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It was reported in the news that it's hell's camp. It's one of the best locations where you can sit back and enjoy the game. These are made for fans if they want to indulge in some sports activities.

Some space is provided here to keep the utensils. There's an electric kettle and they give you two bottles of water everyday. There are a couple of mugs as well. Here you can see the washroom. That's the shower area. You'll also find Star Bucks here.

That's chicken. This is chili fish. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Doha, Qatar.

I have been here for last ten days or so. And I'm enjoying this World Cup. The opening ceremony was yesterday that I showed you in my previous vlog. Hopefully you must have enjoyed that vlog.

Today I'm at a place where there are just fans everywhere. They have made many Fan Zones in Doha. You know when fans are coming from all around the world, it's a little difficult to accommodate all of them in hotels. Therefore, they have arranged cabins at some locations while tents at some others.

They have also arranged accommodations in ships. I'm at a cabin city right now. It can accommodate almost 12 thousand people. And for that they have 6500 rooms. A few days back, I saw a media report about these cabins.

Daily Mail from British media called these... Hell's Camps. Today, I'm gonna show you these Hell's Camps or whatever you may call it. I was staying in hotel but I thought to move over to this location. so that I spend a few days here and share my experience with you all. Right now we are standing by the front gate.

By front gate I mean they have set up a reception by the roadside. As you can see that people have started arriving. The place has been quite lively for the last few days. Fans get themselves registered here as soon as they arrive. After that, they get on this golf cart type thing that you also see on airports.

From here they are taken to their rooms along with their luggage. It's rush hour right here. When I got here, there weren't too many people so it just took me 10 minutes. This is the reception and it consists of 5-6 booths.

Lets now talk about the connectivity of this area. You can see the buses there in the background. You will get on these buses. They will take you to the stadium directly, if the stadium does not have metro connectivity.

And right where the sun is about to set, it's the metro station. Hardly 5-7 minutes walk away. The metro train and buses are absolutely free. Because they are included in your Hayya card. So lets get in now and I'll show you how it looks from the inside. The people who have already been assigned their rooms are ready to leave in the carts.

The supporting staff doesn't let you pick your luggage and do it for you. We are now going to the area behind the reception. Right in front of us, they have installed a big screen for the fans. Just see how cool is the seating arrangement here. They can sit back, relax and enjoy themselves.

They can enjoy the game on big screen. One of the best locations where you can enjoy. It's quite an atmosphere all around you.

All these people are fans. I'm not recording the game as I don't want to be penalized with copy right claim. Let's keep moving.

There are very comfortable sofas to sit. Also there are traditional Arab style portable sofas. They usually take it with themselves when they go to desert for instance. Right towards the end of the Fan Zone, you can see two large tents. That's where they serve dinner, lunch and breakfast.

You have to include it in your booking. Makes the whole thing a little expensive. Here, we are gonna have our dinner tonight and I'll show it to you. I want to show you at least one meal so that you can get an idea about the food quality. Let's go and explore other areas. Assalam Alekum Wa Alekum Salam How are you, guys? These are sort of huge mess places.

I can't say anything about them as I haven't seen them from inside so far. I have not been eating from here. They have also made a separate area for sporting activities.

These are meant to keep fans indulged in sports. There's a volleyball court. There is a small football field as well. Furthermore, there is a small gym too.

A lot of thought has been put into making these things. I can see some fans out there busy in some activity. These small fields are for fans to play.

5 players a side! Quite enough I guess. This is artificial grass. I think it's alright.

Right now you are seeing the gym. This is the first time I'm coming here. Can't say much about the condition of this gym. No one else is here at the moment.

Apparently they have arranged gym machines to train every muscle of the body. It's up to you if you want to try these machines. It seems that the fans are not here for gym but for other activities such as drinking beer. So we'll see the fans on the other side. Not just there but there's another Fan Zone about 200-300 meters away.

There could be more but I have seen just these two. This one is just 10 minutes walk way from the previous one. You'll also find some food trucks here, like this one.

You can get sandwiches and juices from here... and more. I'll share more details in some time. Some food trucks are still being set up while some others are already in place.

More food trucks are approaching as the number of fans is increasing. We are now taking a slightly different route from the one we took to get here. So that I can share with you if I see something new. Right now I'm passing through the containers where the accommodation has been arranged.

