First Impressions of Dhaka, Bangladesh

First Impressions of Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Good morning from Dhaka, Bangladesh, everybody. After yesterday's wild ride getting into the country finally had a good night's sleep. And I'm kind of less or less wired. Yesterday's vlog. When I was arriving and meeting my friend Nadir, I was so sleep deprived, I was running off of kind of the chaos and first impressions of Dhaka.

But I'm on top of my hotel right now. Pretty nice area. Like the pool. I'd even see that. Look at that thing.

It's like a rocking. God, I only just notices. I've been up here for like 10 minutes and I was like a rocking chair. We'll have to go and sit on that shortly. But this is Dhaka, everybody.

This is a pretty good view from the top of my hotel. So there's the lake. I think that we were walking around yesterday, I mean, the directly on that bridge. But you can see all this smog and all this fog and pollution.

And that's the reason I couldn't land yesterday morning. If you saw yesterday's video, you would know that I flew from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur to Dhaka, which is a four hour flight, but we ended up aborting the landing when we were here. We then flew to Kolkata, stayed there for 2 hours, flew all the way back to Malaysia, and then one hour when they revealed the plane. And then we flew back to Dhaka, 16 hours on that plane for a four hour flight, which is crazy. But we're finally here and I'm super excited.

It's just it's just like beautifully chaotic, this country. And from what I experienced yesterday in the night time, I know the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be absolutely loving my time here. So much incredible culture. The people are absolutely amazing so far and there's just so much fun, so many fun things to do. Right. That's what I love about kind of these South Asian countries is you can just walk out on the street and it's just a whole new experience.

Nothing that you would ever experience anywhere else. I see a couple trains in the distance. A train just went by on a railroad there. Just look at the coils down there like there's little markets, street stalls. The roads are crazy.

It's traffic everywhere. But we finally made it. And we're here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I know one of my major concerns visiting this country was the visa situation. So I'll quickly lay it out for people that are wanting to visit basically for a select few countries, Australia, including you can get visa on arrival, basically a lot of countries in Europe, I know Korea, US, Canada, those kinds of countries can get visa on arrival. You just need a hotel reservation, an outward ticket and also like a letter from a friend saying that they're going to take care of you basically.

So you have to physically print them out and hand them over to the visa on arrival person. They cost 51 USD and it was actually pretty efficient. To be fair, I only took like 20 or 30 minutes to get and then I was through immigration pretty quickly. So those are the current rules. As of now, they're always changing, but I'm glad that I finally figured that one out and hopefully that is helpful to you guys. But yeah, it is a really nice view.

Look at all the kind of like concrete buildings here. I don't know what it is like old, like warehouses. It seems like there's a lot of like big trucks that are transporting goods and stuff like that. But

it's beautiful out here. Look at the traffic building up down there. It's around lots of time. Has even a clock. 8:45 a.m. It is right now, but traffic is starting to build up. You can see pretty, pretty big bunch of chaos over that way.

And then also the traffic is just piled up on the bottom. But luckily the overpass seems to be pretty decent. Oh, look, there's the eagle or the hawk. I don't know what it is. It's a big bird, though. Look at the wingspan.

Oh, my. Is it? Is he sitting next to it? Is that his little baby bird? He just cuddled it up. He wrapped it up like Luke wraps up a cheese brothel. And hopefully, speaking of cheese parties, we can get a cheese broth while we're here in Bangladesh. Let's walk on over here. I spotted this cool little wobbling love seat.

We can get some views of the other side of the city. All right, let's open area. It's like a it's like a little hammock up at the top. This is actually really peaceful.

This sitting up here drinking. You try looking out for the rest of Bangladesh. But on today's agenda, I got an idea on the go. He's coming over to my hotel shortly and we're going to be exploring old Dhaka. So similar to Delhi. There's an old part of the city where kind of the country or the city actually like started. And then it began circling out.

So that's where all the raw and authentic original kind of Bangladesh things are to do. So I'm excited to be down there. We'll go eat some street food, go meet some incredible people and it will bring you all along for the journey. But for now, just chillin. So it's been about 10 minutes since I filmed that last clip and the traffic has just gotten so much more insane. Look at that. Everybody has just lined up, not moving one bit.

The overpass. Not many people seem to be going that way. But like, look at this. It's just so, so crazy. That's where we were yesterday.

We were we saw the chess people playing down in that area. But that is just like not moving at all. I'm like, this is just it's just absolute chaos. The whole call is going down on the right side because the left side is absolutely chock a block. But Nadir is on the way.

He said it'll be here in about 10 minutes. So we got to get out early so we can beat the traffic. I don't think we've beaten it, though.

I think we're we're in peak hour. So it will be interesting cutting a rickshaw down to old, old Dhaka. It's all part of the journey, so I'm excited. It's fun nonetheless. You get to look out the window and see everything on the street, so we're going to go do that.

So the next step you'll see is our down at the bottom of the hotel meeting. The best of it. All right, guys, I'm outside. Hotel is just over there.

Nadya told me to wait. Oh, he's calling me now. He should be nearby. Haber, turn right and turn right.

Like, up, up. This way. Are you in this one here? Oh, no.

Oh, you're the other one here. All right, so I'll see you soon. All right, guys, We found Nadia so cool. Oh, you're an energetic rickshaw man.

Okay, I can close. Thank you for closing up now. He's so energetic. You got, like, extra excited when he saw you.

Really good about it. Yeah. Shouting to a guy who is just next to him. He's just chatting.

Oh, are you actually using the meter? Did you agree on a price? We didn't know anybody else. All right, so what's the plan? To go to a doctor? Yeah, go to the spa around the ferry station for me. Like the ferry station? Yeah. Oh. Oh, yes. Very nice. Sit down near the wall for me.

This guy with his eggs is the egg, man. He's on an eight foot yellow jello. All right, guys, this is our first time in the day going through in a ritual. You call them. Si, si, cng. Yeah. You say, what is it? Why is it called up? Because it runs on compressed natural gas.

And so the name is stuck, so everyone's ordering something. So it's slightly not usually common, like rickshaws, autos or tuk tuks. It's like CNG. Yeah. Wow. Yeah.

