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Every Indian During Holi | Ft. Tena Jaiin | The Paayal Jain

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I woke up at 8 o’clock. Now I will celebrate ‘Holi’ (Festival) properly. Mom is here. Don’t mind. It’s ‘Holi’.

Happy ‘Holi’, mom. Yes. Happy ‘Holi’. What is this? You have smeared colours on yourself.

We smear colour on God's idol first. Give me the water gun. What will you do with it? Kids are coming now and then and throwing water balloons at me. I will splash water on them with this.

Mom, give me colour packets. I will play ‘Holi’. How will you play ‘Holi’, dear? You have got exams tomorrow. ‘Holi’ festival arrives each year. Celebrate it wholeheartedly next year.

You have final exams once a year. Mom, let me play ‘Holi’ for a little while. I won’t get completely drenched. I promise. No. Not at all.

The water is so cold. If you get drenched and if you get cold, cough, fever.. ..how will you give your exam? Fine, mom. I won’t play with water. I will play 'Holi' only with colours.

No. There are chemicals in colours. After playing with colours, you will feel sleepy. You have to study for the whole day.

Come. I will prepare a hot breakfast for you. Milk. And potato stuffed flatbread. Your favourite. It’s ‘Holi’. Disha, come to play ‘Holi’. Come. Disha. - Disha.

Aunt, send Disha to play ‘Holi’. Dishu is not at home. Go. But aunt.. - I said Dishu is not at home. Leave now. Fine, aunt. Once Disha returns home, please send her.

Disha’s mom is too strict. Seriously. Today I have realized how cool my mom is. Happy ‘Holi’. It’s ‘Holi’. Come on. Now study for two hours.

You have to go for tuition too. I have told Kavita. She will teach you. It will be a good revision for you. How will I go for tuition today, mom? It’s ‘Holi’.

On this day everybody plays ‘Holi’. Except me. What if somebody drenches me today? I will also have to play ‘Holi’. You should refuse Kavita. I won’t be able to go today.

Don’t worry. Your papa will drop you in his car. Come on. I will make a hot breakfast for you. Why did I wake up at 8 o’clock today? It would have been better if I had woken up late.

What sins did I commit in my past life.. ..that I cannot play ‘Holi’? It’s my favourite festival. All kids will play ‘Holi’. It’s okay, dear. Score first rank. It’s even better than playing ‘Holi’. Your papa will be happy.

If I cannot celebrate it, at least let me smear colour on you. Yes. Fine. Smear colours on your papa and me. Come on. Let’s go. Kavita is so weird.

Couldn’t she have taken a holiday today? Doesn’t she want to play ‘Holi’? I am learning martial arts from Dipanshu. Wow! That’s cool. Fine. It’s time. I have to go to the parlour. I have got an appointment. Why are you going to the parlour? What do you mean why? I want to do waxing.

Eyebrows, cleanup, facial. I am doing blond highlights. If I get time, I will do nail art too. You are a fool. ‘Holi’ is after two days. Your blond will turn red.

When your new nail art will get coloured, you will come to know. What do you think? Why didn’t I do my eyebrows? I will do everything after ‘Holi’. In fact, if you do waxing afterwards.. ..all colour gets removed easily. What colour? When I won't play 'Holi', how will I get coloured? Why? Why won’t you play ‘Holi’? Is everything fine at home? Everything is fine at home. I have got my periods. If somebody splashes water on me, there will be a problem.

I can still refuse one person. How can I tell everybody that I have got periods.. ..and not to splash water on me? Use tampons.

Or else there are menstrual cups too. You are right. But I have never tried all those things. I don’t want to take any risk on ‘Holi’. That’s okay. Do one thing. Play dry ‘Holi’.

I will come to smear colours on you. How will you come? Weren’t you going to your college's pool party? I won't go to the party. There is a lot of drama. There is a ritual of lifting each person.. ..and throwing them in the pool. Moreover, couples keep kissing. What a scene! It’s quite dirty! Moreover, the drama of drinking.

I won't go. You go to the parlour. Go by the back lane. Take an auto. Otherwise, there will be a shower of water balloons. I hate ‘Holi’. People are really insolent. They throw water balloons without your permission. Uncouth people.

Yesterday my neighbour threw a water balloon at me. I have never even spoken to that person. If you say something, they will say..

