Ep 4 BTS Jabalpur to Delhi | Bhedaghat | Dhuandhar Waterfall | Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Ep 4 BTS Jabalpur to Delhi | Bhedaghat | Dhuandhar Waterfall | Madhya Pradesh Tourism

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Hello Friends ! Welcome to Harish Bali Travels Right now, 20 KMs far from Jabalpur, we've come to do boating on Narmada river This place goes by the name of Panchvati Panchvati is on one side of Bhedaghat And Dhuandhar is at 2 KMs distance from here So, as its name is Dhuandhar Just imagine what kind of place it'll be.. After a while, we'll go there too We're starting our day with boating Boats are anchored in our front Of them, we've taken ticket for private boat We've paid Rs. 800/- for that boat If somebody wants to go on sharing basis, then Rs. 100/- is the charge per person 5 minutes ago, one sharing boat left the shore Are you seeing that in the front? Around 12-15 people sat together in it That boat is being rowed with oars They sail you across the river for 30-35 minutes.. ..before dropping you back at the shore Brother Raja, Where's your boat? Here it is; boat number 20 Come..

Somebody told us, that here.. ..guide is made available in every boat Yes ! Are you a guide or a boatman? Sir, I'm both Besides being a guide, I also row a boat Are you able to row it alone? No, sir, two more people are with me 3 people Yes, sir, 3 people row it. Its depth is 80 feet At this point, water is 80 feet deep Yes As it'll rain here now..

..water level must rise then Yes During rainy season... ..all these hills you're seeing now.. ..get submerged Bhedaghat is an island Hmmm... Bridge and everything get submerged Apart from human settlement, nothing is saved Does boating stop at that time? Yes, sir, boating gets stopped then It closes from 15th June onwards... It resumes in the month of October On 15th October Well, there's one thing Initially, as we're coming here.. I was feeling like, since, it's 9:00 AM.. ..so sun will shine over our head How would we enjoy our boating? But, now, as we've come here..

We're not at all feeling the heat I'm telling you honestly One reason is; it's covered from above And, second thing is.. In comparison to hot air blowing outside, here it's quite different There's coolness quotient in the breeze here Yes Immensely beautiful Sir, it's Narmada River It rises, 250 KMs away from here,.. ..at the place by the name of "Amarkantak" This river is unmarried ..and said to be daughter of Lord Shankar This river doesn't meet with any other river It drains into Arabian Sea Sir, it flows in the reverse direction From east to west One more river rises alongside it.. ..from Multai, Gujarat, named Tapti Hmmm It's one of the most globally renowned rivers It is deemed more pious than Ganga By taking holy dip in Ganga river... By meditating on the name of Narmada river.. By taking holy name of Tapti, Salvation is attained The water you're seeing right now..

By sprinkling it all around one's home.. ..will drive away negative energy And this is potable water It's been kept crystal clear and clean This water looks green This water is clean when carried in hands This water is excellent for drinking To complete circumambulation of this river.. ..it takes around 3 years, 3 months, 13 days Does circumambulation begin from Amarkantak? Yes, sir, it begins from Amarkantak.. ..and loops all around the wharf.. ..along the river Narmada before ending at Amarkantak only There's one more significance of this river It's globally known that.. Shiv Linga found at this place keeps on ..

..gaining height Look at the Shiv Linga on this front island It gains height on Maha-Shivratri It's been sanctified after taking out from river That's why it's called "Narmadeshwar" Brother Raja, how long have you.. .. been hiring out boats? Sir, it's been around 5-6 years ..ever since I started hiring out boats Now, Bhedaghat has become quite famous yes, sir Bhedaghat is quite famous Well, these islands appearing periodically.. ..these big rocks.. Do you know something about them? Yes, sir You'll get to see colour in these islands.. Just as you're seeing this island It is of light color Beyond this, you'll see islands of..

.. yellow and black colour. River Narmada charted its own course.. ..by breaking through hearts of mountains So, you'll also get to see some statues ahead Around 30-35 years, same marbles were.. ..used in making statues. Then, this was banned because..

