EP 119 Bhutan Food Tour & Night Life in Thimphu ഭൂട്ടാനിലെ രാത്രി കാഴ്ചകൾ & ഫുഡ് ടൂർ

EP 119 Bhutan Food Tour & Night Life in Thimphu ഭൂട്ടാനിലെ രാത്രി കാഴ്ചകൾ & ഫുഡ് ടൂർ

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Welcome to Tech Travel Eats's Say Tech Travel Eat properly Welcome to a new episode of Tech Travel Eat Where are we now? We are now in Thimphu We are going to shoot night life We are at Bhutan's capital city Thimphu If I like something, I will buy it. The problem is no place to keep it I shall push it under my seat Like Swetha said, Welcome to another episode of Tech Travel Eat Let us see night life in Thimphu It is pretty cold Everything is money here. For parking the car in front of the hotel, he said 700/- for 2 days I gave him 500/- You have parking fee. You speak to them, they will adjust the rate Everything is Indo here When you go near Kerala you see, Kerala restaurant, Kerala hotle.. same way

I think he is feeling cold. That is why he is quite He wont let me put the cap. So let him feel cold Bhutan was under lock down for the last 2.5 years from Covid They opened Bhutan for foreigners/tourists on 23rd October Thats just going to be a month Now foreigners can come. I had mentioned in yesterdays video on how Indians can come here We entered Bhutan through Pheuntsholing Yesterday you had seen Pheuntsholing to Thimphu Today we are out for a night walk Can find it crowded here. Many people are standing here. Most of the people in Bhutan live in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan Most of the people means 1.2 lakh people

That is the population here. Are all these Indians? I think they are tourists Yes We had said in yesterdays video that Bhutan is expensive We have to pay a separate fee per day for the car too You have to have a guide but not necessary he should be with you always We dont have our guide now when we are on a walk This is a busy street The person whistling is the traffic police You will not hear anybody else horning here See how discipled people are driving here This is our neighbouring country. We are seeing the difference in our neighbouring country That is the specialty of Bhutan Bhutan is peaceful Shall buy a cap for Rishi Try buying and putting it on for him. We should put it. He is already cold. He is feeling sleepy We are at a shop where they sell winter clothes Lot of things here. We bought a cap for Rishi 250/- for the cap Hope he wears it He will wear it when he feels cold You have a lot of winter jackets here You get them at a reasonable rate Nice pants and jackets for men and women.

It is good to buy such clothes from cold countries You will not only get warm clothes but that suites for the climate too Walk without a cap. When you fall ill, you will learn He is just out of fever So many jackets for children Different varieties of jackets Night dresses' for boys and girls All these are clothes that can be worn at night during winter If we dont drink water, our lips will begin to crack. Rishis lips has cracks He wont drink. He doesnt want anything Looks good. Track pants that you can wear in the cold Colours that suit men and women Good ones for 1500/- It is thicker than what I have worn We bought these for 2500-3000/- All these are from China. You get a lot of things there All fancy pants. Suddenly I thought they were blankets

No, they are pants They all come from China These are people who come to Thimpu to work You can say migrant workers They come here for an evening walk and dinner That is why you see many now There is a Miniso there. Swetha will jump there if she sees it On top of it there is a Vietnamese restaurant Thats nice This is a market at Bhutan You have everything from a broom to vegetables here . A very small market with all fresh things Nice broccoli, spinach. You have Indian products too Bhutan cultivated vegetables are also sold here Lot of shops that sell winter clothes You get branded and non branded things Non branded ones are at a good affordable rates and many shops too This is a traffic signal here. See how well disciplined people are driving You dont have a police over there No signal too Even then people are driving so patiently We should learn this Only people who are patient can live in Bhutan It is just 5.30 but it has become dark Hotel Thimphu. You have a mobile shop and many shops that sell winter clothes

We are at a main shopping street at Thimphu It is easy to find out. Check out Thimphu Le Meridien Hotel. It is close to it. This is the main happening place Rishi, come lets go We bought a souvenir from a shop here Nice one with Bhutan written on it.