Don’t mind. It’s ‘Holi’. Manner-less. Come on. Let’s teach them a lesson today. Why should we go secretly and fearfully? I will come with you. Yes. Please come.

They continue even a week after ‘Holi’. They throw water balloons secretly. We will teach them a lesson today. Nobody ate sweetmeats. Here, sister.

It’s all remaining. Not remaining. Everybody ate heartily. Nikki’s mother-in-law took ‘Bhalle’ (Curd Snacks) twice. She liked it so much. Everybody has gone to play ‘Holi’ again. After eating. Don’t make more. We will eat this.

Then we will also go to play. No, sister. It’s Nikki’s first ‘Holi’ after marriage. Her in-laws have come.

Somebody will have to handle the housework. If everybody leaves, who will do the work? You are right. Give me. I will crush almonds. Do one thing. Bring ice. I am making ‘Thandai’ (Milk drink). Fine. Shall I put ice? Yes, sister. ‘Thandai’ should be cold. I am fed up with Nikki.

She has got married. But she is still childish. I explained this to her yesterday. To behave herself while playing. Not to run around. If she gets hurt or if she slips, it will be terrible. Kids are crazy. They tore my son-in-law's t-shirt. Nikki is also not stopping them.

She is smearing colours on her son-in-law heartily. In front of her father-in-law. That’s because she is romantic. We can see their chemistry. Both are kids.

Does it look nice in front of everybody? She didn’t even wear a veil. What if her in-laws feel offended? I gestured to her through my eyes. But she didn’t notice.

Don’t worry, sister. Everything will go smoothly. Sister, I just hope the festival passes smoothly. Shall I tell you? I smeared such colours on your daughter’s mother-in-law.. ..that even if she bathes for two days.. ..the colour won't come off. The colour was so strong. Sister, you are so naughty.

She didn’t even come to know. She got herself smeared easily. Oh God! Come on. This is done. Let’s go. Come on.

We will also go upstairs. All work is done. Right? There is no water. There is no water supply. There are so many people.

How will they take bath, sister? Sister, air must have gone inside the tap. Let’s open all the taps in the house. No. That won’t work. We will have to call the plumber. Yes, Vijay. There is no water at home. Come. My daughter’s in-laws have come.

Please come. You can charge as many fees as you want for ‘Holi’. Just come. He is coming in half an hour.

I hope he is not drunk. They indulge a lot in that. How will we manage? I hope he comes.

Sister-in-law, listen. ‘Holi’ is arriving. Let’s go to Jaipur. We will go by train. We will pack all food items. We will play a musical game. It will be great fun. It will be a nice vacation and we will celebrate ‘Holi’ too.

All foreigners come to Jaipur to celebrate ‘Holi’. My brother-in-law will get us tickets at a discounted rate. Let’s go. Don't you know? This year 'Holi' will be celebrated in society. All arrangements will be made. It will be on a large scale.

There will be DJ. There will be food stalls too. ‘Thandai’. And ‘Bhang’ (Intoxicant drink) too. They will install a swimming pool too.

They will arrange for colours, water guns, everything. We don’t have to do anything. We just have to go there. It will be a filmy style ‘Holi’. That’s great.

I will get a suit stitched for myself. Rekha style. White colour. Trousers. And embroidered veil too. You have a good fashion sense. We won't wear a sari. If it gets drenched, it becomes heavy.

And it clings to your body. It looks vulgar. It looks transparent. I will get a suit stitched in Hema Malini style. It doesn’t look good to wear old clothes in front of others.

Sister-in-law, it’s good. Otherwise, there is a lot of work at home. Cook food. Even after smearing colours.. ..we have to clean the house. These people bathe and that’s it.

We have to do cleaning work the whole day. Yes. We will make our kids dance to DJ’s song, sister-in-law. I have taught Chinki ‘Mother Yashoda’ dance. She dances really well, sister-in-law.

Yes. I will dress up Tillu as Krishna. It’s good. We will also perform, sister-in-law. It’s our society, after all. What is the need to feel shy? Everybody will be sloshed. Nobody will care about who is doing what. It’s our time now.

We never danced in our school. We will dance to that song. “Go away, naughty one.” “Don’t pull my veil.” I will pull Chinki’s papa by his hand. This song is also good.

"Raghuveera is playing Holi. In Ayodhya." “Raghuveera is playing Holi.” Amitabh Bachchan is my favourite.

