EP 152 Tribal Markets of Nagaland | പട്ടി, എലി, തവള, പുഴു | ഇവിടെ മനുഷ്യർ കഴിക്കുന്നത് ഇതൊക്കെയാണോ?

EP 152 Tribal Markets of Nagaland | പട്ടി, എലി, തവള, പുഴു | ഇവിടെ മനുഷ്യർ കഴിക്കുന്നത് ഇതൊക്കെയാണോ?

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Hello. We are at Kohima, the capital of Nagaland We will have breakfast, check out and leave from Kohima Enjoy an awesome video today First let us have breakfast Welcome to a new video of Tech Travel Eat Madam, still applying make up? We shall go down and order food. Come fast.

Come lets go. Arent you coming? Will you get down the steps? Dont jump, get down slowly He calls himself Annu This is my photo taken when I was small Look at the way I stand He is looking at his own photo and praising Who is this? He looks at his photo and says Annu Looks like the present Rishi If that is Annu, then who is this? He thinks it is him Our breakfast is here How do we eat this? Which curry is this? May be you eat it this way It is not dal curry It was a very good hotel All the staffs here are very friendly Hospitality to the best Bills are given to us in a cover like this in the normal way He had kept everything ready. I had told them Everything was ready Breakfast, dinner and accommodation for people came to /- We say good bye to Hotel Avisto Go behind Rishi I dont want appam. Go behind It is so dusty here The glass is so dusty Morning block has begun Even the people on bikes and following lane discipline Look at him go behind the car We have to learn from them She is finding a parking space for us We have come to see the Mavo market It is very difficult to get parking here.

Since we came in the morning, they said we shall manage somehow You can see people collecting parking fee there They will find us a place Come close. Bring the front forward and go close Enough He was putting it in my mouth and then to his mouth So his fingers touch my lipstick We have come to see Mao market It is a different market You will be doubtful thinking is Nagaland in India You see a lot of meat shops here Pork is one of their main food Pork is what is cut and hung here Little to walk to reach the market. You can see a lake in the middle of the city Dirty water Not good You can see an old fire engine here Does this still run? I think it does. This fire engine might be taking water from this lake Seriously. If you touch it, your hands will have rust

This is a new one The fire station is in the middle of the market This is the one We are going to the main market here Mao market People from different parts of the city come and sell things here That is how it is everywhere They would be selling vegetables and fruits from their side Each person brings things in their car and sells them Let us get into Mao market complex Swetha is asking them something Look at this. What are they? What is this, a rat? That is a Hamster This one That is white rat Are these pets? No, to eat They eat all these Small rats They eat white rats Is there anything that they dont eat? He was saying that they eat eveyrthing You cannot see a crow here You wont even get a snake If you buy a dog, they make take it without anyone seeing Just like they rob hens, they take pet dogs too Where do they get prawns from? They might be having some source for it These are the small chicks Look at baby rats Saw that? Hamster and rats What is that? It seems people eat them Do you know that? They eat these Frogs Are these frogs? They are the small ones Frogs are big Different kinds of fishes, snails etc Silkworms. They eat them Silkworms are very famous here Do they fry them? They grill and have them I have seen a lady do it Rishi, see what all do people here eat People here in Nagaland eat more of these kind of thigs We know what all we eat Here they eat dogs, cats, snake and even spider Prashanth and Apsara told us that people here eat all kinds of animals and insects That is how we got to know a lot You still have people who say You Indians There are some people here who still dont accept that they are a part of India We had seen the same in Kashmir too They say that they have married from India It seems they say like that ATMs dont work at night They close by 9pm and open only at 9am You find a lot of different cultures and lifestyle here If an ATM doesnt work, its strange During Christmas and New Year, all the government offices are closed for 10 days. They have that many holidays for Christmas and other occasions Schools have their academic year from February to December For us it is April and May vacation and then the year begins in June Here a new academic year starts in February It finishes in December 2 months they have winter holidays That is the culture here This is entirely different. This is not a state that should be in India I guess It looks like a different country. They want to be a country What is this? Look at the things sold here. I think this is something to do with bamboo

