Europe,Italy Family Budget trip, Flight, Immigration, Schengen Visa, Sim , Hotel | Europe Part 1

Europe,Italy Family Budget trip, Flight, Immigration, Schengen Visa, Sim , Hotel  | Europe Part 1

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The food they gave is not good at all. The Immigration in Rome was very smooth. We have come out of the Rome airport.

We are sitting on Leonardo Express, which will take us directly to Rome's main station Which is called the 'Terminal Station'. This is the map from Fiumicino to Roma Termini. The price of the train, if you take the Fiumicino Express which will take you directly to the Terminal station in half an hour is €14.

There is a risk of robbery in this main station. Greetings to all of you! I am your dear friend Manoj Malhotra, welcome to a new journey. Today is 22 May 2023. You would have figured out from the background and thumbnail that I'm in Italy.

Italy is a country that is profound for its art, culture, fashion, food, and architecture. This time I have my lovely family with me. My wife Pooja, my elder son Yash, and my lovely son Sinchan! All of you were insisting me to make a video with my family. We have made a separate channel with family to explore Delhi, India, and for some informative videos. The name of the channel is Travelling Mantra Lifestyle. This time we will be traveling to 8 countries in Europe.

We are in a new country, we will face new challenges and gather so much information. Especially for those who want to travel to Europe with their family are going to get a lot of information. Watch the entire series. All I want from you guys is your love. If there is some mistake from my side, or if I miss out on something please do let me know in the comment box. Because most of you would be staying in Italy, we are just here as tourists.

So just forgive me if I make mistakes, and let people know about the right ones so people are informed. If I miss out on anything please do let me know about it in the comment box, so people are also informed. Let's start this journey.

This journey starts in India's capital, my hometown, Delhi. We will be taking the ITA Airway's flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport's Terminal 3. AZ769. Which will take us to Italy's capital Rome in 8.5 hours.

We got the fare of this flight for $415/person one-way. The distance from Delhi to Rome by air is 59,000 km. The fastest and easiest way to go to Italy is by air. Air India and Alitalia flights from Delhi go directly to Rome and Milan. There are other flights which go to other countries and then reach Italy too.

We are done with check-in, Immigration, and security clearance. During the check-in, we were asked for our Passport, visa, and ticket. Even during the Immigration, we were asked for visas. We had no other problem than that, now we are moving ahead. We will have to take Schengen Visa before going to Italy. We took the Visa from Swiss Vfs from Delhi.

It cost us $109 in total. Visa cost is free for kids under 6 years. But for children above 6 years, it costs around $25. To know about how to take Schengen Visa, you can subscribe to our Travelling Mantra Lifestyle channel. In which we give information about things like this.

Currently, it is 3:45 AM and we have boarded the flight. The flight is going towards the runaway, the flight number is A330. ITA airways -Their marshmallows.

He didn't agree so he shopped for marshmallows. How did you like the flight? It is good? -There is a movie point. There is also an infotainment system installed. But there is no Bollywood movie in this. -I'll watch a movie. -I'll put up the blanket and watch the movie. It is 5:45 AM, it's been 2.5 hours since the flight took off.

We just got our food, it's either our dinner or breakfast. -I ate everybody's fruits. My naughty son ate all of our fruits. I have taken a veg dish.

There is Chole and Paratha. There is also a yogurt. He has taken an omelet, although he won't eat it. -I'm eating.

You are eating it, you liked it? You are having fun? Thank everybody who is seeing you. The food they gave is not good at all. The paratha isn't cooked well. -The omelet was good. Listen to him first.

-My omelet was nice. He hasn't eaten it, it is right there. He is eating the Cup Noodles that we got from home, liar! He is a dishonest YouTuber, he is eating and showing. The omelet is nice, you guys can eat the omelet. The veg item was not so good. It's been 7 hours since the flight took off.

They have given us breakfast. There is a sandwich and I took some tea as well. Yash has taken a sandwich, coke and he has another sandwich of my younger son. Good morning, namaste! He is not sitting quietly. -I'm playing a game.

Tell them a good morning. They gave two options sweet and salt, if you are confused about which one to take this is the salt one which is the normal sandwich. And this is the sweet one that has something sweet-filled inside. If you want the normal sandwich ask them for a salt sandwich. -What does Gracias mean? Thanks.

-I don't want to eat anything. Why? -Everything is so bad. You shouldn't call it bad. -I'll drink this! The flight has landed. After 8.5 hours we reached Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino airport in Rome.

Always remember to check this pocket before leaving, although you feel like you haven't kept anything. -It is so cool! The weather is cool indeed. Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport is the tenth busiest airport in Europe. It is the world's 49th busiest Airport.

