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foreign spectacular morning chilly though I am chilled [Music] [Music] [Music] all right [Music] another sleepy little town Myers plot had an end a campground that doesn't accept the tents and a nice grocery store and coffee shop in case anybody comes through here and I'm back on the Avenue of the Giants beautiful morning got five miles in me already and uh fuel it just goes on like this for miles giant giant trees everywhere coming into Miranda I'm about 10 miles in we're out to eat here maybe some fruit sounds good I'm here with Ben and Linda they're from the Netherlands that they've been on the road for two and a half years almost and I'll let you hear from them what they've been doing because it's absolutely crazy and later I'll give the shout out to their website and their Instagram which is superb from what I just saw recycled from the Netherlands to Greece which started June 15 2020. then we wanted to go East but due to go with the borders were closed so then we decided to go north we cycled from Greece all the way to North Gap in Norway then we went back to them along the Norwegian Coastline Sweden Denmark we visited Hamburg and Berlin and Germany then we cycled to the UK took a ship from Southampton to New York psyched up the East Coast that Canada Costa Canada coast to coast and now we're on our way to Mexico for a longer break and then we continue to Patagonia so as long as we stay healthy we are cycling so really nice to meet you guys and a you're inspirational for sure for a lot of people I'm sure and for me too I just love meeting people like you guys bye Linda Here Comes Ben how do you go bye man wow two and a half years on the road she had all these flags of all the countries that have been on I was impressed I don't know that I could do two and a half years on the road like that but there's never been a time where I finished the tour where I wasn't wanting to keep going all right back on the freeway I think for the rest of the day or at least to Leggett that's the end of the Redwood Forest Avenue of Giants spectacular time on the drop off to the river and there's a bald eagle right below in here right through Those portions yeah steady climb on 101. weather is outstanding Blue Skies temperatures warming up but still cool and smooth that was a good one next came off that last pass and dropped right into the next one I'm on number two right here foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] 101 turned into a regular Road here going through the trees again there's no shoulder whatsoever the road's really shaded and the sun is beaming through here and there which makes you as a driver in a car because of the windshield getting flared out makes it difficult to see so I'm going to have this shirt on and I'm going to be really careful keeping an eye on my rear view mirror and getting out of the way when I have to all right I'm off of 101 for a little while on an alternate road let's see what it has I like it so far very nice quiet jump back on 101 I was kind of enjoying it a little bit more than the Side Road there today's uh it's been a climbing day surprisingly so I thought it was going to be less but either way I'm not gonna keep going past Leggett which is another six miles away if you hear that creaking that's my seat I need to lubricate joints that it has oh freaky seat fixed I think pretty sure good dry and then uh every like 2 000 miles or so I'll have to lube it up [Music] well that's a big one whoa One Last Hill almost there holy smokes today was a climbing day for sure I've been climbing all day I just made it to this Campground and there's hardly anybody here two cyclist ladies back behind me and it's gorgeous as the Eel River is down there and there's a huge drop off I don't know where I'm going to Camp yet I'm a little early but I couldn't keep going there's nothing I had legit doesn't have anything the actual town and from here I can reach other campgrounds on the coast so it's perfect time to stop and man that was a lot of climbing I was uh seriously sore on my legs I don't know if because of the left brake pad touching the disc and applying some resistance there I'm hoping that it happened later in the day and not earlier I was feeling some resistance on my climbs and I stopped to check if my wheels were free spinning and my front was snagging some on the brake my left brake pad was rubbing what a gorgeous gorgeous section that I just rode today and it makes me think about it because I drove it about two weeks ago and it totally seems like a different place being on a bicycle unless that's like a testament to how amazing bicycle touring is and cycling places where you can stop and see all around you at a slower speed and instead of having to keep up with traffic flow and maintaining focus on the road going as fast as you need to go to stay safe on a freeway in a car or a truck or whatever blah blah anyways I'm gonna camp out and try to do a better job of setting up this Enon tent that I'm kind of liking more and more every time I use it I have a good idea about how to do it now and I think I I'll get it better today [Music] everything good yeah how was your day it was good yeah it was tough yeah it was tough a lot of climbing yeah exact and tomorrow Leggett Hill tomorrow I go on one to the coast yeah exactly so it's like it Hills day I don't I don't know yeah oh you see it you see it on the map I read the book about it it's not that a big deal it's just another Another Hill we gotta climb another day another Hill yeah your name's Ariane yeah exactly yeah the other Redwood forest section was amazing yeah are really in all the mountains it's just wow breathtaking are you French um French Canadian Oh Yeah from where sorry from where from Montreal from Montreal yeah exactly that does the weird accent there was a girl from uh Ontario Sophia yeah we met her yeah she had some issues with her ankle oh yeah I saw um it was like pretty big wasn't it she had a her tired like she had an issue with her rear axle and the tire was rubbing on the frame and it was causing her a lot of pain yeah I had this