But yeah, this is our first look during the daytime and we're moving out onto the overpasses BEEPING And it's crazy. How long did it take for you to get to me? Like 30 minutes, just before that. And it took a run? Yeah.

He sent me a message. He's like, Oh, we took a wrong turn. And I was like, All right, well, I just had a11 hour. So the trip, But are we here now? So on our way to Honokaa, so be so much fun going down there and exploring all the unique places down by the river.

Maybe hop on a boat cruise or try some delicious local food. I'm really hungry. I haven't eaten today. That's around like 11 a.m.. So we're definitely going to go for a quick bite to eat, try some snacks, maybe get some lassi, get some drinks, and I'll bring you all along for the journey. Nadia told me a good word. I know.

And it's John in college on that John End by end. All right. So we are in all talking now, as I said, we're heading down the river Paul area.

What is it called? Submarkets? Ann Arbor. It's like it's spelled Southern Cross, but it's pronounced farther inland, shot across the drive. So down that is kind of where all the really fun stuff is. But yeah, this is this is definitely all done.

So you got all the kind of like manufacturing areas, people doing all like the steel work and cutting things and all the bicycle rickshaws around so well and truly in the midst of it all. This is it, But it's exciting honking noises, strange people doing strange things. And yeah, it's getting to look into the local. I mean, so I've seen a couple of sugarcane juices.

I've seen plenty of things. Sure. Cleaners and all that kind of stuff. So down here we're going to have an absolutely filled day of activities, and I'm excited to bring you will also be a couple of minutes away from our first destination, which is the Lassie Shop. And we'll bring go along and get a fresh drink to start off the day in all. Let's do it right. We've arrived.

Each of you getting up in chunks. Oh, my advice, That is okay. Oh, is that an okay? He's good.

Is he happy? I couldn't tell if you gets it, but I live a life where a lot of them. I love the cookie. I think it's like, as much as you want to is he's happy with us. I think so. Yeah. You're good on other things. Thank you. Show us.

All right, let's go first. Look at talk to everybody. This is crazy. Oh, stop, stop, stop. Thank you. Very good. Very good.

All right, here we go, man. This is your house. That's a big boy over there. A for La, la la. Big four. Oh, I think like those. The pink.

The pink court is nearby to us. That's not too far from here. Yeah, that's a so good been amongst the action. Just so much crazy stuff going on. So many unique things.

Your gripes hanging over your bananas. Oh, that is already getting recognized. So I'm a little confused, but yeah, this is the stuff that I love.

Just being out, looking around, getting your senses overwhelmed. But I will walk into the Lassie shop now and we'll get a quick little drink. Hello. Oh, brought the cheese for yourself. I go to have sweets and stuff like strawberries.

It's fun out here. Oh, what's this? And it is I like. What is that sweet candy? What do you want to give me, darling? All of us want vanilla. Well, we want to get together. Take a break. Good. Yeah. Oh, no. Maybe we'll come back and you guys, I think, is putting everything. Everything you just want.

If I am, look at the idea in vigilante. Try the lemonade one, eliminate one. Not a lot. You want matches everything. And then when everyone is really good.

Lemonade. Love lemonade. Not the last Labor Party, just lemonade teeth is like every word last year. Lemonade or whatever, because that is the closest team and nobody knows our place ever makes just as good. So they have the best line. Yeah, only one. And we could have less luck. Luck.

You can trace our special neighborhood ice cream in the shower. So it may be the five, sweetie. Yeah. I'm Mr. Kind of cool as a very good friend. Looking for lunch? Yeah, we can visit that together. You can see the late night food.

Hot money is the only place to come in the business. Start from 12 and goes four days. Pop. I feel Team 21 and food.

Is it like this? If that's the case, there is more than enough. Is good luck up. Who says come up? There is a crazy video Me okay, this is Danny's also something called cash Effie's death. Okay.

They're being like, you know, sweet sort of white stuff to the fact that they have this fire coming up for firefighting. Yeah. Have you had fire? I haven't actually even ever tried a I haven't had to eat them. I want to try a lot a lot of a lot of things like this. I don't know, Mr.

Vineyard, after 7 p.m. Wednesday evening, he's out back. People everywhere, food everywhere. Thank you so much for your recommendations. What's your name? Someone? I'm Dave Parkash Prakash. So this is the best one to do.

All right. Last time. Oh, what are these? 43? It's good. Yeah. We'll have to try it all out for my man. Oh, it's so, so busy. We can just get takeaway, right? Yeah, we know we've got a soft drink on the street.

Yeah, but. Oh, yeah, we could definitely have too easy. Well, this is like, you know, all the token, and it's one of these. Sorry, one of these. Maybe we'll just try the best. Eliminate all the I do this.

Let I try to try the lemonade first and then maybe we can come back. But he's cooking it, I'll say. Is he making it right now.

Oh sweet point. I think that's kind of it. So I'm going to go home. So he gets ice. Hopefully that's some fresh ice. Is the ice safe to drink here in Bangladesh? I think it's fine over here. All right. Well, if I'm sick tonight, I'll blame you.

And how much does one go look? Wonderful. Source of 51. 50 for one. Perfect. How? You know. Do it, Do it, do it. Are you getting a lemonade or lots of them? That's okay. Well, I'll have to lie down here.

Thank you. Thank you. Have a go. Go on the street. There in the glass. On glass top to. Yeah. We can't go too far, right? Yeah.

So this is the lucky, right? Yeah. It's kind of got an orange kind of call it to it. Usually it's like frothy and white, right? Usually, Yeah. This is more milk is like a unique, unique recipe.

So let's try it out. No, that's so good. I have. I've tingles. That is delicious.

Wow, That is so good. Bye. Bye. That's exactly how I remember last year to be Think. Oh, it's amazing. Wow. So it's like a love. So against all that, in the end, I get calls, everybody.

All the funny. What? What is this that he's putting in now that the going out to see this is like yogurt basically like yogurt Now mix it with water and like that's where it gets it's going to be one of the other guys What it is, it's so sweet. So this is other this low sugar, you know, tablespoons of sugar. And so I reckon this is the best. Luckily I've had the I'm actually like enjoying this so much. It is so sweet.