As I told you, there are almost 6500 containers here. You can see that the containers have their own numbers. E5 means this whole row is E5.

Room numbers are also mentioned. Each room is different from the other but let me show you my room. We are in my cabin now. There's a fridge by the entrance.

Some space in the cabinet is there to keep utensils. An electric kettle for tea. They give two water bottles everyday. Also there are a couple of mugs.

This is the washroom. Shower area. That's WC.

Now you tell me if it appears to be a rather congested space. Even if you are staying at a hotel, this is the size of the washroom that you usually get. And it's very clean. It's my third day here. I haven't faced any issue such as water leakage or any other problem. There's one thing though... sometimes there's no hot water available.

If we move to this side of the cabin, there's a table here on which you can see my laptop. There are two beds. You have both options. You can opt for a king size bed or two single beds.

I didn't pay attention before so I got this one. But this is comfortable so no issues there. I slept on the right one and the left one was empty.

This cabin is actually for two persons. Here's the power socket for charging your devices and there are two lamps. There's some space down there by the beds. You can keep your stuff in these drawers. There's a USB C-Type port as well.

In case you don't have this adapter, you can just plug in the USB cable. These are windows that can be closed if you want. I opened them so that we can have more light while filming the video. I have put most of my stuff in this cupboard.

This is the AC that works great. I prefer 22 - 23 degrees so I've set the AC for that temperature. There's a small issue that there's some water by the AC. I haven't used such an AC before so I don't have any idea about this leakage. But it's too little to cause any problem. There's a fan up there.

I tried to turn it on but it didn't work. Behind that is the main electricity control and we don't need to go there. This AC pipe is attached to the wall and I don't know if it's air inlet or water outlet.

I'm not sure about these things so can't say much. That's our room. In my opinion, it's neither too small nor too luxurious. For a FIFA mega event like this where hundreds of thousands even millions of fans will be there, it's quite good enough. For this room, I paid 207 dollars.

I'm living alone but this room is for 2 people so you can divide the rent by 2. Before the FIFA World Cup, I was living in a luxurious room for 100 dollars. But now, the same type of rooms are available for 1500 dollars and more. Considering that, it's a very reasonable choice to live.

Lets go out now and see some other things that I observed. You can see that the floor is carpeted with artificial grass. Looks nice. Some members of the cleaning staff are here for cleaning. You need to tell them about your stay so that they can clean the room. Thank you very much guys. Where are you from?

India or Pakistan? India. Okay. Where are you from? I'm from Pakistan. From Lahore in Pakistan. Lahore is the best place in Pakistan. You are most welcome to visit.

Thank you . Just see how great their attitude is. The staff has been well groomed and trained to interact with the guests. As soon as we cross this section, we'll reach the main boulevard. Main boulevard of this cabin village. Here you'll see two different types of grass. One is yellow and the other is green. But the real atmosphere is by the sides.

That's where there are food trucks. They are serving burgers and sandwiches here. Let's go over there. I already ate there once and their food was great. Let me show you their food and their prices.

Assalam Alekum. How are you? Wa Alekum Salam. Everything's good. This is the dinner. You'll get three items in dinner; sandwich, salad and dessert. That costs about 60 riyals or 15 dollars.

The lunch costs 70 dollars. It includes coffee, cake and other items in the picture. Here's continental breakfast for 49 riyals.

That includes 5 or 6 items. That's another type of breakfast. Thank you very much. You are from Kenya. Yes. Thank you so much.

Welcome There are few more food trucks after this cafe. There's one over here selling shwarma. There are a couple more over there which are closed right now. They could open in the evening or may be tomorrow. I saw them yesterday when I got karak tea from them. This is the shwarma place.

The price range is around 30 - 40 riyals. Here you can get pizza. Following that is the coffee place. You can get almost any type of cuisine here. You don't need to go outside for that.

Another shwarma place. Royal Mahfil Mataam... Could be an Indian guy.

Assalam Alekum. Is this Indian restaurant? Yes. Here you can get Indian food. The prices here are quite similar; 30 - 40 riyals.

This shwarma guy is a little different. His food truck appears to be a bit luxurious and somewhat better than the others. There are 5-6 food trucks on this side as well. This area is right next to the Fan Zone.

