Ep 6 BTS Exploring Srinagar, House boat tour, Shri Shankaracharya Matha | Kashmir Tourism

Ep 6 BTS Exploring Srinagar, House boat tour, Shri Shankaracharya Matha | Kashmir Tourism

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Good morning ! It's 9:30 AM Our day is going on a very relax mode For last 5-6 days, we've slept late night ..and getting up early Today, we thought to wake up easy ..and keep ourselves relaxed a little From my hotel's balcony, I am.. ..showing you the outer view besides having my tea You can see Dal Lake in front However, a clear view doesn't come Because we're on the 2nd floor But, in case, you stay on 4th floor, Dal Lake view from there will be better Now, our scene is.. ..that.. It'll take us about half an hour to get ready We'll leave at around 10:15 AM-10:30 AM I'm going to check-out from here today Because, there's no room availability here today I'd done booking for one day only And then learnt later, it's unavailable for today So, today, we..

Club Mahindra is located nearby.. Means, their houseboat is an option ..where I'd got my booking done So, we're going to stay there tonight And, we'll go to Yousmarg tomorrow This is what we're thinking of It's not sure yet I'm trying to learn from some people.. How is Yousmarg like as a destination? It's glimpse of our plan for today & tomorrow We'll explore all around Srinagar today We'll re-join you soon And, then we'll make further planning By the way, I can have my breakfast in hotel also But, I've already tasted their food So, it's better to have our breakfast outside To have our breakfast, I have come to.. what's its name? Vishal Vaishno Dhaba Next to Krishna Vaishno Bhojnalya lies this.. Vishal Vaishno Dhaba I've already had my breakfast once in Krishna, So, for the sake of variety We'll have our breakfast here There's another dhaba next to it Dharma Vaishno Dhaba Means, 3 Veg restaurants are here ..where we can have our breakfast Come on Nice See, the texture of "Aloo Paratha" "Rajma" Are they special Rajma? Let's do one thing Let's have our Paratha first Bhaiya is saying; taste Rajma ..and see how much we like it Awesome ! What a taste ! The speciality of this Paratha is.. It is made mixed with cumin seeds Awesome taste is coming out Let's taste Rajma along with it Rajma is nicely made but..

..combination isn't good Aloo Onion Paratha with Rajma You're not able to enjoy it fully And, not this one as well I do one thing Let me finish this Rajma first Then, I'll have Aloo Onion Paratha Though, the overall taste is nice Now, it's already past 12:00 PM We've got a late breakfast Let's do one thing now Let's do check-in at Club Mahindra's.. ..houseboat where we'll stay tonight Then, we'll hang around further With that what will happen.. At least, our luggage will reach our room From Ghat Number 19 A, ..we've got a Shikara Shikara ride is one activity which.. ..every tourist in Srinagar won't miss For last 3-4 days, climate has kept on changing Sometimes, rain starts falling suddenly Sometimes, sun comes out unexpectedly It won't be big surprise, if rain occurs today post afternoon It's chilled water I'm loving it I'm enjoying a lot It just took us 10-15 minutes to reach We need to go to New Golden Hind Group of Houseboats with Wi-Fi How great it is ! Thank you Will you stop or return now? I'll not stop Ok, you'll return Actually, we also need to return from here When? Within 15-20 minutes Nice ! We're going to stay here tonight Room no.1

How many rooms do you've in total? 3 rooms 3.. 3 people can stay in this room Double-bed, single-bed Let's see another room next to it It's almost similar to our room Washroom is on this side Today, we'll get houseboat experience too Now, our plan is such that.. We'll return in our Shikara Pick & Drop is complimentary We need to pay Rs. 100/- (to & fro) First, we'll go to Shankarach arya Math Then, we'll do our further planning You can't compare Shikara to any other boatride It's very different experience Now, see..

Normally, when you do boat ride You're not too close to water Means, water is at least 1 feet down This is one pleasant aspect The second pleasant aspect is.. ..its backdrop Its spectacle is amazing all around Look ahead Snow is visible on the mountains Moments before, it's not visible due to clouds Now, snow has become visible Clouds are still drifting across this side Two people are rowing this Shikara We're sailing at a quick speed We'll reach within 5-7 minutes Oh ! Mind blowing view ! I can't tell you in words What a majestic view it is ! Look ahead at the "Dal Lake" That's also Dal Lake's extension to backwards Behind it, there's another large water body And on it, so many houseboats are stationed Centre is chock full of houseboats Pukka Houses are located over there Hari Parbat is located over there Whenever, you're en route to.. ..Shankaracharya Math Stop at this place Come 20-30 metres ahead and.. Behold the view from here Then, you'll realize..

