Ep 3 BTS Banda fort history, Chitrakoot to Mahoba | 1857 Rani Laxmi Bai history, Uttar Pradesh,

Ep 3 BTS Banda fort history, Chitrakoot to Mahoba | 1857 Rani Laxmi Bai history, Uttar Pradesh,

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Hello ! At this time, we're going from .. ..Chitrakoot to Bharatkoop Today is 2nd day into our journey Not 2nd, in fact, it's 3rd day 1st day was when we reached.. ..Chitrakoot from Delhi We explored Chitrakoot on 2nd day On 3rd day, we're going to Bharatkoop From there, we'll go further to Kalinjar Fort Thereafter, we'll go to Banda Then, we'll further reach Mahoba at night I was asking many people yesterday..

..as we set off our journey from here.. Where'd we have our breakfast en route? Everyone said, en route, Dhabas will come.. You can stop anywhere.. ..and have Prathas etc We're keeping a close eye, yet.. ..no Dhaba has appeared by now Then, one thought struck my mind.. somebody shared this point in inputs.. I'd written, though, Marwadi Dhaba..

..in "Bedi Pulia" Authentic Bundelkhand food is available here Now, the issue is.. ..I paid attention later on that.. ..it'd have either Lunch or Dinner option It means it'll start after around 11 AM Anyways.. From this sheet, you must.. .. have got an idea.. how well-detailed we do the planning..

Like, yesterday was 4th April.. On the sheet of 4th April, all these days were mentioned. On it, I'd write in this way.. These are points of M.P & U.P. respectively Just for the knowledge Today is 5th April Breakfast at chitrakoot..

Question mark has been put after "where" We don't know where to eat breakfast.. But, we've to eat breakfast.. We try to jot down things in such detail Thereon, from Chitrakoot, we'll go to .. ..Kalinjar and then Banda. I'd not written Bharatkoop.. .. which I added later on. Then, Bamdev Temple Sohan Halwa at Banda All these are Mahoba points Individual sheet defines our each day ..covering our entire journey And, this is their summary Such kind of sheet, I always try to carry in my every tour Well, everything is saved in Google Drive.. You can access that anytime..

Most of the times, what happens is.. it's not that convenient to read on mobile ..as it shakes in the moving car. So, I like this old-fashioned way more.. ..carrying print-outs in this way. Anyways.. Now.. We'll do breakfast for 15-20 minutes Thereafter, we'll stay at Bharatkoop for around 45 minutes So, it'll be around 10:30 AM-11:00 AM..

..before we reach Kalinjar Fort My main interest is.. After visiting Kalinjar Fort, I don't want to miss Banda Lest we stay at Fort till 5-6 PM.. .. and we miss visiting Banda. We need to have good time management Very very important To have our breakfast, we've stopped our car at Yadav Dhaba Aloo Paratha is getting ready Meanwhile, You show us the Mahua Is this in your hand? Yes We saw so many Mahua trees on the way Lots of Mahua were fallen under the tree Just like it's seen here So, friend, tell one thing.. Yes.. Now, what will you do of this Mahua? You, means, whoever takes them.. We'll dry it After drying, We eat them Will you eat them? How? Sir, we'll cook it Then, we'll wash it Then, we'll cook it After cooking, we'll eat it ..along with Butter Milk Ok Liquor is also made of it Hmm When we're travelling in Bastar District..

..Chattisgarh There, we saw, in person, how liquor .. ..was made of Mahua We also shot it ..which you can see in Bastar episode, Chattisgarh Do you eat it with Butter Milk? Yes, we eat it with Butter Milk Can we get its taste right now? Sir, dry isn't available This is sweet, that's bitter How do you know it's sweet & that's bitter? Sir, it's consumed as such As such.. It's sweet Mahua Ka Pua is also made What do you make? "Mahua Ka Pua"; sweet "pua" What is Pua? Sir, it's grounded.. After its grinding, It's dipped in flour and then fried in oil Just like Aloo Paratha is made.. It's made similarly Tell them to get it ready for us Sir, dry Mahua isn't available Dry Mahua isn't available at all We don't have our Mahua over here We'll need to go to village for that Brother, give us little water Shall I eat it as such? Yes It's sweet as well as delicious Last time, when I was travelling in Bastar..

