FLOODING in West Kalimantan on a Motorcycle (1000km Journey)

FLOODING in West Kalimantan on a Motorcycle (1000km Journey)

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be aware your route may be  affected by floods.. no [ __ ] Let's go! this is first time I'm ever seeing a flooding like this up close they are sailing through the streets what the .... it's really really deep! In a matter of 2 or 3 minutes.. the road started to flood I actually enjoy driving water I asked if he's poor white guy I wish you good health and success going to Borneo is one of the  best decisions I've ever made what's up guys and welcome back to the channel my  name is Kristian Hansen  and good morning here from Putussibau in Kapuas Hulu it is now six o'clock in the morning and I'm leaving early because over   the next couple of days I will be driving all the  way down to Central Kalimatan where I'm going on a big trip with some very special guests BUT over the last four or five days it has been raining non-stop here in Putussibau basically in all of West Kalimantan   so there's flooded in a lot of areas it has been all over the news so.. I'm not sure what to expect.. I've never driven through a flooded area before so let's see if the KTM 790 Adventure R is up for the challenge yeah let's get on the road! I've actually had a great stay here at Grand  banana hotel in Putussibau it is one of the only..

good and big hotels here in Putussibau it's quite expensive though a bit overpriced but.. you know.. when you have the only best hotel in City the price is going to be a bit higher so I paid 450 000  per night for their cheapest room   no rain yet.. fingers crossed! we'll make it safe and sound let's go oh it feels good to be back on the bike fully locked and loaded damn I'm so excited about this trip it could end up being a fantastic and fun experience it could end up being.. yeah not so fantastic.. only one way to find out! five hours, 36 minutes, 265 kilometers it's gonna be a long day because if the GPS says that, then we all know..

that it's gonna be at least seven and a half hours with stops especially if there's floating it is starting guys..  but this is a great test both for Macan for my own skills and  for our lovely Enduristan bags because if it gets quite deep and I tip over with the bike   then it's gonna be the first time, for me to see  how the Enduristan bags are gonna handle being submerged for maybe 10-15 seconds until I can  get the bike up so.. i'm excited! ah what is this? come on what are they? ooh they're building a bridge here  to avoid something like this a flooding I guess   that's pretty smart but they're too late the flooding has already started oh can I pass this? no problemo so I spoke to my good buddy, Adi from Equatorrad Indonesia a really good friend of mine and he knows everything about traveling Indonesia he has been everywhere and he told me out of the six times he has been in Putussibau there has been a flooding four of the times.. So.. you know guys I just realized that there might be some people watching  this series thinking..

oh I want to do a trip like you Kris But.. but I'm afraid that my bike might break down or I'll have some problems with the bike along the way and I would say don't worry guys because.. one of the things I see the most.. when I drive through small areas like this I will always see a Benkel and if you're a foreigner a Benkel is like a small Workshop so there is always someone  that can help you fix your tires or whatever   change the oil or change the spark plug it is not as primitive as you think when you're out here   Paradise.. in my opinion Paradise for a motorcycle rider Paradise for an adventurer ooh what do we have here? bus broken down? hello guys where do you want to go? Putussibau yes broken oh it's broken? can you fix it? yes we can no problem right? it's the spring all right where are you from? I'm from Denmark from Denmark? nice to meet you Ramai Kris you speak indonesian ya where did you start from this morning? Bukit Biru where is that? close from here or? yes from here not too far how many hours have you been here? oh just 1 hour you're already fluent Indonesian right? so so I'm still learning are you Malay or Iban? Malay Thank you (Malay Language) come on speak in Iban in Iban language? How are you (Iban language) how old are you? I'm 28 sir yes still young oranges thank you thank you Friends? Friends Friends from the road you speak many languages right many Indonesian languages It's still so so what's your religion? there are many.. Christian? Catholic? oh it's not sweet? I'm Christian But I have..

