EP 128 Horrible & Tiring Drive to Eastern Bhutan !! 7 മണിക്കൂർ Offroad ചെയ്ത് Trashigang ലേക്ക് !!

EP 128 Horrible & Tiring Drive to Eastern Bhutan !! 7 മണിക്കൂർ Offroad ചെയ്ത് Trashigang ലേക്ക് !!

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Good morning from Bhumthangs 0 degree Morning when we came to our car, it was like ice I havve started and kept it for some time now Look at this. It is frozen Snow has fallen on our car Look at the snow I am seeing this now We dont have a snow defroster too THis is a big issue We may have ot pour hot water Ask Thashi what to do It is 6am Today we are going to Eastern Bhutan Heard it will be a horrible drive Dont know why. We came with Rishi to keep our bags. Welcome to a new video of Tech Travel Eat It is going to be awesome from now on We cannot see those mountains Cannot see it. Will we get to see snowfall? This is amazing. I didnt notice it when I came

There are less chances for water to come from the wiper too That would be frozen now. Let us on the heater and see if anything will happen We wiped our glass slowly We are scared if we wipe more, scratches may fall It shows -1 in our car It is not fog but something and all Rishi has woke up early We cannot drink our water too. Dont know if it has become ice Now it is 6.30 Do you know what is the symbol after -1? There would be ice on the road and we should be careful We are the first ones to leave the resort We are leaving from Swiss guest house where we stayed last day. It was an awesome hotel Awesome hotel We got a very good experience It is white here. A small snowfall took place last night. That is why it is white in colour Dogs have come in the morning.

We are going. See you tomorrow The dogs are friendly We didnt get this much cold from Ladakh but got it from Bhutan It is the difference in the time we are traveling I wore gloves. Is it that cold? My hands are aching It becomes 0 and -1 at night Day time it goes upto 15 deg C Thats how it is here. Once the sun is out, then it is ok

At night, it goes to extreme cold But we get into our room soon. So we dont have much issues We are getting out so early for the first time That is why we are experiencing it this way Look at that. We are above the clouds now Look at the clouds down. Come lets go. The sun is out at 6.15am It is 6.30 now. We feel better when the sun is out

Hope to get beautiful scenes from here on From now on, we will be going to places we didnt visit last time Wild boar So many of them Rishi, did you see the wild boar? We saw wild boar This is the 1st wild animal we saw after coming to Bhutan These are forest horses. What all do we get to see They look so good. Horses dont have anything to do Morning itself it is standing here Rishi, do you see this? Saw the horse? This is a horse We can see many wild horses here In Bhutan 75% is forest They are trying to maintain it like that only Though you dont have extreme wild animals, you can see some like this The road length is 32km 250km to Thimphu from here. We traveled that much? We are climbing some pass We are going up in good heights. My ears are getting blocked The problem now is that sometimes it is sunny, otherwise full of trees I cannot put my shades because of that Sometimes you dont see anything when it is sunny Sometimes it is dark when full of trees Now it is difficult because the sun is opposite to us We stopped at a place on the way You can see snow on these This whole place is white in colour Sometimes you find them on the road too That is why such a warning is shown on our car saying be careful You can say it was snowfall. You can see it. It looks like white powder When sun doesnt hit a place for 2 days this will turn to ice Though we drove this much, the ice on our car hasnt gone yet You can see it here It is this colour because of the dirt too The sound of the car has changed.

