Finally Arrived at Yemen Border S06 EP.119 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

Finally Arrived at Yemen Border S06 EP.119 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

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Look at that... These coconut trees along the beach side... It feels as if it's not a city... But some remote touristic village. Looks like we are in a tiny village or something...

Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Salalalh Oman. My favorite place in the Middle East. I have been relaxing and enjoying my time here for the last few days. I really fell in love with this place.

So I thought to stay here for another couple of days. And recharge our batteries and revitalize our energy before we move on. Today we'll leave Salalah and leave for Dhalkut. It's an area near Yemen border and a coastal road takes you there. I have heard a lot of good stuff about that area... So I thought to go and explore that area and share it with you all.

It's gonna be a 150-175 km ride. May be a little more than that. I think that will easily take 7 to 8 hours.

There are many scenic points along the way that we'll be visiting. And will share that experience with you all. I'll try to do justice with the beauty of this area. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this a happy and memorable day for us. I hope we can visit all the places that we have planned for today.

And be able to share all of that with you. I'm heading towards the beach right now. There are many coconut trees here. That's why you get fresh coconut along with many other fruits here.

There are banana trees here as well. Probably that's why those guys were selling fresh bananas back there. Dates and other fruits. This area is incredibly beautiful. Right now I'm going to the famous Dahreez beach of Salalah.

Could be another couple of kilometers of ride. I wanted to ride through this area because I really like it. On our way back, we might want to get our hands on some coconuts...

We'd love to try the coconut water or milk. The ones here are really fresh. The beach is now in front of us. It's not a very big city though. But in terms of kilometers it's quite big. A part of the city is probably developed here...

Then there might be an empty patch of 10 km before the next section of the city. That's how things are... But it's a very famous tourist attraction... I've been told by the locals... In peak season, about half a million tourists come here each day.

It's quite a big number. I'm not sure if it's true or not. But there's no harm in believing it if they are saying so. Hence there are many hotels here. This looks like a residential area. Sort of a small village. This is the beach.

Just look at the coconut trees along the beach side... Such a sight is very unique to the Middle East. It's pretty common for places like South East Asia and Sri Lanka and coast in India and Bangladesh. Nevertheless, I haven't seen any area like that in the region. Assalam Alekum. One coconut please. To drink.

Chilled or normal? Normal. You get these coconuts from these trees? Do you speak Hindi or Urdu? Hindi. These coconuts are from these same trees? Yes. What sort of trees are in this area? Coconut, banana, dates... What else? There's papaya as well. Nice.

What's this? There's jujube as well. Okay. Check out our coconut. The coconut was too good. And he charged 200 paisas for that.

That's like half a dollar. That's a pretty good amount for a fresh coconut. What a wonderful place this is. The public beach back there is pretty well maintained.

However, this one is amazing. One can sit anywhere and have a good time. It feels as if you are not in a city... But in a remote touristic village instead.

That's how relaxed this city is. What's this? Looks like some resort or some government building. There are more buildings like this ahead, towards our right side. The one over there has a flag on it. This one is not complete yet.

The flag on top suggests that it may be a government building. One thing that I really liked about Salalah is ... That you can find resorts and hotels and everything ... But besides that, there you'll also find a lot of nature in this city. I mean look at these trees. These were not cut to make room for new buildings.

That's what it looks like... They might have cut down the trees in the first stage of construction. Only the locals who have been here for some time can comment on that. They can share their thoughts on the changes that took place here. Anyways, it's a very beautiful city Masha Allah. Well maintained and well developed.

You'll see hotels of all categories; from 5 star to the one that I'm staying in. There are even some that charge 10 riyals per night. Looks like we are out of Salalah now.

Just saw a signboard saying Salalah West. There may be a few kilometers more. I saw another signboard here.... That told us about the shrine of Prophet Ayub. (AS).

I went there yesterday. It's almost 25 km from the city; back in the mountains. I can share a shot from the shrine as well.

There are many other shrines of different prophets here. Many of these places are not authentic though. I mean the authenticity is not confirmed. This lack of authenticity is the reason I don't include many of these places in my vlogs. It goes something like...'this place is believed to be the shrine...'

And the same shrine is also present in some other countries as well. And one can't confirm it. For instance when I was in Jordan, I saw some shrines there, that are also present in Turkey and Yemen.

And if you show such places in your vlogs, I feel that you are playing a role in spreading fake information. So I simply avoid showing places with unconfirmed stories in my vlogs. We are in a small village.

Going to the beach. The cliffs here are really beautiful. There's also an abandoned ship here. So, these last two kilometers are off road. But it's not too bad. Man... These are not tiny cliffs.

