EP 196 - Visiting Our Last State Chattisgarh, INB Trip Season 2 in 28th State, Mission Accomplished

EP 196 - Visiting Our Last State Chattisgarh, INB Trip Season 2 in 28th State, Mission Accomplished

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Swetha, clean the milk you spilled yesterday Do it fast or we wont let you in the car today She was throwing the old milk from the bottle out of the window Never do that. The car will get spoilt and it will fall on someone on the road There was nobody on the road. That is why I discarded it You should never do that again When you discard milk, people will think its something else Say you wont do it Promise Go wash it on the other side Welcome to a new video of Tech Travel Eat I am sure that there wasnt anyone that time Ok go Welcome to a new video of Tech Travel Eat Today we are going to Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur We will see Hirakud dam and then go It the world's largest earth dam We shall see that and then go straight to Chhattisgarh We will be staying at Raipur today We have 6-7hrs of travel You have to pour water and wash it Do it properly and never repeat it I was sure nobody is there in the express highway and then poured it out Moreover the car was going in full speed Little spilt on my face too Beautiful place. PWD inspection bungalow

All these are simply built. Cant they make it a resort and give it out There is a government hotel here It is called a hotel but worse than a guest house What to do? In this journey of ours, we have stayed in several tourism development hotels Orissa, UP, Bengal We stayed at Bengal's guest house Army guest house, army mess We stayed at KTDC hotel, Chennai We stayed at many government hotels and guesthouses in many states But I have to say, this is much better than UP For the incident at UP where tips were asked, we had lot of comments Yogiji is doing a lot and making things better there. It may be happening The room there was good The problem were with the uncles there I always say that just having an infra is not enough You should be able to maintain it too Only then it can run forward Look at this. Its a nice building but not maintained at all You had seen the rooms All these are common issues of our place Huge railway stations and airports will be built Airports are more maintained but railway stations are not at many places Its a sad state I had said about internet speed. 65mbps download and 20mbps upload

This is a small town in Odisha I dont know if it is 5G speed but it shows Airtel 4G We stopped to upload. he moment we got out of the hotel, speed increased There was nothing at the hotel We are able to upload the video in minutes 20mts to upload a video of 3GB This is the problem. If we are not able to upload properly from the hotel, We find time in our journey to upload the video from elsewhere It reduces our time target and is an extra effort too It is difficult because we post videos daily. But its ok. I am enjoying it

I finished uploading. Lets go Let me clean my phone Is it now that you got time? He is kissing his car What you see on our left side is the Great Mahanadi Hirakud dam is in this river 17km to Hirakud We will be driving by the banks of this river We reached Hirakud There are parking spaces here Huge vehicles are parked here. We can go more upwards Before that, let us take ticket from this counter 5/- entrance fee and 20/- for the vehicle We took tickets. Lets go up now. This is the way to the main dam, but I dont think we can go that side We shall go up and see the dam. We can see it from here On the way we can see an end of the dam You cannot see the whole from here Especially in winter, you cannot see anything The dam is 4.8km long When we came up, people have parked their vehicles in different ways You are supposed to park it like this Some have parked it like this It is very difficult for us to park now If we park it here, then they wont be able to take This one guy has parked his vehicle where 3 cars can be parked.

When we climb the steps and come up here, you can see the dam slightly If you want to see the dam properly, you have to climb over the watch tower There is a nice garden and fountain. The place is well maintained Lot of flowers are seen You can see water flowing here. We forgot the ticket in the car We shall go and find out if they will let us without the ticket Dams are very sensitive areas Photography is prohibited here You have more of school children here Then you have people during weekend.

Now since its winter, we cannot see anything We shall go up the watch tower. The security understood when we said the ticket is in the car. I went up a tower like this at Lakshadweep I went up Alapuzha light house too All who visited here have written their names here Not only names but paan parag paper, they have spat betel leaves too We are at the worlds largest dam This is how it is here This is how Indian culture is All these are a new design Someone has written his insta id too We have reached on top Where is the dam? Yes. Its here This is amazing. We came from that parking ground there You can see a lot of gardens This is the dam We cannot see even 1km in length This is just little of it If you come with people in hold, we can drive over the dam There are 2 points here to see the dam One is the Gandhi Minar where we are standing The other one is 5km at the dam which is called Jawahar Minar But we cannot go by road this way. We have to go 24km around this, cross the river and go This is Hirakud reservoir It is huge which is literally a river only The dam is made across the river They built the dam 4.8km long