You can see the little sugar particles in there. But I've had lassi in places like Pakistan and India and all those places. I think this tops up and I'm one and this is like the most famous one in I think and hockey where I'm not. Yeah, yeah, it's worth it. Karnataka is famous for its food because like, you know, the old food classic along with it. Yeah people are perfect way to start it off.

So I just give it to him. But I think I had already I got this, so. Oh, thank you. So. So we're going to vote? Yeah. How are you? I'm fine. Very good to see you. Oh, thank you so much.

So how's this? Very good. It's my first day. You're going to be my first time. Yeah, first time. First day. It was my first time in one of these.

Oh, really? Yeah. Where are you from? I'm from Dubai. Dubai? You're an Emirati? Yeah. No, no, I. Compulsory military, so I know how to speak English.

Oh, so do you. Are you enjoying it so far? Oh, okay. Okay. It's crazy, huh? Okay. Thank you so much.

Now, guys, we're just walking down to the river pool area, and look at this. A double decker bus. These things go through the streets of Bangladesh, do they? Yeah.

Do they not like the. Surely they hit power line away. They can go in. Yeah. Like stuff I did not expect. Well, there's another one over there. So usually.

Do they have to the busses here, Do they have like specific routes like those big busses. Do they go a certain place or just they can only stick to the main road. Yeah, but we're stuck.

Stuck in the middle. Let's keep going. We'll make our way down to the the river pool area. I think it's a little yellow tennis building with so many busses around people that's on carts getting pushed around complete. Hell, yeah. Pedestrian rule.

Oh, is this the food that you're talking about here? This thing? Who puts footgolf? No, this is like a new that forgot what it's called, but it's like a newer thing. The same concept. It puts you guys more out, think a lot more places, and a lot more convenient That goes into a pushcart. Yeah, and it's the best thing ever. You have to try it at some point today and think about what you're going to be. You've got to be careful on the road that's about to get hit by area.

Yeah, it's just absolute chaos. You're kind of going into a more chill part of town here, but it's still just so much noise. But I can tell there's no way the busses are coming in. Oh yeah, they're taking down the power. But all of all dockers, they come down here, look at these.

So I was explaining it like the beginning of my vlog. Yeah. How like old Dockers kind of where like Docker began, began and then it kind of expanded from there. Yeah. So like, how old would these buildings be? Hundreds of years.

A lot, lot of them will definitely be more than like 100 200 years old. Yeah, a lot of it has been renovated lately, but yeah, they want to make higher buildings, so they're going to be rented out to more people. Yeah, but a lot of the buildings here is very old. That's why the streets are so narrow. Yeah, this one's.

This one's actually not too bad. This one was the main streets going to the port. Yeah, that's why it has to, because some trucks actually come through. Yeah. I mean, you got to be so careful.

You're not fit to be inside. I'll walk behind you. You're behind me. It was up for a sugar cane. I would be so non-medical. This is like. So.

I don't know. I wouldn't. I don't know. Really? Yeah. Yeah.

The water's not very funny. They. They all. There's like. Right. It should just be fresh sugarcane.

How much is one piece. Tonka taka. 120. Okay.

Do you want one Here. Good one, please. Thank good. Thank you for translating. I hear the plan is coming longer at the moment. You were very good.

This guy just rides around with his bicycle, so if business isn't good, he'll just starve around. Or can I get him to. I'm finished. Show me how it's done.

Yeah, I'm going to have to make another one. I think the money. Okay. He's going to show us how it's done. So also, he is using the real Karachi. Okay. Yeah. So would this be bottled water or he just would get it off the street? I bet he got it somewhere. Right?

So those people are like, Wow. So those all the juices come out? Yeah. So you really just use that bucket.

I can understand why you are questionable about it. Then we will see what happens in 12 to 24 hours if I get ill. He goes through for a second round. He's not coming through. You don't want to get your hand stuck in there off.

Yeah. Help like me. Oh, yeah, yeah. Not again, not again. He goes through for a third time. Oh, you can get out enough and have a little juice.

I think it goes through to. To. All right. Yeah. It's so funny. They go through the little sieve just to make sure there's no extra particles.

It runs it out. Things that I was some little. Here we go. But I'm going to go for it. So I saw him.

Very good. Okay. Thank you. So thank you. Yes, Lisa. All right, everybody. So he said 20 takoradi needs $0.20. Listen, I'll have a sip of it. I am.

I had really bad food poisoning in India where I was sick, 48 hours straight. This thing to drink. Let's see what happened to it. Let's try it out. Oh, yeah, That's got food poisoning. It's really sweet.

It's really sweet. Yeah, it's literally sugar. Yeah.

I say this in, like, every hundred. Obviously the same, like sugar cane. Yeah, similar. Kind of like natural, raw kind of taste is hard to explain, but if you have one, you understand what I'm saying? That's so sweet. And that's why it's called sugarcane, obviously. But so much like natural sugar, you get like sort of energized from it. I have like, I'm ready to go.

But yeah, you can see like the from the top and, and I'm like the green bit at the bottom. So nice little snack. I'm a little bit worried about the water after use because it was in Old Delhi about a year ago where I got really sick from some drinks. No sugar cane juice, but something very similar to this, I think we've been able to see something really good, but it doesn't taste bad. Like the water is a little risque, you know, one's a little bit more hui than mine. All right, I have one more sipping, and we'll.

We'll finish it off. Okay? Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. There's no change. No change.

Very good. Thank you. So very good. All right. Fresh sugarcane juice in old duck up. Very good. So here's, like, old bags of onions and stuff like that.

Look how many are in. That's crazy. But we're coming right up to the very area. Hey, who I was the close on. Always got my legs chopped off, but wow, you know the river.

Oh, yeah, Yeah. Wow. It smells very good. I mean, wow. It is just chaos everywhere. So there's, like, a public ferry that people catch.

Yeah, I think these are the big ones that you take to another city. Yeah. So would like one of these ferries go to, like, Chittagong or where do they go or your this. I know they go for sure. It's like another district in the south east of South. Yes.