We will wear specs. We will look cool. You mean shades. Yes. I have got a new one. I bought it recently from a Trade fair at Pragati ground. We will get our clothes stitched by my tailor Shalu. She will give it to us in two days.

We will go tomorrow evening. And we will buy readymade cow dung cakes. To burn fire on ‘Holi’.

I see. Nowadays you get it readymade? What else? We will go tomorrow evening at 6 o’clock. You be ready. Okay. I will go. It’s time for the evening tea. I will also chop okra. For dinner. Okay, sister-in-law.

She talks a lot. She drives me crazy. At least she has a heart of gold. It’s been an hour. I will go to the kitchen.

Three pink colour packets. Water balloons. One packet of snacks. ½ kg sweets from Haldiram. Yes. And a new water gun for Dishu.

Where did I keep the water gun? Pink water gun. It’s Dishu’s new water gun. Why are you opening it? Mom, where is my new water gun? I bought it for you last year. It’s good enough. I have kept it in the storeroom. I will remove it and give you.

Water gun is so expensive. Wow! Dishu will get a new water gun. So this colour packet is mine. All this will go to your aunt’s place. When will we receive a gift on ‘Holi’, mom? Nobody ever comes to give it.

Dear, we are the eldest. Elders give to youngsters. We will go to give it to them. Why are you the eldest, mom? Can’t you be the youngest? Because of you, I don't get a gift on 'Holi'.

I have got these colour packets for home. That’s only red, pink and yellow. Where are the other colours? Green, purple, blue. Only the red colour looks good. I knew you would create a scene. That’s why I got red and yellow.

Green, blue, purple. Does it look good? These colours look so filthy. I will talk to my sister on the phone.

Yes, sister. What are you doing? I will come to your place tomorrow to give you a 'Holi' gift. I see. You are making a whip.

Yes. It’s your sister-in-law’s first ‘Holi’. I remember. After marriage on my first ‘Holi’.. ..both my brothers-in-law came and started whipping me. I also took a pipe and hit both of them. I am a Delhi girl. Women get injured easily.

The bruises don’t heal for a month. Aunt, send some nice colours for me. Mom has brought pathetic colours. Nothing. Go and play. Yes. No. Fine. Don’t call me for one hour.

Chinki has become insolent. I don’t come to know what is going on in her mind. Her age is such. You are right. What do you do with Dishu? Okay. She behaves well. Wonder why my children are so flawed.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. We have to play ‘Holi’ before that. Then our board exams will start.

So what’s the plan? Tell me. First, tell me. Where is aunt? She is in the kitchen. Don't worry about her. Now speak. I got all colours from home. Keep it in your bag.

And remember to bring it to school tomorrow. Okay? You should have kept it in your bag. Why did you give it to me? Oh, man! My mom keeps my lunch in the bag. If she gets hold of the colours while keeping lunch.. ..she will take out all colours. And our scheme will fail.

So keep it. Okay? If our bags are checked in school tomorrow, I will be caught. If I am caught, remember. I won’t spare you too. Why do you worry? There won’t be any checking. If you are nervous, just bring it to school. I will keep it in my bag afterwards. Fine?

Here. Jyoti, did you make all arrangements? All arrangements have been made. I have got a colour bomb too. I will explode it outside the principal’s room. Hey! No colour bomb.

There are cameras in the corridor. Which colours did you bring? I hope it’s not herbal. Are you mad? I have got nice colours.

I have kept it in Tina’s bag. Red. Pink. Yellow. But I didn't find your green colour. When Jyoti is here, do not fear. Green. Blue. Purple. I have got all colours. And yes. Everybody will wear the old uniform.

Or else your family will scold you a lot. It’s okay. 'Holi' comes once a year. It’s my favourite festival. I will smear both of you with colours. Will we spare you? I will turn your hair blue. So it’s final. After school gets over..

..we will celebrate it outside the school gate. Okay? Done. Yes. It’s done. Done. Tell me. What kind of a girl is she?

When you wanted to play ‘Holi’.. ..you should have worn your old uniform. I bought this new uniform last month. Mom, I had no idea that they will play ‘Holi’ in school today. They smeared me with colours forcefully. What can I do? Wash the uniform. The colour will come off.

Is that so? You think it’s so easy. So do one thing. You wash this uniform. Next year you have to wear suits.

