Ep 3 BTS Bandhavgarh to Maa Sharda Mata mandir Maihar to Jabalpur | Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Ep 3 BTS Bandhavgarh to Maa Sharda Mata mandir Maihar to Jabalpur | Madhya Pradesh Tourism

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Hello Friends ! Welcome to Harish Bali Travels At the moment, we're at Bandhavgarh We reached Bandhavgarh last night We took our accommodation in MPT Madhya Pradesh Tourism has a large resort here Reception is in the front As of now, it's 5:20 AM morning We're ready to go on a safari Brother Raju is with us Sir, Namaste Namaste, brother Raju.. Gypsy is also ready Brother Raju, you've come Are we in Tala Zone right now? We're just next to Tala Zone Last night also, I'd seen that.. MPT's resort and Tala Zone's entry gate.. ..are located next to each other ..hardly at a distance of 300 metres Khitouli Core Zone is at a distance of 6 KMs We're going to visit that place There's another core zone here..

..called as Magdhi Have I said right? Yes Magdhi is at a distance of 6.5 KMs from here ..located in a different direction Buffer Zone here is different We're going on a safari in core zone Khitouli Where's our guide? We'll get our guide at ticket counter only Ok Did you talk to him? Yes, I've talked to him Fantastic ! So, we'd go now Yes, let's go Come You sit, I'll sit also Darbari Ji, it's good that we met you What's your full name? My name is Darbari Lal Prajapati Ok Will we go from here? Yes, we'll go from gate number 3 Ok, let's go How long have you been working in forest? I've been working here since 2000 It's been so many years You've been working as guide for 22 years Yes, sir Are you a native of this place? Yes, sir, I'm from here only At a distance of 12-13 KMs from here.. ..is a Bambera village deep in the forest.. Yes..yes.. I belong to that village Very good ! Hello, brother, tell us something..

..about that owl sitting over there Sir, it's Brown Fish Owl Look at its colour, it's all brown It mostly feeds on fish Fish, frog..you usually get in colder areas Like by the waterfalls, At the moment, this owl has a baby with it It's getting its baby to make movement Hmm Giving them flight training Great, let's move on.. Peafowl has fanned out its feathers How beautiful it's looking ! What a scene ! It's been half an hour into our safari.. We're slowly advancing Wild Boar is in front of you & us as well..

As you can figure out, teeth are protruding from its sides This is the prime feature in the wild boar From this, you can recognize it.. ..that it is wild boar You won't see such feature in domestic boar You're saying it right Sir, it is Spotted Deer Male deer has horns on them Remaining are female deer They all have come to drink water from the pond Do they move in group? Yes They've a group of 25-30 deer Does it give birth once or twice a year? Sir, it gives birth twice a year. Sometimes, they give birth twice or.. ..and sometimes single. Whatever animals are found here..

those are dependent on them only They keep the whole park going Sir, these are the pugmarks of a tiger ..marking its coming & returning It looks like tiger has passed.. .. from here some moments ago We'll wait for 5-10 minutes And then, we'll leave from here We're waiting for a tiger by a pond Is there any chance? Yes, as the sun rises.. Tiger, having felt the heat, wherever it'd be.. ..it'd return to this water To do rest all day, this place is best for it 4-5 gypsies are stationed here All these gypsies are awaiting the tiger There're lot of bamboo trees at this place Yes Bamboo trees are all around us As you know, in our Bandhavgarh, 70% of trees are Sal and Bamboo All these green leaves you're seeing.. ..these all are of Sal trees Are these all the Sal Trees behind us? I've been seeing Sal for long time Sal and Bamboo are in abundance here That's why, wild elephants are surviving here Earlier, this place wasn't home .. ..to wild elephants. Was it? No, sir.

In 2018, wild elephants have been brought in.. ..here at M.P. from Chattisgarh Why were they brought here? The reason they're brought here is.. In Chattisgarh, movement of.. .. 4-5 elephants was spotted. From here, some field directors & experts.. ..went there, bringing them over at this place Were they spotted in Chattisgarh..