many muslim friends Muslim sir? Muslim Assalammualaikum Waalaikumsalam ah guys good little stop here with my new friends hey guys and now with a sticker on the bus as well all right back on the road guys thank you (Malay language) Peace to you (Arabic) and peace to you take care ya as I continued further south up and down the  many Hills towards Central Kalimantan   everything looked dry and safe but after passing Kelam Hill  once again on my way to Sintang things changed.. guys I have not seen any flooding all day and now, only five kilometres from my stop for the night   I finally see it check this out! luckily I can put my legs up on the crash bar here   I would say it's about half of the wheel deep wow look at the school there completely flooded! Jesus.. wow that's really bad I imagine the kids they will be off school tomorrow   uh but imagine the people living in  the houses like that daaaaamn are you okay Macan? yeah Macan does not like water it doesn't sound like it.. imagine waking up one morning you know and your house is just filled with water everything ruined breaks your heart a little bit oh this could be a problem guys wooow okay they are sailing through the street what the .... I can not go there on motorcycle? it's like this like this? yes wow how many days has it been like this? already 3 days, maybe it will be 1 month maybe 2 weeks or 1 week depending on the rain many houses destroyed right? yes many from the flood you can not find food in there this is the first time I'm ever seeing a  floating like this up close I've seen it in Jakarta of course but..

I have never seen it like this up close to the houses   just people walking in the streets the kids are proper sailing and swimming they're having a blast! hello there is a flooding, but you are still happy right? yes we still are and I just asked a few people that walking past if they lived back there where the waters like this deep and they said yes and I said what about your house is it destroyed? and they were like - yea there's water inside but it seems like they're so used to it considering how terrible it must be to get flooding inside of your house they are taking it rather.. lightly I would say so time to get to the hotel now and check in because tomorrow is going to be another long day let's see if there  will be a lot of floating tomorrow as well   only one way to find out let's find the hotel, get some sleep and I'll see you guys tomorrow that morning in Sintang I had an unusual encounter as a friendly gentleman suddenly sat down at my table doing breakfast  and just started talking ????? dutch people ???? But western people, I am from the West ???? President on a motorcycle John Blinten he was so excited to talk that I couldn't bare telling him that I had no idea what or who he was talking about but we chatted for a good hour and it was so worth it ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls adventure fans from around the world  good morning here from Sintang it's another beautiful morning but.. it's another wet morning! this morning I went out with a drone just to see how bad it is close to the Kapuas River here   and it's quite bad you know people are going through the streets walking in Knee Deep Water   they're even using boats but.. the weird thing for me is I talked to some of the locals and asked them like.. aren't they like really upset and sad that all this is happening?  and everyone I talk to they just seemed.. not fine with it.. but

they told me it's normally you know it happens almost every year   and there's nothing they can do about it and then I asked what in terms of like support? do they get anything from the government or? and they said yeah but only in terms of food they will get maybe some   Indomie, some eggs, some milk   but no money and then I asked if they don't want to get out of this area? and they: - said yeah of course but the problem is when the house is located in an area where people know there is normally flooding they can't sell the house.. so.. I cannot imagine how tough it must be to be in a situation like that  so let's see today we're going towards Sanggau  it should be decent roads today no flooding but it should be worse when I get further down south which I'm gonna start doing tomorrow but I'll take you guys with me on the road let's see how it looks like and ehm yeah.. let's get to it it's gonna be another good day here in Indonesia the road is not good here no problem (Javanese) oh guys and I think I wanted to mention in this episode is..

