EP 195 റാഞ്ചിയിൽ വെച്ച് ആകെ ബഹളമായി | Ranchi to Sambalpur, Odisha

EP 195 റാഞ്ചിയിൽ വെച്ച് ആകെ ബഹളമായി | Ranchi to Sambalpur, Odisha

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He was waiting for a chance to cry Dont make him cry He is not in a mood from morning onwards Shall I put it on your mother? A boy is playing with a toy there He cannot bear that Take him from here What a scene here We leave from our house at Ranchi to? Where are we going to? Going to see the dam Google map shows 7hrs to travel 378km I shall drive in the morning now. There is a place called Gandhi Minar. It is close to Hirakud dam It will close at 4.30pm If we reach late, we shall stay there. See it day after tomorrow morning and go to Raipur That is what our plan is Mornings are a mess for all From the time we get in and get out Why did you cry? He is saying the same again. He is so jealous

Dont you have a big train here inside the car? Has worn a coat and suite and come. What dress is this? Romper We have stopped at the puncture shop to check air They are checking the air now. We stayed at a very good house. They are so professional in many things They have packed rice and curd for Rishi to have in the afternoon Who will do that for us? I understood that they are doing it on passion Money is a factor but this is different Though they are taking money, passion is seen a lot in here I stopped I am not going to speak anything now He is showing you that there is a train there I am not going to talk now I shall drive Dont cry Say something You can listen to what Rishi says We can see excellent roads as we go 6 lane roads This is a ring road Dreams of 6 lane has ended Now its the village roads Today we will be going through these roads Roads are not so good We shall drive slow, see Jharkhand villages and go Before I finished saying we shall enjoy the village and go, We have begun to see beautiful spots Look at this beautiful mustard field This is mustard field You can see the yellow flowers Dont pluck A train passing close by I think the flower dries and becomes mustard seed You see beautiful empty places like this on the way You dont have cultivation everywhere. Since its winter, cultivation would be less Cultivation is done when it is not winter It is very beautiful to see the mustard fields Stands like sunflowers. Beautiful

I shall show a close up of the flower. This is how it looks Very small flowers The bud becomes flowers But I dont know how it becomes a mustard at the end This is how the leaf looks You can see a house here I think this is owned by the people staying in this house. I had asked you to just keep the car a bit in the front I didn ask you to take the driver seat Since you sat, you may drive But you will have to drive upto Jharkhand Not Jharkhand. Where are we off to?

You will have to drive upto Hirakud He was waiting for a chance to drive He saw flowers. Here something else is cultivated Something and all are seen Beautiful. On both sides you have dry trees This is dry because it is winter. If not, the fields and trees would be green in colour What all names for the places We have got into a little wider road This is also a highway. We can see the CM's photo here Slow down Just go slow. Dont stop

Poor boys They dont have anything in their hands. SO its ok They dont have any sticks or things in their hand But still we have to fear. They may attack us barehanded The bus is going slow fearing the top would hit there Take the left. We shall cut and go through different routes Look at the route I think they are making new roads here This is a railway station. It is written there Is the railway station below the tree? I feel like traveling through Tamil Nadu villages long ago No traffic, less people. Its almost empty

Our diesel is about to get over. Pumps are not seen If we dont have any other choice, we can buy it from houses that sell it Now we are traveling through the villages of Jharkhand Finally we found a petrol pump I was really scared thinking wont we find one 100/- for petrol and 95/- for diesel Look at the spelling of Diesel. We are filling full tank. Look at this Lot of minerals are produced at Jharkhand This is a raw material of iron or steel I think I cannot understand what it is. It is on Tata DLT vehicle

Looks like a raw material for iron. They may be making things with this It is heavy How many of them and they would be expensive too Another lorry with lot of aluminium or iron wires All the lorries have things like this So far the roads were crowded. No idea how it will be All lengthy multi tired vehicles I think these are machineries Lot of asbestos sheets are taken in one This lorry is full of asbestos sheets Even the one behind this has full of asbestos These are called asbestos sheets. We pronounce it in many ways It is not only a sheet. It is made in many forms. We make sheets and use it as roof mainly Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral It is a natural silicate mineral. It is a mineral

We reached a town after a long time I am not able to cross easily here We stopped to buy bananas All are feeling hungry. I dont think we will get food today So we thought of having some fruits Bought bananas for 50/- It is like our robusta banana You get only these kind of bananas here I havent seen our kind of small bananas here We saw a Chinese fast food here Look at the spelling of Chinese Here everything is like that. Spelling may not be correct I have ordered 2 chicken rolls and 2 veg rolls They began chopping onions after I ordered Looks like a pretty big roll He is bring them. Looks big Arent you buying water? Thats veg and this is chicken Smells good.