..these all are part of natural beauty Had the same practice continued, no marble would have been left here. Is all this marble? Yes, sir, it's total marble. All what we're seeing on our left & right.. It's all marble This is the beauty people come to behold here Yes, sir.. Excellent Well, there's one more thing..

If we sail across in a motor boat, then, it'd not be that fun Sir, in the case of motor boat.. Actually, this is drinkable water.. Oil spilling from the motorboat spoils..

..natural marble & fouls water. They exist in their natural forms Which you can easily feel & behold and information I'm sharing now mightn't.. ..be shared by me then. Beautiful ! Well, we're still enjoying boating here What are best months to visit here? Sir, starting of October is best to come here That time, water subsides and.. ..marble gets very clean They shine at that time Sir, boating is done here in moonlight as well When Durga pooja comes..

..after that, Sharad Purnima comes.. It happens once a year for five days.. That time, there's lot of reflection off the marble ..that makes a pleasant spectacle here There's a lot of crowd then How long does it last? It lasts for 5 days What are its timings? From 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Night) Lot of people must be coming to see Lot of people..sir.. Even, orchestra is organised here on marble Ok Sir, see over there.. Atop this mountain lies the cave of sage Jabali.. Jabalpur is named after this sage's name Which side? On our left hand side And, this Shiv Linga you're seeing.. It's 350 years old Shiv Linga Where? That white Shiv Linga you're seeing in front That one, above..

Yes It's 350 years old Shiv Linga.. ..established by queen of Indore.. "Ahilya Bai Holkar" She was ardent devotee of Narmada river It's already been 20 minutes into our sailing.. ..and in the last 20 minutes.. we haven't seen such a beautiful island like this My heart got pleased seeing it Extremely beautiful Tell me about the dots in this stone Sir, actually, when flood comes.. Soft marble gets chipped away..

..due to the force of the water. While coming here, you must have seen.. ..saleable marble in the markets Yes, yes ..into which names are engraved for Rs. 10/- That is a soft marble Ok Yes At what morning time do you start the boating? At 6:00 AM (Morning) And, in the evening? After performing the "Aarti" of Narmada river.. ..at 6:30 PM, boating is stopped then. The best fun part of this boat ride is that.. ..you get to see these marbles so closely Can we steer the boat by the side? What a wonder of Mother Nature it is..

On our both left & right side lie.. ..marble rock ..that too.. ..are towering in size and scale And, Narmada river between them ..on which we're doing boating Those people have sailed further ahead Yes Say, someone wants to sail more than.. ..the specified time, so you take extra.. ..charge from them for that. Yes Oh, wow..have we reached? What a view ! As, marble is of dark colour over there.. And, we've just seen stark white marble behind White, yellow, pink, grey..

sky blue You'll get to see such shades of marble Earlier, we're not feeling it but.. ..water's flow is quite strong Look at this It seems to be silent on the surface But, it's current below the surface It is visible from here Oh.. Well, we're just talking about marble.. We're seeing marble in the water Yes Had your boat gone by that side, it'd have collided with it Yes, sir.. You must be striving less in returning..

Yes, now, we're sailing with the flow It's a maze There're three cutting and one way It's a natural maze Guess, which way our boat will turn.. Left or right.. Right answer will get you bumper prize Look, here, one movie was shot Pran Jaye Per Vachan Na Jaye Artists were Sunil Dutt, Rekha, Premnath Sunil Dutt had beaten Premnath He broke his bones and therefore.. ..a crater was formed here Sunil Dutt broke Premnath's bones This is Rest House of PWD Old movie, "Khoon Bhari Maang" was shot here ..with star cast, Kabir Bedi & Rekha Horse remained tied above. Actor Rekha was pushed from top That crocodile scene had happened here Sir, bridge is being built across the river It is called Saraswati Ghat Where? That front Ghat..