if you enjoy these episodes if you feel like you're learning something from it if it makes you happy in some sort of way and you want to support the journey then I'll put  a link for my community called Orang Baik feel free to join there's various memberships and do know that it supports the journey it supports for expenses like   gasoline but it also supports giving back we support organisations like UNICEF   supporting the children here in Indonesia I have big plans for this community because one of my biggest goals with this channel is to make as big an impact as we can during our trip so..  yeah guys if you want to be a part of it I would be more  than grateful for your support so yeah I'll make  sure to put a link down below thank you guys okay.. guys we really need some gas now and I really hope they got Pertamax here oh it looks like it unless they're gonna say it's sold out hello guys do you have Pertamax? we have Pertamax oh really? good guys I think I have to download this app  let me know guys in the comments  are you using this app and is it worth it? because I'm always filling up at Pertamina  let me know  because if I could save a lot using that app  that would be pretty smart! oh he is so thirsty! very thirsty you're thirsty right Macan? yes he's thirsty 200.000 right bro? okay don't forget to watch okay? later I will Like okay thank you guys see you thank you mister thank you okay! good stop good day mate don't forget to watch where are you from sir? oh you speak english? little little very good! keep up the spirit you must study english you see, now I want to travel all of Kalimantan and after Kalimantan I go back to Java Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa and so on what does that mean? What does Bacok mean? I'm sorry sir it's F*** oh no.. very naughty you're welcome guys careful on the road yes thank you have a safe trip thank you and don't forget to study english yes sir see you this is always what ends up happening I stopped to get some water  maybe a snack something to eat   and you know I just I just enjoy  you know talking to whoever comes up because there's always someone who's  gonna come up and say the magic words where do you come from sir? what are you doing here sir? where are you from? where you want to go? like that.. always the same but I enjoy it you know especially when it's kids like this   that maybe I can Inspire as well to travel  Inspire them to learn English so yeah guys when you are watching this Thank you so much I'm very happy to meet you all over there okay guys ah guys I have not seen this before! I am telling you in a matter of two or three minutes while I was putting on my rain jacket the roads here started to flood like every 50 meter or so   in like two or three minutes the roads were flooded like that it's crazy when it rains here it pours and it pours crazy fast so now.. I have to wait for the rain to calm down a bit  

because when it's raining like crazy and  you're driving you know..   you cannot even see the holes in the road because they're filled with water so I almost fell over right over here because there's a big hole in the road and I couldn't see it so better I wait and luckily.. I only have around 60 Minutes to I get to Sanggau  where I'll stop for today damn that was crazy As I had once again reached the city of Sanggau  I checked into Hotel Harvey but I did notice something had changed since the last time I was here because these clips were taken only four weeks ago and now.. the flooding had reached Sanggau as well flooding the entire football stadium  the front of the local school and a lot of the houses around in the city   all right.. day 250 on the road since I first started it's crazy! it's almost been a year now the trip is going really good at the moment  I feel like I'm being very productive   working every day Monday to Sunday getting up at 06 and I'm in bed by 10 and I feel like the day passes just like this you know and then I'm just super excited about finally spending Christmas with my family again  I hate spending that by myself it's just a special day you know you should be with your family  soon we'll have been on the road for a year crazy any final thoughts? not really because tomorrow I'll get up super early I have to drive 360 kilometers my longest stretch in a day  so..

yeah damn I have to get to bed good night good morning guys it is another beautiful day here in Sanggau in West Kalimantan let's see how it's going to be like today because they  are promising a bit of rain this afternoon   and I have a long drive it's actually going to be my longest drive ever on Macan 330 kilometers   the GPS is saying six hours so I think I should expect eight my body is tired but I got a long drive today and then a very long drive tomorrow and then I arrive at Central Kalimatan so! thank you see you bro okay let's get on the road guys aaand back on the road at 8:15 just perfect just perfect just perfect our 100 meters and we are going through some flooding time for a morning shower and it doesn't really  matter because my boots they are not dry from yesterday anyway so no problem (Javanese) the morning shower continues I actually enjoy driving in water I don't know if Macan feels the same good morning morning right guys so I've made my turn now we are officially driving South   and closer to Central Kalimantan so right now I'm driving.. or almost about to drive onto the Tayan Kapuas Bridge yeees wow it is beautiful here you can however see here, as well that   the flood is still here wow that area there is completely flooded all right and we are onto the bridge guys I then made a quick stop to shoot a member's Vlog  for my Orang Baik community here I share a bit behind the scene content so if you want to check  it out I'll make sure to put a link on the screen   for my members section today is one of these days where.. I take all my rain clothes, I take it off off I take it on, I take it off look at this! over there sunny skies we pan a little bit to the right we got possibly rain and thunder and guess which way I'm going   that's how it is so now I'm stopping at my favourite Indomaret getting some.. you know I'm really starting to feel.. my body is tired I still got 100 and 50 kilometers left   it's now one o'clock but..