The moment you stop the car, he comes to the front Are you dancing to the music? Shall we go touch ice? Shall we touch ice? He is not minding me. You shouldnt horn here in Bhutan He is not looking at me They say to be careful because of this on the road The green on the plants have gone Where are you going to? This is how their leaves begin to shed slowly Since we left in the morning, we are hungry. We shall have the snacks we have with us The shops here open only by 9-10am We cannot see a single person on the road We drove for 1.5 hours from Chamkar and reached Ura valley It is on the way It is a valley with good population in Bhumthang It is a tourist destination. People come for hiking here Just like Phobjikha valley, you can see a beautiful valley here We have a beautiful view here The sun is just rising So we dont get the correct look but it looks beautiful This is a house that has valley view It is made of stones and pine trees As I said, Bhutan has more of forest You see more of pine trees in the forest There are pine cypress and many more trees. Thashi had told me many, but I dont remember We drove up 11500 ft crossed a pass and now reached Ura valley We will drive down and go to another place after Ura valley The car sounds like it has fever What are you doing in the front? Dont you know that you shouldnt come in the front Look at him stand He jumped and went to the front This is a problem You dance like this When Rishi calls Aku, it sounds like Akasottu in that movie We told him to call uncle, but he made it Aku Rishi is ok now after seeing a doctor at Bhutan All the villages will have a monastery on top of a mountain You can see a monastery there You have a lot of houses around that The fields are just done with paddy cultivation Once winter begins, they cannot do any cultivation They will start to cultivate again only after winter Sometimes they will grow something else till winter is over We crossed the 32km we saw on the previous board Now we are entering Ura Nangar Primary National Highway This is also 32km. Looks like good roads

The work was completed recently There is a place called Ura We are not going through that road We have taken another road The good roads are done. I dont know. The work is still going on here It says it is closed somewhere and all Now we have completed half way I think the rest of the half way would be without tar roads I think they are still working on the roads Anyways it is ok You can see tipper lorries go Hope there wont be any road blocks.

Let us go and see Our car will turn brown in colour now. He has given us way to overtake Abhi, not a single car has come from the opposite side in half an hour We just saw few tippers go. Let us go and see. Saw a car come towards us Finally we got good road Why would it be little good and rest not Might be some construction issues for delay We got a road again. Awesome

Isnt this to flatten the mud? It is used to break rocks and flatten the roads too Only little was good. Rest all are like this Road widening work is going on So there are no tarred roads here It is 9am. All of us are feeling hungry Cannot see anyone on the road. No ida where we get food from

He is saying about getting food somewhere Look at this. Something is falling from above. Let us go Can see mud falling down We are climbing a pass I think the roads would be like this only till we go up and down the pass I am not able to open the window and shoot because it is dusty We have reached on top I am happy Let us take a round, stop and take photos You can see road workers and not a single tea shop here We have reached Thumshingla pass It is 12300ft above sea level It is the 2nd highest road in Bhutan We are on the 2nd highest pass You can see a lot of boards It is completely dusty due to the road work We have a stupa here You see this in common everywhere It is very dusty. Very difficult for us

When a car passes by, the whole place will be dusty Not much of cars come here. We might have seen 10 vehicles so far. That is including lorries. We havent seen more than that It is dusty Saw the snow mountains here? I think that part would be Tibet A long stretch of snow mountains You check the map I am sure it is. I think we will have to cross all these mountains Too good. Though it is high in altitude, we dont find breathing issues here The main reason is because there are trees You have lot of oxygen from trees. In Ladakh there wasnt much trees So you dont face much problems here That is Bhutan Tibet border This is too much It is extreme. Sometimes the roads are narrow

Work is under progress. But we dont find anyone on the road Today might be a holiday You cant see anyone on the road They are breaking the rocks and moving it from there We can go only after they finish moving all that Now we have to move our car, only then they can go The lorry has to go and asked us to give them way It is very dusty here There were 2 other vehicles behind us What is your problem? Are you feeling hungry? I dont have any issues. Swetha, he doesnt have the stamina to drive also There was a block here. We are getting out of that now Be careful. There is slush on the road We are able to go this comfortably just because it is this car If it was a small car, the under portion would have gone by now Even Harrier would be comfortable The car is slipping out of the way I am holding on tight to the steering We have reached a village It has been 4 hours since we left Finally we saw a village now Here roads are still under construction We have reached Sengor village Swetha, come. Let us have food

I dont have the energy because I havent eaten food Thashi has enquired and come They said they have to buy things and come There is a restaurant in the front. We shall check there So we shall check if there is any other restaurant Yes. They have food. Go to the bathroom and come. I shall hold him. 1 minute

This is the hotel and bar. The washroom is on the other side I think it is a common bathroom. Dont know if it will have water or not. Thashi will check and tell us

Or you can buy 2 bottles of water and go

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