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[Music] foreign [Music] everyone today we are here in Phuket the famous island in Thailand it is the biggest island in Thailand and we're staying in a little village called roway so From a Balcony we got some pretty good views of the seafront there is a main road here so it is quite noisy probably some of the noise now and we also have a pool here we never really use the pool though so this place is 136 dollars a night but that's for four people since we're here with my parents and it's a really nice place so I really like the layout and the designs probably one of the nicest places we've stayed has all like art and stuff everywhere really cool that and then also got the the Buddha statues and monks in the paintings so all that looks really nice nice and colorful and then the kitchen's good as well got a big open kitchen area so I've been able to cook here I can't show you the bathroom because my mom's having a shower and this is one of the bedrooms so also just full of Art and colors everywhere and our bedroom is this one huge bed really nice apartment isn't it yeah yeah I like their style and also the view of course yeah look at the wall there loads of paintings and from our room we also get the similar view to the balcony [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] quickly we're not really going to hang around here because we've already been around here so other days gonna add some other places so I already got the boat tours going out so it's about to get extra noisy now that's the noisy kind of boat it has this like big stick going off the back with the propeller super noisy though so this is one of the beaches in rawai there's a few little beaches like this not many people really swim though it's mainly just for the boat tours there's a lot nicer beaches than they say in Phuket so yeah that's probably why nobody really swims here and people go on the boat tours to those islands out there so there's quite a few islands all those that you can see in the background Islands [Music] foreign [Music] so here's some of the beautiful islands that you can visit on the boat course they all look really nice I don't know if we're gonna do one because we've done loads of boat tours already lately around Fifi but there's definitely some great options either way coral island so you can just book that here on the seafront there's loads of these guys all day so it's kind of early right now but they have all these restaurants here right on the seafront so the day that we arrived we ate around here it's a bunch of different restaurants I think it's going all the way down the seafront so later on in the day you'll see this area is very busy especially around like sunset time so it's cool in real way a lot of the places are kind of like this style yeah like with the trees and yeah I think it's still very green I was expecting it to be more like developed or ugly looking it looks nice without any too yeah it is it's a very green place I mean everywhere you look around still green so that's a shame we came down the street the other day and it was like super Lively really cool there was a big Market going on there was all sorts of seafood wasn't there live seafood yeah like super big fish and all sorts of seafood it was very cool to see but now I think it's too early I think we got some here Super Fresh some Crepes check it out you got the horseshoe crabs here horseshoe crabs are cool they've been around for 450 million years older than dinosaurs and they're still here yeah so later on it's basically like that but pretty much everywhere and then on the other side you get bars and restaurants these are all full during the day me [Music] ant [Music] yeah so this is as far as we're gonna go in ruai to this second Little Beach so this part nobody comes at all it's more of just like a local area from what we've seen just loads of little Shacks there's a nice little calm Beach it's like a little fishing Village basically but I think these still do uh boat tours too that's why we decided to stay in real life just because it's more relaxed yeah because we know Phuket is very famous for its nightlife and there are many Resort towns here which are kind of not our Vibe or not for now that we are with your parents so we wanted a place that we're more relaxing and I think we did well in choosing raw eye I mean the beach is not the best one to swim but I mean you have all the restaurants and cafes and everything that we need yeah and it's just laid back so it's nice but there are cool beaches nearby but they're like a 20 minute walk and this area was also a lot cheaper for the kind of accommodation that we're staying in yeah we went in a nice place for Christmas is a nice view yeah with a nice view so I found that one over there and I think in other areas like Patong it was a lot more expensive because I think Patong is the main tourist area here but yeah it's a good place to stay I think and I think your parents like it too yeah they like it they like chilled out places [Music] thank you foreign [Music] so we ended up getting in a taxi we're paying a thousand two hundred but overall but that's because the taxi guy is gonna wait for us and he's going to take us to some beaches and first he's brought us here to the big footer so this is one of the main attractions in Phuket it's pretty awesome we're going to walk up there it's free entry and we also get a incredible Viewpoint here not even sure what beach that is is that Patong Maybe no I don't think so no I need to check on the Google Maps I think roway is over there somewhere really not sure though huge beach though so it's pretty cool you got the statue and an awesome view in one there is a dress code though but mainly only if you're a a woman so they didn't care about me showing my shoulders but Carol had to use our little beach towel thing I don't think you can show your shoulders right you know if you're a woman [Music] thank you foreign [Music] so this is the selfie shot that everybody's taking look at the size of that statue so from what I read it's the third biggest Buddha statue in Thailand so one of the biggest absolutely a massive I think that's probably the biggest water statue we've ever seen yeah I think it is bigger it's the third biggest in Thailand and this is the biggest one on this island got the nice sculptures of elephants see elephants all around Thailand about the sculptures of them you can also see a few too not sure what this is [Music] foreign [Music] classes that you can participate in if you want I haven't seen that at a temple before so the temple is pretty cool it's not just the main statue here there's loads of little areas around with other cool statues some viewpoints gonna buy one I have no space left in my bag yeah no this one is beautiful it's really nice one the designs they're all nice really are you getting that one man selfies get some white tie pants or shorts or something yeah I like this one how much is it how much 350 350. yeah I'm gonna get these kick some ass got some baby ones too foreign [Music] so we've now come to the next stop which is called Freedom Beach so unfortunately the taxi that we got in his car wasn't very good it sounded like something was dangling off the bottom so we dropped those way out we had to walk like 15 minutes up a hill midday yeah so that wasn't very good for for what we paid but we're getting there now I think there's still going to be a trail down to the beach it's the first time we've seen a road like this in Phuket because it's very developed here all the roads are really good the main road that we've been going around almost seems like a highway road like super smooth really good in general the island is very developed we knew we knew that before we came but I think it's even more developed than I thought even so yeah just loads of hotels everywhere big buildings constructing loads of stuff but still very green at the same time so it's still nice [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] Carol this isn't what we were expecting was it no no yeah because of that crazy Trail but it turns out that everybody just comes here on the boats I think the easy way so we thought it was like a secluded beach from what we read online and also because it's real yeah [Applause] so like summer and holiday season so everybody's here yeah everybody's on holiday foreign [Music] taking us away here so you saw that this is supposed to be one of the nicest beaches yeah in Phuket yeah so I was searching like all the lists of best beaches and this one is usually in the first place oh and all the lists yeah yeah pretty much all so I think maybe that's why it's very busy as well because I think everybody searched for the best beaches to go yeah that's probably not the best way to find a secluded beach right but I mean I love it now that we are here I really like it it's beautiful yeah we just didn't really want to put my parents through that trail we thought it would be like a beach with an easier access we should have read more about it it is really nice but we're hoping that we can get out on one of these boats maybe it can take us to one of the beaches nearby that has a road we'll try that later on [Music] thank you [Music] so we come to that restaurant spot at the end of the beach it's pretty cool because if you buy food or drinks you can use the little beds here so I just got this popcorn chicken I think they call it and that was 240. what do we got over here it's bad time bad side with tofu isn't it yeah yeah I think it's the only vegetarian option that they have outside with tofu and I think it was 360. yours smells better than