It is the 1st dam after Independence The Odisha Governor, a foreigner planned and started this in 1946 After independence, Jawaharlal Nehru and his team moved forward with the work The dam was ready by 1953-54 It was open and the Prime Minister officially inaugurated this in 1957 So we could say it was one of the 1st projects after independence The area of the dam is 743sq km It is the largest artificial lake in Asia The lake became like this after dam was formed Many people lost their house and land This is rotating For a second I thought it was an earth quake Later I understood it is revolving This is an amazing experience Say it in the video. I am shooting the video This dam was formed for 2 reasons The upper drainage basin of the Mahanadi River, centered on the Chhattisgarh Was suffering from droughts Their fist aim was to compensate that Secondly, the lower areas of Mahanadi delta areas, Crops were getting spoilt due to floods They had to overcome that situation The main aim of the dam was controlling river flow through the drainage system. 1,32,100 sq km is the area and 90km length is Mahanadi river This river flows through Chhattisgarh, Orissa and then flows to Bay of Bengal That is what we have to say about Mahanadi Hirakud dam is an amazing huge dam in Mahanadi river. Awesome road like a runway though it is less wide They will not let us drive. There is tight security there

We can come here and do what we want We cannot go to that area at all This is the worlds largest earth dam I remember studying Hirakud dam and Hirakud reservoir in school Very happy to have seen it directly now Since it is winter now, all looks whitish Otherwise we could see far off nicely The only problem traveling to North India during winter is this My father is busy taking photos Come, lets go. We have to go down the steps now Get down slowly like how you climbed up Are you people here? That rotated when we were up Did you see that? That top portion rotates We went up till there He was playing in that water Look at the way he is playing in the water He is playing with water He cannot pluck flowers. All are covered with net Net is for people like you. You will hit your head now Its been long since we left him in the swimming pool We couldnt get down anywhere because it was cold Now we have reached hot places. We dont need jackets anymore Now all the states are hot. Yesterday I was sweating for the first time after months Yes, that was rotating. You missed it.

Now it will be days of sweating. We were just working all these days but didnt sweat Now we will sweat as we work We shall jump in to a pool at Hyderabad Let us leave for Raipur. 228km and Google says 5hrs drive It seems we will reach at 3.30pm

It is hot. We have begun to on the ac Its been long since we put this in 20-21 What is it Rishi? He is feeling sleepy The milk is hot Let me drive for sometime Beautiful spot for railfanning. You have a bridge too We got into the highway. Crossing Mahanadi and heading to Raipur We are going to enter our last state, the 28th state We didnt even know that we got into Chhattisgarh. Not a single board anywhere It is the 28th state in this journey of ours Our last state Now we have to go back too We began our journey 20th June We took 8 months We traveled all over Indian in 8 months We saw many places and experienced a lot We went to 28 states and 6 union territories with our car We have 2 union territories that we cannot go Did we go to 6 union territories? Yes. Totally it is 8 and we went to 6

It is difficult to go to Andaman and Lakshadweep with our car If we want, we can. But it is very expensive. I enquired on it It is very expensive to go to Andaman with our car Lakshadweep is also the same. We can go there and drive if we want I have been to both these places, Andaman and Lakshadweep All of us traveled all over India Especially Abhi, Swetha, Rishi and myself We began our journey when he was 1yr old. Now he is 1yr and 8 months old

That is awesome Now we are in our 28th state It looks beautiful outside We are now in Central Chhattisgarh The middle part of Chhattisgarh is plain North and South of this state are hilly areas If we want to go up or down, we have to climb mountains Now we are going through the plain lands of Chhattisgarh This is a beautiful 4 lane road After traveling all these so far, Bihar was our worst experience It is not at all developed. Looks like you are living in 1990s there Rest everything was amazing. We never had Bihar's experience anywhere else It surely is an experience.

Each state lies in the hands of its ruling leaders Because of those who didnt foresee future in those days Some states still have undeveloped cities and towns We understood how good it was for Jharkhand to be a new state Jharkhand might have opted to be separate Due to the political limitations in Bihar Chhattisgarh is far better than Madhya Pradesh They might have understood that they are not able to develop in Madhya Pradesh It was later formed as a separate state Chhattisgarh was formed on 1st November 2000 Raipur is its capital city and that is where we are off to Though Raipur is the capital, trains mostly go to Bilaspur and Korba Do we have trains to Raipur? We have trains from Ernakulam to Bilaspur Actually we have trains from Kerala to all the states in India Roads are excellent. It is a 4 lane toll road. We are enjoying our drive and Rishi is asleep Google map says we will reach at 2.30. Abhi will drive the rest

Once you ask me to stop driving, then I wont drive further Abhi is hungry Now you drive and search for food Dont give those who dont like Aloo Bhujiya I dont like it and wont eat it. Dont give him. Let him have Good Day biscuits There is no potato in this Then why is it called Aloo Bhujiya? Ask the people making it I am seriously asking you a doubt. As a wife you have to clear it for me I dont know Isnt this made of besan flour? Then why is it called Aloo Bhujiya? Do they add potatoes to it? Might be adding How do they add it? Do they make potato powder? 44% potato How do they make it then? Those who know why it is called Aloo Bhujiya, do comment Shall I speak? He is calling them.. We are going to have food at Magneta mall The benefits of malls are you have safe parking You can eat the food you like too Restaurants cant be trusted. Thats the problem