Banana flower Look at the spread they have Different kinds of spices Lot of things. This is just like Thailand market A kind of chilli Those are baby tomatoes Look at the size of the beans Awesome broccoli What is wrong with Rishi today He wants to get down Leave him down. Let him walk Ask them where do you get dog meat I want to see that Market looks very good See how neatly they have kept the things Baby bitter gourds We get that in our place Lot of varieties here. Dry prawns too Dry fish and fresh worms Lot of worms here too Look at them I think worms are an important dish for them These arent silk worms, right? What happened? It came on to my dress Are these silkworms? No. It is another worm You feel odd seeing it I think it is the normal worm Look at a honey comb. That is also kept for sale. Do they eat that too?

Mushrooms. I dont think that is a honey comb Thats what they said. There are worms in it That is the silkworm stuff. It looks like honey comb Turn around and look at that Abhi, look at this Grade 1, 2, 3 All these are original They said you can fry and make it in many ways I saw a person grilling Will it itch if you touch it? I dont know. Why do you want to touch it All of them are alive I dont want to touch it I think these are dead and dried All these are live Live worms. So many of them.

This is little more neat Good we ate and came Or we wont be able to eat anything now That is true You wont know if any worm sits on you You have worn the same colour t shirt Mine is almost the same compared to yours It is the correct colour Rishi, did you see the worms Look at him seeing it moving He will put his hand into it He will for sure. Be careful We saw worms If you give it to Rishi, he will taste and tell you how is it Do you want that? Come, lets go to the next place I want to see dog meat Ask them where do you get dog meat You ask them in English. They will tell you Ask this lady She has separated the worms in grades Both are different ones You get all types of insects here This is like the market at China where Covid had spread There is some way to go down Small rats Look at them. So many too

Many of them down too They asked us to go down this way? Get down slowly It is dangerous You have all these things here Lot of house hold items and many more You have to go down for chicken. This market is in the middle of the town We saw dog mean finally You should see the way they have cut and kept the parts They have cut and kept dog meat like they cut chicken and pork How was your experience? I felt like vomiting. Lets go I heard they wouldnt let us take video I asked them if I could take a video I offered 1000/-. But still they didnt allow They said it is difficult for them Then we shouldnt take I asked but they were comfortable Even you may not like it. So leave it

If you want, you can come here and s We have seen lamb hung in shops They have hung dogs like that. They then separated the meat as head, leg, body etc Enough of explaining. Only if I explain, they will understand Some have food at this time. So no need They have cut and kept it separate like that Dog meat. It was a strange experience for us We couldnt take a video Like she said, you would be having food now. So not showing you all these Done with the market experience. Lets go to the next place

We may get to see it somewhere. Lets see. There are a lot of markets here I really wanted to show you It is something that you see only hear. Selling dog meat.

You dont get to see it anywhere else. In India, a state that lives in different culture Isnt it Abhi? Yes. We felt a different style and culture in the North East The main issue is like that they are people like in Kashmir It is because of us. Their skin colour. We call them chinkies Chinese, Japanese Thailand people People coming from Manipur, Mizoram etc Who come to study or work here face a lot of tease Just imagine When a person is very fair, they are called whities If they are less in colour, they are called blackies We tease people amongst ourselves North Indians tease a lot They call us as Madrasis, Mallus Mallus itself is a mock Mallu was a mock name for us I used to hear You Mallus when I was at Karnataka Mallu was a name used to tease People calling them Chinkies, they finish their grudge on us in many ways That is how they see us Even today we call people Bengali North Indians are called Bengali now They have the same attitude towards us They have a level of their own. They will stand on that