150/- for it. You have many things here We buy this from all the countries we visit This is an authorized outlet of Bhutan lottery Bhutan lottery is very famous just like in Kerala But here they follow a different system. I am not sure on how it works We shall ask our guide and come another day to take one People are taking and looking at it It is a number selection method I think we select a number and if it is called we win You pay 30 for a ticket and win 50000/- You can see a lot of Lamas in Bhutan We see them at many places Now we see them at Bhutan too This is a barber shop in Bhutan It is written that they will cut you hair in Bhutanese style Do you want to cut your hair from here? How about we doing it? No need We can cut our hair in Bhutani style from here. Can see photos here You have the King's and many other handsome guys pictures too Different hairstyle pictures too Indians are the barbers here and not Bhutanis Abhi is having a hair cut at his first international trip This is called craziness He thought of cutting his hair when he saw a barber shop He is sitting there now Cut off the whole thing you see here Cut his the same like mine This is so boring. Its ok.

Look at your uncle cutting his hair. Do you wnat to cut your hair? Looks like you havent cut your hair. The front part is there only That is how I do. It is ok He has cut the side and back Not good Thats ok. How much is it?

Ask and pay 100/- We cut for 150/- from there That is good We paid 1 lakh fees to come here And had a hair cut for 100/- Swetha, lot of handbags here Will you buy me a Louis Vuitton bag? All from Bangladesh, duplicate ones. You dodnt buy me the original one I only asked for a duplicate one. I didnt ask for the original You should be happy for that Now go and have a bath at night in this cold This is a jewellery here People here dont use much of gold They dont use them at all I guess This is Thimphu Clock Tower It is a main happening place here You have a football stadium behind this Lot of pubs and bars, coffee shops all in good ambience This looks good You can sit here, have public events here That kind of an ambience. Nice It would be nice to come during the day to take photos He is the guide who was at Pheuntsholing hotel We see the same people at many places Many will know each other. It is a small country You have a karaoke bar here They will give you a room. You can sing, drink and eat in there

He is feeling sleepy I am surprised seeing cars in the rush. Nobody is in a hurry to go Nobody is horning though cars are not moving. If it was our place, people would be horning by now. I feel greedy seeing the Hilux here You can see the Kings family photo on a building here Bhutan queen is the youngest queen in the world Let us get into this restaurant for dinner Your 1.5 year old son is scribbling on a paper with a pen

Isnt he your son? Yes our son. So say that Where did you learn this from? We have come to Druke kitchen I have ordered a red label Everything is cheap here. Momos is just 50/- Fried rice is 100, 110/- You get Tibetan food here We have come to have Tibetan food Even drinks are cheap. Beer costs just 120/-

200/- for Red label We asked for hot water and he gave us a flask full of hot water It is a Chinese flask Chinese have such good ideas How about buying 1 like this. I shall buy it for you from China Will you be able to go? Can go or you will get it at Bhutan You get Chinese products here too How do we pour from this? This is Swetha's veg momos Look at him looking Clean his nose. What happened to him? He has caught a cold What is this? Some Schezwan chutney Fried rice looks awesome Still more coming Look at what all we have ordered. This is mushroom datshi All these are authentic Tibetan style food Some more to come. Give him food

Give him fried rice. I think he is hungry. He is asking for food We shall explore one by one I am first going to have chilli beef Take a close up These are sliced beef I first thought they were half cooked But now they are small sliced beef It is a bit hard It is very spicy This is very good. Try it out I liked it better than Chowmein This is chicken noodles Let me try it out If that had a veg, I would have bought it Swetha has a veg noodles He is asking for food. Give him This is Mushroom datshi This is a typical Bhutanese dish You have chillies, mushroom and cheese in it Awesome Nothing to say. Now lets try the beef momos Let me taste the fried rice before having momos You may think it is the normal fried rice. But it isnt It is very tasty. This is Rishis food today

This is beef momos. It is chilli and fried 5 on a plate Looks good You should dip it in the sauce and have If you want it more spicy, you have add ons. Have it like this Too good You try the veg. You get beef, pork here I havent seen much of mutton You get chicken too. How is it>