I hadn't eaten Mahua in this form. The amount of pleasure I'm getting here.. ..it feels good While awaiting Paratha, we met with Vicky You've told ambulance parked in front.. Yes, sir You've come in it And, you're a technician And, driver is with you You started from Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, Delhi You dropped your patient here Now, after breakfast, you'll return to Delhi Yes, sir So, in this way.. you must be going to far-flung places Yes, sir, I travel pan-India Do you go till South? Yes, sir, we do go to South Chennai Nepal, Gujarat..

..and Arunachal Pradesh For last 3200 KM, I, myself, have travelled in this ambulance 3200 KMs ! Yes, sir It must take 20-30 hours to reach Yes, sir, normally.. So, how do you manage? Do you have so much oxygen? So that, 30 hours non-stop travel is possible We've backup of 24 hours And, from any state, we can online book oxygen beforehand Then, we get it Can we see the ambulance's interiors? Sure sir.. This is oxygen panel Yes It's 2 large oxygen D-type That gives us a backup of 24 hours Ok Yes It's our mini ICU vehicle ..in which all equipment are available From ventilator, monitor to..

..suction machine, stretcher. And, all the possible high risky medicine.. ..are also available inside it. Now, as you reach Delhi at night.. Yes It'd surely get dark Yes It might be possible.. There is a critical patient .and you need to return same night Yes, sir We do have 3 ambulances If 2 of them have gone Then, this ambulance has to be used It means you're always on your toes You can get call anytime ..to move on.. Sir, our duty is 24*7 As we live in Delhi Sometimes, we notice that..

Not always, but sometimes.. That ambulance's signal is on But the way isn't cleared for them soon Do you face such situations? Absolutely, yes, sir.. We've seen at many places in Delhi ..and in other cities & states.. Everywhere we've seen that.. ..people don't give way Why don't they give way? Because, they're playing songs in their cars That's it..

Then, they don't see anything behind Very less people follow rules Fine is associated to such violation If somebody doesn't give way to ambulance.. ..then Rs.10,000/- penalty can be imposed The most important thing is.. Out of common sense, we all need to understand that.. ..if there's ambulance behind, then.. ..obviously patient will be inside it At that moment, no priority is bigger than that patient Above all, critical patient travel in ambulance Yes, sir In it, mostly critical patients are carried..

..sir, because, it's ICU vehicle. Quite obviously.. It's nice meeting you brother.. ..and you told us all this ..how you do your work. Your paratha must be ready now Ok, sir, thank you Thank you As of now, we've reached Banda Point where I'm standing right now.. Banda's railway station is in front of us I just wanted that..

Somebody should guide us.. ..in visiting Bhuragrah Fort Now, we've met with Taate Ji Paape.. Paape Ji ? Oh, sorry Paape Ji, tell us one thing.. What do you do? Is your work related to tourism? No, sir, I'm a contractor Ok To visit Bhuragarh Fort, can you make us meet such person.. ..who has information about it? Yes, there's one social worker in Banda .. .."Kashyap Ji" He's information about everything over here I'll make you meet him ..at Bhuragarh Fort How far is Bhuragarh Fort from here? That's just 5 minutes away from here Means, it's very close We've met with Kashyap Ji So, we'll go to fort with you Give us information about the fort Yes Thereafter, we want..

..to eat famous Sohan Halwa of this place Hmm Along with that.. there's Bambeshwar Mahadev Temple Yes, Rishi Bamdev's Temple Bambeshwar hill got its name from him And, temple is present over there That in the front Yes, it's a famous temple In Treta Yuga, Rishi Bamdev.. ..was alive Banda city got its name in the name of.. Bamdev Rishi (sage) Can we get there if it gets dark also? Yes, surely..

Means, in free time.. You can surely go Thousands of people go there People of all ages go there How will we get to the fort? We're going with you Ok, we'll go from this side I'm also going. Now, tell us one thing.. Where does fort's history start from? Who got it built? In 1641 AD, this fort.. foundation was laid by 2nd son of ..

