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hello everyone here from Kuala Lumpur the capital  of Malaysia and this is going to be our first time   traveling in Malaysia previously we've been  in the other big countries in Southeast Asia   like Thailand Indonesia Philippines yeah and the  other ones but yeah this is going to be like the   final major country that we needed to explore in  Southeast Asia so really excited and we're going   to be here for a month overall and here in Kuala  Lumpur we're staying in a popular area called   bukit bintang's where a lot of the attractions are  and we're staying in a really amazing condo here   it's called Ceylon Suites and it's 36 so it's a  very modern looking place you can see a double bed   and a single bed there got a pretty good sized  TV there's a AC room as well and we're on the   33rd floor so we get really good views of like the  downtown area and I like this too so at the window   there's some cushions here so you can even just  down here with the view don't get that too often   and then we do have a kitchen as well it took me  a few seconds to work out where we would do the   cooking and then I realized that this here swings  open and yeah there it is so there's the oven   so we can do the cooking so yeah even this is  really nice and modern and then this time we   also have a washing machine so we've been able  to do some laundry as well the majority of the   times we just go to a place in the street and  they'll do the laundry for us for a couple of   dollars but we've been able to do it here and  then through this slide door here's the bathroom   also very modern just like the rest of the condo  so for 36 dollars it's probably one of the best   deals we've ever had because it also has a  gym it has a rooftop pool which we'll check   out later on even has like a little Supermarket  below like a mini market so yeah just a really   awesome deal and look how awesome this is so  in front we're basically in like a big Jungle   which you won't expect to see in like a capital  and we arrived there at night so we had no idea   did we no we had no idea as everything was dark  but like it really looks like a very nice city   because it has you have the mix of jungle and  like modern buildings and stuff but yeah let's   explore it today to see how it is this part here  is actually uh Eco Park so maybe that's why this   specific area is so green but even this part  here there isn't an Eco Park still very green   also got an old church there by the looks of it  so even though there's a church this country is   a majority Muslim I think it's like 60 though so  I think next is like Buddhist around 20 then uh   Christians and then Hindus so we're just gonna  walk into the heart of the city now but look at   this like everything is just like a big jungle  around here on our street anyway but even as   you're looking down look there's just like huge  trees everywhere huge trees and huge buildings foreign so not only is it jungle like scenery everywhere  it even sounds like a jungle I don't know if you   can hear you can hear like the birds animals  insects whatever's in there so over here we   got what looks to be like some sort of Temple  Maybe it's in Chinese is that a temple cow I   have no idea yeah I'm not too sure some sort  of Chinese building they got images of Chinese   people over there so now we're no longer on  our street and yeah it's still very green I   mean not as much of a jungle now but still get  loads of these like jungle looking trees around   it seems to be more like a trendy restaurants  and cafes around here and next to the cafe it   also looks like a bit of a local area look  like locals houses up here apartment block foreign into one of the street art Lanes where you're  gonna find closer street art everywhere   I think these guys are eating the stinky  Dorian that we haven't tried yet yes around   here all the street is full of our even  on the floor like a bridge on the water oh wow look at this yeah all the way  all the way down either side right   all right I guess we'll walk around here a bit  like the jungle looking frog and here you got   the Malaysia flag and some Chinese lanterns  so Malaysia is very mixed you have a Chinese   Malaysians you have Indian Malaysians and then  you have the natives which I think they called   malays which were the you know like original  inhabitants of the land and I think also in   Indonesia you have many malays this one looks even  cooler yeah okay it's a big part it's not just one   street I think it's a few little streets here  so from what I read this was an initiative that   they did to make these like abandoned looking  back Alleyways more interesting and tourist   attractions right and yeah they're definitely  succeeded in that it's really really cool so as   Carol said there's loads of different streets  even down here look at this building amazing always seems to be more like  the natural kind of paintings   so it Blends well with the jungle  like scenery of the city and Malaysia chimney right foreign I guess this would have kind  of looked like this right   I wonder why they didn't paint in that  building maybe somebody