But I'm sure they go to like everywhere you can go. Yeah. I look at all the water here and hello. Also the yelling is that. Oh they're trying to get them on to the boat. Yeah well they've really big.

Yeah. Those are. You can sleep in them. Really. Yeah. Like there's, I've taken one. It's like overnight 20 years ago. Yeah. There's usually overnight ones. They don't go too fast. Yeah.

Because they started going too fast at one point and then the currents are like the waves would just. Yeah. Like turn boats. Smaller boats.

Yeah. Like the little ones, like the fisherman boats. But there's so many people yelling them. So where do we catch one of the little ones. Yeah.

I caught it. It was over there. I don't know. But you get like basically get on there, go to that side. That's where you get to like a lot of the bus clubs. All right, guys. So we made it down into the poor area. We pay ten taka for a ticket.

Basically, all of these bridges are guarded by our ticket men. But yeah, this is the the poor area. So we got some like flowing water here, but it's so, so black. It's so dark.

It doesn't smell not pleasant. But look at all these ships, these cruise boats that huge those people on here. Salaam alaikum. You're doing good.

You can go up and take a look. You see the ship, man? I think when they put my name as in Australia. Australia? You're from Bangladesh? From Dhaka? Yeah, Dhaka. Very good. Your name Luke? Yeah, That's a very nice to meet you. All right, let's have a quick a quick peek on the ship.

Yeah. So this is the founder of Bangladesh Founding Father. Yeah. Country. And he was assassinated. Was he? Yeah. Wow.

That's crazy. 50 years ago, I think. Well. Oh, my God. We're really just, like, walking on the ship.

This is, like, not weird. I don't really care. I've done this before. Like, come up here and find my crew. Yeah. So people like this are just be packed out, and people would be sleeping here overnight.

Yeah, those look like Matthew thinking. Wow, I think this is like the lower deck and there's, like, cabins upstairs. Wow. Yeah. When it's Eve, they've put, like, three times as many people on these things as they should. Yeah.

And sometimes you just think, like, no way. Like, people are just sweating. Oh, well, yeah. People really just, like, sleeping. So they are they waiting for the bus to depart or that is having a nap? I feel like this is going to leave in the evening, I guess in most mostly, yeah.

That's why you just get on right now. You know, we're not going to stay but at night or like in the evening and that's when it's getting packed. They're more strict about this stuff. Yeah, right. Oh, yes. Wow. One more.

Yeah, That's our. Can we catch one of those boats? Just huddle around it. They seem to be on the other side going like, Oh, yeah. So if we keep walking down to go, Yeah. What's the white foam? I don't know. Wow. Yeah.

Look on the other side, there's just, like, all those people lining up on the bank, like traffic free way of getting around it. Just take a phone call on the other side. Yeah. How how, how would you get across this? Is there a bridge you can bridge? All right, there's one over there. Oh, yeah. But it's. Yeah, it's so far down. Yeah, it's little.

What about what. Go to. This is so fascinating for sure. We go off the top top deck and it it's like I think it's showing us how do these guys work on the boat or I'm guessing. Yeah, I haven't asked, but like they're not acting like it's Yeah. Probably getting them a party and then like you got to go up a little bit and say, meet us down and anything that these people were like, This way Ryan's follow him.

Why should I do it? Yeah. How do you say thank you in charge? I wouldn't know about this, Donovan said. Some people say it, but thank you is very common. Yeah, that's, you know, it's less syllables. It's. It's easier to say. I think it's like a hospital, you know, they're not really.

Yeah. So each one would have their own, like, nurse or doctor on board in case anything goes to. I don't know. Like I would say, it's actually a Oh yeah. Oh, wow. It's like proper. This is.

I can't believe you can just, like, walk on it. Yeah. People are not big on like, giving space. Like, cause even if you weren't causing an issue in like, other countries, people. No way. Does it work.

Oh, no. Hi. Hello. Oh. Oh, what a surprise. Yeah. So at go. What are you guys doing here? We are university student from VERSITY and we are here for all of you're studying on the what are what subjects do you study public. We are from India and more.

Our exam would be political. TV is not very good. So you have exam tomorrow? Yeah, it's a midterm exam. What does it look like? What happened to me? This is really. This is good. And this is kind of that. This is open ended. Nice to meet you.

Do I? Look, I'm doing my head. Thank you. So it's amazing so far. I'm loving it. If it was a visit to the university.

Yeah, it's just over there, right? Yeah. Yeah, I want to. Is there. Is there another. Another for. Yeah.

Oh, yeah. Right here. Yeah, of course. Okay, very good. That's very nice. See you guys. Good luck for your exam tomorrow.

Are you all go? Are you going to pass? Right. Answer. Maybe he will fail. We're going to see with that attitude. Yes, you're going to be positive.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It's you guys, the thing.

All right, let's go up. There's a there's some fancy cameras in there. Yeah. Hello? Hello. My name is very nice to meet you. All right, so this is like the front desk area.

So the story levels to the ground level. It's getting hotter and hotter. Yeah, it's. It's getting. I'm sun coming out.

Yeah. Are those, like, eagles in the sky or hawks? Because I saw them at my hotel. There's so many of us flying around. There's a lot of random, like, weird things you wouldn't expect in a big city. You see them once every place. Yeah, of course, brother.

Thank you. Up, Ibrahim. Ibrahim. Ibrahim by Planet Australia.

You're from. My mother is from Dakar. It's very good. Very beautiful city. I'm going to try and get in here. Yeah, Let's see. Salaam alaikum.

I can go in inside. No, ma'am. He's sleeping. Oh, he's sleeping on the job.

Maybe we'll have a look around from here. I was like, Oh, yeah, I don't know. I don't know. Maybe I'll was up.

Oh, but I. Look, there's like, a whole, like, deck area. Oh, there's the captain. He's sleeping.

Oh, So these are. These are rooms all. Look. Yeah, they have beds.

Yeah, I think this is maybe the cabin. Yeah, the staff. But they will have fancy some cabins down, sir. Events. Wow.

There he goes. Like so. Yeah. I mean, it's something like a few hundred. He knows what is going to happen and she's peeling a finger. But yeah, they just go from side to side.

