EP 123 Punakha to Wangdue Phodrang ഇനി നമുക്ക് കിഴക്കൻ ഭൂട്ടാനിലേക്ക് പോകാം ‌

EP 123 Punakha to Wangdue Phodrang   ഇനി നമുക്ക് കിഴക്കൻ ഭൂട്ടാനിലേക്ക് പോകാം ‌

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Welcome to a new video of Tech Travel Eat We are leaving from the farm house we stayed last night at Punakha Now we are off to Phobjikha valley You will be seeing our journey to Phobjikha valley today Welcome to a new video of INB trip season 2 of Tech Travel Eat Give them a kiss No kiss for you. A kiss for me Abhi, be careful It is slippery here We have parked our car far off We walked this way and then came to this homestay to stay last night It was an amazing experience We saw a typical Bhutani culture, had their food Experienced their hospitality Nothing more to say Come lets go. Look at the dogs coming with us It is their dog. It is coming because they are with us When they go back, their 3 pets will also go They are so loving. Dogs love people more Will the dogs get into our car now? God knows What will they do? They will go behind them They are coming with us in the car till down What is that? Are you a roaring lion? Looking at the dogs and roaring Can you hear the cows from there? We are going down to the main road The route is awesome We took so much of right after the main road First it was mud road, then concrete, then again mud road It is same like in our place at Idukki or Wayanad We are stopping at many places to take pictures of Punakha Dzong It is amazing. The Dzong looks awesome from all the angles

It looks like a fort If these trees were not there, we would get nice shots. There arent trees down there Let us not this way. We shall go by car This is where the view is You have a beautiful view from here Awesome photo.

Beautiful place You wont feel like stopping how much ever you click You dont reach the stage of satisfaction How long have we be looking for a good angle Finally we got a good one We are taking awesome photos from here He is calling his uncle and coming So bye to Punakha. We now leave for Phobjikha valley On the way we can see the beautiful river flow We are driving by the banks of the river The colour of the water is awesome Nice green and blue at different place Rishi is sleeping on her lap He is feeling sleepy How sad. I think he liked Bhutan people a lot He liked Thashi and now even Lala Lalaunty is getting down from our car Rishi is in good sleep You can see Punakha town It is a small town. We are at a pump to fill diesel It is the olden times pump. It doesnt show how much or any markings

You can see such pumps at many places in Nepal and Bhutan It is 106 for diesel here That is the most expensive diesel rate from this trip When he took Rishi from Swetha, he woke up He is feeling very sleepy. He was cranky all this time Let us sleep? For the first time in my life, I paid so much for diesel 106/- Petrol is only 82/- The diesel rate increased last night it seems We had filled for 98/- from Pheuntsholing How much has it increased from there? Diesel here is more expensive than our place. May be because it comes from there Here also it is Indian Oil and Bharat Petroleum that sells diesel We lost our way This is the double span Bailey bridge Looks awesome. The green natural beauty The colour of the water, nature and blue sky You can see Bharat Petroleum and Indian oil everywhere I think Bhutan doesnt have their own oil company Diesel and Petrol comes from India India gives all these to Bhutan We have reached Bajo town Nice and beautiful These places are all empty No crowd or rush. You have buildings with shops below and houses on top First we had gone to Chutka province. Later we went to Thimphu

From Thimphu, we are going to Wandue Phodrang As soon as you enter the province, you see the town Little forward after the river, you have Thimphu and Wangdue Phodrang border This is the same river that we saw earlier You can see their paddy fields there They do it well. You see it more at this time Last time we had seen more of potatoes. This time it is paddy Now you cannot see potatoes because the season is Autumn You cannot see potatoes in autumn You see more of paddy fields On top you can see a lot of trees.

They are pine trees. Below there arent any trees That is where they do cultivation They have paddy and many more cultivated there You can see their traditional houses there What is happening there ? Sand keeps residing in this river You can see them extracting sand from here This is something that can be implemented in our rivers too The river keeps flowing and sand comes from many places You can see some small ship like boats there They use a pipe and machine to extract it to a pond there It is put into the pond with the water The water goes back to the river The sand is then taken from there This sand is used for buildings and other purposes It is the same method followed in our place too But it is a criminal offense if you do so If you do it with permit and governments help, you can avoid flood etc If you look at Pambayar now, Sand has come from many places and the depth of the river has reduced Because they are not allowed to take sand the proper way, the river is not deep So when water comes from elsewhere, it becomes a problem for others If you do it the proper way, with the help of government, it would be a great help for many Anywyas this is how it is in Bhutan. We could see it because we stopped here You can see many houses together on top of a mountain Nearly houses one next to another You cannot see this in any place in Bhutan It is very rare If you look at the other side, houses are bit apart Even when we stayed at the farm house, all were apart Earlier during the construction of a Dzong, India being a neighbouring county Lot of labors migrated from West Bengal and Kolkata They got settled here They built houses here and that is what we saw now Later on they married people from here Now they are Bhutanese here So people coming from that village are normally different from the others Our guide said they would look like Indians We are getting to know a lot because Thashi is with us Rishi would have slept by now. Has Rishi slept? Yes Feel sorry for him You can see a bridge here and it is written that it was inaugurated at 2018 It was constructed by Japanese Officail Development Assistance project It was for reconstructing bridges India puts in fund here For the infrastructure purpose, many countries help by putting in fund Nice hanging bridge. Thought of going over it First you take photos.