I won’t buy a new uniform for the board. Wear this uniform for your exam. It will look really good. I will give you a tip. Soak it in alum.

Who knows? The colours might come off. Here. I won’t wash it. Do their chores the whole day.

Fine. Did you take bath? Here. Cold fried flatbread. Potato and cauliflower veggie. With pickle. Mom, I want only pickles. I don't want veggies.

Your face has turned red. I bathed five times. But the colour didn't come off. I am tired. Your face is also coloured. As if somebody has slapped you.

Wonder why papa got strong colours. Everybody in school will find out. That I play the dangerous 'Holi'. With strong colours. ‘Chintu.’ But how did mom's colour come off? I smeared the colour on mom time and again.

Wonder how it came off. All my efforts got wasted. You have to rub your skin for that. I bathed with Rin soap. You guys don’t bathe properly.

I told you that I will help you bathe. Mom, I am feeling very sleepy. Let’s sleep now. Come. One gets tired after playing ‘Holi’. You get a good sleep after bathing. Sleep for two hours.

Then we will go to eat ice cream in the evening. Your papa has gone to sleep. I will also sleep for some time.

Mom, won’t brother Chintu sleep if we are sleeping? He will also sleep. Why won’t he sleep? But his friends have come to play ‘Holi’. I saw it from the balcony.

They were saying, “We will put grease on him.” Oh God! When did he leave without my notice? Had I seen him, I would have stopped him. They won't let me sit peacefully for two minutes. I came to rest just now. They keep me on my feet. I will have to switch on the geyser.

He will make the entire house dirty. Chinki, get up. Move all carpets in the house. I think I will need kerosene to remove the grease.

Let me check. Wonder what friends he has got. Shameless. Get up, Chinki.

I won’t get up. Happy ‘Holi’, guys. We hope our video makes your ‘Holi’ more enjoyable. Also, we showed everything related to ‘Holi’ in this video.

We hope you guys enjoyed it and.. ..you laughed a lot and related to it. If you related to it, go in the comment section.. ..and tell us which part you liked the best. Like the video and share it with everybody.

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Thank you for watching this video. Bye. Come. Sorry. Come ahead. Come ahead. Come on. Now speak.

Ready? It’s good. You will fall down. I will take some gap. A little. Action.

Ready? - I am ready. Come on. Action. Ready? Squirrel…is sitting there. Come on. The squirrel is sitting comfortably.

Won’t you say your dialogue? Fine. Kavita. What happened? Let’s cut it.

Let's check it. Fine. Come ahead. Yes. Continue rolling. Action.

Mom, how will I go today? She is laughing. Action. She will laugh. - She won’t laugh.

I wasn’t laughing. I was ready. Continue rolling. Action. How will I go to tuition today, mom? Go in a corner and laugh first. Stand on your head.

You will still not be able to say it. Continue. Come closer. Ready? - Yes. Action.

How will I go to tuition today, mom? The way you are saying it, I don’t know why it’s so funny. No, sister. It’s Nikki’s first ‘Holi’ after marriage. Her in-laws have come. Here, sister.

What are you doing? It’s still not action. - Sorry. Ready? We will also go upstairs. There is water.

There is water. Water. How will we do it? I am doing it. I am doing it.

Action. No. I was wondering whether to do it or not. They drink intoxicants. Swimming pool. - Hold on. Hold on. DJ. Food stalls. Where was it? I didn’t see this dialogue.

Yes. You have a good fashion sense. It was in flow.. It's my duty...

Yes. DJ.. Cut.

Cut. Cut. Cut. She is hard of hearing. Ready? Come on. I took a pipe and hit both of them. No, sister. The bruises don’t heal for a month. They don’t see that. - Sorry.

What happened? It came off. You are a kid. Improvise it. She becomes a kid in front of the camera. - Okay.

That was funny. One, two, three. You have to remove strong colours with old methods. Sorry. Remove colours. Yes.

Going on laughing. I will give you a tight slap. You will stop laughing. See the time. It’s almost 12. Come on. Let’s start.

Hello. Action. Happy ‘Holi’, guys. We hope you enjoyed this video.

What? She has put colours on your head. What is this? Enough. Now keep quiet. I am fed up.

Sorry. What happened? I was seeing what is inside. Keep it here.

I will shake this and talk. There is water. There is water. Okay. You..

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