.. or in some village here? They're spotted in Chattisgarh So, officials from Chattisgarh will handle them People from there weren't aware of this Because, it's first time, they'd come to Sanjay-Dubri. They're troubling the villagers Yes, they're troubling the villagers For this reason, some experts.. .. from here went over there. They captured the elephants and.. brought them here Remaining elephants in their group.. ..reached here by tracking scent of their fellows Do they've such level of sniffing capacity? Their ability to think & sniff is very sharp The way on which those elephants were brought Their fellows reached here via same way How many wild elephants are here at present? Around 70 in number They're 50 in number when brought here In 4-5 years, their number increased In 4-5 years, their total number increased by 20 New calves were born I'm reminded of one song today "Inteha Ho Gayi, Intezaar Ki" (enough of waiting) Almost for 2.3 hours,

we went through a lot of forest area Now, we've stopped for breakfast As we're having breakfast in buffer zone.. Does safari happen here also? Yes Why is it then said that in buffer zone.. ..tiger is usually spotted? As, it generally spends more time in core Its reason is that.. After a while, cows & buffaloes in villages.. ..don't find place for grazing They're allowed in the buffer zone In Buffer Zone, as cows & cattle.. ..come here in the morning The cattle are easy food for the tiger Just as, you must have seen..

..some females are accompanied by 3-4 babies More food is needed to feed them In deer, it's not necessary, mature deer is killed.. They also have baby deer with them For instance.. ..baby deer is killed Ok So, they won't be able to.. ..feed their kids substantially. To avoid this situation, cattle (cow & buffalo) are easy food for them Easy means which can be got without effort That's why, wild animals come here That's why, all types of wild animals..

They'd hang around buffer & core zone boundary Getting a chance, they'd immediately pounce Well, what you're feeling right now.. Your clock shows 8:30 AM See, its 8:30 AM now As the sun rises further, At moment, tiger will hang around.. ..village fringes or near to Buffer Zone There's no water near to Buffer Zone To get water, they'll move into Core Zone Are there any chances today? Yes, sir... People have said that we'll have..

..high chances of tiger-spotting in Bandhavgarh If you didn't spot tiger in Bandhavgarh.. then, it's understood, it's not tiger's problem Problem is with your luck Means, chance here is high You all drive gypsy besides guiding.. Tell me 2-3 things ..as per your experience From tourists' perspective... I'll ask question from each one of you So that, you put forward your individual thought To do safari in Bandhavgarh with a thought..

..to spot a tiger, which month is best.. ..ideally for that to happen. You tell us Sir, from March to April Tell us only one best month as per you March Your answer April Because, heat rises in April Chances to spot a tiger near cold... ..water bodies increase a lot March March March-April Just as we've come in May.. May isn't as suitable as March-April May is also suitable Temperature rises so chances rise equally Ok So, all in all, March-April-May, these 3 are best months for tiger-spotting There're 3 zones Before arriving here, we're also bit confused.. Where should we get our bookings done? In Tala Zone or Khitouli Zone What's the 3rd zone? Khitouli Magdhi Zone Tala, Khitouli, Magdhi This way, 3 zones are there Everyone has this query in their mind What's your opinion in this regard? Are chances remain equal? Or, any one zone has a little more chance Chances are almost equal In some particular month, the chance.. ..of tiger spotting in some zone increases more. Sometimes, it happens that..

..in Tala Zone, tiger sighting is more ..and it's decreased in Khitouli In some other month, it happens.. tiger sighting increases in Magdhi ..and it decreased in Tala Zone At this time, in all 3 zones, i.e., in Tala, Magdhi, Khitouli; sighting is almost equal At present, Zone number 2, Magdhi has better sighting record Of 3 zones, Magdhi is on the top Best sighting is being observed there Number of tigers is relatively more there..