I hope we don't have to go all the way to the top... Otherwise, our off road might just get too tough. We have all our luggage today. I always find it difficult when I have my luggage with me. Because ours is a relatively light weight motorcycle with just too much luggage on it. I think we have to go in that direction, to the top.

Let's go then... after saying the name of Allah. Let's just give it our best try as we already come this far. Looks like we are in someone's farm or a tiny village or something. Can't see anybody here.

It's turning out to be a rather tough off road for us. I'm not too certain if we'll be able to see anything once we reach the top. Normally, people come here on their 4x4... So it's relatively easier for them. It's stones all around us.

Oops Looks like it's gonna be a test of our skills. Many of you wonder why I fall from the motorcycle this often. Do you think roads like this one are a cake walk? This is reminding me of the off road tracks in northern areas of Pakistan. It's a full-on mountain track.

Finally we have reached the cliffs. We can also see the desired, abandoned ship in the distance. Cliffs are undoubtedly amazing and you can also that ... These are some of the highest cliffs that I have ever seen. And I think we might get to see more cliffs in coming days in this part of Middle East. These are almost 120-130 meters in altitude.

You'll hardly see such cliffs anywhere else in this area. Secondly, the route proposed by Google is not the correct one. The ship is almost 2 km away from here. I had to fly my drone from here. Thanks Google for misleading us.

Many thanks to that person who couldn't reach here himself. But he didn't warn me about the difficulty level of this off road. So... don't trust anyone...

Not even Google when it says something about such places in Oman. No doubt this place is awesome. Let's sit here for some time. I parked my motorcycle down there... And walked up to this point for about a 100 meters or so.

After that we'll just grab our motorcycle and get on with our journey. It's not gonna be an easy ride. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... What was the point of coming all the way up here, Abrar?? Check out how steep this is. We'll somehow cover this section anyway.

It's the one where I stopped for a while, that is giving me scares. This is the section. May Allah help us and protect us. Thank God... The first thing I'm gonna do is to block that person on Instagram.

The guy who recommended me to visit this place. Bro, if you weren't able to get here, why did you feel the need to send me here. Had to go from that side. We came here by mistake, instead. Awesome...

Totally worth it. When you get to see such amazing scenes... Where are we now?? Looks like we are traveling through clouds. Soon we are gonna leave the main road. And we'll travel downhill all the way; It's a zigzag descent for 6 km. You can say that we are now at an altitude of 300 to 400 meters.

There are just too many camels here. No matter which road you are traveling on, you always find some camels there. People in this region are quite rich in terms of agriculture and cattle. That's what we have been noticing. This place is totally worth visiting. I don't know what's the beach is gonna look like...

But this track downhill... The greenery and the cliffs... It's wonderful. The pictures of the beach that I saw were nothing but amazing.

We are almost there. Simply amazing. When you reach this turn, you get a good view of everything down there.

I think there are 3 to 4 beaches down there. We have almost reached the ending point. This is as far as this road can go.

It's better to stop and experience this area. There aren't many people around so we can enjoy it more. No need to go any further. These beaches are quite similar to each other. We are now on our way to witness sunset. These are high rising cliffs.

We have been told that these cliffs are also quite stunning. And there's a fine road here to visit these cliffs. This suggests that a lot of tourists visit this area.

Passing by a small village. As soon as you turn from the highway... In fact, it's not just one but more than a few villages here... on both sides. And I'm feeling rather cold here.

There's a lot of temperature variation in this region; especially in winter. Down by the beach, it must be around 25 degrees... In strong sunlight, you might feel hot. But as you go to the mountains, it becomes as low as 15 degrees. At some places, it even goes below 10, in the evening.

You can say it must be 17 or 18 degrees right now with a cold breeze. There are so many camel farms here. You see a camel farm around the corner, wherever you go. So this is the parking of Shatt. Right now, it's just Abrar and Rangeeli (motorcycle) here... Other than that, no one else is here.

Nope... I can see another car here... I almost gave you wrong info. Just another car over there... and that's it.

The cliffs that we visited by the abandoned ship earlier today... I thought they would be among the highest cliffs here. Before that, I had not seen such high cliffs in this whole region. However, I just checked my altimeter...

And found out that we are at an altitude of 890 meters. It's a total vertical drop with sea down there. It's a very beautiful and peaceful place. The sunset here was magical. I did capture some drone shots here.

Hopefully you must have enjoyed them. At the moment, no one else is here and the light is also fading out. As they say, one should be careful about traveling at night in the Middle East.

Especially when the road that we took to come here was all curvy. It's a mountain area nonetheless. Let's see where do we get to stay tonight. I'll have to make this decision according to my plans for the next few days. I'll see if I should stay somewhere in this area or go back to Salalah.

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