Leonardo da Vinci was a great Italian painter, scientist, architect, and theorist. He was born on 15 April 1452 and died on 2 May 1519. The biggest challenge on this trip is to handle my younger son. Where is your mother, you left her alone. -No Let's leave your mother here? -No. Let's take a new mother for you from here.

Come here, we are not leaving her anywhere. We have crossed the Immigration. Now we have come to the belts. This is the money exchange counter.

The currency of Italy is Euro. According to 22 May 2023, €1 = 92.50 INR So, we are getting €1 = 93 INR. The Immigration in Rome was very smooth.

They didn't question us, the officer was very good. The officer smiled at us as soon as we came. He let us go after he stamped.

We took our bags. The condition of one of the bags is bad. We had put a tag on a bag for better identification. The tag is gone somewhere.

I'm not sure if it was removed in Delhi or here in Rome. I don't know, we can't say anything. Somebody would have found it nice.

If they liked it, let them keep it. Let's go now. There is also a counter for SIM cards in the baggage area. The rate for one 70 GB SIM card is €55. The minimum is 50 GB plan. And that SIM Card costs 45$ In that, we get 200 SMS and 200-minute local & international calls.

These are the plans but I will look for some other plans because this is very expensive. I will search outside for some other companies otherwise, I will come here and take this sim. There are ATMs if we want to withdraw the money. There is also a train ticket counter. If you want to go to City Centre from the airport there is a train service. This is Leonardo Express which goes to the city centre.

You can go to City Centre by Limo service, Airport Shuttle, bus, train and also a taxi. Everything is available here in Rome. We are not taking Vodafone but I am taking Tim Tourist Tim. These are the available plans.

I have taken 2 Sims for 54$ We have got 70 GB of data per Sim. If you take Switzerland as an option, you have to pay 6$ extra. You get 5GB data and 250 minutes of calling. If we have two Sims, you can also talk with each other. You get 9 GB of data in all the Europe countries.

It is valid for a month. This is best for us. We are staying for one month so we have purchased two Sims. We have paid 11$ for Switzerland which comes to a total cost of 65$ I have taken a SIM card and now going towards the train station. I told you, there are various options. We also get 300 minutes of calling on Indian Sim.

The SIM should work for another month. We can also go from here to the train station. Since there is no lift, we have to go from outside. We will get another lift from the inside. We have come out of the Rome airport.

The weather is not as hot as I thought. There is a cold breeze. If it is not Sunny, we might feel cold. This is the metro station of Fiumicino airport. This comes from the terminal, but you cannot bring the trolly bag. You have to come from outside if you have a trolley bag.

This is the train ticket counter. If you take the Fiumicino train, it will reach the city in half an hour and the cost is 16$. If you take a train which will stop at many stops the cost is 9$.

This is the map. All the signs have been put and it is very easy to travel. We will easily reach our platforms. You are going very fast.

So many people watch you. We will give 30 minutes to people who love us. I will buy you pizza and pasta. There is a ticket counter here also.

There are ticket counters everywhere. There is a currency exchange counter. There are 3 platforms here. The Leonardo Express train leaves at 10:08 am.

We have sat in Leonardo Express which will take us to the main station of Rome. It will take us half an hour. The distance between the airport and City Centre is 30 km. We will reach in half an hour. Now the time is 10:08 am. It might be 10:09 now but when I saw it was 10:08.

The train was at 10:08 and now it has left. The train is two minutes late . The time difference between India and Rome is 3.5 hours. In India, the time is 1:40 pm. In Rome, the time is 10:10 am.

This is the map between Fiumicino and Roma terminals. You are very clever. Technically, he is explaining everything. 2G was available when we took the SIM. He talked with the employee and made it 4G. What are you doing? -I am eating Marshmallows.

You are eating marshmallows. I have taken a Global pass for Euro rail. We can travel anywhere in Europe for a month and the cost is 2800$ for 3 people. I did not get charged for my younger son.

I will tell you the information in my upcoming videos. Please excuse if you hear his sound. I am telling you all the expenditures please note them down. At the end after the series ends, You ask for the expenditure.

We cannot calculate everything. But I am mentioning my cost in the video. You can not it down. 415$ was the airline flight ticket per person one way, 109$ was the visa fee. I did not pay visa fees to my younger son.

25$ was charged because he is less than 6 years. We have taken a Eurorail pass and also a SIM card. We have purchased 2 sim cards It should be enough for us for a month.

I will tell you all the expenditures which we make. He will keep you entertained. He is a kid. Please don't put any bad comments.