..what you've seen After climbing up 240 steps, we've reached to the top of.. Shankaracharya Math Information is written on front board Now, we're 1000 feet above Kashmir Valley level And, it is written that.. This temple is around 1000 years old It's Kashmir's Oldest Hindu Temple In 371 BCE, King Gopaditya built Lord Shiva temple here Henceforth, during 8th century, Adi Shankaracharya Ji had also come here Due to this reason, this temple got its name by..

Adi Shankaracharya Math Ok, come on.. First, let's pay obeisance inside the temple Then, we'll enjoy outer view as well Inside the temple, photography & videography is prohibited Almost 4 feet tall Shivlinga is inside It is said, Adi Shankaracharya Ji, ..had observed penance at this place. Now.. We're inside the temple premises only Means, we've come out of sanctum sanctorum From here, now, we can enjoy 360* view of this place Moments before as I was saying.. Adi Shankaracharya Ji did penance here Look at down, it's written.. Jagatguru Shri Shankaracharya Tapasya Sthal Which way can we go down? We can go from this side It's a very pious place You just imagine.. Sri Adi Guru Shankaracharya Ji ..did penance at this place Now, via towards down side..

let's go again to the top ..to behold view of the other side Few moments before, I was beholding the view from there Now, I've come onto this side Oh, wow ! Highly impressive We've got holy sight of a very ancient place We also paid respects at that place.. ..where Sri Adi Shankaracharya Ji did penance Moreover, view is mindblowing Now, we've come to visit Hazratbal Dargah With brother Irfan, I went inside the Dargah We almost spent 15-20 minutes inside In stead of me speaking about Dargah, it's better if you explain because.. you've more know-how about it Ok, sir Sir, you must have noticed one thing here You might have seen many shrines here Sir, the Dargah we've at our places.. They've graveyard in them Dargah generally has graveyard in it Yes, sir, because.. we can't do "Ibadat" in Dargah But, in this Dargah, there's no graveyard Because, our Hazrat-E-Mohammad Ji's ..one hair of his beard is at this place That's why, this Dargah is deemed extra special Sir, are you seeing that place made on terrace? In both those corners, it is shown to people And, people make their respective prayers That time, this compound must be full then Yes, sir, it's completely full Sir, this area is actually for ladies Because, gents' area is on to other side This entire area gets full then Few moments before, as we saw the view on front mountain Sun rays were falling upon it made a .. ..pleasant spectacle to the eyes Yes, sir..

To which direction it lies In what direction were we earlier? Sir, initially, we're on the road over there.. That's the front side of the Dal Lake Now, we're on backside of "Dal Lake" Yes, sir. Here, boating is being done Two Ghats have been made One at this side Other is on that side Early morning & evening time is..

..worth spending here Well, you can stand anywhere by Dal Lake You get nice landscape from everywhere Yes, sir, as Dal Lake is main in Srinagar Main attraction is "Dal Lake" From tourists' perspective, Dal Lake is a significant destination Ok, very nice Let's do one thing We should move towards outside Then, we'll further planning what can be done ..for next half an hour or so Ok, sir, let's go We've reached at Ghat No. 19 A From here, we need to get into Shikara.. ..that will sail us across to our houseboat Their system is that.. Especially, for those staying in houseboats If we come before 7:00 PM they take Rs. 100/- charge But, if you come later on, Rate proportionally increases Rs. 100/- per hour Now, I've just noticed..

