Exploring Khajuraho l Part-1 Raneh Waterfall Khajuraho Tourist places l Complete Tour Guide l

Exploring Khajuraho l Part-1 Raneh Waterfall Khajuraho Tourist places l Complete Tour Guide l

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This is Khajuraho Railway Station. Now we have to go inside 7 kilometers from Khajuraho Railway Station. The town which is Khajuraho Town is 7th kilometer from here. Today we will make you explore Khajuraho and its surrounding area. This tour of Khajuraho will last for two days, so my friend. Stay with me and keep roaming with me.

If you have not subscribed my channel yet, then please subscribe. Friends, see this is the airport. Now when you go from Jain station to Khajura station, towards Khajura city, you will find this airport on the right hand side, just 1 kilometer ahead. We should come to the airport, here I have taken a room and I want to show you a little bit of Rome inside, it is made of marble stone, see this , masters and computers , let's start with breakfast, here is my brother, today this is Dinesh, he Very well made photo, so friend, our journey is starting where I have been and I am the owner of Cherry Hamster, what is your name, tell me a little bit, then this Rinku Raja is going with us, see this bike with us. I will stay in this bike,

we will travel the whole day today and will go to Khajuraho. You tell me , after going inside Jaan, we will go to the house of Gharial Gharial here, Yaar So Waterfall, Cane Carts, Century 10 and after that, there is a program of Kutni Island Jaan, then let's see how. It is time saving and the rest is up to the photographs. How much time do you take? Okay ji, what is the name of the village of this place? This place should be called Dulhadev Colony. This is Dulha Dekho Colony and they have a homestay here. I will introduce you to this place. They have already shown you a nice room. Let's take a tour first and show you what you can see here.

After coming, today's weather is very beautiful. Look, there are clouds in the sky but it is not raining. There is no sunshine at all. And cool breeze is also blowing, so the weather is definitely worth visiting. There is a lot of work going on inside here right now, I don't know anything about it but it will start in 15-20 days. Come, which building is this on the left side? If there is a convention center, then friend this is Khajuraho, we are already in Khajuraho in 5 minutes because we have crossed the Khajuraho area which is a very small area and at this time we are in love with Rajnagar and Rajnagar is 5 kilometers from here. What is there in Rajnagar? There is something special there, I want to give information, the petrol rate here is ₹ 10 ₹ 50, this route goes to Elko, yes, please tell me for information, this place is a very big riot. This

is the date of birth here. What is this farming that I am seeing on the left side? Brother, what is this farming of peanuts? All this is sown only in July. It is mobile almost from 15th July.

Our Dargah is only after Navami. It is taken out and look, it is from the cell, these white flowers are visible in it, the whole field is visible, now as I am going to the waterfall, to reach the waterfall, it seems as if no one is seeing the means here, if you want to go there, then how can you go there? You can also go by auto rickshaw, you can also go by motor bike and if there is a big group then there is also a bus. How much money would be wasted in Khajuraho itself, the entrance fee, which is different for each country, relief and also the price of life. There are also different relief like for Gypsy it takes ₹ 2000, some take ₹ 800 for it and others like if it is a motor bike then it is available on rent, then ₹ 56700 is given as per the scooter, it is called Ray Mountain in this . You see, these are teeth as if they are cut in between, that is why it

is named 10000 mountain which is emerging from the side of the temple. Is this ticket available? It is from here. You will get the ticket from here. The ticket charge is Rs. Tell us the different rates. The cycle is 8 kilometers ahead. See the guide fee here. 125.

If you want, you can get a guide from here on official basis. You can take a car, but give us two points. See this nature trial and also the crocodile here. These two points are still in the band, it is telling that there is too much water here, we can go, we cannot visit the other two points, there is Irani Cottage, there is also a cottage here, there is relief in it, here you get a ticket which is 3 Kilometer further from where we got the ticket, after coming from there we will have to check the ticket here, you will get anti, further from this gate you can go further, see that, the sound of waterfall is also coming. So here they were to stay for the night and the animals were there for the night, so see friend, this is the parking area of ​​the waterfall and I have a waterfall just on the left side, we will reach there now, yes brother, I want to ask you for a minute, see as you are seeing. It must be that we have reached the residence and here you are seeing that Maruti One is also parked in this parking, only Dezire is also parked, auto is also parked, motor bike is also parked and all these means are available from Khajuraho till here. There is a bus available to reach here, Gypsy has also come and now you can take any motorbike or even on rent, so there is no problem and see the view here , we will show it to you through the camera now, the view is a very nice view. Whoever comes here as a guest, they

say that brother, this is a very beautiful and worth seeing place and this river Renwal starts from Jabalpur, its length is 250 km, which starts from Jabalpur and comes here. Which is a small village in Jabalpur, Kar village of Jabalpur, this river starts from there and it goes to Chilla Ghat and joins Jamuna ji. There is a mill in Jamuna ji, the length of which is only 250 km, something and here now We will see that the canyon here is Bal Kenya, lava must have come out here sometime due to this, stones of many colors are found here, the stones are available in quality, we will show you further. Thank you,

these ladies are beautiful brother, usual brother, ₹ 100, we have taken the ticket. This road butt is worth the money and how can you also be enjoying this video of mine? By watching this video from home, you will get 100% comments from your side because I am showing you such a beautiful sight and in India that too is fine outside. If there is short hair in the country then you will see it but this is what we are seeing in India. Such a scene will

not be found in the area around my house. You are enjoying it. It is going well as we have already told you, two points here, band. It had rained a lot recently, its

Karan is 2.1 but now you are seeing the running waterfall, if you come to this point then you will forget the sorrow of not seeing the remaining two points. The view here is so wonderful, I don't have any language for this. This is a beautiful area, I think you will not find any other place like this in India, I thought, so coming to Khajuraho and visiting this place , I am feeling proud, this is a very nice place, you must visit this place, I said . Brother, please take me as a guide, but I had agreed to it, I did not want to pay 125 rupees, but I got it here from brother, what is your name brother? Yes, Durgesh ji, thank you very much, tell me. If you give information here, sir, the name of the place you are seeing

is Rinku. This is the call of rainy season. If you see it in winter, then it is called Indian Grand Canyon and now you are seeing this river of India. The name of this river has changed. Its Hindi name is Karnavati. Its origin is from Bindiya Mountain in Katni district MP and after going about 200 kilometers from here, it will join the Yamuna River and the hands that are looking at the rock formation in it. It is an igneous rock and the magma of the volcano is formed. As you are seeing here in front, there is water in India. This is the creator of the volcano and around 100 meters here

also there is water in India, so what you are seeing in front is black colored disease. This is Dolomite stone which is iron and the pink stone above it is granite which is found in our house, this green colored stone here in the kitchen is complete salt and the dark red stone next to it that we are seeing is jasper and As you are looking behind you, there is a quarter stone of ground color which is called Ghadi I Quotes. These are all one nick. Let's go and when you come in winter, this water will dry up, then you will see a very long five kilometers. This very clear water is a relief, its water becomes blue because it is the cleanest river of Madhya Pradesh. All these stones go into this river. These big stones have become smaller by the minute. There is

no similarity with anyone. This is your queen. There is this restaurant in the vicinity of the waterfall or if you want breakfast etc. then you can also have parotta, you want Maggi, whatever you want, water, if you want, you will get it here, there is a museum just next to it, the museum is also not there, let's go and see as of now. It is reported that there is also a museum there, after this the museum will start working, now there is no light here, see, nothing is special but now it is different.

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