..which is visible on my right hand side It's Saraswati Ghat The circumambulation of the river.. ..people stop at that point, because.. ..river is never crossed ..in other words, bridge won't be crossed Bhedaghat fairs are also held here MPT (Madhya Pradesh Tourism) organises.. ..river rafting. It is of 2 to 2.3 hours duration. One category of rafting is of Rs. 2500/-

Other category of rafting is of Rs. 3500/- From where to where do they take us in rafting? Are you seeing that slope made over there? From here, they travel you to lower ghat on a raft Then, they show you round Brother Raja, we really enjoyed your company One, our sailing was great in itself.. ..and second was your commentary Very nice Do visit next time Our boat's name is Kaveri Kaveri? Right.. Thank you My boating experience at Bhedaghat It was amazing.. We've not had our breakfast yet Let's have our breakfast Let's ask him Brother, we want to get breakfast Tell us about good place It's MPT (Madhya Pradesh Tourism) ..cafeteria. Where is it? Sir, over that side..

Shall we go this way? Madhya Pradesh Tourism Yes, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Bye-bye After coming to MPT resort, I've ordered Poori-Bhaji for myself When I came up from the lift.. I went to MPT cafe Over there, I came to know that.. You can go 100 metres ahead..

..to have your breakfast in MPT. So, I thought, let's go ahead So, we walked up to this place The speciality of this place I'm finding is that.. ..because I'm not eating inside the restaurant I'm having my breakfast outside The special aspect in this place.. ..view in the front is very pleasant Narmada river & marble that we saw..

..from close quarters We're getting their aerial view from here Nice Bhaji tastes average Poori is edible After having our breakfast, we'll go 1 KM further from here There's a point called "Dhuandhar Falls" We'll visit that point Thereon, we'll go to the place.... ..where we've organized our meet-up Our meet-up time is 12:30 PM ..and.. It's already 10:45 AM To reach Dhuandhar Waterfall, it's the entry point with Rs.200/- charge After paying Rs.200/-, our car can.. ..reach up to the point. If we want to go by walking, it takes around 15-20 minutes. Right now, it's sunny so car is better It hardly took us 10 minutes now, we've reached Dhuandhar Waterfall Right ! People here are enjoying a lot They're bathing in the water What a scene ! Wow ! Immensely beautiful Immensely beautiful Look at the flow of the water Monsoon hasn't arrived yet even then this is the flow of water At Dhuandhar, we're beholding this..

..spectacle from one side. Though, maximum tourists standing over there From there, you'll get very close to Dhuandhar Come.. Let's take a round from here to reach there Oh, wow ! What a scene ! Terrific My heart got pleased Look at the colour of the water here It's dark green as I'd told you Over there, water is colliding with rocks.. that, as a result, erupting waves.

Here, Water is falling down the entire line It is said as water collides with rocks.. ..green colour gets less visible then ..and white colour is prominently visible My heart got pleased What a beautiful place ! I'm so happy Today, I can't tell you.. How much pleasure I'm deriving after..

..beholding the beauty of this place. Most important thing is you know what.. It's last week of May Sun is over our head Just understand, it's very hot in Jabalpur Despite being exposed to such a warm weather, people are enjoying here. It doesn't feel so hot standing here Its obvious reason behind it is that..

..you're close to the river. And, at this point, where I'm standing.. Even water sprays are being felt on the face Let's go over there in front side While standing over there, water sprays were being felt on the face ..and we're too close to the water Now, we're standing in the distance Means, we're at a distance of 50-60 metres, from the fall forming in our front. And, from this point, we're getting entire beautiful view of the fall Initially, I was thinking from there, By ropeway, I'd go from .. ..Old Bhedaghat to New Bhedaghat Had we went by ropeway, we'd have..

..crossed the river and .. ..got aerial view of the rocks. Basically, we'd got aerial view of marble rocks And, then we'd reached over there Some work is going on in the ropeway.. ..ropeway is closed today. For that reason, we can't go Amazing ! You, yourself, see how this place is.. And such locations in India.. I won't say there's no one like this.. but, they are very limited in number. Where you're seeing waterfall too closely And, that too at such a time, when..