Rafiq Barbeque is written in front We'll eat something over there Tell us what all chutneys you have.. This is walnut chutney It is made of walnut-cum-almond It is prepared in curd Carrot, radish, green chili, coriander, ..mint, cumin powder.. ..and walnut kernel are added Walnut, almond, carrot, curd ..And radish Green coriander is added So many ingredients are added in it Yes, sir, that's why it tastes so different Ok ! It is mix-veg pickle It's carrot, radish, saag, onion pickle.. It is mix-veg pickle Ok It's wholesome onion chutney It's also prepared in curd Cucumber, carrot, radish, coriander, mint ..are added to make this one Cucumber is mixed additionally into it Why is radish used often in chutneys here? It's a new thing for us Radish? This radish chutney made in curd.. ..is quite uncommon elsewhere Yes, sir, you won't find it elsewhere They are made available here only The flavour they offer is amazing.. Yes, I'd already tasted them They offer very good taste Sir, have this Chicken Tikka This is Chicken Tikka for you We also call it "Tujj" Which spice have you sprinkled over it? It is Chaat Masala Keep it light We also add Amul Butter Light quantity You taste it, by the time, I'll heat "Lavasa" for you By that time, you taste it Taste is very good and..

The spice poured with lemon.. ..has made it tastier. Lovely ! After finishing it, we'll go to our houseboat on a shikara There, we need to have our dinner Brother Hussain, you're about to show.. ..the picture in which you're playing ..cricket on the Dal Lake See, the temperature then was -8.4*C ..after 25 years Look at this Bat-bowl is going on We're playing cricket at that time Sir, this is the same lake ..which is right behind you now Nice Tell me one more thing It's about to 8:30 PM "Hop On, Hop Off" bus is still running Yes, you can get it till 10:00 PM Sir, how did you like our bus? Which bus? This one? We've not yet travelled on it I'd seen you Ok, I'm yet to travel on this bus There're only 2 such buses across J&K What ! Yes Two buses only across J&K Ok Both are under my patronage Say, we want to travel now What is its timing? Where will we get the ticket from? It starts from 5:00 PM evening Ok, 5:00 PM in evening Where to get the tickets.. In the coming 2-3 days, bus will start from 10:00 AM.. ..due to the festival of EID. Otherwise, it starts at 5:00 PM till 2:00 AM 2:00 AM till night? Where do I get the ticket for this? Ticket are given in the bus only Online also Rs. 100/- per person

Hello, hi.. Sir, come on the bus Not now, as we're leaving.. Ok, nice meeting you, thank you My subscribers stood on the top deck Look at this Hanging from the rooftop of the hotel This photo was taken in Gulmarg Nice Very nice It is looking stunning Ok, tell me one thing Just as we saw the bus Now, I'm feeling like getting on it Ok, sir So, We're just coming in a second At what intervals does this bus travel to & fro? Sir, this bus starts from here and goes till Nishat Garden.

Then, it returns to Dal Lake This is its route At what intervals? It comes after about 15-30 minutes Means, it goes past every 15-20 minutes We can get on it from any station Yes, you can Lovely Brother, with whom we'll go there I'll go with you besides brother Shabir We'll drop you Ok, nice Yes, we've got our bookings done --Hearty Laughter-- Very nice In the dinner served in our houseboat.. "Dum Aloo" I'm too excited for this thing Where is Nadru? Here is Nadru (Lotus Stem) It's been cooked in the lentil It's a unique cooking style Before today, I've eaten Dum Aloo of restaurant type It's home-like style After being boiled, potatoes are then.. ..fried to make "Dum Aloo" This is what I've seen here These potatoes haven't been fried here It's simple taste ..and it's nice We call this Bhei, Preparation is good Just as I told you it's homely taste It's nice we got houseboat experience for 1 day Let me tell you about tomorrow's program We'll be here for 2-3 hours tomorrow morning We'll visit Chashme Shahi We'll go to Pari Mahal Then, we'll go to Yousmarg Yesterday, I was planning to visit "Tosamaidan" But, we came to know.. ..there's snow at that place So, what we want to see there..

we won't be able to see that and second thing is.. To reach that exact point, we'll need to walk over snow for 2-2.5 KMs It's better to leave Tosamaidan.. ..for my future visit And, rather, I'll go to Yousmarg tomorrow We'll return by tomorrow itself By tomorrow afternoon, in case, then we learn the way to.. ..Gurez is open So, we'll go to Gurez day after tomorrow Otherwise, day after tomorrow, We'll go to Gulmarg This way, I've 1-2 options in my mind ..for the next 2 days Right ! Our journey is left only with 2-3 days now We're enjoying our Kashmir travel a lot As of now, I bid bye to all of you We'll see you all again soon Till then.. Thanks For Your Time !

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