Say what you want to say Who is at Bhutan? Aku What is Aku's name? Thashi On the way we saw a big board of a big hotel I guess It attracted us and we thought of going there Rates are also written here It is at the highway itself. Ashoka Biriyani They have written that you get everything here. Lets see So many securities here It is crowded here Lot of securities too Nearly 5-10 securities to assist on parking They are very smart and sincere too. Thats how it should be Its a huge place. Veg unlimited for 299/-. Non veg unlimited for 399/-

Looks like a shopping mall Looks like a food shopping mall An ac shop after a long time It is very hot now. Will have to wear normal t-shirts now By the time we have come little away from the North, climate has changed a lot This hotel is just behind a petrol pump Big separate washrooms for Gents and Ladies I liked his moustache. This is how a hotel and restaurant should be You feel like you are entering a 5 star hotel This is a huge hall Family section separate and others this side They would have nearly 150 staffs here They have buffet too At that end thaty have buffet Both the sides have dining area The lady who welcomed us made us sit here They asked us how many are we They made us sit here At some places you see attitude in people like sit if you want Kerala restaurant and hotels should see this and learn This surprised me. I wouldnt say it should be so huge

Now lets see how the food is This is huge like decathlon or a warehouse I think 500 can sit and have at a time So many staffs to take care of them too. Many are employed here Awesome You get everything here. I didnt expect this much Me too. You dont see it from outside. That is because you have the petrol pump in front.

They have mocktails here Rates are just like normal restaurants It is not very expensive So well put up I am first time sitting in such a big restaurant to have food I have had at a restaurant like this at Thailand That was a huge hall This is huge when you say restaurant They kept plates, spoon, glass and poured water for us We are first time getting into such a big hotel I am surprised seeing this Amazing to see so many people here too 40mts after ordering we got mint lime juice I had ordered mint lime, but I got mint lime soda People may have the patience to wait for maximum 25-30mts after ordering When it becomes 40mts and 1hr, it becomes difficult Especially when you are very hungry When it is a big hotel, this is expected. Lot of people and staffs are there But our food hasnt come yet. It is 3pm now. We ordered at 2.08pm. I checked the time in the video We are here to have lunch and not dinner Its been an hour now. At the time of order, you said 20-25mts Now it has been 1 hour All of us are hungry. Please bring food fast It is on the way for the last 1 hour How long can we stay silent and patient We dont have to stay quite for so long When we asked, 3-4 of them reached here They are alert They have to make for so many people I was wondering how many staffs they would be having in the kitchen How many like us would be ordering What is it? Dont take that Rishi They wont clean it again. Which was mine?

This is veg biriyani Looks good This is Hyderabadi biriyani You can share half of this for us That is veg This is Hyderabadi biriyani with egg Awesome biriyani. Have they added lime? Can feel the sour taste in the biriyani Biriyani is very tasty We waited and got good biriyani He can understand all that we speak They brought a gravy to have with biriyani I think this is buttermilk. Yes. The gravy is like rasam It is a watery gravy Sometimes it is tasty and sometimes not No so good We took the 2nd biriyani. It is tandoori chicken biriyani and has tandoori chicken pieces The rice is the same and no eggs in this one It is good We had so much of food and the bill came to just 1500/- 2 full chicken biriyani 1 full veg biriyani Chapathi and veg curry 5 lemon juices That 5 lemon juices costs 500/- Biriyani is 250/- Did they calculate it wrong? Thats it They are professions They know to manage the crowd When I began to say a complaint, 2-3 of them came to calm me down That is a good thing I liked it. Good concept

I was wondering how many staffs would be working in their restaurant Raipur has big buildings and wide roads Raipur and Chhattisgarh has given a good first impression This is the Marine Drive of Raipur. Has a beautiful lake. You can see I love Raipur here beside the lake You have our Indian flag behind there A beautiful, neat and clean area Lot of parking space and path for people to walk in the evenings We have reached Jaistambh Chowk I think it is a market area This is like Ranchi. Nothing much to see at Raipur. Like other cities, you have shops, market and malls I think this is a parking complex Can see the entry and exit. Looks good All are new cities. You have Nava Raipur here. Its a planned city like Chandigarh We have reached Swami Vivekananda Sarovar/Park Nice. You can see children playing cricket here