problem too but not with my food I don't know I'm sure she's okay and uh I think she took a couple of days off yeah but she's still she's still texting so she seems like in good spirits she said uh something like it's all about a mindset I was like okay yeah if you say so yeah so we're gonna be eating and uh it yeah I'll see you guys throughout yeah you're taking one tomorrow yeah yeah you're taking one to the coast yeah exactly exactly all right yeah I'll see you tomorrow yeah yeah all right have a great night have a great night well that's pretty much it it's a tiny little tent but it's kind of cool and I'm now looking forward to getting in there and cozying up in this little cocoon and passing out it's uh I don't know why but I kind of like it it's been raining for about five hours since like 2 a.m till seven now it's a little bit of condensation inside but on the wall here but very little and manageable it's almost 9 A.M and it's still going strong out there but I see on the radar that it's gonna stop before 11 or so foreign I managed to pack it up and get going the tent's a mess a lot of water was going around it and dirt so it's nasty a lot of trees down it was quite the storm I'm gonna go get some coffee and uh get on the road keep riding hello [Music] back to it nice cup of coffee they had really good breakfast burritos they're full of potatoes that should be helpful today just gonna keep heading south here all right let's see what we got in just a few miles I should be getting off 101 for good or so I think and getting on one which is uh heading to the coast again once I get to the coast should be a speedy descent into San Francisco even though it'll be hilly but it should have the wind on my back which has been nice on this tour compared to the others have done that's where I'm headed one Taurus Fort Brag let's see what that's all gonna be about a little bit of climbing to get the day going but I knew that it's about over 2000 feet of climbing to close to 3 000 of descent to the coast beautiful views nice cool weather and I see Blue Skies coming out it's not a bunch of little climbs and drops at least one very good one starting right off the bat kind of like it just keeps going beautiful just gorgeous and steady it's a pass of some sort there's so much moisture in there I'm sweating I'm totally soaked right now the gray teasing off a little bit nice reprieve from that heavy grade first two and a half miles I was wrong the climbing continues this looks like the top it's about a Four mile hike up legit beautiful wow awesome that was a spectacular where to spend the morning the scenery is outrageous you can see plumes of fog and moisture coming out of the trees as if as if it was a fire there but it's not it's just moisturizing with the sun heating up unless it's peeking through the clouds I'm soaked inside between the moisture and the air and me sweating coming up that pass is uh I'm just like a ball of sweat and wetness I have no option but to seal it all up in there and keep the temperature up just real soft undulations on the road I'm trying to keep pedaling so I stay warm and not lose my body temp there's hardly any cars going by and absolutely gorgeous pretty amazing that was insane this has definitely become the best stretch of cycling I've done on this tour and it's the day I go over a thousand miles it's a welcome for sure it's so beautiful just a winding roads forever it's as if on an endless downhill there's three thousand feet of descent to 2 000 feet of climate so it's definitely I'm being real careful because it's wet and there's this Clay on the turns every once in a and every other turn or so so I'm uh careful not to slide on that and there is traffic but they're going slow seemingly uh harmless you guys seeing this unbelievable it's one of the most beautiful drops I've ever done ever this gorgeous gorgeous and it just keeps going it's like a never-ending downhill absolutely phenomenal yes unreal what a morning thank you California it never ends just keeps going it's like the opposite of climbing where you just keep looking up and it just keeps going up and up but it's a downhill that never ever ends where's Bigfoot remember to see him a couple of days ago I met these two girls is uh Gabrielle and Ariane they're from Ontario right no Quebec Quebec whoa don't make that mistake again she felt like it the the road's so wet yeah played it to you Aryan saw a bird coming in my direction she went on to me and I fell underground and then break the other hand that's not the way the handlebars are [Laughter] you you guys don't have fun huh always I'm hoping Gabrielle is exaggerating but it doesn't look safe I'm gonna stay behind them and I don't know probably put my red vest on look I'll stay behind you guys for a while just stay stay on the right side yeah we're gonna try it but hopefully there's not a big hill but at least she's if she's moving forwards that's that's a good sign how's it feeling great I mean I can move it and I can change my speed so is that a good sign I think I'm wearing my red shirt and trying to get in the traffic way so we can slow them down she's swerving quite a bit but I mean that's a good hill we should be close to the summit here this hill does not stop it's not as short as I was told it was and Gabrielle's kicking but though you see her left arm she's she's all good brave people they are telling us that we are here to Brave let's see if Gabrielle can make it without falling again scary the time go slow good job everybody thank you foreign back on the coast should be pretty phenomenal if this uh front is like it looks like it is it should be a northwest wind giving us a Tailwind down the coast of San Francisco which is only less than 200 miles away [Music] how trippy to come out of the forest like that and have this kind of scenario going on beautiful and I think it's the first time ever that I'm hanging out with a bunch of cyclists I got Ben and Linda here come on guys hey Tailwind awesome what an amazing Saturdays redwood forest this morning outstanding Tailwind sunny skies perfect temperatures beautiful scenery such a drastic change from being