looking at you've got to hightail it up that Beach and the Machine Gun fire there'd be uh anti-tank traps all the LOL here and Landing Crafter traps spikes and stuff and you'd just be knelt here or lead flat on your stomach praying with bullets flying everywhere tragic absolutely tragic and then what's it all about [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] this time it's uh the Germans uh military cemetery we've come to visit so uh quite a bit different to what we've seen with the American one yeah let's have a look at this that's what I was telling you 18 years old 18. I bet you some of them weren't even 18. to death like I say all the stones are flat so it hasn't got the sort of visual impact I guess that's an awful lot of young Lads here and then most of these Graves or headstones there's two soldiers so you just double all this up [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] thank you [Applause] [Music] for the moment [Music] [Music] [Music] or the next exit brings us off at a place calledis which is uh where this uh this paratrooper was supposed to have landed and he got hooked up on the steeple [Music] [Music] oh yeah I just seen the uh the mock-up of the paratrooper hanging on the um and the church Spire or the tower well here we are at Saint Mary glees where the uh the 101st Airborne Division parachuted in and the uh one of the paratroopers got hung up on the on the church Tower and they watched the battle unfold underneath uh or believe him I should say and then apparently is when you're struggling the movie this knife fell out of its holster and uh landed on the ground close to a German soldier and then the German was about to shoot the paratrooper but then other paratroopers coming down shot the German so he survived apparently unscathed and uh thanks to being known up on the church Tower well there he is up there look that's very uh landed and his knife fell out and hit the roof hit the roof there and then landed down here somewhere so around about here there was a German soldier Dickey back as he saw bullet holes where's the bullet holes I don't think that I don't know it's natural not Natural Stone over here yeah that that is some Force the thing that lead has done that yeah there's several of them yeah apparently the Germans were holed up in these buildings over here there's one there look the little one there don't have to be fired from the air didn't it that one yeah even there look this might be smaller arms fire but I would think that this railings hasn't been painted since that day just like to say quick hello to Simon Steve they watch the channel and I've met them here uh what's this place called ongloo where is it you can't see it now no [Laughter] well we're just coming into player now waiting for the lights to change I can see uh on the horizon the cathedral in the distance lights have changed yeah it's quite a sobering experience actually coming to Normandy I'm almost 61 years of age and to be honest with you I don't know if I can make head no tail of the human race it's an important place is spiritual for me but it is spiritual I love the place I came over here when I was a boy and uh spent a while here and went to school here for a while did you eat yeah yeah yeah yeah attended the school until they until they threw me out yeah so yeah I love it let's take a look at the year then yeah McDonald's something I've noticed about riding around France and walking through Bayer there's no litter on the streets now if it's tidy and there's no sign of any vagrancy that's me that's that's our bar sit in there so this is this is the cathedral Notre Dame and uh Dickey's very emotionally attached to this place for various reasons hopefully we'll get a look inside it's uh definitely does so much for me going to this place something like a few candles for people [Music] [Music] foreign perspective [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you so this is the place where the Bayer tapestry is I've heard a lot about it I think it's a tapestry which dates from 1066 it's about right dick isn't it I think it depicts the the battle doesn't it yeah but it's a complete story from well of how it actually uh all originated the king is it Edward confess we're not sure anyway it's supposed to be a very nice carpet wow we're gonna go and see the real tapestry but unfortunately you can't take photographs of it but what they have allowed us to do later on they're going to show us an imitation tapestry where uh where they were all reproduction we've been photographs last so I got to leave the cameras behind there you go [Music] God bless Lord David of Glencoe hip hip hurray an old Hussein in her we're being addressed by Lord David of glencoes yeah I think I think the world should be here shortly Lawrence smells like sister are you excited to see the royalty oh Lord this is Lord farqua are we about to say goodbye to this lovely manor house and uh we're heading back to the ferry port but on the way we're gonna go and look at Pegasus Bridge well I guess this could be it Pegasus Bridge never been here before Kathy Pegasus Bridge Cafe over there [Music] we're going over it big battle fort here [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you back over the new Pegasus bridge now head into the ferry port [Music] yeah well to France should I say [Music] thank you

2023-07-19 21:14

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