..in comparison to Khitouli & Tala zones We've been listening about elephants There're around 70 wild elephants here Yes What do you think? We still do have 2 hours time with us Can we have a chance? To spot an elephant if not a tiger Elephant movement isn't in Khitouli zone right now Yesterday, evening, they're seen in Tala Zone At least, 20-22 wild elephants were spotted They maybe spotted around that area 2nd group is in zone number 2; Magdhi They've also been spotted there Where has our brother Raju gone? Wild elephants aren't in Khitouli Zone Where's brother Bablu? He's not visible. Ok, no problem Brother Bablu was telling us this wild elephant.. ..is very dangerous Dangerous means.. it wreaks havoc all around No, this isn't the case actually..

Wild elephant is a very gentle animal I've seen them in person They don't cause any damage For food, they keep on destroying bamboo trees They uprooted the bamboo They also knock down feeble trees They eat bark & leaves of some trees. They never trouble gypsies We do keep a proper distance Then, wild elephants won't do anything If you take your car closer or irritate them.. Some elephants do have their calves with them They take care of their calves For their safety, they can launch an attack too They can attack vehicles as well It is a normal thing..

if you keep a proper distance, they won't say anything Very nice It's good that we chatted with you We're looking for you, brother Raju.. Shall we leave now? It's high time.. After making payment, let's go We've already given payment, we need to collect our arrear Ok, brother, thanks.. You're welcome sir...

It's nice talking to you What do you think? Follow it in this way.. over there.. I'm seeing the pump Its pug Oh, oomph ! It's great.. It's making movement I mistook it for a pump Actually, it's a tiger I thought it to be a water pump Oh, God ! It raised its head Yes We don't have zoom lens with us so that we could show it clearly From here, will it be approx. 200 meters far? Around 200 metres away 150 metres distance is sure Now, is there a chance of it to move or not? Chance is very less It will move left or right a little bit But, it'll be at the same place It won't move far now It'll move for 2-4 metres As the light falls upon it, then, it'll make movement ..otherwise, it won't Our today's program is such that.. It's 11:45 A.M.

At around 1:00 PM, we'd leave for Maihar It'd take us 2.30 to 2.45 hours to reach there Till evening, we'll stay put there If we properly visited the temple, and, if we make out we'd get free by 6:15 PM We'd leave for Jabalpur If we got too late, then.. We'll have our night's stay in Maihar We've kept our today's evening program bit open I wish you return to this place next time For sure Then, we'll see Bandhavgarh's beauty You've told me, if I want to make program.. ..next time, I'd make it in February Yes, between February & March February-March Because, at that time, we'll see..

..Mother Nature in a different form Yes, for sure, sir.. It'll be too much greenery then View will be nice Thank You ! Ok, bye.. Now, let's charge our gadgets And, having had our early lunch, We'll leave at 1:00 PM from here Ok, ji..bye-bye Our overall experience here was quite nice Staff over here is also very good The property you're seeing is quite large One canter is parked in front I've also mentioned about it in the morning They facilitate your desire.. ..if you want to do jungle safari by canter Means, if you do your booking here Later, you can make a call to them..

That, you want to go by canter If you want to go by gypsy, but it's unavailable.. Or, you want to go on jungle safari.. by canter anyway Either ways.. Brother is going to show us a nearby river Where is its way from? This way.. How far is it? It's hardly 50 metres far from here It's too close then Yes ! Which river does Charan Ganga after ..

..flowing down merge with? This river merges into Son river Do you know where they merge? Ok Well, water is very clear Yes, sir, water remains clean & clear Its water never goes dry Hmmm.. It's great brother you live here You get so much fresh air Yes Urban citizens like us don't get such air Such high-quality air isn't there Very nice Let's go towards outside Then, we'll leave Thank you Let's go outside together We've reached Maa Sharda Devi Mandir, Maihar Our car has got parked here It's a huge parking space, have a look.. We need to get atop that mountain..

Temple is located over there Are you seeing that ropeway in front? That is visible in the distance By ropeway, we'll reach early Ropeway ticket: Rs. 150 per person (up & down) If we go by stairs.. Around 1050 stairs are there So, we've taken ropeway ticket Now, from here, we'll go up En route, we'll tell you the legend of this place What's the significance of this place? And, what the reason is that..