So was he saying the guy downstairs? Was he saying there's a bridge nearby? Yeah, but it's super fast. It just makes more sense to exactly scoot across on a on a little boat. Go faster.

No traffic. Yeah. Most importantly, I can't. Yeah, it's like the water is literally block he did not want I like it is like if you drop your phone in there just let it be. I can't satisfying about my GoPro though I can't lose the videos I think.

No not here. But maybe I'm closer I'd go for No I wouldn't. I don't think I would would find stuff that's like just feel around town. How can I help you? Yeah. You wouldn't be able to see anything like this is not the main drivers.

Yeah. Like the one that happens to go into, I guess. How Tiger started was because of his point. Yeah. Obviously they bring all the goods in and can get it distributed easily out. Yeah.

Let's, let's get it, Let's, let's get a boat across. Down we go guys. It's like good luck for tomorrow because I think so. Depends what the record song. All right. I'm not singing.

No, you can sing. You want to sing a song? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, the song is your love. Yeah, yeah. Oh, my.

What is the song about? Okay. Is it a love song? Yeah. Oh, really? Don't. Oh, if you go to a breakup song, you should have used to sing to him. And

go, Oh, I'm sorry about that. I just friendzone you. Wow, you guys are incredible. Thank you.

So what does that song mean? That's it? Like, how do you know? Do you not know? You don't know it. I was going to try and get you to start singing. It's going to be good that I love you. But you didn't understand. Oh, wow.

I love, like, a romantic, like, romantic song. Oh, thank you so much. Good luck for tomorrow. I hope you guys all. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank. See you all. We need to go to the other side. How much? Taco. Taco? Yeah, How much, huh? Yeah, on the other side.

Yeah. How do I get down? They like trying to get individual people, right? So they're trying to. They want us to go, right. Oh, so. So we want to go to the other side, right? Yeah. Over 300, figure 200. Oh, no, it's expensive.

Only like a few minutes ago. Look, actually, we do 50, 50, 50. How much you want to take it? 100.

200 to get 100 and looks. It looks as though you're going to take an actual actual visual to look see versus I buy extra. Just I know. Where is your where is your boat. Yes. I need to inspect the vehicle first and then we'll decide if it's worth 200. Okay. I mean. All right, let's go.

Do we do a show already? Come over here. Oh, you're coming up. Oh, what? Oh, we've caused. We've caused chaos because now I'm going to go on the boat. Yeah.

Wants us to. He wants to pick us up on on the. He wants to pick us up on the boat.

Yeah. It's a weird place to get on the boat. I should have let you negotiate this. I didn't really think of it. Oh, yeah? So if you go.

If you go down here, I think. Yeah, Yeah, like, just on the side. I think he wanted us to go. Now. I'm surprised. Yeah. So just here? Yeah. He spoke really good English.

Yeah, he said 200, like. Okay, so I'm glad we're going with him. But look at all these boats in the water. It's like rainbow, all the oil.

It's like a city salamander. Medical in Australia and the whole country. Oh, very good. Is asking what's happening? Oh, can you explain a firework load up in India? What? What's on the other side of this? Yeah, No fireworks.

All right. In with the spirit that I was the guy. I think the look at him is like twisting and twisting and turning. I'm like, Oh, hello, sir. Yeah, just party 20 or save ten or 24.

Yeah, I know. That's I was going to ask how much that 30 something plastic classic tourist price. All right, here we go. Thank you. Oh, my God. It's wobbly. Pretty. Well, I'm going to.

Oh, yeah, I'm sitting there. Here we go. All right, so he's got a bamboo paddle stick that's going to get us across to the other side. It should only take, like, a minute or two. Do you have lifejacket? Lifejacket? Like a safety net. Pick it up with

a bottle. Move it up. What is that like? You don't need a dissenting vote. Yes, I got it. All right. I trusted the captain. Let's go. Off. We are

the costume. Yeah. So like you were saying, I imagine if they're going too fast in those big boats, these boats have no chance. And yeah, the waves would just exactly flip over the boat like a fisherman process stuff. Swimming. Yeah. Could you ask someone how much that hang bottled it said what it doesn't when you get down to the bottom it's at least 1030.

Yeah. All right. Classic tourist trust.

Just to make it clear, I told you did. I wanted to negotiate, so that's why I didn't step in. Get in the actual pricing. I want to say how much it costs for a tourist. You're going to come back.

You're not going to get off that well, like, Well, this is still all right. Yeah, but there's not much like everything good is all over on that side. Okay, well, maybe. All right, let's just go for, like, 20 to 20 minutes, and then we put it on my. And we can just export outside, and then food is catching on. The boat is going to be my first time. Go to that.

I really love it. I don't even know what's been Salaam alaikum. So I'm going to go you. How are you? Good. All right, guys, That was a short but enjoyable ride. Like a couple couple of minutes to get here, But we got to talk for the man.

And how is he going to get in? And do they do they make space for him? Are you like, get on another boat? Really? Yes. Okay. Because also it's kind of like a taxi stand, because if you push it, then you're more likely to get the next customer because this everyone's walking down here that we walk out of here. But yeah, another boat before like, Oh, collision.

Oh, another collision. Oh, he's he, he's going right in this way. And that's that's incredible. Oh, all right.

How do you get it? Oh, another, another one. Look at this. Thank you, sir. Have a great day.

All right, we're on the other side. Oh, all right, here we go. Let's explore this side of double. Oh, look at this. All they're.

They're roasted nuts. Although I'm going to go. So these are like, what kind of nuts all this is on the.

I'm not sure. Those are definitely, like, peanuts, but I'm like a farmer. Does he keep them all fresh? Oh, can you just try them? Because I know you're tasting it. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Could you ask, which have you had these before about this reporter? Yeah, they're kind of like chickpeas on it.

I mean, this is the thing. I think I've had those on before. Peanut And the peanut. Oh, this is like a I didn't say groceries. Yeah, those are really nice. I bet that's the best. Those are the best ones. All right, let's try it.

They're like corn kernels. I left my bag at water for the next work. It finished. Actually, Gram, he was taken to. These are 34 100 grams. Yes, I am.