happy to be here back on the road! let's get to it! where am I? this uhm? name of the city? ah? eh? Pale.. try again Palai Bakluan? palai.. baklawa? I have no idea if that made sense thank you one more one more and this is why my stops always takes quite a long time all right guys we are almost there I just saw a turtle laying on the street and I wanted to remove it is it still alive? yes still alive can I see? it's a turtle turtle can i? oh look guys it's a turtle but I think it's pooping yeah oh good oh they saved him  before I had the chance to do so good guys thank you bye bye first time I'm seeing a Kura Kura a turtle here in Kalimantan they picked up that Turtle quite fast and put it in their basket they didn't put it to the side of the road but they wanted to take it..

I'm wondering what they wanted to use the turtle for anyway all right guys nice I have arrived here at Dakota Hotel hey looks like there's flooding here as well   just a little bit though I have no idea.. how this hotel is going to be oh there's a lot of flooding here hopefully my hotel is not flooded weey I'm gonna be deep in water in a bit anyway.. I saw some pictures online of the hotel and it looked.. eeehh..

it looked.. so so.. so..

let's see but the thing is on these parts.. they are not a lot of hotels to choose from actually there was only.. one hello can I go with motorcycle? is it like? like this okay okay thank you okay! guys.. Deep in water let's see how it goes woow this is the first time I've driven in this deep water! oh it's deep oh oh it's really deep it's really really deep! oh [ __ ] it's all the way out to my knees hey we made it! I think I owe the people I just  splashed with water an apology that was fun! let's see how Macan looks Macan is..wet all the way up here and what about the bags?   the bags are good it looks like the front took most of it  I am however drenched from here from here hello Mrs yes from here from? from Denmark from Denmark what? Youtuber from Pontianak? oh you already watched it? yes yesterday thank you how many days has it been like this? 5 days this video from Pontianak my country oh you are from Pontianak? oh I see the power of YouTube be careful Miss Yes (Iban language) naah so they have made a local  transport here for the motorbikes ah it's like a small ferry? yes join us! ah no thank you bro no thanks it's okay no problem check this out from here to there cost 1 million oh 1 million? oh so cheap before he told me he was a poor white man just joking okay guys see you and she pays for this or? she pays how much? 30.000 rupiah

yes 30.000 oh it's a business? over there it's bigger and cost 50.000 oh yea? so it's bigger there? if it's bigger it's more expenssive high like this oh like that? there is flooding like this 3 places thank you Mrs okay guys.. let's find the hotel and.. get some long overdue lunch some dinner   yeah let's do it see you guys oh no I think my hotel is right in the middle of that oh no..

sooo.. let's try and follow the truck yeah and see how that goes okay it looks like they are  knee-deep all the people walking here   hello bro I cannot even see the tarmac so I hope  there's not any major bumps because oooh.. oh it's super difficult to control the bike actually aand.. if only I could pass this truck hello guys okay let's try and pass God damn it it's difficult to control I just passed the hotel there's my hotel Dakota this is not good (spanish) I just passed the hotel my hotel is flooded guys hello hello this could be a problem oh no.. oh I got current guys! it is pulling! that's why it's so difficult to..

hello uh I think that is some kind of school or  something like this wow there's a current look at this look at this! wooa it is running! what do I do here? hello eh I want to stay at Hotel Dakota can not closed! it's closed! I'm on the phone right now with the the hotel and.. there's nowhere else to park and the problem is I have all this gear so I have to try and see if I can park just temporarily in front of the hotel   take off my things and then ehm.. I have to find another place to park Macan hi guys wow look how much water there is here wow is above the crash bar now it's about.. I almost cannot control it oh it's higher here oh this is good it's much higher here thank God hello just here okay? okay it's no problem can you park? yes can yes i think I can park here okay guys we made it oh maybe I can park here yeah I take my things off first then I can park here okay? okay thank you sir well guys I think we found our  flooding experience hey guys okay I'm Kris nice to meet you what's your name sir? ah okay okay yeah he cannot speak oh guys..