..travellers from far & wide visit this place Today is wednesday There's no vacant space in the parking This isn't the only parking There're 3-4 large parking lots here Have you taken the tickets, brother? This brother is our car's driver His name is Lallan Rs. 150 /- ? Yes Ok, good.. Where should we take off our shoes? We've got into our ropeway cabin It didn't take us much time Because, there's less crowd today As we reached the entry point, we quickly got the cable car. We've reached Maa Sharda Devi Temple The ropeway took us to the temple.. ..from a different direction Had we come by stairs, so, over there in front.. ..is the entry point via stairs. Since, we came by ropeway, Are you seeing "Darshan Marg" written there? So, while walking along the railing..

we reached stairs' point and... Right now, I'm at the backside of the temple "Jai Maa Sharda" is written in front So, this is backside of the temple... Its front entry side ..that is from over there I've gone there 5 minutes ago Right now, cleanliness drive is going in temple So, it'll take us 10-15 minutes.. ..to catch the holy sight. There're still 5 minutes left for the .. ..temple's portal to open We've met the priest outside the temple Please, tell us the significance of this temple Jai Maa Sharda Maa Sharda Devi Mandir, Maihar.. It's a Shaktipeeth There're 51 Shaktipeeths across India It is one of them Maa Sati's body parts fell all over India Upon this "Trikut Parbat" in Maihar..

..resides Maa Sharda Ji Maa Sati's throat had fallen here Owing to falling of her throat, Maa Saraswati's form Maa Sharda came here Even, name "Maihar" has its own significance Maa's garland fell here For that, place is known as Maihar Maa's both throat and garland fell here So, became Maihar & Maa Sharda If we talk about its significance, Whoever devotees comes to Maa Sharda All their choicest wishes get granted It's been seen here.. Wellness to leper, money to poor.. Child to sterile females, Such blessings are bestowed upon here People come here with varied wishes.. Maa Sharda grants each one of them Around 2000 years back, Adi Guru Shankaracharya came here Evidence of his night stay .. ..can still be found here. That proves this temple is 2000 years old And..

Thousands of devotees throng this temple.. ..to pay obeisance at Maa Sharda's feet daily Tell us one thing Alha is said to be immortal Even today, he comes here in morning Alha, himself, performs first prayer in the temple Tell us something about that As you open the temple's portal in morning.. How is it in the night? And, how it becomes in the morning? Alha & Udal were two brothers We're inhabitants of Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh Even today, behind the Maa Sharda's Trikut Hill, .. there is an "Akhada" (amphitheatre) built There's one designated place for them as well Between two of them, Alha came to..

..know about Maa Sharda Every day, he'd come here to catch.. ..holy sight of Maa Sharda In Kalyuga, it's only Alha whom.. ..Maa Sharda blessed with boon of immortality His arrival can be sensed in various ways Sometimes, in the night when the bell rang.. ..as we opened the temple's portal.. ..we found Goddess clothes to be wet Extinguished lamp was found Mysterious flower was found There's no specific time his arrival be sensed But..

His arrival is palpably sensed As we open the portal, ..it seems as if somebody has come Some mysterious things happened There've been subjective experiences.. Nobody, stays here at night But, the guards who stay here.. Even guards testified to this belief.. Sometimes, they see flames at night They couldn't figure out the reason Out of sudden, water began spurting.. ..from the pipeline at night. Bell began ringing So, when we opened temple's portal We closed it at night and..

..when we opened the portal in morning.. Some things were found out of their place Taking such events in consideration, it can be said with belief that.. Even today, Alha comes ..and worships the Maa Sharda. Very nice Portal will open within 5 minutes We'll pay obeisance at the temple Thank You Hail Goddess Sharda Ji Having got inside the temple, we caught beautiful holy sight of Maa Sharda When we'd come here, number of.. ..devotees were less here at that time. Then, I'd shown you this side.. There's not much crowd then But, in the last half an hour, Devotees are queuing up here They're slowly going up in turns Many people told me here that.. Number of devotees is very less today Well, generally, there're too many devotees here Now, we're going to Jabalpur It'll take us, at least, three & half hours..