I'm learning a little bit of a little bit of the language. I'll have extra gram. Oh, so we tried those once. I just grabbed it with his hand because 100 grams. I know.

And I'm always weighing it. Wow. Oh, actually, can I, can I, can I get a combination of two? I'm I think you get like half of that, like 50 grams. You can actually. Maybe. Yeah, please. Bye bye. Sorry to Gram. Didn't even want the other one. He wants

maybe like peanuts. Yeah, I have one. Just one word of it. But a key number. Thank you. Right.

First 15, talking about and then he's getting the peanut to getting a lot more feeling like Thank you, but no change in attention. Like when I let you keep it. All right, let's try your product. So. So you're saying these ones you've had before? I've had both before.

You said they're corn kernels, right? Yeah. I mean, that that was fine with that part. He really they're really crunchy. I just spot them out on both sides, right? Yeah. That's too crunchy. Yeah, I got some in my mouth.

Listen to this. He eat. Probably not the most appealing video you just watch, but he goes down to go with some background music.

Do don't like the taste of the the corn. Yeah right. It's really dry and kind of neat. He never really had to like it or not really nice taste thing popcorn in there are extra value for money that's doesn't. Yeah I really like the taste of it it's like Marieme taste kind of dirty popcorn that never pops. Yeah yeah.

That's literally what it is like popcorn only it is so loud. All the noise for the peanuts, you have to crack them. Okay? Yeah, You just send them like this. Thank you.

Come on. And all. That's when I'm playing. Cricket comes in handy. Get moving on time. Oh, yeah.

These are my favorite. I love these fresh peanuts. And they're still warm from the ones they roasted before the market open. Oh, yeah, a little. They not like shop jump. These are really good. Hey,

what about my book? The only you want your own pain up top Some stuff. You need it. Very good. Oh, again, we're getting small out of this thing that the butt causing havoc out here. You like that one? Oh, you're trying to get in.

All right, So. Oh, my goodness. It is crazy.

I'm going over to where there's more space and I'll enjoy some peanuts, but these are really good. I like these ones, but a nice little snack on, right? Just grab some 30 taco and enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you, sir. Very good. Very good. Oh, my God. Shut on, Jalen.

I almost. I almost got from the deer on over, But I'm trying to get to this pineapple, man. I want to get some pineapple. Hello, sir.

Salaam alaikum. Always. He's about to open it, so we got some fresh pineapples.

Is actually pretty small, but I'll get him to chop it up and we can have a quick bite to eat. This guy's going to come in. I'll have 150 tucked up. Two. Very good.

Yeah. One, one, one. Yeah. You got. You can chop chop.

Yeah. Chopping going about done about. All right, here we go. The queen's off the chopping board on the top gets ripped off and he's got the knife hits the top goes 50 taco. That's good, right? For a pineapple. Come on the whole thing.

It's not bad. Yeah, it's chopping it up like we got to get rid of the more before in the middle. And here we go on the edges.

Come game. The nice waterfront in the background. Hello, brother Malcolm. How do you. I'm good. How are you? What is your name? Tommy. I'm good. I can.

Nice to meet you. And you? Here we go. You know what is the best part about this? He has gloves.

How much? I'm genuinely surprised, but it's good. A little bit of water. I'm on top. It has put it up. I don't think so.

Yeah. Chopping of the pineapple, the concentration. Yeah.

He's very particular. He's doing it very extensively. That's the word. Yeah. All right. So if you want a quick one, you can just get the ones that have already been chopped off if you want to on the go.

Yeah. Sorry. I'm not going to love another. Very good. This guy's cool guy coming on quick from a coming action put for this road. It's been crazy the past few minutes that we've been here before. All kinds of things coming past big bosses from career.

It's now every fiber has a slogan. So let's get back to the main topic. Oh, it smells so fresh.

I love pineapple. And there's such like, a distinct kind of scent that comes from pineapple. Here he gets the the very fresh water. Nobody. So here we go, straight down the middle.

One of the things straight through the reminds me of salt. So it's always got an idea. It's a little. Oh, yeah.

And as the cold gets rid of that and shock is a nice kind of bite size pieces like that, this actually takes a lot longer than I was expecting. He's earning that money. Yeah. Yeah, Literally, I thought it'd be super quick, but he's making it super presentable and extensive. Oh, is he putting it in there for me? All you can do sort of. Oh. Could you ask him what's for sale?

So he says oil like for each other. I don't know if they know the English word spicy. Is this spicy? No, just oily. Okay. He. I think he'll definitely put some salt. Also, he puts in and he's going to, like, shake it off.

I think that, wow, this is like a real operation. I thought it was just going to be. Yeah, I thought it was going to be super quick. There we go. All right. Yeah. Let's all call all salt. Salt.

Salt may salt bad. So we'll stop on this one. Wonder when I look up the English word break, you know, I'm just like, All right, I was shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking.

And then I imagine he's going to get a plastic bag. Oh, a little serving plate lake. I'm going to go.

And they go with some of my regular. Doesn't believe in that. Oh, I don't know. Only a little bit of Bangla mustard oil. Yeah. Yeah. Guy is going out to, like, a different yellow, right? Yeah. Very fair.

Hello. Salaam alaikum. I like it. So do we got both plates? Yes. Wow. Yeah, That's a lot for 5050 Taco I got at the beginning, I was like, Oh, that's a really good price. But now it's, like, incredible. Don't about by.

Oh, we go, we eat round here. Okay. All right, let's just use this man's cart. We'll try it out. I love pineapple. So let's try this here muscle toothpick as a fork. I'm feed.

Mm. That's enough. Wow. Yeah. So you obviously have the pineapple taste, but with all the sauces and stuff that he added, it's very salty. And it. How would you describe this high school? Spicy insult to pineapple.

Yes. I'm trying to come up with a in-depth definition, but that was perfect. It was really good. Yeah. It's just so yummy. I like the constitutional questions about cutting out the pineapple. Looks like he's performing a surgery in the face.