Very good You get excellent food at Bhutan We shall go to the Vietnamese food restaurant tomorrow Thanks a lot to Abhi for shooting all this time Now you can have You were asking for food. Eat fried rice Nice fried rice. Have it Fried rice with sauce Rishi, did you like it? We ate all these and the bill is just 1010/- We ate a lot of food. When he began to feel cold, he wore the cap He is not responding to it He will throw it away. We put it on again He is not used to wearing caps. Thats why It is very cold at nights How much does it go to at night? Minus, 0 or 2? Today it shows 2 Lowest -2 for today Let us go back soon and now walk around much at night We are back in our room at night We caught a taxi to come to our room We paid 120/- We shall go to the room and see tomorrows night life with this This is our 2nd night at Thimphu We are going to have an awesome dinner tonight Will know if it is awesome at night Today we didnt walk. We took our car

Though we went around a bit, finally we got parking Wherever you park your car, you have a parking fee 20/- for half an hour Then they will ask 30-40 Come, let us have Chinese food Here there are a lot of Chinese products If you go to the market here, you find a lot of things from China. You find many things here that you dont find in India You find Indian products that are not sold in India but sold here Even I was surprised, why is that we dont get such good things there You get them only here So when it is cold, we know to make you wear them. We shall make him wear and get used to it He isnt used to it. If you remove it, I will bash your nose.

You have to scare him often Only then it will work out Each shop here has Chinese products I have been to China and so I am able to find all those products here Swetha, these are those Halloween dresses Many of them here. Are these the neon type that glows? I think so Today we are going to have food from Happy Mandala Chinese restaurant This shop is full of halloween things We could buy something for him if we went in We are going to have from Happy Mandala healthy kitchen' You have another one next to it, Mr. Food Both are different restaurants Rishi saw an elephant Nice ambience as soon as you get in How is it Swetha? How is my selection? Nice ambience. They are tickling that child there I liked the ambience. What about you? Yes. Well lit up. Look at pics here. I want chopsticks

The have dressed so well This is a picture of the King and his family The King has worn a yellow scarf He father is sitting next to him His father has 4 wives These are the children in his 4 wives. The King is his son in his 1st wife It is a big family The King's child is sitting on the father's lap This small child is a future King Wherever you go, you will find Bhutan King and Queen's photos You can see those beautiful photos here We got a welcome tea This is the benefit of Chinese restaurants They print photos of the dish If you dont look carefully and order, you will be in trouble too They have given us Chinese tea as welcome drink Usually we pay and buy it but this is free here. The ambience is excellent and food doesnt look very expensive too You cannot say reasonable but not very expensive too Food is very cheap here I forgot to ask if they had drinks If she ate fish, we could buy the big fish you see there. We should then eat it with chopsticks Do you know why Chinese people are thin? Because they eat with chopsticks They eat little When you eat with your hand, you eat a lot You eat more with a spoon too. But you cannot with chopsticks

He has taken a spoon and is hitting the glass behind Did you notice this on the table. This is induction stove You have wires to connect it to current When they serve hotpot, they place it over the induction here Soup is placed over it Full fish is also placed over it You can have it hot all time Our soup has come I am getting soup in such a beautiful bowl for the first time It is a big bowl too We ordered 2/3 soup This is veg hot and sour soup So that Swetha can also have it What is this? It is a pan cake Oh! what you had ordered Are pan cakes sweet? No. Try it out It doesnt have any tasty You should have it with this Dip it in the sweet and sour Sauce has a taste I liked it Swetha ordered and bought it Did you like it? Only the sauce has a taste and this doesnt Lot of things in the soup Not noodles Mushroom, egg plant and much more Cabbage, coriander leaves, carrots Many ingredients in the hot and sour soup Let me try it out. Nice bowl. I liked it Awesome It is very spicy But it is superb Very spicy but very tasty It would be very spicy for me if you have to say spicy It is called scallion pancake It is made using spring onions Rishi liked it. Look at him eating it We ordered chicken chilli. It has spring onions and chilies in it