Do you know that they dont have to pay Income tax in the North East? They have a special priority in India Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram etc dont have to pay Income tax How much ever they make money, they dont have to pay income tax Government is spending the tax here that we pay them They dont have to pay Income Tax These were old rules Earlier people outside Kashmir couldnt go there and buy a plot That was article 370 I think. After that was removed this came Here now there is article 360 I think They are still running here in these rules It will be a big issue if it is removed It is a dangerous area So pleasing the people here is Indias need If they want, they can go with China China is waiting for a chance to come and take over I dont think they will go with Myanmar There is a group of people who say they want a country by it self Because of such reasons, there are many priorities for people here We are struggling and making money. Half of it goes as income tax to the government Here they dont have to pay tax. In our country, 2 states living in different rules is sad But that is how it is A person from outside cannot come here and buy land If you come from outside, work or do a business, grow well. Once you begin to grow well, they will somehow or the other put you down Prashanth bro told us this They will tell you may stop, we will do the rest Not only Prashanth, many have told us the same Meghalaya also has the same situation I have heard that So people coming here and flourishing is very rare But there are many who come and work for the Government North East is such a place People here are very friendly. They will respond back the way we respond to them Though they will stand a step away from us, they wont create any issues The culture of people this side is like that Is this Indua? That is a big doubt We really begin to doubt seeing many things We really doubt is this India Now we are off to see Naga Heritage Village This is the venue Hornbill Festival took place During season time, you cannot come close to this place.

They have a temporary mobile tower This is the ticket counter here There is a camera pass. But now nothing is there. The gate is open You cannot find a single person here All the tribes in Nagaland come and perform here. They showcase their huts and lifestyle here to show people This is a place where a lot of foreigners visit. A venue where a huge festival took place You have a lot of place to put up tents and pavilions Now there is nothing and nobody here Not a single person is seen here now You can see the 2nd world war museum here Will our car go in there If car will go, then get in. We shall go and see You can see boards of the inauguration here You can see a board Naga Heritage Village on top of the mountain Those who have seen Hornbill festival will know, This is the venue where dance and other performances had taken place You can sit here and watch the shows.

You can see hornbills on top of the trees They have made many things to show the tradition and lifestyle of the tribes Hornbill festival is a huge celebration here They still havent cleaned the place after the festival. Even though it is a festival, we only come here They have made the place so dirty and gone Now the huge task is to clean the place Where else can you see so much of waste put in a gallery? Saw a board No Plastic Area Saw elderly ladies have come on a trip Even I will go out with my friends Look at the elderly ladies gang who are on a trip This tree looks amazing They did this tree in 2015 for the Hornbil Festival You can see Hornbills over it This is Hornbill It is there in our place too. Do you remember? We saw it when we went to Devala When we had gone to Devala wild planet resort, we had seen Hornbill Let us walk up with them You can see many huts when you walk up These are huts of the tribes here Is is constructed for the annual festival We had seen the same at Bhutan too, We had gone to see their traditional huts. Same way, they can do a lot of things to attract tourists 365 days They can arrange accommodation too This is Pochury tribe houses They have made this for us to see how their houses look like All these are locked. They are made of wood You even get the original of these here I heard that you get deer head original here You get original ones here but what you see here are duplicate These may be original heads The tribal people stay here. They wear their dress and stand here They serve their kinds of food You can have their food from here if you want You can take photos with them But it should be done always in that concept It would be a huge revenue for tourists and people here Festival time 10 days it is ok But it would have been amazing if it was here full time How much they could develop tourism here They should clean the place always for that.

I had mentioned in other videos too that there are lots of tribes in Nagaland Each tribe hut would be different from others This is Sagntam Moru tribes It is not very decorated. They have made this house with hay This might be their traditional dress A roaring sound Abhi will turn violent if you put your finger in your mouth Look at the roof of that house. It is done is stone tile These tribes are very rich Such an awesome house You have heads here too It is awesome. Imagine foreigners coming to see hornbill festival judge us seeing the waste here The whole place is messy They might be maintaining it during the festival days No idea. We havent come at that time

But now it is not neat Maybe because nobody is here This tribe is rich. Chumpo tribe house You can walk around, see the places and styles and go The vibe during the fesitval would be awesome Some would be singing, some dancing We missed that You should come and see Hornbill festival This is completely done in wood This is Garo tribes There are lot of houses like this to be seen here Isnt it awesome. Yes of course. This is Rengma tribes house Even they do it in wood. In front also you can see a lot of wooden work Everything is done in statue forms Different face forms Hornbills, doors and all are done in wood Though there are many tribes, their language is different Costume is different Culture is different Tradition, huts and their beliefs are also different Since there are a lot of tribes, they have lot of issues in the state Untiy is the slogan Nagaland follows. Taking all together is their style Unity is important. Earlier there were a lot of issues.