So, like, literally, I trust this man have do my heart operation over any cardiologist. Hey, I'm. He knows how to cut up on apple but it's really delicious to have kind of like a spicy Hey so the first hit really salty. Then you get like the pineapple taste. And then after

you kind of get a hint of the spices that is involved. Yeah. Yeah. The monster. That's what a nice little snack to have just by the by the water. Watching all the boats can pass. And that's really delicious.

Very little. Bye bye. Very delicious for you tonight. Yeah. No change. Do you keep good? You keep. Thank you very much.

The more public I feel like I've never is not a public one to the other side. I mean, we all know what kind of publicity. I want to take a more general time for lunch. Yeah, Let's cut to eating it, ladies. Now that what I'm thinking right? Yeah. Let's go down. And culture. Of course. Yeah, I'm in.

I have my, my, my. And then I'm done here. Oh, nobody knows why you get on a boat, basically. Oh, What? No, guy. Hello. But I live on the summit on the whole crazy out here. We got a pineapple.

We had some nuts, and we're on this side of ducking out, so we're going to try and catch this public boat. It's like a big, um, a way bigger version of those. It's actually enclosed. So,

yeah, it probably just goes to that side. Yeah. Where the other one is. Yeah. Let's hold on and go over there. Well, yeah. Look at the, the sloth is that, is that sewage water. Like where does that actually come from.

That's like wastewater because it's like factories over here. Wow. And is this going into the freshwater stream? My goodness. All right, onto the boat. Hello to all my local lunch, but I would like take it off.

How much does golf tournament actually do? It actually did take 5 to 2 tickets to any one group except for ten or 12. We're done here. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. Oh, good. Let's go on golfing. Do we give it to the ticket, man, or they come right up. Hello? Oh, look at this is like a reality.

Hello, everybody. Let's window seat. Oh. Oh, my God.

We're really close to the water. Like. Like a foot and a half a meter. All right, so starting to fill up a couple more seats left for ten taka, which is $0.10 to get across.

So we pay $2 to the other guy to turn around to hours for them. I don't know. And this? It's just ten, ten taka. So it'll just take us over to that one where the other one is. I think they literally two probably going back and forth, back and forth.

Now whenever they're full they leave. But it's good trying out all the different modes of transport. It's interesting in like cities with a lot of water and rivers, kind of like in Carolina, like backwaters. So like boat, like transport based, everything is like tourism boats, all the river cruises, all the water taxis. It's so cool seeing the different modes of transport in countries that have like the water systems like Dakotas.

But also I just noticed in the background the Pink Palace. What's that one over there? The big pink one. I'll send the museum. It's like, okay, just bundle up from back in the day. Yeah. Wow.

It's no pain. It's like a it should be in Jaipur. The Pink City. Yeah. Yeah.

It's so out of out. And I'm not building. This should be in Jodhpur. So we got the blue Jodhpur building and the the pink Jaipur building. You follow the color code? We are.

We're full and we're ready to go. Is the captain up there? He's in the front yet? Oh, he left. Oh, really? There's someone in the back just navigating and feeling.

All right. Hello by this thing. Yeah, literally, there is like, a much faster we all in the Manhattan boats and it's 20 times less the price, but wow the stench is unbelievable. Look, it's up and it's gorgeous on this side. Yeah, I didn't notice there's much over there, but. But here we are.

We're literally here already. It's so quick, and I just missed it, actually. But the other boat that was on this side has gone to the other side, and they must leave every 5 minutes on time.

And here we go. Yeah, everyone's getting off all right. Too easy. Look at the little seats to just suck it up in the engine room. Think, Oh, I'm here, I'm here. I was being.

I was being too kind. I was letting people in front of me. Is this way The captain? Oh, yeah. You see, the.

Oh, yeah, the. All clear. Let's go. Let's go through. The captain's ship is the steering wheel. The accelerator. All right.

And we're on the other side. 10 to 10 sex toys. Yes. Okay. And we'll do a bit of that.

Check it out for two. Yeah. Thank you.

So easy getting on to the other side of duck. And you take. Oh, what is it? The ocean. What is it? I think this is the mega auction. Auction? What are they auctioning? Ask the first.

Oh, they are giving up on it. All of that is bringing it down. I think it's taking it. Yeah, Well said. Hello in a breath. Enough people, they're going to they're going to remember that they sell it here. But I think now they're just getting it down. But

usually they're like it's a lot of mango and they go like 100 to really? No way. Yes. It's like just absolutely like bags of fruit. I think that's crazy. Don't about both. All right. Jumping up into the bicycle rickshaw for Yeah it's got you have big strong legs to push us.

Yes he does. Go ahead and talk about this. Get some to come up like Oh yeah yeah yeah. And it's like one of the most famous places. Yeah, it's like one of the more famous come out. Yeah.

You can get some proper lunch. We just been having kind of snacks. Yeah. Throughout the day. So some may get some proper fuel into the belly, but he's on the road and out here. All right, So right here we have the public urinal as it is, because it's like a victory lap and knock them a level. They get the coke. So that all leads to the river, though, right? Yeah.

So you were right. They let you go. It just. You don't know what hiding it. Oh, hey. I was slowly making our way through the old docker traffic.

This is still all ducking, right? Yeah, that's how far would we have to be, like, to be considered outside of, like, a kilometer long? Yeah, it's a long kilometer. Yeah. Yeah. On a vehicle? Yeah. Like, it's just crazy.

The left side is always for, like, the smaller vehicles in the right side of the busses. They just take off. Someone comes along on the other Big Ben.

Thank you. But not looking over on the other. Oh, Oh, that is been recognized like five times on this tricycle so far. This crazy. Yeah. Yeah.

That's so nice. But yeah, the traffic here. Yeah. Like I said, you don't want to be in the middle unless you're forcing it. Are you okay with being hit by. Yeah. Well, even in this on the the other roads is pretty bumpy like, like moss is pretty big.

Kind of on the edge of my seat, but I will slowly make it through. But the other thing I'm cautious of is, especially with my camera now, is since the the rickshaws or C the things are like, Hey, stop. Hey, this is like I'm prime real estate for a robbery right now. I'm holding my camera, hold my camera, all my phone.