didn't want it changes the place and it makes it look  like a touristic Place yeah you got the   underwater animals now fishes look at this on  this side it's almost like psychedelic looking so this looks like a pretty  interesting intersection here   deputies are like trams going over the roads I  guess it's a tram right not a train just so on   fast before the big Billboards so I remember when  we came here at night it reminded us a bit of like   Las Vegas didn't it yeah and we went we passed  by a park where there were like many bars and   music and Corners going crazy lots of lights  and stuff I think it was probably around here College foreign other places in Southeast Asia they're  really into their malls aren't they yeah   like in Manila in the Philippines it  was like that and also Bangkok design   Island huge malls too small good  fancy stores yeah malls everywhere so the moles also look super fancy and modern  on the inside oh that was cool yes I think here   in Malaysia we still got to wear the mass  indoors right yes I think so I'm confused   about the the rules but I think we need to at  least everybody is wearing some I think that's   the room yeah I don't see anyone without a  mask here right now oh these guys are yeah   I don't know I mean here even outdoor a lot  of people are still wearing uh masks we don't   I don't think you have to I think the rule says  that you don't have to but a lot of people still   wear it so from what we've seen you'll find  all the really expensive Brands around here   I've already seen like oh my honey Gucci things  like that so we got our SIM card celcom blue   cube that's the company I think you have to just  show your passport right yeah they took a picture   of my details and yeah I think it was 58. bring  it bring it yeah I forgot the currency name but   um it's supposed to be unlimited but  I think the speed is six megabytes six   megabytes per second yeah but that's fine  unlimited yeah should be fine and that's   for a whole month uh yes we're an entire  month 30 days okay seems like a good deal foreign thank you so we're on our way to the famous Petronas Towers  now like deep in the heart of the downtown area so   I guess this is like the main business district  because he loads are like business looking   buildings here I can actually see the reflection  of the Petronas Tower I can't see it on this   side but I can see the reflection in the in the  mirror so yeah that's like Banks and stuff I guess   a British style bus almost so here they are the  gigantic Twin Towers one of the iconic images   of Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur we found a good spot  here in the shade as well on Google Maps it says   that this is the best Viewpoint or something  yeah for photos yeah it is good obviously you   don't want to go too close because it's so big  but yeah you can really see it really well here   so those are the biggest Twin Towers in the world  they were the biggest buildings in the world until   2004 but I think quite a few buildings around the  world have past them now especially the one that   we went to in Dubai which I think is the biggest  the Burj Khalifa but still really impressive   either way yeah and the fact that it's two towers  looks really cool so they are 452 meters high you   can also go to the top I don't think we're gonna  bother going but yeah you can go up there foreign yeah so this is what happens when you  come up close this is why the Viewpoint   over there was better super high what next  feet yeah you got neck pain from looking up   those look pretty amazing though so it's pretty  cool because even in the downtown area it's still   a very green place isn't it yeah even that  building over there it looks cool because   it has the complaints going down yeah look at  that I don't think we've ever seen a building   like that in like a business district plants  growing all over the side yeah so it's really   cool how they've mixed the two things nature  and modern buildings around here so we're going   through the middle now not entirely sure what's  inside I don't know if it's like a shopping mall   look at that though construction started on  this place in uh 1993 so it's not even that new   looks brand new though still can't work out  what's inside this place looks like there's   like a theater maybe I don't know  if that's here inside I'm here to be okay our insurance and tickets  oh look at this like Formula One   so it is another shopping mall pretty fancy  looking one Gucci again I think the other floors   might be like Office Buildings or something  but yeah these are definitely a mall okay thank you so the other side of the towers look a lot nicer  got this little Fountain kill going on here   I think this is why they have the proper  fountain show at night with the lights and   stuff probably look really cool cool spot to  hang out as well that's what everybody's doing foreign so this area here is actually a park it's called  KLCC Park got some more wacky looking jungle trees   look at the roots on these trees yeah from  the Amazon from the Amazon trees once again foreign so we've now come to the Eco Park here which is  right in front