..monsoon hasn't started yet. As the monsoon starts, and later as September-October months come.. what would it be like here then? That's why this place is called.. "Dhuandhar" What a place ! Immensely beautiful We'll stay here for 5-7 minutes Let's click a few photographs Then, we'll go towards city It'll take us 45 minutes to reach the city Now, time is 11:40 AM So, if we leave at around 11:45-11:50 AM Our meet-up is at 12:30 PM We'll reach on time Lovely ! My focus is to visit those states, where I've never been to thus far For example, I've never been to Jharkhand.. ..Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram Because, I've seen, you get a lot of insight from visiting.. ..those places where you've never been to ..especially about that particular state. When are you going to Andaman? We may go to Andaman in November-December Andaman has history attached to it It's history and is home to many islands.. Yes. I've not been there, but, I've heard..

..from people it's good experience over there Have you been there? Yes Nice Sir, the detailed way in which .. ..you cover the places.. nobody else does in the same effective way Actually, I tend to do a lot of research ..from my side. Sometimes I do so much research that.. If somebody sees me, there's one word in English "Overdoing it.." For example, it's a coffee I feel like serving it.. So, I turned the glass this way Then, I feel, customer mightn't be able.. ..to read "Indian Coffee" Our brand's getting hidden.

So, I'll turn it round a little more because, I'm in service sector and I want.. ..the customer to read entire "Indian Coffee" Then I feel straw isn't visible So, I'll do move it that way Means, I overdo my own work This is the real reason that my itinerary.. ..gets hijacked too much. Because I keep revalidating same information Thank you so much once again You took time to come here ..in afternoon on a working day. This is so sweet of you Ok, very nice Thank you so much once again Within next 1 minute, we'll leave from here Thanks ! So sweet of you all.. It's 2:15 PM now It'll take us 15-20 minutes to reach airport Earlier, I was planning that.. ..I'd leave by 1:30 PM for airport Because, flight is at 4:00 PM If I leave at 1:30 PM, then I'll reach airport by 2:00 PM To reach 2 hours early is a decent & safe margin Person should reach on time But, how much late will we get? Almost 40 minutes.

For our flight at 4:00 PM, we'll reach by 2:40 PM We'd have tension, if it's Delhi like airport Here, there won't be such an issue. Right.. Our meet-up went quite well We met with our subscribers All of them said that..

..my Jabalpur's visit was quite touch-and-go Then, I told them that.. You're right in your opinion Earlier, I had just planned that I would. ..make a visit to Jabalpur from exit point of view As I was required to end .. ..my journey from Bandhavgarh So, the nearest airport was Jabalpur I'd come to Jabalpur to have my meet-up ..and would return to Delhi. Then, I told them to take it this way that.. ..I'd not made a visit to Jabalpur yet I'll plan visiting Jabalpur next time Now, I've got an idea.. I need to plan in October month Rest, I'm enjoying this journey a lot In fact, it's last day of our journey Let's reach airport now I forgot to get my boarding in hurry It's a general practice that..

I get the boarding done 2 days before ..that couldn't happen through my travel No problem Now, we'll do this after reaching the airport Next time, as I come to Bandhavgarh.. We will meet you again and.. ..drive slowly Yes sir.. Right..

Very nice From Jabalpur, as of now, I've reached at.. ..Terminal-1, Delhi Airport I'm standing outside the airport now Do tell me how today's episode was. The morning time we spent in Bhedaghat.. ..is something I can't forget for life I really enjoyed that time a lot I'll plan a re-visit to Jabalpur..

..to explore this place in detail. I'll try to come again in month of October We started this journey from Chattisgarh Then you saw we went to Madhya Pradesh Wild Life Safari We ended our journey in Jabalpur How this series of 3-4 episodes was like .. Do comment us to tell For future, I'm thinking.. ..to plan my tour to Ladakh Right ! As of now, I bid bye to all of you We'll see you again very soon Thanks for your time !

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