..Maharaja Chhatrasal who was Jagat Raj. ..he'd laid fort's foundation And.. It's made to keep eye on Bundelkhand When Chhatrasal got 82 years old.. ..and Allahabad's Mughal Subedar.. ..launched an attack on him. Then, for help, ..Peshwa Baji Rao was called in Peshwa Baji Rao came & assisted him ..defeating Muhammad Khan Bangas Henceforth, in happiness, Chattrasal gifted Banda, Karwi.. ..Kalinjar Fort, some part of Jhansi.. ..and Mastani Begum.. ..to Peshwa Baji Rao As a result, Banda got into.. .. hands of Peshwa Baji Rao And of the same Peshwa Baji Rao...

..during 1857, 5th generation descendant.. ..was Ali Bahadur Sahni .. ..who was the then Nawab of Banda As you mentioned about Mastani.. "Baji Rao Mastani" film is based on that Lot of stories has been weaved around it That too was a popular film That girl was daughter of.. .. Maharaja Chhatrasal She was 'like' his daughter because.. whose mother Ruhaani Begum She was 'Nagar Vadhu' of .. ..Agra's Mughal Subedar Taiwar Khan whom Chhatrasal brought after winning Then, Mastani was just 3 years old Since, her mother was kept with him So, 'Mastani' became Chhatrasal's daughter He'd handed over the same Mastani.. .. to Peshwa Baji Rao Ok Along with Banda, she's also given Means, Peshwa got control of this fort ..and his successive generations. Yes, this fort was under their control In 1857, when General Hugh Rose laid..

..siege to Jhansi.. Then, Rani Jhansi.. ..her 'Dharam' (religion) brother.. as he was of the same clan She was of Peshwa's clan He was also of Peshwa's clan So, she'd sent Rakhi (sacred thread) and... ..letter to Banda Nawab for assistance Then, Banda Nawab held a meeting.. ..at this place only ..in presence of his subjects Then, it was decided that.. ..they'd all would help Rani Jhansi By the time, Banda's Nawab.. ..left with his army of 12000 They'd got late by one day And, Jhansi fell to British forces Rani Jhansi with her army reached Kalpi..

..but she got cordoned off by enemy We're yet to go to Kalpi ..after two days Is the Kalpi same place where.. ..British forces laid siege to Rani Jhansi? Yes "Pandurang" was the then king of Kalpi He'd given refuge to Jhansi Ki Rani Only when Kalpi was seized by Britishers.. ..then Banda's Nawab reached there And, he attacked Britishers from behind British army carted off in fear.. But, at that time, Kanpur's General Neill..

.came with army armed with guns.. ..and attacked army of Banda's Nawab therefore, dynamics of the war changed And, revolutionaries lost the battle Revolutionaries again assembled in.. ..Gopalpura located few KMs away from Kalpi; reflecting what to do now.. No fort was left safe So, Tatya Tope suggested that.. ..Gwalior fort be captured Then, Army advanced to Gwalior Near Bahadurgarh, they again engaged.. ..in a battle against Britishers They defeated British forces over there All revolutionaries were present there..

..be it, Banda's Nawab, Rani Jhansi Tatya Tope, Pandurang (Kalpi's king) All these warriors were present Where was Rani Jhansi at that moment? She was with them only Ok She's fighting the battle along them All those revolutionaries were together It was a revolutionary congregation They're cream of the revolutionaries Had they got defeated, entire nation would have faced defeat Perfect ! They're pioneering the battle Entire nation's fate was in their hands Either would Britishers or Indians remain here They're leading the battle Hopes of people were pinned upon them They defeated Britishers in Bahadurgarh Thereafter, they reached Gwalior ..and waged a battle in Gwalior The then Gwalior's king, Jayajirao Scindia.. ..lost that battle and escaped to Agra All revolutionaries captured Gwalior Jhansi Ki Rani, Banda's Nawab.. Pandurang, Tatya Tope and.. ..it'd been under their control for 3 months Since, that king wasn't killed.. he's working hand-in-glove with Britishers Therefore, from Agra, with huge army..