rough day! so yeah I got a decent room   yeah let me rephrase that I got a room and yeah it's enough for tonight it's 300 000 for the night   so yeah it's okay it's the only hotel in this area and I'm very excited about tomorrow   because tomorrow I have to do another 300 kilometers to get to Pangkalan Bun where I will be meeting with my special guests but another thing I cannot help to think about is all these people.. living in this area going through the flooding every year and  they cannot sell their houses even though they're taking it so lightly you know when when I talk to them I still think it's super challenging for them   good night good morning guys it is almost six o'clock now and I'm getting ready to get on the road again it looks like it's going to be a wet day and it's been raining since like 4 30 this morning I got up early to start packing the good thing is that the water has drawn back quite a lot even the parking space here was  completely flooded yesterday I am however a bit concerned if it's going to rain like this all day because I have a long day ahead of me   but let's get on the road and let's see how it looks like out there today and we got Thunder.. great.. all right guys let's do it! luckily my GPS just told me be aware your route may be affected by floods no [ __ ] let's go! oh it's deep it's still deep uh there goes my dry boots okay I have no idea how deep it is here come on Macan! come on baby we can do this! come on come on come on wow look at that complete flooded good morning! ah Macan you're doing great! good job buddy!  oh oh! uh that looks weird  I can barely see..

oh it's because the water is pulling crazy right oh it's pulling the bike too! Jesus Christmas! okay I think we're good! morning okay.. what a great way to start the day! can I go bro? can? come on drive faster I'm about to tip over God damn it Drive! (Danish) hello hello I can pass right? (speaking frustrated in Danish) ah the waves is not making this easier for me come on drive (Danish) God damn it.. good morning guys hey boss where you go? yoo I go oyoyo all right oh Jesus Christmas okay we made it! it is such a scary feeling  driving in the high water when suddenly  you're basically what it does is your front  wheel starts to wiggle and The Handlebar as well and you're kind of losing control you know I think we made it let's keep going guys wow get a hold of these Misty Mountain morning views so beautiful one of the things that I really enjoy to do when shooting drone Clips is to later show the locals around the view of their own area from the skies because the local farmer Mr. Trimo who lived here

could then for the first time of his life see his own land and property from above thank you you're welcome sir I wish you good health and success Keep a high spirit guys we are officially driving into Central Kalimantan the 9th province on this chanel so I don't know if you can see in the mirror but..  I've had to put my shoes here on the back because they're so wet and it's really not good for your feet if you drive with the wet feet all day  so right now I'm driving super careful   because I'm only riding with my socks I have to dry my socks, I have to dry my feet, I have to try and dry my boots so yeah I'll just ride really careful and wait for my feet, socks and boots to dry did you hear that the last 100 kilometers from the border to Pangkalan Bun were flat out dangerous on a motorcycle! the roads were filled with unexpected potholes and the rain made it increasingly difficult to see them but luckily I met a kind local who signalled me on the road that I could follow him and  he would then escort me past the holes   and the broken road so he made sure that I made  it safe and sound to Pangkalan Bun okay bro be careful ya? thank you so much and what was your name? Ajun yes Ajun I'm Kris Thank you bro all right guys I've made it here to Kota Manis in Pangkalan Bun it has been a really interesting journey these last few days you know I have seen so many flooded houses   and it has really given me some perspective seeing all this flooding so up close and it is happening because of a mix of between climate change deforestation and you know it's hard to say because deforestation, clearing the forest it's really bad for the environment  but at the same time making room for palm oil plantations and Mining is really good for the economy but it is it's just.. it's so sad to see all this deforestation because Kalimantan is known for its beautiful forest and if they continue like like this is Kalimantan still going to be remembered for that? or just remembered for the place that makes a lot of palm oil? so thank you so much for watching this video guys I hope you enjoyed it! stay tuned for the next one where I will be going to Tanjung Puting National Park  to find a lot of orangutans with my special guest I will see you in the next one aaand until next time bye bye guys

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