Assam and Meghalaya still have issues Meghalaya has issues with many tribes. Lot of such issues in North East That is why the government gives them a lot of priorities There are many people demanding that they want to be a separate country They have a menu here. This is Angami tribe's house These are the dishes they sell here Angami Moru tribe An empty Hornbill festival ground Coffee shop, tourist visitors, souvenir shops, Indian Navy outlet, SBI ATM, etc They have a church too here. But now everything is closed.

Cant they keep it open. Exactly. People like us will be simply coming seeing around and going If they are not dismantling these, they could do something for tourists 365 days When it is crowded here, you cannot even take a photo You have a big board of Hornbill Festival 2022 You can see another art work by them A nice church at the background There is an awesome church here We shall go see the church and then end this video This is an awesome view point where you can see a church too This is the view point where you can see the whole of Kohima city This is Kohima Cathedral Church A huge maintenance work is going on at the church This is an important location here All the people coming here visit the church before they go It is a touristic location That church is that beautiful Now it is under renovation 88% people in Nagaland believe in Christianity 8% of them follow Hinduism 3% Islam and others in the rest In Christianity, they are the Anglican people That is why you see Baptized church written everywhere Like we have CSI in our place, here it is CNI Church of North India Speaking about the religion in Nagaland You can guess how Christmas n New Year would be having 88% Christians In our side, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta has majority Christians You have more of Christians and Hindus If you go to the Malabar side, Christians are less You find more of Christians and Hindus there If you go to Malappuram during Eid, it is a different scene If you go to Kottayam or Idukki for Christmas, it would be amazing So you will see the specialty of a place according to the majority of people I am not sure if we will leave North East by Christmas Anyways I understood that the Christmas and New Year vibe is amazing here Now itself the whole place is decorated One thing is for sure. Dogs in Nagaland wont bite. They run away when they see people Dogs know that they will be eaten Do you know that people here eat dogs Give this to that dog The dog ran when I brought food The dog would have thought we are going to catch him Can you put this in that dustbin? Oh! There is a waste bin here You have a road going down Let us go this way to the cathedral We are in front of Kohima Cathedral Church Maintenance work is going on here I shall post the real photo of it here You can understand how good the architectural church was Unfortunately since the work is going on, I dont think we can go inside A huge renovation is taking place here Now itself it looks nice. When all these are over it, it would be amazing Yes. It is cloudy here

I heard it is a mess when it rains here They have made a crib here He is feeling very sleepy Wasnt it milk that you had? Look at the star, crib, Christmas tree, Look at these. You can see Jesus too Jesus is not here Isnt this Jesus? Isnt this he? Then who is this? In our side you see a baby. That is not seen here Who said this is Jesus? Isnt it Jesus? Here its full confusion We are saying things with what we know You have more of protestants here You have Latin people too In Christianity itself you have many people In Hindus and Muslims also you have a lot of types Their styles and cultures are different In our place you have baby Jesus. Why isnt it seen here

This is a crib without Jesus Why would it be like that? Those who know do comment. Sorry Rishi, this crib doesnt have Jesus Did you see this board? It is an entirely different thing They are lines from the Bible Might be for sure You have a beautiful view down there So many churches are seen here You can see so many churches standing here. You have a helipad also there Hopefully when you come next time, the work would be complete Abhi, take a photo Look at this.

Take a photo Abhi He is so jealous Hello, she is my wife. She became your mother after becoming my wife Jealosy guy I shouldnt touch Swetha What all issues Swetha, shall I give you a kiss. He pushed my hand My face Give me a kiss Swetha Now he is giving me a kiss The Jealousy boy You shouldnt be so jealous Look at the JCB How do kids turn jealousy? Swetha, give me a kiss He wants to kiss me there itself. You will bite me when you kiss. I know A kiss fo you too Bye bye Say bye You shouldnt get down Those who havent subscribed to our channel, do subscribe See you tomorrow with another video. Until then bye bye

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