Italy is known as heaven in the West along with Greece. It is there in the southwest of Europe. The official name is the Italian republic or the Republic of Italy.

The neighbouring country is France. Switzerland. Austria. Slovenia. Two micronations which are Vatican City and San Marino. Italy is a spread of 3,01,230 km2 It is the 73rd biggest country in the world.

Italy is the 10th biggest country in Europe. Italy is the 25th most populated country in the world. The total population of Italy is 60 Million.

84% of people follow christianity. 1% Islam. And other religious practices followed by 3%. 12% of the people don't follow any religion People living in Italy are known as Italian.

The national language is also Italy. Italy is the founding and also the top three state in EU founding States. The remaining two are France and Germany. The biggest city and also the capital city of Italy is Rome. Italy is the world's fifth most visited country.

18 world heritage sites are there in Italy. More than 50 million visitors come to Italy in a year. Roma Termini station also the main station. There are 33 platforms here. This is the second biggest railway station in Europe after a station in France.

As I told you earlier, This is the biggest station in Rome and there are many national and international trains from here. We will take a metro and go towards our hotel. We have booked an apartment but let me show you the vibe here. We are going towards the metro station. My apartment is there just after the two stations.

This is the main train station and this is prone to robbery. You have to be very careful. You always have to keep an eye on your Traveller. I have to put my back on my front. I have told my kids to keep an eye on my bag. I will be making a video and someone might steal it from behind.

These things are very common in the main metro stations in Italy. There is a very big line for the ticket. There is a Tabachi shop. We are standing here to purchase the ticket because this is less queue. These are the ticket prices for the Metro.

One way is 1.5 Euro. You can purchase this for 24 48 72 hours and so on... You will also get a bus ticket if you want to go to the Rome airport. Fiumicino airport bus cost 8 Euro.

There is a language problem here because the shopkeeper did not know English. He knows Italian and we don't. We also use Google Translate.

He denied it and told us that the ticket is over. After that, we understood that the ticket is over. We are going to purchase a ticket from this machine. -Kya aap ek Youtuber hain? Haan -Achchhee baat hai Aap kahaan se hain? -Main America se hoon. Isase pahale ki aap Japan mein the? Main China se hoon. Aapase milakar achchha laga.

We meet Chinese everywhere. There are many Americans in China. I don't know the reason, but there are many Americans in China. I will try to purchase a ticket by myself. I have to use my own experience. I'm going to take a pass for 72 hours.

I don't think I have to pay for my younger son. I will take 3 passes. Let's talk about the money later.

I have to detect one ticket. It has been taken as 4 tickets. The ticket is not deducted. It just keeps on adding. It is always happening place. This is not detecting.

No, this is working. It's done It's done. We have taken 3 passes for 20$ each.

This is valid for 72 hours. The time is 11:30 am. This is another expenditure of 58$. If you are travelling in Metro, you have to know your destination station. After coming to the station, you have to know the platform. We have to go to Manzoni, now we are at Termini.

It is there down so we have to go towards... Whatever it is. Please pardon me if I am pronouncing anything wrong. We have to go on this side. We have to go to the platform of Anagnina. He has never seen this lollipop and I have to buy it to him.

Are you happy? Look at the crowd. I have put this bag on my front. I told my son to put it on the front. Did you see? I told you to get behind. Let's go.

This is Rome Metro. My son got a seat. He got the seat. This is a Rome Metro. This is station number one, Vittorio Emanuele.

Delhi Metro is much better. Please comment don't who liked this Metro. I like Delhi Metro.

There are so many bags, but the lift is closed There are no lifts in Delhi Metro. I have to carry. I had booked this apartment. This gate is very old and looks like this is closed for years. We rang the bell and the waiter came. Let's go.

Let's go. This is the apartment which I booked, we have kept our bags inside. I have booked this apartment.

This is a small kitchen. This is a fridge. This is one bedroom. Hello sir, how are you? Attached bathroom with a bedroom. -I will show you another bedroom.

Please show it. There is also a cupboard. Please show it. This is a washing machine.

This is another washroom. This is another bedroom. This is very confusing. -Yes Did you like it? There are a total of 2 bedrooms.

This is on the ground floor. A television has been installed. This is constructed in Heritage style.

This is an old structure. This is very good and it is beautiful. There are two separate bedrooms. Madam is separating the luggages. The cost for this apartment for 3 days is 475 Euro. 555$.

This is very close to Rome Colosseum. It's been more than 15 hours leaving our home. We came to this apartment after 15 hours. We will take rest. I will meet you in my next video and let's start exploring from then.

Till then, take care. Thank you. Jai Hind. Please tell bye. You are mischievous here also!

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