Get your snack, go back to the zone and enjoy it. They have their own seating arrangement though. People can also sit here and eat if they like. But whenever there's a goal, everyone rushes towards the screen to watch it. It's England's goal. Let's resume with our tour.

You can get a burger here for 30 riyals or about 8 dollars. Here's Arabic coffee and similar items. This area is a little crowded. Star Bucks is here as well. I don't know the coffee they are selling here but at least they are here. Lets check their rates.

What I drink mostly is ... Where's cappuccino? Caffe Latte... Almost their normal price... About 4 dollars. These prices are quite similar to the normal prices in this region.

So that was our short tour. Since I promised that we'll go and check out the food in their mess... And check what sort of foods are available there.

It's not dinner time yet. Let's just sit here for some time and enjoy the game. We'll have the dinner afterwards. I'll share that with you.

This location is right in front of the airport. The name of the nearest metro station is Free Zone. It's just around the corner and people are now going there to get to the stadium. Time for some rest and we will resume after dinner.

Let's go eat our food. But before that, I want to show you the bag that we got in the opening ceremony. I'm getting many messages about the items in the bag that I forgot to share with you. I have it right here with me. This is the bag that contains all the items. It had this T-shirt.

They clearly didn't know that my size is S but this shirt is M. This small pouch contained this perfume. This is called bakhoor and this is Arabic incense.

Looks like it. This is a shawl. I think it's a World Cup shawl. This is the official mascot. This is some sort of an armband.

This was also in there... Let's open it and see what's inside. Well... This is the World Cup logo. There's something else inside.

I think this is the base of the logo as it can be balanced on it. So these are the souvenirs that were in the bag. I want to share something else with you before we proceed for dinner. There's a super market here about which I didn't know before. I got there by chance while I was randomly walking around.

You can say that you will find almost everything that you need in that market. Even drinks and fast food items. Biscuits, chocolates and fresh fruits...

Dairy products. If you feel like cooking something, you can get it from here. It's just at the back side of the road with food trucks.

A 2-3 minute walk from the Fan Zone. There is also a mosque here. The prices in the super market are slightly on the higher side. But I haven't visited any super markets in Doha so I can't say much about the prices in general. I'm comparing it with German super markets and it is slightly more expensive.

But these high prices could be normal here as almost everything here is imported. Let's go and have our dinner. This is the dining area. Let's check it out. How much is for the dinner? The dinner is for 120 riyals. 120 riyals. OK.

Credit card? Yes. Let me show you the items available here. Hello Sir.

What do we have here? This is the pasta section. We have a collection of pasta. Couple of sauces here. We'll try these sauces. And you cook it here in front of people? Anything you like to have from here. Thank you very much.

Let's move over to the next section. There's a lot that I want to show you. There are some fruits here. O this is empty. Here are some cakes.

What's this here? Beef That's chicken. This is chili fish. Is there something for Indian Pakistani taste buds? This one. These are vegetables? Yeah. I don't know all these names but I'll keep on reading from the label. Mashed potatoes.

Basmati rice. Yogurt. And there's a salad bar. These are burgers... placed under bright light. The light is making the burgers look weird.

What's here? Chicken Soup. This section is for coffee and tea. Let's grab something to eat and sit somewhere. I've gotten the first course of my dinner.

Since it's a buffet, we'll definitely go a few more times. After all, we paid almost 32 dollars. I wasn't too hungry but I wanted to show you this atmosphere. I mostly prefer to eat from the food truck outside. There I can get a meal for 10 dollars or 30-40 riyals.

That's more than enough for me. But it's good that I was able to show you this and I think I can try and eat more tonight. Personally, I have a great opinion about this place. The room is for 207 dollars. And if you don't eat from this dining hall, I think two people can have an economical time. I'm saying this because prices are high everywhere because of the World Cup.

It's not just Qatar but everywhere in the world, prices get high during such events. That's all from today. At this point, it is important to tell you that Qatar government is not sponsoring me. Whatever I'm saying is my personal opinion. I feel that the food is a little more expensive.

But Qataris can comment better on these prices. Let's eat our food. Remember me in your prayers. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Allah Hafiz

2022-11-29 11:36

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