of the place that we're staying   it's 40 Ringgit for foreigners and a tent if  you're a local so here we can do some Forest   Trails which should be cool there's also a big  tower I can even camp in here I didn't know that   yeah so just head this way and see what we'll  find so they have these towers there that you   can climb up and there's a canopy walk  at the top like a bridge I think a rope   bridge I don't think I've mentioned yet  but it is extremely hot it's about 34   degrees and uh extremely humid in Malaysia  I think it's always extremely humid here so here we got the best view of our building  we're up there somewhere on that floor look at   that unusual building there as well right next  to us gonna see that from our room the size of   that yeah it's huge yeah that might be some  of the biggest ones they've seen like that   didn't we see uh that in like Mexico yeah like  bigger than me yeah impressive well that's way   way bigger than you so on this trip in Malaysia  we do plan on going to like the proper jungle we   want to go to Borneo at the end and yeah that'll  be like a legit jungle with loads of monkeys and   stuff I think elephants too so it's going to be  really cool but it's still nice what they've done   that you can still have an area like this in  the city and yeah it's pretty crazy to think   that Kuala Lumpur was one Soul like this would  have all been like this everywhere some really   interesting trees and plants though like this  one here I don't think I've ever seen this before   got these like thin branches and then just loads  of big leaves like that and all of them unusual   here we've got a gigantic tree it's like the ones  that we'd see in the Amazon yeah yeah we were   saying that this park reminds of the park that  we visited in manaus which is the capital of the   state of amazonas in Brazil which was also like a  jungle inside the city yeah it was very cool and   over there we saw this type of trees like giant  trees so check out the size of this Tower here   huge tower that is the tallest tower in Southeast  Asia I think it's called Manara Tower 421 meters   high so you can go up that Tower it's actually  in the same Eco Park that we're in right now to   the observation deck it's 49 for foreigners and  uh to the sky deck which I guess is the highest   part it's 99 for foreigners will be cheaper if  you're a low color but we're not going to go   up since we already have some pretty good views  from our hotel which we'll be showing later on thank you okay so we're coming back to the spot that we're  staying at now going to the pool area for the   first time check this out for a pool definitely  the best part of staying here yeah the view yeah   the view is absolutely incredible so that was the  tower that we could see before you can see even   better now and Petronas is over there you can only  see one of the towers we're kind of like side on it's cold I wasn't expecting it to be cold chilly  pool yeah so we didn't go up any of the other   Towers because we already get an amazing view  here but yeah obviously that is way higher than   we are so I guess the view would be quite a bit  better wouldn't it yeah we'll never know yeah   we'll never know maybe in the future we'll all  go up yeah I still have no idea how this place   is 36 dollars a night only definitely one of  the best value places that we've ever stayed thank you thank you so this is the top floor that they  have here they have some cool spots to hang out   I guess you can bring food and eat here it's  a barbecue place oh yeah barbecue place maybe   you can do a barbecue and yeah you got some  more better views from here like 360 views   look at that build in there  really crazy looking building   watch the sunset from here too it's pretty  much sunset time now isn't it so yeah at 7 pm pretty cool even up here is green  literally everywhere in Kuala Lumpur I think   they call it the sky Garden don't they yeah  I think the other Gardens in the building too   in lower levels yeah but it's probably the best  because of the height there's the pool down there foreign so it's night time now and we've come to  the rooftop of the place that we stay in   once again because there's a really cool  restaurant here so we reserve this table   here and we just choosing our meal now so  I think we're both gonna go for the salmon   that's 58 Ringgit but you can get cheaper options  this is like chicken 38 even a pasta carbonara 28   so there are some cheaper options but we're both  craving the salmon and this is how the city looks   at night so maybe even cooler with all the lights  and especially this side because some extra colors   there look at the tower now changes color all  the time so just like all fancy restaurants the   portion isn't very big but yeah it is extra tasty  it has a teriyaki sauce so that's really nice so we're still planning to make one more video  here in Kuala Lumpur really enjoyed exploring   it our first day here so if you like this video  just drop a like to support us subscribe if you   like to see more follow us on Facebook and  Instagram and we'll see you in the next one

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