Epi 7, Majenang - karangpucung - lumbir jateng, solo touring cianjur tulungagung.

Epi 7, Majenang - karangpucung - lumbir jateng, solo touring cianjur tulungagung.

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Well, this is Majenang Square, uhuh , the heat of the sun is burning the soles of my feet that afternoon in a place. I'm at home, guys. Don't forget to like Comment and subscribe. Untidy terminal. Wow, bring the car. Anjay is very polite. Guys, this car is a package car , let him go again He's screaming to the right. Let him go. Now let's follow him uh uh Oh no wonder there's a carriage in front if the Sundanese say mah or dokar yes There's a dokar [Music] oh take the speeding package right away, that's great, Abah Kowi, I'm sorry for joining in the speeding, that's the point, mah let the others speed gaspolgaspol Let AB kwi Mat be afraid. Thank God, friends, the weather is clear. It's cloudy. So it's quite shady on this trip, it doesn't get too hot for us. But

sometimes when the sun passes through the clouds, it's hot again. Usually it's for At the moment the sun is covered by clouds so it's cool Wow lots of durian [Music] oi lots of durian Wow, this is the package team, the Shopee Express package team, congratulations , great courier brother, lots of orders , Cilacap, it's quite long, friends, this is usually the case at night like this. What's the name of this cold? The sea on this route is so cold at night, isn't it? What's the coffee? Why do you think this smells like rubber, it smells like asphalt, it turns out someone brought resin resin, that's pine tree resin, or pine tree resin, that's how it makes raw materials for candles like that . Come on, sir, the driver is really great. Come on, chase the courier car, uh, that package car, huh. Wi. What tree is this ? The weather is starting to get hot again, friends, because maybe the sun is already closed, the clouds are no longer covered by the clouds. Ouch

, wow. The shade is great here. The trees are quite shady. Yes, but the trees are really scary too. They're leaning towards the road. I'm afraid some of them are broken. Yes, the trees have fallen, that's what I mean , wow, but it's cool, it's cool here. Alah Anjir -Mother, eh, father is calm, father crosses Anjayah , uh, a little too, Eta, Ouch, there is a problem with this. Ouch, it's also difficult. It's a bit fiddly. The right turn signal button [Music] is huh, the sun is hot, friends, riding at midday like this Yes, it's over now, it's the dry season, so I'm going to travel that night, it 'll be after 12 o'clock at night, like that, J, it's past 12 o'clock at night, wow, it's so cold, my friends, that's why you decided to go for a walk in the morning. Take a walk in the afternoon, so it's late in the afternoon,

so it's rare. l ab k it's Riding ee before noon like this, usually it's afternoon before evening, that's usually the case . Thank God ihh Road is steady. Road m is smooth but it's hot, it's hot, it's very hot, it's extraordinarily hot, I'm afraid, look right, look right, don't just look at the left, right, keep staring . right first, then left like that, you make Abah kui just startle L sister, put your hand up or down when you want to cross, so that there will be a signal, wow, it's hot, Anjay, it's like there's a hallucination on the road, it's broken, Morgana Oh, mom, that 's it, that's it, that's it, I'm afraid of crossing the road . Wow, basically, whatever the crossing is, I'm scared, I'm shocked. Oh , the kids are planning slowly, Mr. Driver, it's dangerous to use a

pickup truck . Okay, go on with the gas. Wow, what is this transporter called grass, be careful, sir, the driver, the school children, it's really scary. The road is going downhill. The wind is strong. dude, it makes the motorbike shake, dude Oh it's normal , yes it's normal, maybe the public transport here, wik wik wik wik, where does this go, it's still Cilacap like this, I think bro, it's still Cilacap anyway [Music] oh well, the road is starting to bend again, bro. the road has started to bend, uh, the wind is scary, the gust of wind from the container just now really felt like the motorbike was shaking, there are road crossings, it's a long way, we can still anticipate it, it's starting to be Adam again, the weather is starting to cool again, it's good for reading, isn't it? Silo, just like this, long distance, darling. Mah santu You just have to maintain

the performance of the motorbike, don't just pull on the gas, it's still a long way, if you're tired, just stop, it's simple. L Oh, this is Budiman Karang Pucungah, Abah Ki, you've arrived at Karang Pucung , you've arrived at Karang Pujung, so you'll pass through what is called the Karang Pujung Terminal, friend. Well, this is the one at the front of the Karang Pucung Terminal, this is a small terminal. Here [Music] is the Karang Pucung Terminal , so I'll rest later, where will I rest , Abah Kowi, I'll rest at Yes, that's enough, I'm as tired as I can be, right ? Po Later If you feel really tired, just rest, just like that, just like that, just rest, L, you don't have to think about rest, where to rest, where to rest, where to rest, ho oh, it's empty, the road is smooth, friend. Eh, it's nice, Jalan Mak Karang Pucung is

already Kowi's brother. Arrived at Karang Pucung, arrived at Karang Pucung Oh, there's a lot of sand. Heh, there's a lot of sand around the corner. It's amazing, scary, the durian trees, Wow, the durians are great, and the hills are dry and dry [Music] [Music] cuy Oh Astagfirullahalazim Ouch, where is this [Music] ] cuy the road has waves but it's smooth cuy cuy in front of the sharp bend in front of it again sharp bend again dare to stick don't dare to overtake It's like this, the curve keeps going, it doesn't end, this is the curve [Music] Ouch sug Rahayu cuyrabaya Yog Bandung Ouch it doesn't look like it can't be seen k empty Oh my ass is already hot New How many minutes have I been walking the anjir is no longer comfortable wow wow ouch ouch Purwokerto Cilacap Kebumen straight Purwokerto Cilacap Kebumen straight Wangon Purwokerto straight still straight dude I don't know what time it is Maybe 12 o'clock. maybe 12 o'clock. maybe what time it is like that huh? [Music] Lumbir has entered Lumbir. Thank God, it's Lumbir Regency,

guys, relax, you'll get to Tulung Agung at Is hours, that's what it looks like if you look at Google M, but I don't know how many times it stops, like that, from Tasik to Banjar, it's already the rest stopped just 1 hour ago Wow, there's a fire truck, where are you going with this fire truck Ouch o Oh, there's a fire truck, it's slowed down. Alhamdulillah, the restaurant is slowed down. Be careful, reduce your speed, it's prone to accidents, friends, this is the Anjir corner, oh, oh, the corner, Wi Oh, the corner. It's cool, it likes to ride like that. Well, if the road is bumpy, yes. Then you keep turning on the

bumpy road, the heat of the sun burns the soles of your feet, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, that's all, just take the motorbike calmly. There's no need to rush, bro. The important thing is to get to the place. destination safely without missing anything Aladin bus Bandung Purwokerto OK Bandung Purwokerto means arriving at Cicaheum Terminal Oh the chicken satay without skin W is great, the road is dizzy, the road is winding, the head is dizzy and the head is Anjir. This is the lumbir,

friend, it's terrible. Thank God, it's cool. I don't know what time it is until J. I guess it's probably S m Maghrib more or less huh Well here the road is slanted, the road is broken [Music] it's cracked uh the sharp bend is really very dangerous [Music] this is a sharp corner this is very dangerous this is very bumpy the road Guys, look at the road curving to the right the left is really scary , full of bends. Oh

another bend

2023-10-20 14:28

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