mine yeah it's a lot of food it's a heavy bowl and it's kind of spicy but yeah I can see the little like red peppers there super tasty these are really good as well the little popcorn chicken balls [Music] thank you [Music] so we're just gonna check out another little beach that's just around this corner around these rocks you could see it on the Drone and it looked pretty cool and I thought we could walk over the Rocks but it looks like there's a little Trail over here going behind the rocks so we'll do that oh is that a coconut yeah where did that come from so this Trail is pretty simple at least this spot really it's beautiful around this area though I can see why it's highly ranked yeah the only problem is that it's full of trash oh yeah trash everywhere here yeah this is pretty bad actually it's just a big dump around here look at all this trash so they have all these bags but I don't know they're like ripped open yeah I'm not sure what they're doing over here certainly ugly though kind of killed the beach that's for sure [Music] foreign [Music] this side of the beach get some really amazing views and up here you got this really cool restaurant we should have eaten here yeah yeah a lot better than well we ate so we're actually on our way out we've come on a different Trail less of a jungle Trail on this part it's got a proper concrete steps so they do have the boat taxis back there but the problem is they're just absolutely ripping you off so they were charging 2 500. which is around 70 dollars just for like a five minute boat ride around the corner to either Patong or karon but that was for a private boat but even if it wasn't private it'd still be 500 per person so 2 000 I think they charge that because they know if somebody doesn't want to do the trail your only option is them so yeah you have to pay so that's why we're doing the trail again we don't want to get ripped off because even in Krabi we'd go from aolang to Riley which is a similar distance and they just charge a hundred per person so way way cheaper but not here [Music] [Music] so we're back in rawai now where we're staying we come some really cool spot that we wanted to check out because they have these bean bags here always relaxing it's been a while since we've been to a place with the bean bags yeah so this place is called so I'm gonna get this grilled pork net 220. I had that the other day and I really liked it what about you guys drinking or eating drinking just a drink what kind of drink I haven't cooked potato cocktail so this is the alcohol menu you can get a glass of wine 200. all the cocktails seem to be 260 overall where's the beers are all sorts of prices 90 80 below 140. that must be for a big bottle some of the imported ones

seem to be around 290. thank you [Music] so that's going to be it for this video but we do have another video coming up here from Phuket because we're going to be here a while longer so we're going to check out some other areas seems pretty nice from what we've seen certainly very different than the region that we just came from in Krabi we were on Riley and PP and those are more like smaller areas and there weren't really any cars there you just walk around so those places had more like Island Vibe I guess well Riley isn't even an island but it feels like you're on an island whereas here is just more developed like I said it almost doesn't feel like you're on an island sometimes because it's so big too just feels like you're on the mainland somewhere but it's still a very nice place so if you like this one just drop a like as usual to support us subscribe to see more follow us on Instagram and Facebook and we'll see in the next one [Music] foreign [Music]

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