.. to reach Jabalpur It's 7:00 PM We'll reach by 10:30 PM In case, we make a stopover en route for dinner Then, time might get 11:30 PM then Earlier, I was thinking to stay in Maihar Then, I thought, the benefit of staying.. ..in Jabalpur at night will be that.. Tomorrow, we'll get extra time in Jabalpur Besides, we've our flight at 4:00 PM tomorrow So, we need to reach Airport by 2:00 PM That will then be easy for us Otherwise, tomorrow morning, we'll need to travel for three & half hours So, staying in Jabalpur is beneficial for us Ok, now, we're leaving from here We'll go down by ropeway Our car is in the parking lot Thereon, we'll be on the way to Jabalpur Let's see where we can stop for dinner and.. ..maybe, we've our dinner in Jabalpur From Maihar, we travelled for 1.3 hours Now, we've reached Katni To have our dinner, we've stopped at Indian Coffee House There's one section down where.. ..lot of people were sitting So, I've come to the upper floor So, I thought to order soup Then, we'll think over.. what we can have in food I've ordered Mushroom Soup for myself While having my soup, I'll check..

..their menu card. Then, I'll decide.. what I should eat in my food. Though, the taste of the soup is nice.. ..but, they've put bit more salt in it No, problem..

Sometimes, it happens Now, our plan is.. We need to have our night's stay in Jabalpur Till now, I've not booked my .. ..accommodation in Jabalpur Initially, I was thinking to get it in MPT.. ..but, in the last minute, I changed my plan. ..and MPT is full This all happened at around evening Then, a thought hit my mind..

To get my accommodation near Bhedaghat That will be better option Otherwise, tomorrow, we'll go to.. ..Bhedaghat & return from there. Much of the time will go waste in that.. ..and tomorrow, my flight is at 4:00 PM I lost my time thinking about all this ..and after having my dinner.. ..after half an hour.. Or, while having my dinner, I'll identify some hotel in Bhedaghat ..and get my booking done there Tomorrow, we've 3-4 hours of time with us.. we'll try to utilize it resourcefully I asked from them what I'd eat So, he suggested us that.. ..we'd try their Masala Dosa It's quite famous Along with us, we've our channel's subscriber We met each other in Katni Are you sure you won't take anything? Sir, you've it please..

You'd your dinner so early Sir, actually, today was my father's birthday Ok ! So, there's a party organised for that That's why, I've already had everything Ok, very nice.. They've prepared a nice Dosa Means, it's full-on justice They've so many branches I still remember.. Once when I went to Gwalior ..there also I'd seen that.. Indian Coffee House is also in Delhi Sambar's taste is awesome In it, Asafoetida is strong, so.. ..its flavour can distinctively be felt Nice ! Good ! Thanks for coming..

You're welcome sir Well, the fact is, you messaged us on Insta.. ..otherwise, it'd be difficult to come here. Tell us the way to exit.. Sir, keep following this road It'll lead us straight to Jabalpur Don't turn anywhere down this road Ok Thanks again, bye-bye.. We reached Jabalpur at 12:45 AM (night) We've got too late We've booked our accommodation.. ..in Options Lawns Hotel. Room Tariff: Rs. 2800 (Double Occupancy) ..without breakfast. Here, breakfast is available after 8:30 AM We want to leave before 8:00 AM to explore Because, tomorrow evening, we've our..

..return flight from Jabalpur at 4:00 PM So, we do have limited time in Jabalpur And, within the same timespan.. we need to conduct a meet-up as well So, I'll try to plan a meet-up in Jabalpur.. ..at around 12:00-12:30 PM In fact, the place where to conduct it.. ..is already in my mind. Before sleeping, I'll upload that message on my.. ..YouTube's Community Post, Facebook.. ..they way I normally do. I'm not sure, whether or not, you check..

..the description section of my video. Be sure to check out this section Every detail relating to our journey.. ..is mentioned in video's description box In case, I miss out on verbally.. ..mentioning some things.. Those things strike my during editing ..and I mention them in description box So, if you're travelling, from that point of view.. ..do check out our description section Right ! Right now, I bid bye to all of you That said, Do share with us; how today's episode was Thanks for your time !

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