Experience Kandy in a day | Things to do in Kandy | Sri Lanka | Beautiful City

Experience Kandy in a day  | Things to do in Kandy | Sri Lanka | Beautiful City

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The reason why i was saying it looks like Hyde park is because just look at it so this is the empty area without leave looks like Tea leaves are kept on top to dry out in oven Assalam o Alaikum everyone, hope you all are doing good Im Muhammed Qasim and welcome back to the channel its a very beautiful city as you can we left Khareef rain back home but rain has come along with us from Salalah we reached yesterday from Colombo so we have already started our day in Kandy we had our light breakfast the driver who gave pick and drop service from stadium we have hired him to cover today's day travel we will visit many places today out of that famous one is tooth relic temple its raining quite heavily we have come so far so we will still roam around somehow and will show you as well and experience it as well we have reached our first site , so lets visit we are here at big Buddha statue and temple here we will deposit our shoes and then will go inside its raining heavily how much is the ticket? 300 LKR each This is Sri Maha Bodhi Maha Viharaya its a Theravada Buddhist temple in Kandy its hardly 2km from main city center its such a beautiful location and when you reach here you get to see a beautiful view of Kandy city from top this temple is also famous for the giant Buddha statue its can be seen from many area of Kandy It stands at approx. 27m high and is one of the tallest Buddha statues in Sri Lanka if you like hiking this place is not far from city center, hardly 2km away and you can easily hike to reach this place easily its construction completed in 1992, and inaugurated in 1993 so now we have reached Royal Botanical Garden Ali : come along towards entrance , we are foreigner here at least well that's true and good to hear that we are foreigner here so Ali, issue is that although the lines is less for foreigners but ticket will be expensive for them locals might pay 100 rupees but we need to pay 1000 rupees so this is the ticket counter this is for locals and this is for foreigners so we got our tickets so lets move ahead our umbrella is out back again we are at the entrance, checked our tickets looks like a local group on visit here looks like school group so this botanic garden history goes back around 1821 when it was inaugurated in British rule but if we talk about this area then this area was in use of royal Sinhalese family check this out , looks like the roots of the tree came out it has too many big vast lawns it gives you a feel when you come first time that ... in my view that it gives you an impression of Hyde park in London if for instant you forget that you are in Sri Lanka then it gives you feel of Hyde park and you are walking there i think because it was built in British era so it gives a similar feel as well look at this , there are different species and of plants and they have given name to them and they are guarded as well properly so this garden has another special thing that or you can say of this area is... ....Mahaweli river which is the longest running of Sri Lanka its built around that you can see the river running along the garden so the reason why i was telling that it looks like Hyde park is ....just see this the roots of this tree also have came out from the ground must be very old another lawn you dont need any music here around nature this sound of rain quietness birds whistling you find yourself around nature's music this is Royal Palm avenue really looks like ROYAL another amazing tree very beautiful, country side of city at the background we see a restaurant here, lets see what is there lets sit and eat something beside this Beautiful lawn there is sitting inside as well but we will sit here look at this root, not sure coming from top or going to top but its huge looks like going again into the ground from here and the may be coming out from there...