They made it just now. Its fresh What do you want? This is not for you He became small in two days Look at him looking Now he will come for your rolls I think it will be good. My father doesnt eat anything of these kind. I dont want How much did they charge total? 250/- Thats all for 4 rolls? We go to big shops and order a roll, they charge 250-300 for one 4 rolls and a bottle of water for 250/- Do you know what is the rate of chicken here? I am asking because they have given 2 rolls at this rate Seriosly 210 for 4 rolls Rate of chicken and other ingredients.. Rent may be low here

Its a small village and we bought it from this shop It is ok for that rate Chicken may be cheap here. We should ask him rate of chicken We can tally the rate and then judge Is this in a chapathi? Or is it paratha? Looks like paratha with filling How is it? The paratha tastes good as it is also It is very tasty. I liked it Usually I dont eat these much Be careful not to have the paper along with it Some people eat the paper too in greed This is yummy Nothing there. I rolled the paper and kept it there

Is 250/- including 2 bottles of water? What is this? On the way we saw this. This is in Jharkhand Odhisha border Looks like a group of tribal people They are singing and dancing here Looks different. Men and women together Can see them singing and dancing A wedding is taking place at a house here. This is a program connected to that Looks good It is a wedding program A whole village sings and dances for a wedding. Thats something different We are stuck in the middle now OMG! Now its on the road I think it is two groups. Bride and groom's

Like in the movie Kalapani, they will take us like how Prabhudeva was taken A lorry is coming They let it go Nice to see it I cant understand what are they doing People have surrounded us in Jharkhand Its a wedding group They are dancing and going to the grooms house Will we get food from there? Biriyani? No need That is the brides or grooms house. They are going there This is the groom's house What we see is the brides team dancing and going to the grooms house The brides team dances and goes to the grooms house By the time they dance and come, the grooms side dances and welcomes them Finally both teams dance and enter the house We saw a different custom now This is the grooms house. When the brides team dances and reaches here, The grooms team dances and welcomes them Now they will go inside There would be food inside. We could have gone after that We are entering Odisha again Not too excited because we have been here earlier Their house was at Orissa Jharkhand border This place looks beautiful. We are going through villages Awesome. Till Sambalpur it will be like this. It is a highway coming from Rourkela Awesome 4 lane highway in Orissa There is a camera here. I think they have come to Kerala

Same kind of cameras we see at Palakkad highway'' Now we are at Biju expressway? Wasnt Biju the ex CM here? Yes. Biju Patnaik A group of cows have blocked us at Biju expressway Stop. Let them go. Even he is saying Wow! He is repeating all what we say now a days A 650km length road from Sambalpur to Rourkela. It is a state highway. We cannot call it an express highway

It is clubbed with national highway and state highway. They are 2 lane and 4 lane roads It was Naveen Patnaiks project He named it Biju express highway in respect to Biju Patnaik The toll plaza here is like a government and private hospital Since it is a state government road, they cannot accept fast tag here Good securities here. You should have people like them at toll plazas He is smiling and friendly Some places are not like this I told you they wont have fast tag I told you its like a private hospital and government hospital Why is he laughing? They have charged us 90/- It is for a single trip.

Isnt BOT Build Operate Transfer? I dont know Build and operate is happening. When will it get transferred now? After they transfer, wont they collect toll? I still dont know what it is We have crossed Jharsuguda and moving forward It is the place where Orissa airport is This is an industrial area. You can find lot of factories here You can see lot of smoke pipes there I think they are cement factories All you can see are smoke pipes here I told you it is JSW. It was my wild guess That is where Ramco is made.

Ramco and JSW are different companies But you can see Ramco cements ad in front of JSW There would be lot of Keralites here I think all these are of JSW How polluted would these places be because of the factories That is why you dont find people staying here Not only cement, but they have aluminum sheets too I think they have many other products too. You can see lorries with different products How many people would be working in these industries Biju expressway ends here We have reached Sambalpur city This is a duplicate expressway You can call it a highway. People here call it express highway Sambalpur is famous for many things I have heard Sambalpur sarees are famous Sambalpur dance is also there Sambalpur is cultural town in Odisha It is a town close to the industrial area too We will be staying at Sambalpur tonight We will be going to see Hirakud dam tomorrow Lot of differences between the INB trip season 1 and INB trip season 2 after 2.5yrs Lot of differences in the India we saw then and now India is changing 2.5yrs back, one was internet connectivity We used to struggle to upload a video Wifi at hotels wont have speed If doing with mobile network, 1-2mbps was the download and upload speed We found it very difficult then. We used to find towers, find speed location, Stop there for hours near it and upload videos Now all that has changed Now 5G has launched in our place Even though it has not come everywhere, Now itself at places we get 15-20-25mbps upload speed That too using mobile data.