It is made of wooden logs. This reminds me of the hanging bridge that collapsed in Gujarat last week Lets not get onto this This wont fall. This is with wood Abhi, come carefully Dont go. Come let us go back.

Nothing will happen. Come If anything happens, it is just water down Look at it shaking Come here It is wood. Dont worry Nothing will happen. Just hold and walk

Even if you fall, just hold onto it See how pretty the hanging bridge looks It is full of wood. Be careful your leg doesnt get stuck in between Nothing will happen to it. He is scared and crying from there Come here Dont get scared. Come here You have a river with high flowing water in it A very beautiful place Just come without fear Both are scared Shall I shake it? If you hold it this way, it shakes 2 watch dogs are looking at us They say that they wont let us go It is coming asking where are we going All cute and neat dogs You may go I think this is a farm and they are the once takin care of it I think he is very photogenic This water is available here always It might be coming from some river via pipe I think You will get this natural water always He and someone else is found here. I think it might be his family here Looks like a farm house. You can see sugar cane, cauliflower and cabbage This is the place they make food They might be preparing food here They have orange trees too Look how well they have stacked their logs This is how they collect and stack them They take little from them and use They stay in this small house made of plywood This is the new one with plywood. This is the old one with hay and things

You can see oranges on that plant Abhi, do you want sugarcane? They said they will give us Shall I take a picture with him? Awesome. I liked that click This is some tool that they use Looks like a knife and cricket bat too They open it and take it out. They tie it to their body like this Our guide told us to since we came to give them some money He will give us a sugar cane and we can take it There are 2 types of sugar cane. Yellow and red

He has cut a big one for us People like them wont be knowing Hindi well They will know only Bhutanese language Our guide bro is communicating with him Can see small oranges Nice yellow ones. I wonder which tree this is Isnt it a mango tree Looks like a mango tree only That means you dont know what a mango tree is Look at the cows walking on the hanging bridge Nobody has to guide it It is coming so simple It is shaking and coming Even the cow is not scared It came so cool It knows where to go It is shaking. Sugarcane is the best to test the strength of your teeth It is yummy A cow is coming. Hey cow, wait there. Let us come first The cow has common sense. Look at it waiting seeing us coming It has more brains than us Look at it giving us way to go It will go after we go Did you see the cow move seeing us come? It knows well Do you want sugarcane juice? Will you drink? You can bite and have it I ate this. I shall give you another one I will give you another one Give me another one. She is not giving me this

You can eat this. Give me mine Havent you finished yet? Its been long like a cow chewing all the time You have been eating for 1 hour. All of us finished eating earlier What is this Abhi? Swetha, didnt you have? You should enjoy and have We have been driving for long and seeing forests and mountains We stopped seeing a waterfall 72% of Bhutan is forest The whole of Bhutan is a forest Right? Yes All you see more of is forests In the forests, you see a lot of waterfalls like this Nice pure water flowing down in full force You can see a small stream and natural water coming from the walls You have awesome roads here When you go to the Eastern side, the roads will be bad Road widening is happening You have lot of places where water flows down from mountains. It is written not to wash your vehicles here The fine will be 1000 Ngultrums The currency here is Ngultrums I had not said about it Our 1 Re is their 1 Ngultrum Their 1 Ngultrum is our 1 Re That is why our currency is widely accepted here But their currency is not accepted all over India Some at the border accept it But they accept our currency everywhere Cant see a vehicle or a human on the road Nobody and no vehicle Very rarely you see a village. Otherwise nothing else It is so empty this side It is very sunny. So we shall put a cloth since the sun it hitting Rishis face If we had a tinted glass, it would have been so useful Lift it up There are people waiting to find complaints on us So we cannot do anything If it is sunny, face it Some can put curtains and travel There are many waterfalls here We are climbing a pass now This is flowing like milk onto the road The temperature outside is 13 deg C We have put the ac in the car It is very cold if you open the window and travel You can see ice mountains far there Last time when I cam here, the roads were bad and landslides had taken place Now the roads are better We are at the pass now. As I said there are lots of waterfalls on the way