A well decorated dish They have cut the chicken as cubes. Suddenly you think it is paneer Let me try it out. They have put some sauces in it Try it out We have to get the expression after you have it I am teaching Abhi food vlogging How is it? It is something like pani puri He is out of our hands now The taste like pani puri is felt in here Chicken like pani puri Our fried rice has come We had ordered veg and non veg fried rice Stir fried broccoli Their fried rice is a variety What is the difference between what we get in our place and this one? They have put cucumber also in this But it wont be spicy All of us can have it Everything is coming fast. What is that? Glass noodles with mushroom You had ordered that. Then why did you take fried rice? This is for Rishi Stir fried broccoli I love this Only I will have it. Not Rishi It is a bit spicy Dont they deep fry it? Just blanch it Onions and chillies with it This is not chilli. These are broccoli stems

No chillies? No, maybe little chilli powder They wont add chilli powder Soya sauce, chilli sauce etc. All their kinds of sauces We add chilli powder I dont know. You should tell me all that I only know to eat it Chilli pdr is added in our style This is glass noodles with mushroom These noodles look like glass. Doesnt it look like something? Looks like something and all. I am not saying those It is not made the same way we make other noodles This is glass noodles.

With mushrooms, onions, spring onions and many more Will it be spicy and sour? Try it out It will break like this Rishi is coming to put his hand into it Look at your mother having food I burnt my tongue Very tasty I liked it It is not like the normal noodles It is a bit to the sticky side Like sticky rice, this is sticky noodles He is asking for food Give him little Some say not to give children noodles, this and that We had gone to Tashis house today. The 9 month old childs mother was saying They give the child pasta We asked them what do they feed their child Cerelac, pasta, egg, They give their kids pasta too From what I have understood, pasta is hard to chew So when the child chews, they get the chewing habit It helps in teeth coming too We are the ones who dont give all that We had gone to an old traditional house here in Bhutan They have the machine that makes noodles. Just like we had our olden tools in our ancestral houses earlier They had a noddle making machine which was years old This is a food that people have been eating since years I think if it is prepared the way it is to be, it shouldnt be a problem Every place has their own ways If we sit and talk like this, food will get over now He is silently eating there More food? Did we order this much of food? Now itself there are many This is a variety dish. It is stir fried egg plant Have it Which is actually our brinjal Usually I dont like brinjals. You make it like this for me, I shall have I dont like the brinjal you make to have with rice Are you listening to this? He is pushing my hand He wants to see You make stir fried egg plant, I will have Will you need chopsticks too? I will buy them at home I mistook seeing the ambience Let that be there. I will bash you if you remove it The bill came to 3500/- Come, lets go I will bash you. You can go out only wearing a cap

He is acting odd Yes. Something is wrong with him Simply getting angry We paid 60/- as parking fee Are we here for more than an hour? I dont know Lots to show as night life I dont know if there are any party life here But there are awesome pubs We didnt have time to go You should be in another mood to go to a pub It is very cold at nights We are not able to enjoy it that way Rishi is cranky the last 2 days We didnt get a situation to enjoy that way When you come to Thimphu, you can go sightseeing day time At night, you can go shopping You get lot of winter clothes and many other things to buy here Very nice food outlets You have a lot of variety food options You get different types of cuisines here You can have them. There are a lot of markets here You can go shopping and to see around I had seen many boards with Spa Had seen boards saying traditional type of spa I didnt try it out. So I dont know how is it What else? You get Indian food everywhere but dont go for it Usually when we got to another country, you should try their varieties If you stay for many days, you may feel like having masala dosa or so That is how it is Lots to see in Bhutan We got out thinking of shooting nightlife. But didnt get much I think we could shoot little of it Rishi is coughing slightly It is due to the climate All of us have small issues But we are fine Tomorrow we have lots to see in Thimphu Last time we didnt go to see much in Thimphu This time we have lots to see We are trying to experience a different Thimphu this time Since we have Thashi with us, everything will work easily We are planning little local experiences Stay at some farms Planning some like that We have asked Thashi to plan on that All we have to do is pay money That is the situation in Bhutan today If you havent come with your car, pay just 1200/- per day You have to hire a guide and will have other expenses too See you tomorrow with another video Until then bye bye

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