You don't want to do that. Yesterday, when I was going back home, I was holding on to my phone, really, like, pulled out my headphones for a second. I'm like, now, did you catch one of these? Oh, yeah. It was electrical shock. Oh, really? Just zoom through the street. Wow.

Yeah, it's so cool. It's like all the different modes of transport they have, like, tricycles and big bucket. The chair on top of the boxes wobbling around.

But yeah, this guy's transporting his textiles, he's getting the run off, and then he ahead is here. This young man here. Oh, yeah. You have a pretty long house. Oh, watch out for the. And the next thing I know how they're going to get through.

Yeah, just listen to the audio, you know, to meet the Hello. Yeah. All right. That's very funny. And Dakar, like, my like. No, not very good. Thank you.

Honey is great. Well, if you want to try it. But there was one period of your day now, one baby. Everything on off is different to Mariani.

Yeah, I think it's like another place. Yeah, I wanted to get me, like, I'm often like, it's closer to me. Like, Oh, but as more and more.

And if you want to really enjoy the, like, the entire show of this place, you should come here, like after like 1030, after 4:30 p.m., 10:03 p.m., like I'm you're just going to get this crowded like all look up. I'll go from here and you're looking to get another home.

I was really off the hook. You should go to jail. Card Ho Jo, come out of the club. In the club.

And so that Place sells amazing television. Pretty cheap and pretty amazing because it opened now. I thought, I'm going to open now. Just open. After 5pmi got really it was like I used to see a lot, man. It's amazing.

Yeah, man. Good. And it's each other because I'm negative. Oh, all right. Got a change of plan.

We're not going to get Birdie any, but we're going to try hooked up with foot to put you got puts. Yeah. Yeah. So we put Scott Fusco foot Scott again not not fuck up but it's like one of the most popular meals. It's like funny theory but with potato is basically that what you're saying? It's, it's more than that. It's good. Way better. My favorite thing.

Yeah, my favorite snack environment is like, All right, let's go and try it out, man. So an abundance of chickens is all hung up. It's like the ones that we saw yesterday that I saw this morning as well. I was outside and I see I had like a big thing on his head and like, literally chickens, like, oh, it's like two.

And then I realize I was like, Oh, I wonder, like, why they don't go off, like, fly off, but they're all like, tied up. Yeah, it's like by the legs. So it's just like on top of each other was I wish I had on video.

It was one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen in my life. But always there you can just smell. Oh, great. Good to go. Oh, it's so good right now. Look at these guys.

I. I got. Oh, whatever. Let's go. Look. Something how we have never go. Oh, you know, it's like the butcher. Yeah, it's like goat.

Goat heads over to me. Really? A smell is just so raw. Yeah, like, just the smell of raw meat.

When you describe it as a fresh chicken. He was in there about 30 seconds ago. He's been feathered, so, you know, no one's sure where the puts goes.

They keep saying, Yeah, this way. And I remember coming, like when I was making first video. Yeah, I remember I had to go, like, out of quarantine at one point to find food, but that was a certain time of the day. Maybe it's better not this time or whatever coming from. Are you getting in your car? Yeah. You guys like

with by the field matches field. They came in and pretty much like, Oh yeah, I like the football. Oh, yeah. Oh, there's plenty of little street fans around.

Pretty nice. Yeah. Oh God, it was pretty good. Oh, this is right. This is the most famous thing.

Yeah, that's my favorite thing. Yeah, that's what everyone was saying it like, you have to try to up. It's kind of like funny puree, but better. It's way better. It's a lot more flavor than panic.

Yeah, my opinion is that what's he. Is that it? And I think that's not what he puts guys. Oh he's going to give it to you and I think he's going to like shove it in there. And so, like, how much does it cost? Usually per piece? And then you get like a plate for 50 or like 40, I don't know what it is. I puts put little I'm not going to be sugar 2020 for a food and how many is on a plate giving it 6 to 7 for 2010.

For 35. Let's let's get a plate of seven. Can you do it. Do you customize or it's all like kind of the same. It's kind of the same, but like you put your own Cameron stuff in it so it could I to the guy, but so that's all the Play-Doh, I guess like the word potato. Yeah, that's the mixture.

Yeah. So that's like the same 23, like it's the same powdered coffee, but the inside you get the more potatoes and stuff, it's more filling tough. You are spicy. No, no spices like a one, one spice, little like little, little flavor. One of you want to pass time? Great. Let's go.

Hollywood algorithm, upper body wash that is making sure that I'm not going to be on. There's a burning in there. Two eggs as well. Yeah, it's. Oh, that's like the. Like the potato.

I think it's good. And it's all mixed in like this one thing. So here we go. What are these corn crusts? Yeah, I think that is technically the puts guy I thing, but yeah, I think the whole thing together is how so.

This is like, oh that one. This can a smaller than usual but, but this is also way cheaper. So that may play a part which is like the snowman like something. And then he puts all the ingredients that were two, four, five, six, cracked it open and then he comes to the final one. We're like, Wow, that is terrible.

So you need literally like 23 where they just use their thumbs. Yeah. And then add all the kind of like toppings in there as well, but got people enjoying. So I'm going to come and we'll start it up for us.

Yeah. Oh that's like a that's what you put in. Yeah. Okay. I've

always been pretty great. Yeah. So he's grading. I think he's just like, like Sally in the background, right. Don't abide by don't about.

All right, so like, do you use the spoon or you just basically you take some of the juice and shove it in. That's what makes it so much better juice inside of it. Yeah. Yeah. Because the potatoes, you know, maybe I'll watch what you eat once and I can understand. So you grab it. I want to mess it up too much.

Give them to put in. I'm going to be like I'm really distortionary. Who wants to pay for the things they. No, no, no, no, no, no. You go.

Thank you though. Thank you. So you get the juice. So what I'd like to do is just like, you know, put it in there and then add an arm and use it all at once. Wow. All right, let's try it. Let's see if it lives up on. Oh, let's get the biggest one here.

So what is the juice here? Actually, Cameron. Cameron. Yeah, I can just go in there and then all at once. Yeah. So here in Dhaka, Bangladesh,

I go, Wow, First of all, amazing taste. But it was so spicy. Sorry if you asked a little. The spice. Yeah. What is the local. Oh,

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