or may be coming from there to top look at another tree check out the roots this is a tree somewhere from Jamaica and Venezuela check out how high it goes this is the area of a suspension bridge here lets see , there is a big line here its really a suspension bridge as its really shaking this suspension bridge is on top of Mahaweli river we are walking on top of it its really shaking too much this is Mahaweli river Sri Lanka's longest running river not sure if you can see the movement of the bridge its not that much shaky but you fear a bit they have close half of it so we need to return back this bridge is next to Botanic garden and top of river so we have river crossing behind us and its a proper movement on this we did not noticed when we were coming that... monkeys, i was telling ali that we have not seen them yet we just passed by them and did not noticed them please slow down dear look at them on top look at them here as well look at another amazing tree here not sure how to pronounce this Gui.... or Guinana but just look at this looks like fruits or something else such a beautiful tree its till up there, something looks like coconuts from far it looks like birds nest this is memorial garden area here you can see different people(VIPs) have planted trees here this is someone from China this is from ... this looks like W will there be a treasure under it this is the Orchid house Kandy's weather is also unpredictable morning it was raining heavily and now its sun shining hard and in sunlight , the garden gives a different look so time to head back from here in our tuktuk we have reached a tea factory here lets go inside and experience it beautiful classic car we are going towards factory side so the leaves are brought here from site and dried see here this is the empty oven without leaves leaves are kept like this on it to dry out then the leaves are collected in buckets and directly down from here are sent to next processing unit so we came again in the same area we started with down we went up from one side and coming down from other from top they go down into these heaters then it gets pressurized then the leaves comes down on this vibrating screen and are segregated by size and type then they go to next processing unit these ovens used wood not electrical no electricity and no gas is used Sri Lanka we still use fire wood as a fuel it also give good taste to the product from wood and electricity it will impact the taste and specially we use rubber wood rubber trees this is our final stage here we separate by sizes as taste depend hugely on sizes so this gives light, medium and strong and this one is tea dust its not an export quality we cant export and many tea bags we find in market mix dust with normal tea after size segregation, we also further segregate by weight because quality always depends on the weight this is by sizes so here they are segregating by weight , small, medium, large smaller particles big ones in front of the machines this is suction Vanover machine from here suction happens and heavier particles fall down here from one grade we can categories six qualities so within strongest ones , there are again separated by weight color sorting machine it has color sensor cameras mainly separating black and brown colors black color means tea leaves brown color means reject brown color ones are not processed and not to drink and sent back to plantation site as composed so every type of tea packed here there are some type of tea which they normally export normally what we get in market, lipton one, green or black and there some some type which they cannot export because there production is so much limited like normal tea that we use lets say for example if there production is 1000 kg per day at same time the rare silver or golden types production... is only 25kg per month thats how much it can be produced so its not allowed to export that quality and you can find that only in the tea factory so we will try to take it out and try some lets taste and see how it is its more of taste like green tea, very raw whats in this jar? Sri Lanka's Jaggery eat , taste it and Sri Lanka's tea directly from the factory i went once to Cadbury factory that chocolates and the one found in market , tastes different that taste a bit lighter see we never were told to comment but today we are doing it whats date it is today? match was yesterday ....

so this was our factory tour processing unit so we will move towards next area from here lets see where our guide and tuk-tuk driver will take us to he is saying there is a weekend party location somewhere we are here in for some cultural show its kind of a small hall where this cultural dance will be performed its something specially of locals( Kandy local) because our guide recommended to lets see in 5 to 10 min at 5pm it will start entrance ticket is per person 2000 LKR we still have some time then we will go inside he is wonderfull person and guide and will guide you in city in a good way the main show is done but its not over yet there is one fire walk still left to see we will see from top, as down its too much rush we can see better i think from top they are getting ready here this is the mall, city center the cultural programe done now we are on a walkway beside very beautiful lake lake view we are going towards relic of tooth temple this is one of the most popular site and one of the most sacred place of Buddhism its also a world heritage site you can do a boat ride as well and there is a walkway around the lake our hotel is somewhere there one the of benefit to book hotel in this area is that all famous sites are very close by around this area even though Kandy itself is not a big city if you give a proper day, you can cover Kandy in a day scared me, it was a snake he was handling Cobra i think , ALI :- he was coming strait towards me here you can also do morning walk as well this is the temple we tried to do inside, entrance fee is 1,500 LKR/person but we dont have local currency and only have dollars they said they only accept rupees we need to exchange the currency somewhere from here Pizza hut, your dinner today? ALI:- no may be we will see something inside bazaar we have reached the Relic of tooth temple very important site of Buddhism its is said that this relic is very important not only religious point of view but for local politics as well it is said that who ever hold this , normally governs the region so politically , historically , culturally , religiously its very important this is also UNESCO World heritage site so lets go inside and see not sure but we can listens something at back end there a special prayer which normally happens 3 times , morning, afternoon and evening time around 6.30pm not sure if its in the main temple or somewhere else first we exchanged currency but now they are saying machine dont gives back change and we dont have small notes lets see if someone can help us here you need to pay based on your country India, Pakistan, Bangladesh from here , rest from other side if you can see in the background, there we went in the morning i think the prayer or ceremony has started so now we are on our own crossing road Bazaar is almost closed looks like nothing special to eat here may be there are shops of brothers Desai brothers, may be they got shares but we will go in the city center mall but pizza hut is also an option lets go to city center as it closes at 9.30pm there we should find something looks like bank Dhofar huts this is the entrance we are in the mall and it looks like and give feel of.... random mall of Deira Dubai this is ground , 1st , 2nd.....4th

but not a very happening mall come on dear here is our dinner burgers, fires, coke here we paid around 6,300 LKR this is the local bus here the best thing about the traffic here is... we were crossing the road and we were given way to cross from both side no need to ask or say anything we are going towards hotel through hilly area(like murree) its very quite but safe ali are you tired for time being we are walking here but untill next time we meet again time to say good bye hope you liked the vlog of today if yes then do like the video and subscribe the channel please untill next time, Allah Hafiz

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