Securities are very alert and good people too The whole place is clean All are feeling heavy after having biriyani. Come and shoot video I cannot walk. We bought 2 full biriyanis and had. Next I will buy you a biriyani from Hyderabad No more biriyani None of us will have biriyani Simply having biriyani and feeling full We have reached Swami Vivekananda Sarovar/Park I was surprised wondering why is it Swami Vivekanda everywhere Raipur airport is Swami Vivekananda International Airport You have a park and huge lake here You have a temple in the middle of the lake that has Swami Vivekanandas idol This is called Budga Talab I wanted to know more on it and checked online. I was surprised reading through Swami Vivekananda spent nearly 2-3 years of his young life in Raipur So they have given all these his name on a respect towards him He reached here in his young age when his father worked professionally here Its just simple If Rishi was of this age, Rishi and myself would play this Do it slow. He is feeling scared

Abhi, come lets play I will stand on it I will push you down Shall I push her down? This is good Rishi, see what we are doing If you do it for a month, will be good. Swetha might be doing this for the first time in her life. I at least went to gym for name sake Dont do that. I am not able to balance. I will fall now I will stop only after 10mts.

She cannot get down without me stopping. She will fall otherwise This is nice. I liked it This is good for our hand and leg muscles Small kids sit on this. This is broken too

It doesnt have a screw Did I sit on this? We have only reached Chhattisgarh. We should complete our journey He liked it You can see that happiness of achievement that he has done it When he goes twice, he wont be scared later Now he has understood what it is No parking fee or entry fee here. Everything is free for public They have maintained the place very well too We feel sad when we see places where they collect fee and dont maintain well You uncle is full after having biriyani Look at him lie down I have taken the key. You take the other key too. Let him sleep in 35 deg C heat He wants to play Come and make him play Do you want this? He will be scared of this Didnt they go to another shop saying that was a small glass? They are playing with small glasses Nice guavas. 80/kg 100 for the green grapes We are staying in this house at Raipur This is Maulshree colony This is a homestay. Maulshree 101 homestay Nice pretty houses here I liked it. They didnt pain, but used tiles outside

A house with tiles on the wall We parked our car inside This house has a small garden I liked the city too We booked 3 rooms here 1800/room. We booked 3 rooms. Isnt that good? Hotels here were very expensive Hotel rooms showed 6000-7000 for 2 rooms at hotels We didnt book this via airbnb I searched Google, found and booked it Let us go inside and see how is it This is the house we are staying tonight 2 bedroms here and Abhis room is upstairs You have a huge living area here This is nice This house was shown in airbnb and they showed high rate for it I found it separately and booked it You have a tv here.

This is the first room. My mother is packing all the winter clothes We dont need them now If you pack them up well, we can courier it from Hyderabad We wont have any cold places now Now all hot places. T-shirts will do This is a bedroom with attached bathroom Here you have the 2nd bedroom All big rooms. Swetha is trying to put Rishi to sleep You have a tv in here too A dressing area here with a washroom near it Good washroom with a heater too I liked it. Good house

Very good house. Go to sleep. Good night. You have a dining area here You have a huge open kitchen to cook if you want Place to wash vessels, RO filter and a fridge We ordered roll from Subway and they put it in a box and sent This is a big roll. Peri peri roll

I never thought it would be so big Kichadi for Rishi. He is very busy Good morning. I just got out after waking up Just to see around and have a walk This is the house we stayed in This is the next house. It is a rich mans house

You can see a Fortuner, E class benz and another Fortuner in front of his house All parked on the road itself I dont know is it because there is no space inside or there are vehicles inside Or it could be of guests. Anyways could see 3-4 huge cars outside. I liked the house a lot. I was wondering after paying so much on a car, How do they feel like parking it on the road? I looked inside and there wasnt any vehicle. They may be used to it They have proper securities too.

There is a temple here This is a housing colony. You have normal people, rich people, bungalows, flats and small buildings too Since Chhattisgarh is a new state, everything is planned and implemented The biggest example for that is New Raipur. We had planned to go there yesterday, but we couldnt If you come this side, you must go I will go to New Raipur when I come here next time We should keep something left to see to come back again A 4 lane road at the housing colony This is the house we stayed in You have lot of big houses here.

Both these houses look the same. Might be designed by the same person I liked this house a lot But you have some negative energy there I felt it wasnt suitable to stay Will anybody build such a big house in a housing colony and do homestay? I dont think so My father is applying cream. Is it moisturizer? Yes. Moisturizer Get ready fast. Lets go

After a long time, we wore half sleeve dresses Shall we end this video? Are you ready? You are also matching Both of us are matching today We are ending this video here Tomorrow we will be going to another place at Chhattisgarh called Jagdalpur What is there to see at Jagdalpur? Chitrakote waterfalls It is one of the biggest waterfalls in India We will have to go and see if there is water now. It is a sensitive area with Maoists . So we should leave early in the morning and not delay See you tomorrow at 12 noon. Our trip is ending soon in few days Stay tuned for the final set of videos Bye bye

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