Without wifi, we were able to upload videos easily That is one big change in our country 2nd change is hotels. Last time we struggled to get South Indian food This time we didnt find any difficulty anywhere South Indian food was available everywhere This is a simple town in Odisha. For example Kozhencherry in Kerala Our hometown Kozhencherry. This is a small town or village like that How would it be if you say we get original authentic Chinese food there A person is laughing seeing us talking Though not the authentic dosa, but we got good idly and dosa all over India We got it at Kashmir also We got it at Ladakh too We got it at Bhutan also. Nepal had bad dosas We didnt have from North East We had from Guwahati. Did we have from Meghalaya? Yes, we got from Shillong We didnt get it from anywhere else This is Sankalp, the taste of South Why do they write Right of Admission reserved everywhere? We had got into their branch at Ahmedabad Is it? Do they have everything? You have only South Indian here How is the rate? Slightly You will get all these, but it would be a bit expensive I am fed up of masala dosa. Order some other dosa

Make it rava masala dosa for a change This glass is very heavy When we asked, he said its German Silver I think these are also made with it. They have branded them You can see Sankalp on it It is such a good brand? I never noticed it We have lot of chutneys here This has idly podi Green chutney, red chutney and white chutney Looks like Ramaserry Idly It is called thattai idly in Bangalore. Looks just like the Ramaserry idly Isnt thattai idly like this only? Dont you remember we used to get these at Bangalore Yes. Thats it

See how happy he is Nice aroma of ghee From yesterday onwards he is eating idly only For gas issues, idly is the best I ordered fried idly and they brought idly fry Is it good? Doesnt look so impressive With what do you eat it Maybe with podi No. You wont know the taste You have to dip it in sambar and have They got nice rava masala dosa Nice crispy dosa Very tasty They have added something else in this rava masala dosa Its a different taste Can understand that it is crispy What did you order for me? Onion masala This is onion and masala. Looks good Dont take from mine. You have plain dosa Like Mysore masala dosa, they have spread all that on the dosa Then they put masala and onions in it Why are you taking from mine? I thought of not taking But since you said that, I will take more Its nice Good food. Totally 1500/- Should I drive? You can He is asking to drive for few minutes You drove all this long That is what I said. If you are driving, drive all the way

Welcome again! Will they ask us to check out at 7am tomorrow? When we stayed at Panthanivas Puri, it was like that They asked us to check out at 7-8am We are staying at the banks of a river today That is where OTDC Panthanivas hotel is I think only we are here. It is always like that. Hope it is open Wherever it is, a government hotel will be at a prime location. They will have good parking and will surely have some basic facilitites Can know about the rooms only after getting in We are staying at Odisha tourism development corporation's Panthanivas You have the inspection bungalow and circuit house here Sorry not PWD guest houses, State guest houses are called Circuit house Is there anybody inside? Here also is it 8am? Yes. Now we should never take rooms in OTDC hotels Here also check out is at 8am. We anyways leave at 8am, so its ok Otherwise I would have made an issue now Just imagine check out at 8am Will they give us breakfast?N They might giv eus Where are you going? Spoilt the white dress? You can see a beautiful painting as you get inside Looks beautiful Dont dip your hands in the water You can see idols same like we see at Puri Jagannatha temple It was built as a tourist bungalow They have written the time for breakfast Here the rules are like visiting a guest house In this building, that side you have the new block and this is the old block I have booked 3 rooms here 3 rooms for 4400/- I shall show you the rooms. All are the same

I shall show you this one. All the rooms look the same Maintenance is bad. You can see dirt there, fungus here Towels are washed, but they they are old Look at the carpet. Very bad They have a balcony here. Look at the situation of the doors

This is what I meant pathetic To sleep for a night, we cannot expect more for such a rate They have a heater. Bathroom is good We got 3 such rooms You can say its worth the amount we paid But I think the rooms in that block would be better Looks good There it is tiles and here it is mosaic Come here. Dont play in the water Give him a bath Room is ok, right? It is ok. It is just to sleep for a night Getting this for this amount itself is great There is ac We began to feel hot We wont need sweater or hoodie anymore. Ac will be needed It is a window ac in our room I have switched it on. It will work only in one speed Its like a fan without regulator Nothing else to do. We can see our car from our room

We parked it here. Is our car so lengthy? When we look at any car from above, we feel ours is very lengthy We are at a very good location. I guess I spoke a bit more about internet today The internet here is very bad Just 1-2 blocks in this area That is sad. No wifi also here If you press space button, it pauses. If you press B, it plays When you press A, it is selection. He is not interested in this class I told him seeing him standing quitely Finally if you swipe it like this, it will move.

If you click here and press You Tube, you can render it After you render it, you have to open Safari After that connect to net Listen to this. Listen to this and go Open safari and then take You Tube You have to sign in You have to click upload Only then the video will get uploaded Why are you making him cry. He was simply looking what you were doing Now he will not come to you. He is fed up He likes to sit on my lap when I am editing We ordered KFC. It is yet to come We dont have the strength to order food here We liked the chizza we ordered last day. We ordered it again Last days chicken wasnt good but Chizza was superb I think they give us old chicken for normal chicken It is not old chicken. It was fried and kept earlier

Open the chizza You finished having kichadi Where are you going? Take him from here He knows he will get from that Give him sauce By mistake I bit Rishis finger. He came to give me a piece of chicken I bit his finger and he was crying all this time Sorry. Got the sauce. You can lick it We are going to have Chizza You eat chizza, I am having Pizza He learnt to say Chizza Do you want chizza? He doesnt want that too He had kichadi Tomorrow we will be going to Hirakud dam After that we will be going to Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur Shall see that tomorrow See you tomorrow with another video. Until then bye bye

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