..of Britishers came here.. ..launching attack on Gwalior That was the last battle held there ..by Rani Jhansi with Banda's Nawab Leaving Gwalior's fort, there's a place Kota-ki-Serai last battle was fought there ..where Rani got wounded Banda's Nawab had a role to play When he saw Rani Jhansi .. ..was being attacked by cheating Nawab turned around and attacked.. ..the enemy with his spear Wielding sword in both hands, Rani made a mighty attack As he got injured.. ..Rani beheaded him Rani was fighting at this place.. ..soaked with patriotism Clenching horse's rein between her teeth, wielding sword in her both hands.

But, fate didn't side with here --Excerpt from Ballad-- She broke through the maze Who's there able to stop here? Her horse couldn't cross the rivulet Otherwise, history would have changed Rani breathed her last there only ..near Swarnarekha rivulet Where's this rivulet located? It's 15 KMs far from Gwalior Ok Over there, Rani's horse has been made ..along with Rani's tomb. Then, only four people were alive Rani's minister Jawahar Singh Gul Mohammad Pathan Nawab of Banda All the people who wounded Rani.. Those 3-4 alive revolutionaries.. .. killed all of them You mean, out of 12000 army that.. ..came from Banda only 4 survived.. Only 4 people finally survived in the fight Only 2 persons survived One was her own minister Gul Mohammad & Banda Nawab Only 2 persons survived Rest, all got martyred They all fought together British soldiers didn't decrease But their soldiers decreased It's a big thing They all fought till their last breath Had Banda's Nawab reached 1 day before..

Then, India's history would have been.. ..scripted in different words. That's what I'm thinking over.. ..Rani Jhansi would be saved then Yes, she'd have survived then In our front, what is it? Is it memorial or something else? These are memorials of martyrs When Nawab of Banda fell... ..and Britishers overpowered Banda.. The then collector of this place..

He called upon more British soldiers ..that captured those people from homes.. who accompanied Nawab.. .. to assist Rani Jhansi in the battle Really ! Count of such people was 3300 ..who're hanged to death here In their memory, these memorials.... ..have been made Those homes that supported Rani Jhansi.. Yes Any one or two members went there.. Rest of the family was hanged to death 3300 people were hanged In 1860, the collector of Banda... ..a Britisher, in ATR (Action Taken Report) ..vaguely presented the figure to 800 only. He get Banda's ATR written by own choice They presented the reduced figures..

..so that situation could be pacified 3300 people were hanged Ok It's that place Kashyap Ji, we think we're very lucky.. ..that we met with you You told us about the history.. We learnt lot of new facts from you Along with, the social work you do.. ..I'm very glad to know that What is it in front? These all are National Flags Every year, having made 4200 Tirangas.. I present them to all students in Janpad.. ..luminaries of our society, ..fellows from the press, ..and all administrative officials. One "Tiranga" I'm presenting to you These flags are made of wood So that it becomes souvenir to you And, my patriotic feelings go with you Extremely beautiful ! No gift for us could be better than this ..from your side. Very nice..

Superb ! Let us leave now And, our visit to Banda has been nice Our tonight's stay is in Mahoba My truckload of good wishes to you You're on a good mission People don't want to know history They tend to live in present only ..and it is certain.. To efforts of yours and your entire team, I heartily acknowledge from my side And give thanks also You're trying to dig out.. ..old & concealed historical facts I, myself, really liked it Because, those unaware of their history.. ..can't transform societal geography. Therefore, your efforts to revive history.. ..deserve thank you from my side. I wish for your good health ..and get successful in your undertakings Very nice ! Shall we leave now? Thank You We've reached Mahoba at 10:15 PM To stay here, we got booking in Hundred Palms hotel It's a good accommodation Besides accommodation, I liked the staff over here Good hotel Have a look at our accommodation It's a deluxe room Its Tariff: Rs. 2000 (Double Occupancy) Super Deluxe Tariff is Rs. 3000/- This is good Right ! Now, our program for this moment is..

..to take bath & then have dinner ..and then we sleep Tomorrow, I'll wake up early I'm required to get up by 4:30 AM ..tomorrow morning Because, the entire shoot we did today.. ..yet have to be copied Even, I couldn't check yesterday's files You know, this data copying takes time Tomorrow, we'll explore Mahoba And, our tomorrow's night stay will.. ..also be here only For tomorrow, our plan is to.. explore Mahoba through the day Right ! As of now, I bid bye to all of you We'll see you again soon Thanks for your time !

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