There is an interesting thing there. I shall show you Have you seen the water prayer wheel? Did you see the working thing? You can see a working water prayer There was a model of this at the house at Thimphu But there wasnt water in it We didnt see it working Water goes on flowing here They let the water flow through this They re route it There is a prayer wheel here and it rotates. That is it How do we go there? There is a wooden log here Let us see if we can go above it It is dangerouse It is fixed. No problem Be careful. When you come here, dont, stamp here. My shoes got wet

Stand on the log and then there and here Let us see if we can see inside this We may be able to open it. Look at this Water falls on the turbine. Then it begins to rotate When that rotates, the prayer wheel also rotates This is water prayer wheel The concept is that the prayer on it will spread all over here Awesome, right? It is just like how we make current. The turbine turns like that only This is something that has been followed since long here You can not only see such water prayer wheels in Bhutan, But also in India at Sikkim, Darjeeling and other places too We can see it there You can see them at hill stations where Budhists are there Isnt that very interesting I dont know if anybody owns these cows. I dont find any nose rings on it

They drink water, eat grass, relax and stay You can see 3 water prayer wheels here Dont do anything to me. I dont have anything to give you You can eat what you have here This is something that they have been doing since long They have re routed the water through all these 3 water prayer wheels Some fool has written on these walls We dont know We have reached a town called Nobding You can see small restaurants here They have small shops also here. It is a small market You can see the place where they sell fruits, vegetables and groceries All the places have bars too All these are restaurants It is closed because it is cold They are open only We can go inside We have reached a place. Rishi is sleeping inside

She said if he wakes up, tap him and put him back to sleep We stayed at this hotel when we came last time There was a place in this restaurant where many stickers were stuck that day I didnt have stickers then. Now we shall stick this sticker here You can see snow mountains there You first go to the washroom and come. Then we shall stick the sticker You can stick Look at the snow mountain This is a very good hotel on the way to Phobjikha valley You should stay at Phobjikha valley but last time we stayed here It is a very good hotel. We got it for 3500/- that time

There is a restaurant here You can see a lot of stickers here in the front You have Bhutan flag too They have buffet here. We are having tea from here. Shall have tea after that I showed them last times video and asked if they knew them. She said yes, that was her sister The tea isnt sweet. Sugar is served separate.

We had 3 cups of tea but they charged only for 2 They said they wont charge for Thashis tea. But for 2 cups of tea, it is 240/- So I shall stick my sticker and then go Ok. Sticking Tech Travel Eats sticker here If you see this here. Click, post in Instagram and tag us Come, let us go Now the time is 1.30 and we have stopped for lunch Rishi is still sleeping We shall go inside and order food We shall call you when food comes You can come at that time Let him sleep till then It has been nearly 1.30-2 hours now 2 hours I think. Let him sleep

If he doesnt sleep, it will be a problem When we went to Ladakh, it wasnt too cold There it was ok. But here it is a bit cold He is just getting set with the cold here I think that is why he is having some issues He is active. But is lazy, drowsy, always cranky he wants to come to me. Sometimes he wants Swetha to feed him. That may be lying, sitting or standing. He has started some issus like that now Chowmein Today even we are going to have the same If they have other chowmein, tell them not the soup way Ok I understood. I shall order

Before going to Phobjikha, you can see a small village. You can see small houses there These are restaurants. Arent they awesome? Those are houses All these are restaurants You may think they are shut down when you see from outside But they are all open You will find people inside Because it is cold, they have closed it We have got into Khandu hotel to have food It is a lodging and catering service center When we came to the restaurant, we saw this that she made here She took nearly 3-4 days to complete this Each portion has different designs Then they repeat the same They then roll it. It is an amazing skill They have made it using this small thing Just like our handloom in our place She made that in 3 days She then sells it for 2500/- Tashi was saying, in Thimphu it is sold for 4000-5000/- Just imagine. This is a small pace. When we ordered, she took things and went in She will take time. That is why I told Swetha to come later with Rishi.

When you come to the Eastern side of Bhutan, you find villages This is a toilet covered with wood Dont worry. I wont show the inside of this It is a very neat toilet But they have made it with wooden sticks It is the same Indian closet like in our place The specialty is that you get light from outside and can see if anybody is outside They have the restaurant on the top floor and house on ground floor They have made the restaurant where they live only They are giving it as homestay too You will get many houses here as homestay You wont find any difficulty in food and accommodation here Our food has come Abhi is having noodles and Ema datshi How can you have bothe together? We will have, right? Swetha is also having noodles. It is the one you get here Keep some for me too We have ordered rice for Rishi You can have rice and dal Will you have? Rishi slept well today He slept for 2-2.5 hours

He is watching a train video here How is the noodles? Is it good? Superb? It is a kind of noodles you get here similar to Maggi It is called Koka The masala is very tasty They have added vegetables to it. Superb Is it spicy? You can ask for water Last time Saleesh bro was mad about Ema datshi. This time it is Abhi

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