in the trees to being out here in the open air checking out the Pacific Ocean wow what a spectacular Unforgettable moment and day you just write yourself right into these moments and it's just overwhelming to me and that's what draws me to keep coming out here on my wheels here looking for these amazing moments Plus all the other ones all right let's see if we can uh pay attention absorb every little bit of it impossible to cycle through here without stopping the colors looking towards the north are so vibrant it's very impressive a few short-lit climbs and uh back through it downhill right here coming up awesome insane what a day huge drops but also huge climbs too very high grade I'm speechless just climbing and dropping I dropped loving it absolutely loving it my legs are sore been doing a lot of climbing today but I'm very enthusiastic to keep doing it on Real views of the coast here I am completely blown away by this so Grand it's like a Grand Canyon kind of sort of feeling when you see it's just insane how powerful this whole thing looks coming into cleoni about a 40 plus mile day but a lot of climbing it was a superb there's a campground here but I need groceries so I'll have to find some grocery store around here if there is one all right it's just me with my orange really cool I don't have the propane bottle area please you're gonna milk you're gonna milk that forever milk milk means like a milk in a cow yeah you're gonna milk her I'm gonna like it's a thing it's an American scent you're milking the situation you hurt your shoulders milk all the years doing all my Gap here that's a weird expression I don't like it I don't want to eat it you heard it before Oh first time no but you got it but I love that yeah we learned what recently you know um eggs Eng Zing Crossing it's Crossing but we didn't go before and we were like the star chips and the Star Wars Gabrielle and Ariane are leaving right now see you guys you can remove some sounds there's like a video isolation but that might be pretty sure we started in Vancouver BC I guess like everyone everyone does the same same trip pretty much so Vancouver BC is San Diego so coffee goes in there there's a filter in there and you add your water press it with the kind of pump I would say that I use that at home too so we've been going with the with the slope of being just going with the general idea of going south our top ranking ID would be to do as less bike as possible it's like going slow visiting places I'm uh leaving this Campground after a great night hanging out with fellow bicycle touring people Oliver and mod from Quebec and Gabrielle and Ariane [Music] big circuit bigger than I've seen in most places [Music] thank you always trust your eyes don't trust anything not even lights no lights no stop signs no people trust your eyeballs and that's it I'm out of four brag heading to Mendocino hopefully uh the end of the day I can reach Manchester which is not that far and and the plan just cruising on down on one stretch out of Fort Bragg is really really nice riding here more traffic than before but not too bad either [Applause] foreign [Music] quite a bit feels good my legs are getting stronger every day makes me miss being three months on the road and how strong you feel then running across the Albion River there's climbing to be done but it's all pretty smooth [Music] these views of the coastline do not get old at all they're just amazing so beautiful that big drop all it means is I gotta go gain the altitude again and here it goes [Music] off we go again up and down this West Coast is hilly if you like climbing at all it's just a blast you're downhilling a lot and this stretch after one hits the coastline behind me from Leggett this just smooth ups and downs that are not long lived I hear after San Francisco it eases off but once it does I'm gonna miss it because it's been just a hoot to climb and drop constantly never-ending Sublime scenery here what a day ridiculous What a Beautiful Day unbelievable check out these views it's like Non-Stop made it to the town of elk I hope I can get some food here I'm really hungry it's like one o'clock drop climb drop climb but I'm fed now it feels really really good so I don't have a lot of time for today with maybe 12 months to go that's a big drop scary huh it's right next to the road you look down it's a creepy no way I was gonna cut that one tight I was like 90 degrees monster Clark I feel like I was one of those places that I've never been before oh and there's more the girl at the store their Elk Store told me that it was one massive climb it cannot be any other than that one and then it was smooth sailing to Manchester made it to Manchester State Park 44 or 45 miles 45 miles not an easy day again but fun real real fun I don't know what it is about this tent but I'm really enjoying it it's beyond any expectations I had I really thought I was gonna be not so into it because it's so small but I sleep really good in it super easy to set up and it's ready to go it's just soaked from last night it needs to dry up so I can put all my stuff in there and then the other thing that's going on is that this Manchester State Park campground is closed there's not a single person in here and the gates were locking it up have nowhere else to go I'm hoping I don't get kicked out but it's possible if our Ranger comes they might just tell me to leave but I really don't have anywhere else to go south is forever so I'm gonna take my chances it's only four o'clock 45 mile a day you guys saw it it was spectacular it was so weird to go from forest on one at a Leggett and then show up at the coastline and then just be here two days just cruising along the uh to the Pacific coast and before that the redwood forest and before that war again this specific bicycle route is definitely worth doing but it's not easy it takes a lot of effort you gotta like really crank up those Hills which is fun because you're always dropping too you got these amazing downhills the legit to Coast stretch on the North End of U.S Route 1.

that was absolutely crazy beautiful

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